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Should the RP take Place during Canon? Or should Ganta and etc. Not exist?

  1. Yes!

  2. No!

  3. I'm up for anything.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Welcome to Wonderland. You're a criminal--well, at least convicted as one-- and you've been sentenced to death row. DW was supposedly built for the revival of Tokyo, pulling a lot of tourists to the prison's special attractions. In reality, it is a place to hold Deadmen, and in particular, to seal the Wretched Egg. It has 6 normal wards (labeled A-F) and 1 Deadmen-ward (G Ward).The prison has a special system called the "death sentence rule". That is that every prisoner on death row has a modified necklace, one that constantly injects poison. The only way to escape death is to eat Candy every three days. However, Candy costs a lot of CP. DW is the only fully privately operated prison in Japan.
    DeadMan (Only accepting 6)
    Regular Prisoner
    Prison Staff
    Character Sheets:
    Age: (If you're a dead Man, everyone under 18 is inexperienced. Over 22+, Adept and 19-21 intermediate. Concerning you're Branch of Sin)
    UnderTaker Or Scar Chain: (Don't have to be a DeadMan)
    Looks: (Accepting Anime Pics, and Real Pictures.)
    [If you're a Prisoner] Crime: (Whether Innocent or guilty. Has to be a murder, please be creative! c; )
    Family Members:
    Marital Status:
    Carnival Corpse Name: (Has to be a bird, Dead Men Only.)
    Description of Sin Branch:
    How you first learned of your sin: (Optional)
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  2. Yey, I'm up for this. : D

    Though unfortunately I probably won't have time to write a CS until Thursday so could I perhaps reserve one of the DeadMen slots? :3
  3. Funny how I had the exact same idea and have been waiting on my reservations to get my own RP started. Oh well, i'd like to reserve a Deadman spot~
  4. [​IMG]
    Hair Color: A very light, Ash brown.
    Skin: Lightly Tanned.
    Eye Color: Dark Amber, appears red in the sunlight.
    Height: 6'0

    Name: Nicolai Takumi Masashi
    Nicknames: His mother often called him either Nick, Nico or Nicky. However, his wife affectionately dubbed him Taka, and Kumi. Pet names don't bother him, in the slightest. He'l answer as long as he knows you're speaking to him.
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual.
    UnderTaker Or Scar Chain: Neutral, sides with whomever benefits him the most.
    Role: DeadMan
    Crime: Nicolai is an Innocent man, he was accused of brutally beating his pregnant wife to death, however he had done no such thing. His wife and he were victims of an Home Invasion, and when the police arrived, it all went to hell. He hadn't realised his wife was dead until he had gotten to the hospital and he was being questioned harshly by the police. This all happened after the Great Tokyo Earthquake. After being accused of slaughtering his wife and unborn child one time to many, Nicolai lost control and killed the Detectives that were interviewing him.
    Personality: Once upon a time, Nicolai was sweet and charming. He had a heart of gold, and his compassion knew no bounds. When he met Akemi, she became the light of his life, and he found himself loving that woman more than anything he had ever loved before. She changed him. The inner workings of the heart are a mysterious thing, but she knew him better than anyone. After the Home Invasion, Nicolai had changed for the worse, the light of his life had been stolen from him and he found himself surrounded in darkness. He loves his two children dearly however their relationship is strained.
    Background: Nicolai was born in the U.S.A to a black woman named Irene Smith and a Japanese man named Daichi Masashi. He was happily raised as an only child, however his father died in a automobile accident when he was 14--a drunk driver ran him off the road. Nicolai was a surgeon, a man with agile and nimble hands with an impeccable eye for precision. He had never lost anyone on the operating table. Nick met his wife in Japan, when he went to a Surgeon's General convention she had been lugging around all her art supplies and paper works--considering she was an art teacher-- and he had offered to help. He had fallen in love, and hard after the first time he met her. His feelings were eventually returned years later when he met Akemi once again on another work related trip. They were married years later and happy, and soon enough Akemi was pregnant with twins. Kasumi Rose and Nathaniel Yuuda were born on January 5th . During the Home Invasion, Kasumi and Nathaniel had witnessed everything--beaten within an inch of their lives. When their father was convicted for several counts of murder, they went of the deep end so to speak and killed their grandparents. The young psychopath's were enlisted as Undertakers, only accepting the job because of their father.
    Family Members: Once was married, to a woman named Akemi.
    Marital Status: Widowed
    Children: Nicolai is a Father to a set of Fraternal twins.
    Citizenship: Native to the USA, moved to Tokyo,Japan because that was where his wife and her family was from.
    Carnival Corpse Name: Vulture
    Description of Sin Branch: Nicolai's Branch manifests as blades, as sharp as the utensils he used as a surgeon. They often extend from his nail beds or wrists.
    How you first learned of your sin: Nicolai first learned of his unusual powers after killing two detectives that had accused him of murdering his wife and unborn child.


    Name: Kasumi Rose Mashami

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Straight

    UnderTaker or Scar Chain: Undertaker

    Role: UnderTaker

    Bladed Fans
    Need I explain more?

    Crime: At the Age of 10, Kasumi's father Nicolai was arrested and imprisoned for killing their mother; a crime she and her twin brother knows he didn't commit. She was forced to move in with her grandparents--the ones on her mother's side. She and Her brother lived there for two years, and the entirety if the time slanderous drivel about her father was spewed and slowly her pain and sadness turned into hate and resentment. Kasumi loves her father--loves him to death, and doesn't tolerate anyone bad mouthing him. So one day, Her grandmother was going on and on about how what a monster her father is, mindlessly killing innocents and Kasumi defended him. It ended in tears, yelling and screaming and Kasumi was silenced with a stinging slap across the face. A year later, it looked like history was about to repeat itself. She was arguing with her grandparents once again, and ended up beating them to death.

    Personality: Impulsive, quick to action. Kasumi often leaps without looking, fearing regret. She is a fiery girl and doesn't take no for an answer. Despite this, she had a hell of an work ethic and always gets the job done. After killing her grandparents, Kasumi has turned into quite the little psychopath. She often sports a facade of sweet innocence to ensure your walls have been lowered. She doesn't hesitate to betray someone and does so without regret.

    Background: --

    Family Members: Father; Nicolai Hasashami. Twin Brother Nathaniel.

    Marital Status: -NA-

    Children: -NA-

    Citizenship: Japan

    Name: Nathaniel Yuuda Hasashi
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Gay
    Undertaker or Scar Chain?: Leader of Scar Chain, however he keeps his identity a secret. He is actually a Undertaker.

    ROle: Undertaker, but is secretly the leader of scar chain.

    Weapons:[​IMG] He and his sister are Known for poisoning their victims via toxic gas.

    Personality: -- Sociopathy and Psychopathy. Always has and always will be. From a small age Nathaniel knew he was different. He couldn't feel like his sister did, or the other kids in his class for that matter. He wanted to, he wanted to be just like his sister. He wanted to be happy when his mommy and daddy were, he wanted to feel pain, sorrow and loneliness But he couldn't. Little Nate simply couldn't feel. But he felt pain, he felt loss and grief on the day of the invasion. He felt everything all at once after watching his mother and unborn little sibling die, after watching his father suffer he could finally feel.

    Family members: Kasumi is his twin sister and Nicolai is his father.

    Crime: He aided his sister in slaughtering their grandparents.


    Other Notes: Mentally regressed. It's a disability.
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  5. That's okay! :D
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  6. Name: Yuzuko Funami [Funami to her friends]
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Undertaker Or Scar Chain: Neither; Deadman
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Role: Prisoner; Deadman
    Crime: War Crimes; Murdered her own squad mates during her military service
    Personality: Calm, collected and apathetic to most. In combat, she is silent and merciless. To those she had befriended, she is kind and loving.
    Background: Funami was born to an English mother and Japanese father in London, but moved to Tokyo when she was at a young age. Fluent in both English and Japanese, Funami excelled in school though she made rare friends. After graduation, she immediately followed her mother's footsteps and joined the military. During her first official mission however, she murdered her own squad mates via C4 detonation in order to save a family of innocents. She was imprisoned for this and sent to Deadman Wonderland.

    Family Members: Mother, Father; Deceased
    Marital Status: Single
    Children: None
    Citizenship: England & Japan Citizenship

    Carnival Corpse Name: Raven
    Description of Sin Branch: Much like the guns she was accustomed to using in the military, her sin acts as a projectile in the form of a sphere or small bullet-like shots.
    How you first learned of your sin: During her stay in Deadman Wonderland, she was wandering around looking for a means of attaining Candy, when she found herself in the room where the Mother Goose system was located. Funami was then cornered by Shiro as the 'Redman', and was nearly killed. What saved her was her military training and her desperate action of throwing her own blood at Shiro to defend herself. She learned of her Branch when she held out a hand towards a door and blood pooled into a sphere. She then instinctively through said sphere at Shiro and in the confusion, made her escape back to her cell.
  7. Great! One thing I noticed, For the undertaker or scar chain part I just wanted you to select one or not at all. If you were the rebellion or not. If you don't want to side with either side, just write neither. xD

    Otherwise, this is perfection. Good Job!
  8. I dont know about perfection, but thank you~
  9. [I shall be puttin up my forms soon enough. xD]
  10. Name: Alastor Mannor
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    UnderTaker Or Scar Chain: Undertaker
    Show Spoiler
    Role: Undertaker
    Personality: Cold and calculated. Alastor shows his victims no mercy and can lose himself in battle and in anger when he is disrespected.
    Background: A man of American descent, Alastor came to Japan after on a business venture. Successful enterprise established, he would have gone back to his homeland if not for the beautiful woman, Keiko. Not a year passed when finally the question popped and bought their first home together. They lived happily, but happiness never lasts. A fight had occurred between them. Lack of children the topic. In a rage he left for a drive and, upon returning home found his wife slaughtered. The victim of a maniac that was able to manipulate his blood. At that moment he lost it, proceeding to bash the man's head in with a glass cigarette bowl.
    He was sent to Deadman Wonderland for this, though not as a prisoner. He had agreed to voluntary imprisonment, but with the perk of being able to watch over other monsters. More of the scum with their obscene blood abilities. Gifted an item that nullifies their skill, he proceeds to severely punish any who crosses him.
    Weapon (open)

    Family Members: Keiko (Wife) - deceased
    Marital Status: Widower
    Children: None
    Citizenship: American
    [Let me know if changes are necessary]
  11. Accepted!
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  13. I'd like to reserve a deadman spot please. I'll get my cs up as soon as I can.
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  15. are there spots still open for deadmen
  17. @Cry Haha, nope. Its just, WHAT YOU SPOKE WAS TRUTH. i also love the show c;
  18. Lmao, lort jesus. ALL YOU BUMS HAD BETTER MAKE DAMN GOOD FORMS OR ELSE! I'm updating the Accepted members. :P FEEL FREE TO MAKE MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER!!!
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  19. Sorry, no babe. However you can still be a regular prisoner! Regular prisoners can be apart of Scar Chain or The undertakers.

    WE NEED UNDERTAKERS and Wardens D;
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