Deadman Wonderland

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  1. Lola walks around the G ward snooping around trying to stay away from Undertakers. She looks to the right then left and runs into a room and sees all the other Deadmen. "Sup. Any newbies yet?"
  2. Roma looks up as Lola bursts in. "Nyet. No 'newbies', Lola." He looks around at the others, and then back to her. "Nope."
  3. nope" Wonderland giggled "but can waait to kill tham" her blood red eyes was waird to see on a little girl but that what happens to some one who goes crazy by the site of blood "go Wonderland go" she waers a spdress all the time thats pure white.
  4. Lola sighs. "Wonderful. Now stop cheering for this dump of a place please. It's bringing me down."
  5. with an awkward glance towards wonderland, Falcon said " nope, not yet but go easy on them wonderland, i'm pretty sure they themselves don't know how to control there Branch of Sin."

    (And btw i found the wiki where you can legity choose your Branch of sin )

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  6. Adjusting his coat, Roma stood and walked over to Lola. "Were you expecting company?"
  7. Lola looks up to see the last person she wanted to see be a newbie in her whole intire life.
  8. why i cant stop its just me lalala and" she stopes smiling and her eyes turn dark " do i look like some one how go easy on ny one" then she smiles again and laughing too
  9. with a dark grin, Falcon says " you don't want to piss me off there wonderland, i could kill you here, right now, if i wanted to."
  10. Larka walks in shy and blushing. "Are you all what the nurse was talking about?"
  11. Roma looks over to Falcon. "What branch you use again, Falcon? I cannot remember."

    As the nurse walks in, he turns to her. "I would suppose so. You looking for ones who use blood as weapon, da?"
  12. Larka looks at him confused. "I didn't say I was the nurse. I said the nurse was talking about you all. Your what she calls Deadman, right?"
  13. Wonderland giggled and said "yes were the monster under your bed hes the boggy man" she ponits at Roma with a smile "and i the great and powerful Wonderland is your wosrst nightmare" s laughed
  14. She points to Roma still confused. "This is the Boggy man. I never knew the boggy man would be this damn attractive." Larka winks and turns to Lola. "Oh look who it is. Still nine huh? How sad." She smiles then frowns how she's behaving. "Sorry about that."
  15. ohhhh a bich i like that" she laughed evil "can i kill her?" she was already with how she was going to kill her
  16. Lola stands up. "No killing Wonderland!"
  17. Your no fun Lola and i had everything planed out too" she pouts then smiles "can i scare her then?"
  18. Lola grins. "As much as you want. Make sure she's super uncomfortable as possible." Larka's widen. "Lola darling. Please don't do this. Don't let her. Please."
  19. He scoff's a bit and comes out of the shadowy corner were he normally reside, A small grin on his face. " Did someone say scare? " Scare was his nickname that he picked up but he didnt really liked it he liked his normal name, Markov but Scare was fine. His cloak that was wrapped on him fluttered as he removed himself from the dark, His black hair not being covered by the hood he was wearing before. He continued to have a small grin on his face as usual as he leaned against the wall looking at everyone
  20. REALY ~~" wonderland smiled then huged her "thank you Lola" once she stopped huging Lola her bafk was facing away from Larka. she was goingo have so much fun with her new toy. she faces her and her hole expeson changed into soemthing dark and evil. Wonderland disapperd then reapperd behind her using her power she had her wings out and the blood was around her neck not all thoguh she couldnt kill her with it jut scare her mostly "this is going o be fun" she whispers in her ear