Deadman Wonderland

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  1. In the year 2023 there was a huge earthquake that tore down Tokyo. It was rebuilt and now known today as the prison/amusement park, Deadman Wonderland. Deadmen: speicial people that use their blood as weapon. Live in the G block. Branches of Sin: The so called powers enabling people to use their blood as a weapon. Please state your name, age, and powers (unless your a regular prisnor.)
  2. ohhh ya
    name: Wonderland (no real name)
    age: unknow but looks 12
    power: angels wing of death she grows wings and it attack tham
  3. Name: Lola Age:16 but looks about 9 Power: Bloody Daggers. She can make daggers out of blood on her wrists and the palm of her hands.
  4. Name: Roma "Whiplash" Stajjino
    Age: 22
    Power: Blood Line- can use his blood to make bladed whips of crimson
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  8. Posted the actual roleplay
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  10. Name: Larka Age: 23 Power: Claws. She can form claws of blood on her finger tips.