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  1. Ever since I've watched the anime Deadman Wonderland, I've kinda been itching to roleplay it. If you don't know what the anime is, then I can just sum up the plot to you in the way I'd like to do it with our own Original Characters and we'll go from there.

    Show Spoiler
    Deadman Wonderland is [insert country here] only privately operated prison, built after the Great Earthquake that ravished some of it's land. Deadman Wonderland was founded by ? and run by ?. It gathers prisoners from all over the country and raises money for the revival of the destroyed metropolis. To the public and the tourists that visit daily, Deadman Wonderland is a massive theme park-like facility run by the prison population. Unbeknownst to the general population, most of the prison's attractions involve cruel games of survival where many inmates lose their lives or are maimed for the entertainment of an oblivious public. The prison's guard staff is also granted autonomy over how to punish the prisoners, which often results in bloodshed.

    "Deadman" are a segregated group of prisoners possessing the Branches of Sin which makes them capable of controlling their blood. These Deadman are forced to participate in brutal gladiatorial near-death matches known as Carnival Corpse, whose anonymous spectators pay large amounts of money to watch. The viewers of the Carnival Corpse also place their bets on who would win. Deadmen who are defeated yet survive the game have a part of their anatomy surgically removed for scientific research. In a cruel twist, the loser spins a bird-shaped macabre slot machine to determine which part of their body will be removed. The winner is awarded a large amount of Cast Points, life-saving candies, and other prizes.

    Each prisoner is fitted with a collar that functions as a life monitor, locator and stunner. The prisoners on death row receive poison injections through the collar and must consume a special antidote candy every three days. Their collars contain countdown timers that warn the wearer with blinking and beeping when time is running low. When the timer reaches zero, the collar displays the word "DEAD" and kills the inmate. Afterwards, the word "UNLOCK" enables the collar to be removed. The collars can also be removed by card keys used by the prison guards.

    While the threat of violence is constant at the prison, most prisoners enjoy a great deal of liberty inside Deadman Wonderland. Utilizing Cast Points, the prison's unique form of currency, prisoners can purchase a wide variety of items from ordinary lunches, to luxurious furniture for their rooms, and even years off of their sentences (though Cast Points can't be used to the freedom of a "deadman"). Those on death row also use Cast Points to purchase their life-saving candies.

    Despite its identity as a prison and theme park, Deadman Wonderland houses a much darker secret. Hidden away from the eyes of tourists and the general prison population is a massive underground facility known as "G Block". This is where the prison keeps their Deadmen secluded and where the Carnival Corpse arena is located. G Block also houses numerous laboratories and rooms where experiments on humans are performed and where scientists are attempting to harness the powers of the Deadmen for monetary and political gain.

    The above information has been taken from the Deadman Wonderland wikipedia. I've only changed a few things from the above but the majority is from the official Deadman Wonderland wikipedia page.

    If you're interested, please fill out the sign up sheet below, if you have any questions or concerns with the plot, just ask. When I get enough members to start a group rp with, I will post a new thread to kick start the rp.


    Deadman name:

    Age: (range between 16 and up)




    Skin Tone:


    (A picture will do for the next six )

    Hair Color:

    Hair Length:

    Eye Color:






    Deadman power:

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  2. I'm pretty sure DMW is set in Japan. Are you sure it said [insert country here] on the wiki? Either way, it was a pretty bad anime but the concept was good and i'll probably join, though it depends on a few things.
  3. That's because I want it to be set in a different country instead of Japan, I'm not going to be using every concept of it just my own twist to it, obviously. Though I haven't figured out what country yet.
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  4. Oh.. OK. North Korea!
  5. Lol, and the irony is that North Korea would totally do something like a theme park prison. Only problem is I need more members for this to get going xD
  6. Hmm. I'll take the time to look up the lore to it then. it's been a while since i watched it.
  7. What country are you planning on so I can know what language the name needs to be derived from?
  8. I'm in sooo many rps.. but I have no wil power when confronted with another awesome one! may I please join? :]
  9. *crying out of joy* I love you really I do I love this Show *cries even more* BUT WE ALL MUST DIE!!!!!! :flail:
  10. Endriko/Death Raven, red

    Age: 16

    Height: 5'7

    Gender: Female

    Skin Tone: pale

    Birthday: August 10th

    Hair Color: Pink

    Hair Length: long, short whatever

    Eye Color:black but turns red when she uses her Branch Of Sin

    Accessories: non.

    Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos: Tattoo of a Raven holding a Scythes

    Family: Unknown

    Personality: INSANE!!!!!!! that sums it up. well not insane but she has a creepy smile she some what like Shiro and always acts like a kid always. but when she fight she goes all. I'm THE BITCH HERE MOVE OR DIE FUCKER. yep that's her

    Deadman power/Branch Of Sin: A blood Scythes comes from the palm of her hand and turned into a weapon.

    Background: she doesn't remember anything of her past or what she is doing here she just been told she done the worst of the worst.[
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  11. The country we're having on to have the RP take place in is North Korea, but the prison is one where they accept inmates globally so the names shouldn't really matter :D
  12. *looks forward to character croaking it before grinning* yay! I'll get my form ready! please bare with me because I have quite a bit to do today, but I'll try and get it in ASAP :]
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  13. Lol ok, after everyone gets their forms up I'll post the RP thread
  14. I hope my character is ok!
  15. Yes your character is ok, and I know the anime that character is on too :3
  16. I love her she creepy as crazy XD
  17. I need your opinion, guys :]

    do you want an insane character who is flat and emotionless.. or do you want a live wry bad mouthed one who has issues? I'm torn between them :]
  18. why don't you have like Bipolor or something.... that's cool OMG wait that my character never mind don't use that!

    I like the 2 one better. ^^
  19. most of my characters have bi polor tendancies anyway.. but the one you like more is the classic example of that :] *grins* thanks for your imput :]
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