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  1. Hey i am now reacantly rewatching dead man wonderland the anime and i got an idea from it so here it is. How bout i throw a carnival cropse roleplay, where we can battle it out untill the other is incapacitated or killed? Sounds like a whole lot of bloody fun. Who's in? >:)
  2. Hehe perfect. >:) Well all i need now is one more to get the oc up and then the thread up and running.
  3. Unless you want to do a romance type in the crazed part of the prison. say wood pecker and humming bird?
  4. I wouldn't mind doing that either :)
  5. Allright how do you want the plot? Do you want to start out while they are in the carnival corpse or after the peanlty round?
  6. Uhh you can choose. And so are we using Ganta and Mina or just their stage names?
  7. Yes ganta and mina
  8. Cool and I think it would be more fun to start at carnival corpse
  9. allright then you mind staring us off? Send me the link in pm's when you are done.
  10. Umm im sorry I don't really know how. Its kinda my first day on Iwaku
  11. ill make it but won't be the best.
  12. thanks again and im sure it'll be fine