Deadly Sins & Heavenly Virtues

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    Alright, I'm just going to list the thoughts I have in my mind for this. ALSO, I'll need either a co-GM or just someone else to GM the entire thing because I can come up with ideas, but can't really GM/execute them ; w ;
    • Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Deadly Virtues
    • Vessels are of young adults
    • Said vessels live together in the same apartment or just always interact with one another somehow
    • They were all sent to Earth through a magical portal and have to survive without giving away their identities as they try to find a way home
    • Many unexpected friendships, enemies, and romances.
    • They figure out that everything isn't as black and white as good and evil.
    • Can be other characters besides sins and virtues

    Sins & Virtues (open)

    x Lust @Komasan
    x Gluttony @Corpser Roach
    x Envy @Kurogane86
    x Pride @Shattered♦Secrets™
    x Sloth @ClaireRae
    x Wrath @Justaddnutts
    x Greed @Uncle Legens Legentis


    + Kindness @N/A
    + Chastity @Kitsune (me)
    + Temperance @Maniacal Magpie
    +Charity @Gateman
    + Diligence @Saito Hajime
    + Humility
    + Forgiveness @Shayla
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  2. I'm so in for doing this all the way! If you need CO-GM help I'm more than happy and willing to offer up my services to you! ^^
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  3. I would love to join... if possible, may i reserve kindness & Patience ? c: Not sure which virtue i want xD its late here for me to decide which one.
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  4. So... tempting...
    But... must not... bite off... anymore... than I can chew...
  5. @Shayla Thank you so much! ^^

    Wow, I didn't expect interest this fast owo

    @grey987 Don't swamp yourself!

    @N/A Consider them reserved~ I would like everyone to only have one Sin/Virtue (unless we have more open spots than players, of course), though. But, for now, they're reserved until you choose one c:
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  6. ~ Your very much so welcome! ^^
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  7. Actually... Kitsune (hah, macbook auto-corrected you as 'Kitten'), I might go with kindness xD
    I can't resist this sin role-play, especially when it involves virtues c: Believe it or not, whenever theres role-plays based off of sins, Virtues aren't mentioned usually (at least, most of the ones i've seen)

    Edit: i've found a FC but i am sobbing. Real images or digital/anime? I don't mind either or ; just wanna be prepared knowing i'm busy with school on week days and don't wanna be waited on = u =
  8. Okie dokie! (Ahaha....Kitten X3)

    I've noticed! It's quite strange o.o But, for the plot I had in mind, Virtues were needed.
  9. I definitely want to do this. If possible would love to reserve Pride xD, my do a virtue but do not wanna take to many roles^^.
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  10. Pride is reserved~

    I should put a list up >.>
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  11. *rolls up and writes name down on the list titled SIGN ME THE SNICKER DOODLES UP*
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  12. Oh dear...I will definitely have to make an OOC soon...
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  13. I have a suggestion personality wise before I sleep but I have to check: this is modern fantasy basically for the most part right?
    I was thinking that regardless of a person representing a sin/role their personalities SHOULDNT have to be limited to only representing that sin:
    Example: often times when making a character of the seven sins or virtues, people would choose a role and strictly based their personalities on that role.
    Like lust = flirtatious, promiscuous, etc.
    Pride = conceited,
    Those are just examples..

    So before I go to bed I was wondering maybe the personalities of everyone's character can be diverted. Example since I wish to reserve kindness she won't be all strictly happy-go-lucky. Yes kindness will be a key trait she will express, but She's still able to feel hurt, and will be expressive to those feelings seeing as realistically kindness can also be something to take advantage of. But of course representing kindness and a virtue she won't feel the need to sin anyways (won't fall into wrath, etc).

    Another example say someone plays wrath. His key trait is wrath/represents wrath but he can also feel other things.

    Basically all sins and virtues should be able to 'feel' or have 'other personality traits' that's not limited to only things that relate to the role they represent. It shouldn't be that way. Yeah they can mainly feel the trait that represents them, but SHOULDNT be limited to only feeling those specific traits that defines their role. It's just a suggestion QwQ
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  14. Diverse not diverted * sorry phone mode :/
  15. Oh, thank goodness I'm not the only one who thought this! ^^ I had the same idea in mind, which is why I was expecting so many different relationships to occur. But, yes, I agree with you/this and will stress this during the OOC.
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  16. Ah ok, and yeah! Great minds think alike! ^-^ IT WAS BOTHERING ME SO BAD AS I WAS PREPARING TO GO TO BED. I was just like,"Virtues and sins should be able to feel their ups and downs." Like sins have their good traits too in their own unique way (example: maybe wrath CAN BE a charming person) and virtues can have their downs (kindness being taken advantage of and thus leading to depression idk man XD) but yeah! Sorry I'm quite terrible thinking during bedtime.. So I use LOTS of examples.
  17. Interested.
    Would dig to be a sin
  18. I thiiink i'll reserve Lust. Tweet tweet
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  19. @N/A It's okay! I liked all of the examples :3 But, yeah, despite them being Sins and Virtues, they're still human, or that's what I want to portray in this RP.


    @Komasan Consider it reserved! ^^ Definitely making a list now.
  20. Can I get Wrath reserved?
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