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  1. Far beyond the bonds of Earth, a the races of the Angels and the Demons make their home. The Angels, led by their Grand Seraph, have always believed in encouraging their people to aspire to better themselves, upholding seven virtues as their ultimate wisdom. As for the Demons, their Overlords have always held a tradition of encouraging their people to indulge in their basic nature, a practice the Angels labeled "sin". These two races, with their wildly contradicting cultures, have come to blows countless times in their history, and even now an all-out war wages between the Angels and the Demons.

    It was by pure accident that a group of Angels and Demons found themselves stranded on Earth as a result of this conflict. The portal was only intended as a means to escape the battlefield, but as some escaped and some pursued, the lot of them ended up trapped on the home of humanity, forced into human vessels and without the means to preform further magic. Their only chance to survive is to adapt to human life as they search for a way back home. Will the two groups manage to overcome their severe differences, or will they find it impossible to co-operate, even so far from home?

    They'll have to find out, as they learn how to live in this bizarre land known as "Japan".


    Hello and welcome to Deadly Sins & Heavenly Virtues. This RP will primarily involve those that embody the sins and virtues, but there will also be room for other types of character, so don't hesitate to express interest in joining. A lot this RP will revolve around slice of life style activities, though there may be some room for some fantastical elements later on.

    Your GMs include @Kitsune, @Shayla, and of course @Saito Hajime. Feel free to ask any of them if you're unclear on something about the RP.

    Rules (open)

    1. Iwaku's site rules and policies, of course.
    2. Standard rules against godmodding, powerplaying, and other assorted RPing cliches.
    3. If you are going to be absent, please inform one of the GMs. If not, your character will be handled in whatever manner the GMs see fit.
    4. This is not a Libertine RP, and any explicit content must be played out in private and not displayed in the IC.
    5. Please attempt to at least produce a paragraph's worth of writing for your personality and biography.

    Character Roster (open)

    x Lust @Komasan - Amarastian/Ai Faust
    x Gluttony @Corpser Roach
    x Envy @Kurogane86
    x Pride @Shattered♦Secrets™
    x Sloth @ClaireRae - Belphegor/Kumin Tsuyuri Natsuko Kita
    x Wrath @Justaddnutts
    x Greed @Uncle Legens Legentis - Mammon/Suko Mineko


    + Kindness @N/A
    + Chastity @Kitsune
    + Temperance
    + Charity @Gateman
    + Diligence @Saito Hajime
    + Humility
    + Forgiveness @Shayla


    -None yet

    CS Skeleton (open)

    If you make a non-Sin/Virtue character, remove the parts that don't matter

    True Name: (As in, the name you had before coming to Earth)
    Assumed Name: (The name you will use on Earth. Obviously you're not going to go around calling yourself some strange demon name, right?)
    Age Appearance: (Because as a fantastic creature you might actually be hundreds or thousands of years old, but your human vessel will probably not look like that)

    Appearance: (Description or image. You may use whatever kind of image you like)

    Virtue/Sin: (The one you chose)


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  2. As stated before, not entirely for sure if I'm 100% on joining, I'll wait for a couple of CSs to go up before I give you a straight answer, in the meantime I've already thought up a character :P
  3. True Name: Eloa

    Assumed Name: Hana Akibara

    Age Appearance: 23

    Appearance: Hana is 5'4 ft tall and is often labeled as 'innocent' and 'pure'. She has long light brown hair that stops slightly past her behind, and a rather very curvy figure. Her appearance is often recognizable with her sense of girly fashion--Dressing up as 'dolly' and 'kawaii' as possible or in some way, due to her 'doll-like' appearance. Generally, she'll appear all sorts of girly in some way--Though she doesn't over do it to the point where its lolita fashion. The brunette is fair skinned with light brown eyes, and normally has a friendly face which usually smiles a lot or in some way appears cute.

    Virtue: Kindness

    Personality: Representing kindness itself, Hana is quite loving and nurturing to others. The true definition of purity you can say as she is often seen giving off a cheerful demeanor. She enjoys making others satisfied, and often speaks very boldly about things ; having positive outlooks in life rather than thinking about the 'what ifs', often meaning her head is always in the clouds and never in reality. She always 'hopes' no matter how hopeless the situation may be, however 'false hopes' are also created when thinking a bit to big and positive to the point where the hopeful situation is proven to be unrealistic and it can be quite troublesome. Everybody trusts Hana and her words naturally, but there is a limit where people have to reject her kindness due to the guilt which slowly creeps up after a while (thus the term,"unwanted kindness"). But even rejecting the young lady is just as hard as well. It's easy to take advantage of her, yet hard to reject her kindness ; her role is quite a conflicting one despite what it may sound like and it can be questionable as one can be sinned through kindness (to much kindness can potentially inspire other sins within a(other) person such as wrath (annoyance) for example or envy, etc).

    Being kind has given Hana a sort of whimsical trait of bravery as well. It's not the type of bravery that a warrior has when he goes to war, but rather a sort of bravery that is somehow alluring and peaceful. Surely this piece of 'bravery' is for the most part just Hana's naïve and curious side (as the other virtues would put it). She generally doesn't know any better, and due to her altruism genuinely feels compassionate about everyone. A good example of this would be her numerous encounters with Lucifer himself. The girl is quite an interesting character, and even managed to strike him emotionally.

    While representing kindness is normally a sign of perfection and purity, especially when it's considered to be virtuous-- in truth, kindness itself is a role which represents both a blessing and a curse. To put it simply, while the purpose of kindness is to 'inspire kindness (with)in others', Hana's altruistic behavior is the biggest burden of them all. It is simply her instincts to voluntarily be kind to someone yet it pains her from time to time when she helps out everyone (and it sometimes pains her when she cannot help everyone). She is aware at the fact that she can be very easily used for anything, yet there is nothing she can do about it. Hana is able to say no to certain things (that are considered 'sin' ; example sexually lusting), yet she can still be tricked (not quite easily--But compared to the other virtues, she can be tricked more easily than them, keep in mind that it'll be slightly hard). She feels as if the role 'kindness' as a conflicting virtue is quite heavy in its name and simply self-loathes herself personally despite smiling. But while she may feel a pang of sadness (and general emotions), she simply forces herself deal with it and vents to (insert close virtue friend here).


    ❧ Eloa is still -blindly- in love with the 'anonymous man' despite being stuck in Earth. -And possibly the rumors that it's lucifer himself-. { But it could change c: }
    ❧ She happens to befriend animals just as easily as she would with humans. Though the other virtues often scold her on this, as it would seem unusual in the Human world.


    “What does Éloa mean?”
    He narrowed his gaze, answered her literally. “It’s the name of an angel.”
    Penelope tilted her head, thinking. “I’ve never heard of him.”
    “You wouldn’t have.”
    “Was he a fallen angel?”
    “She was, yes.” He hesitated, not wanting to tell her the story, but unable to stop himself. “Lucifer tricked her into falling from heaven.”
    “Tricked her how?”
    He met her gaze. “She fell in love with him.”
    Penelope’s eyes widened. “Did he love her?”
    Like an addict loves his addiction. “The only way he knew how.”
    She shook her head. “How could he trick her?”
    “He never told her his name.”

    (story not mine)

    wiki story :d

    ...The possibility of Lucifer's redemption through love.
    "Since you are so beautiful," the naïve Eloa says, "you are no doubt good."
    Lucifer declares that "I am he whom one loves and does not know," and says he weeps for the powerless and grants them the occasional reprieve of delight or oblivion. Despite Eloa's attempt to reconcile him with God, Lucifer cannot set aside his destructive pride. In the end, Eloa's love condemns her to Hell with Lucifer, and his triumph over her only brings him sadness.

    Extra image...
    N/A threw 6-faced die for: rosie Total: 37 $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice
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  4. True Name: Mammon
    Assumed Name: Suko Mineko
    Age Appearance: 17


    Virtue/Sin: Greed

    Personality: Mammon, as is her true name, is usually cold and distant. She sees everything as a statistic, setting aside more for herself than anyone. Her emotions are seemingly absent, replaced by unfeeling logic. This trait changed little when Mammon was accidentally banished to the Earth. Seeing the widespread effects of her influence gave the covetous demon a twisted sense of satisfaction. Being rendered powerless, however, has left Mammon bitterly homesick. Her only hobby proves to be watching the stock market daily.

    Biography: Mammon, like all of the seven deadly sins, has meddled with humanity since time immemorial. She wielded vast control over countless individuals, always ensuring that her puppets gave into their desire for wealth. Mammon was at the height of her power during the Industrial Revolution, standing behind the actions of every robber baron globally. It was a common misconception that she enjoyed her work, however. It just so happened that every greedy soul was bound to go into her collection, giving Mammon an avaricious need to interfere with mankind.

    If Mammon could feel humiliation, then it would have inflamed her when she was banished to Earth. Being forced into a human body was absolutely dreadful; she could experience human emotions. However, Mammon had accompanied Earthly mortals long enough to understand their peculiar (and rather short) lives. 'Suko Mineko' as she became known, decided to act on her goal of returning to her homeworld. Desiring repayment for her humiliation, Suko opened up the Wanton Cafe (理不尽なカフェ) to moderate success. Granted, she pays her employees the bare minimum, but that's to be expected.
  5. My char will be up either tomorrow or this weekend.
  6. [​IMG]
    ★ B A S I C S ★

    True Name

    Assumed Name
    Natsuko Kita

    Age Appearance

    Assumed Gender


    ★ P E R S O N A L I T Y ★

    Positive Traits
    Natsuko (Belphegor), is surprisingly a rather kind demon. Or at least she tries to be. While she's very lazy and often tired, she is easily excited and enthusiastic about many things, and every once in a while, she'll get a surge of energy and will be incredibly active for an hour or so. Because of her usually sleepy nature, though, she's quite calm and doesn't anger easily. Most importantly, she's a dreamer. She's full of hope, inspiration, and always sets her goals high.

    Negative Traits
    Because of her laziness, she's often unable to finish things she starts. Which is frustrating to her, because she's always starting a new project, but often making unrealistic goals. Whether it be a 10,000 piece puzzle, finishing a 7 season tv series, or even reading a book, more often than not, she doesn't finish. When she does, it's usually done hastily with minimal effort.


    To be able to finish things completely, with care and effort

    Biggest Fear
    To come to the realization that her strongest wish and desire may be unachievable


    Napping, cuddling stuffed animals, watching tv

    Soft music, stuffed animals, soft pillows
    laughing, warm tea, big blankets, and snuggling

    Really loud people, rock music, rocks, being woken up, and doing work

    Inspiring/encouraging others, doing origami

    ★ B I O G R A P H Y ★

    As a demon, Belphegor viewed their powers and some of the other demon's powers as a wonderful thing, and they decided to use their powers to "help" humans. Whenever Belphegor saw a human feeling hopeless, or extremely depressed, they would fill the human with an intense feeling of tiredness and laziness. They often figured they were helping the human, as the human would be so tired and lazy to even think of suicide, or it would give the human's body and mind a much-deserved rest after physical or emotional trauma. However, Belphegor's laziness affected even themselves, and the demon often found themselves unable to do this work. At times, this could be a good thing. The human would get better and go on to live a happy life. Sometimes, though, they would take what little strength they had and use it to hurt either themselves or other humans. Belphegor did their best to find the energy to stop them from reaching that point.

    As for the other demons, Belphegor didn't often interact with them. The sloth demon respected their powers, though, and viewed all but one as wonderful powers that helped humanity. Gluttony, Lust, Pride, and Greed all found ways to make humans happier. Whether it was through food, money, sex, or simply looking at themselves in the mirror, the humans were happy. Even Envy helped to make the humans lives better, since if one human was jealous of another, they often aimed to become more like them. Wrath was the only one Belphegor couldn't figure out. How could a human's anger make the human happier?

    When the latest war started, Belphegor did what they always did- nothing. Wars have broken out between angels and demons countless times before, and Belphegor refused to take part. When the portal opened, Belphegor was more than happy to escape the war zone, but was shocked to find themselves on Earth. They assumed a new identity, "Natsuko Kita," a young 17-year-old girl. While she was filled with dread of the thought of being unable to help the humans with her lost powers, she was also filled with hope. Perhaps, in this human body, she could overcome what destiny wanted her to be.

  7. True Name: Amarastian

    Assumed Name: Ai Faust

    Age Appearance: 24


    Personality: Ai is with one with what she represents; She both entices sick love in others and has a sick love with herself. She is something to be lusted for, having that sly smile and ability to twist you around her finger. She is a manipulative bitch to say the least, but she's a smart manipulative bitch, just to get someone into bed with her. She does have a weak side to her; through her many times in bed, she hasn't once bore a child, and the thought of children makes her miserable.

    When she was plugged up into a human body, this only made her happier, since she could interact with humans and possibly have the child she had been waiting for her entire existence.

    She's rather flirty with her fellow sins, even the females.

    She shamelessly works at a strip club, and even has a secret business in prostitution.


    As Amarastian, she was adored by almost all demons for her beauty; a rather cruel one if you were to look past her beautiful mask. She managed to reel in many, many demons, but was unable to bear a child. Within her binds of ill love was a gnawing destiny for a child, which never seemed to come true. Out of a small cry of empathy to those single folk, she used her power to entice other's sick love as well. It seemed wonderful to have a child, but she wasn't quite aware of the circumstance and situation, being surprisingly ignorant to actual love. Her love was just people saddling with many and coming into bed with whoever. If she couldn't have a child, she might as well watch others, yes? What she didn't know was that through her try to make others happy where she was not, she made a lot of "cheating" situations which made the couple split even farther apart, and having a baby who just made things worse financially.

    When the accident occurred and she was tossed into the body of a human, she couldn't be any happier. She firstly felt up herself (Of course) as she was in a different body and wanted to be sexually accustomed to it, though noticed her powers no longer worked. It was a tad of a stretch, but it didn't mean she couldn't have sex, rather this would give her a better shot at having a child. She went under the identity of Ai Faust, mostly choosing Ai because it meant love, and she was all about it, then took several jobs and secretly filmed sex tapes with men in her basement, selling it off for big bucks and pulling that for a nice house.
  8. I'll work on my cs when I get home
  9. I'll put up a character either tomorrow or over the weekend, as soon as I'm able. :)
  10. [​IMG]

    True Name

    Assumed Name
    Junko Amai

    Age Appearance





    × Work in progress ×​
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  11. I'll have my girl up more than likely tonight. ^^
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  12. Can my char have a real face claim real life, not the best with figuring the right cartoon look for my char.
  13. [​IMG]
    True Name:

    "I could be called by thousands of different names. Frzek, Satan, Beng, Shaitan, so on and so forth. All of these are different names I have heard in reference to me. Which is really stupid. Really, really stupid. Because my name is Sathanus. Short, sweet, to the point. Sathanus."
    Assumed Name:
    Samael R. Anderson

    Age Appearance:





    Face Claim - Oreki Houtaou

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  14. As it says on the skeleton, you can use any kind of image you like.
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  15. Cool xD
  16. True Name: PHTHONOS

    Assumed Name: Keita "Kei" Assaragi

    Age Appearance: 19

    Appearance: thumb.jpg

    Virtue/Sin: Envy

    Personality: Phthonos or Kei is just like an ordinary teenager. He is a fun loving guy who loves to be the center of attention. Kei is a real people person he loves to visit local businesses and talk with all the shop owners getting to know them. Kei is a huge fan of drama as the Sin of Envy he likes to drop little hints of Envy causing issues within the community that will eventually unfold into a huge dramatic mess.

    Although Kei is the god of Envy he truly loathes that feeling. He hates being envious and will do anything for it to end. Phthonos will go out of his way to end the envy he isn't above, stalking, stealing, destruction, or even murder. He doesn't see any of his violent tendencies as bad, he instead see's it as relieving his Demons.

    While in his current mortal form Kei has been living in Manga cafe's and all night diners. He has come to love the modern culture and loves the drama he sees in manga's and anime's. As the God of Envy he feels that it is his duty to help along the Drama in this world and spread little seeds of Envy all over town.

    Kei likes to visit the shopping district and listen to the old shop owners talk and complain about each others' issues. With the knowledge of the owners he spreads small instances of Envy around watching the drama come to fruition. Kei then revels in the moment and tries to get things bigger until it finally blows up to a huge issue. That is when Kei feels he has done his job and stayed true to the manga of this time.

    While hanging around the other Gods Kei could be classified as an Otaku. He can often be found reading manga or watching anime on his phone, that is until someone starts talking about something fun.
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  17. Might change her age depending on the age range of the other characters :d and FC... But also debating on making a dude... she doesn't look like a teen compared to the other characters so I'm pretty conflicted about everything (FC wise mostly now)
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  18. Alright, everyone with a completed CS just got the cookie of acceptance.

    Although, @Komasan, while I won't ask you to change your CS, I would like to remind you this isn't a libertine RP. I understand you were probably just trying to fit the theme of lust, but when it comes to the IC, try to keep the sexual content to a minimum.

    Also, general message, the GM team would like to remind everyone that you don't have to feel restricted to writing around your single chosen sin or virtue. All characters are more than capable of displaying interests and emotions outside of their most intense one, so don't feel afraid to explore other avenues with your sins and virtues.
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  19. no worries. I dislike libertine as well. I won't actively post her work, nor would I post any errotic material. I only put those as to fit her character, not to have an excuse to frolick around naked XD
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  20. Okay, so my own character exists now.

    Show Spoiler

    True Name: Jegudiel
    Assumed Name: Atsushi Nakahara
    Age Appearance: 25


    Virtue/Sin: Diligence

    Personality: Jegudiel is quite the jovial and enthusiastic man in casual conversation. Provided he is on good terms with someone, he’ll greet them heartily and probably chew their ear off if allowed to continue talking. He can be quite nosy too, and takes what some might call an unhealthy interest in the affairs of others, but to hear him say it, he’s nosy because he cares. He will also try to solve other people’s problems unless he’s very clearly told to stay out of them.

    True to his background, Jegudiel is the hardest working man in existence. If he takes something on as a personal responsibility, and goodness knows there’s a lot of things he claims to be his personal responsibility, he will scale mountains and part oceans if that’s what it takes to get things done, and especially to get things done well. Nothing upsets him more than being unable to complete something as efficiently as possible, and failing to accomplish a task at all is something that will haunt him forever.

    Of course, as nice as he can be, Jegudiel is quite judgemental too. In particular, he has no love for the Demons or the Sins, and tries to associate with them as little as possible. While he intends to tolerate them from a pragmatic standpoint for the duration of his current predicament, he will make no secret of his disdain for them or their ways.

    Biography: Jegudiel was one of the greatest soldiers of the Angelic armies. He has a long and storied past of leading attacks on Demon-kind and has personally slain more than his fair share of Demons. His dedication to the Angelic cause was well known, and he maintained a respected position in Angelic society. Not everyone loved him, of course, but few would doubt his efforts in the name of the Angels.

    Which is why he was quite dismayed to find himself trapped on Earth due to his pursuit of others on the battlefield. Being so far from the fight and unable to do anything for his own people left a gnawing feeling in his gut. Worse yet, he was trapped there alongside some of the worst Demons in existence. He was tempted to just try and settle things right there and then, circumstances be damned, but cooler heads won out; he understood that if they wanted to survive in this new world, they had to tolerate each other for now.

    So far, Jegudiel has found some small happiness as a private security guard. He enjoys at least being able to guard something with integrity and dedication. He was tempted to join the Japanese Self-Defence Forces, but he knew trying out for a job too close to a government would risk discovery. For now, he intends to endure his accidental exile until the day comes he can finally return to his homeland and his people.

    Now if we could only see some progress from all our WIPs and others.
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