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  1. Diseases
    Diseases are possibly one of the strangest things on Earth. They come, they ravage the populace, make you feel horrible, and when they leave; if you SURVIVE, you become stronger.

    Today, you will create a deadly disease to decimate your population.
    Well, it doesn't HAVE to be deadly.

    -What is the scientific name of your disease? (If any)
    -What is the common name of your disease?
    -What causes this disease?
    -What are the symptoms?
    -How does it spread?
    -How long has it been around?
    -Is there a story behind it?
    -On a scale of 1-5, how contagious is your disease? (One is not contagious, two is slightly contagious, three is contagious, four is very contagious, and five is epidemic)
    -On a scale of 1-5, how deadly is your disease? (One is harmless, two is few deaths, three is 45% infected die, four is 75% die, and five is 98% or more)
    -Any other necessary info?
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  2. Scientific Name: Autometallic Mutosis
    Common name(s): Phyrexian Disease, Phyresis (names derived from the it's similarity to Phyresis of the New Phyrexia subsection of the Magic: The Gathering card game)
    Cause: The disease is caused by an extra-terrestrial bacteria that has evolved to develop properties similar to liquid metals such as mercury.
    Symptoms: Phyresis is a disease that is quick to act, usually being absorbed through skin and mucous membranes. Once inside a host, the bacteria eat the tissue cells of the host rapidly, replacing the lost flesh with a metal-like substance. I starts with the skin, and is noticeable at first by the pain and patches of metal forming on the body where the bacteria is. It works it's way inward and all over the body until all that is left is the main body systems, such as the respiratory, nervous, and circulatory systems. The bacteria then replace these organ systems, causing the body to be completely made of the metallic substance secreted by the bacteria and fluid. If the host has not died of the pain by this point, it will become a living machine, immortal.
    How does it spread?: Phyrexian Disease is originally caught when a host body touches a pool in which the bacteria live. The host is then taken over, and from it is spread by physical contact from one host to another.
    How long has it been around?: Phyrexian Disease is relatively new, only being around the past 20 years or so, and kept a closely guarded secret by world governments.
    Is there a story behind it?: Phyrexian disease entered Earth's ecosystems with metallic meteorites, which often times were burned away in the atmosphere, leaving globs of metallic liquid bacteria to strike the surface and form small pools. Scientists found these pools and reported them to governments, who then collected the liquid. Several failed first attempts to interact with the bacteria resulted in many personnel undergoing Phyresis, most of whom died, the few who survived were tested upon until they followed suit. There have been times when Phyrexian Disease almost reached the public, but was contained before it did.
    Infectiousness: 3 in rural areas, 5 in dense cities.
    Deadliness: 4. A rare few are strong enough to complete the transformation and become the immortal bio-machines the disease transforms it's host into. The others die of the excruciating pain.
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  3. -What is the common name of your disease? Godsmite
    -What causes this disease? Severe spiritual imbalance between positive and negative energies
    -What are the symptoms? Headaches, paranoia, insomnia, and in extreme cases, nausea, rash, and hallucinations
    -How does it spread? it is not contagious
    -How long has it been around? Since the beginning of the world
    -Is there a story behind it? The health of the spirit is closely linked to the health of the body; "Godsmite" or "The Smite of the gods" was originally perceived to be the punishment of a god for one's spiritual disobedience (eg: a god of light punishing those overcome by darkness in the spirit) but in the more enlightened ages, was revealed to be a disease of the spirit.
    -On a scale of 1-5, how deadly is your disease? The disease is generally not considered deadly as one would have to live with it for a very long time for it to kill anyone, and it is conceptually simple to cure. Also, the symptoms lessen in severity as the body acclimates to the spiritual imbalance; however one will never be as vivacious or healthy with a severely imbalanced spirit as one will be with a balanced one.
    -Any other necessary info? Godsmite can be 'cured' by meditation, soul searching, and basically a revamp of lifestyle. Godsmite only appears when spiritual imbalance is severe; going through an angsty teen phase won't make you sick, but devoting your life, perception, and experience only to one kind of energy (positive or negative) and completely shutting out the other will.
  4. -What is the scientific name of your disease: None

    -What is the common name of your disease: Horn Rot

    -What causes this disease: The demons on earth have found that if the blood from one of the giant centipedes that live there gets on their horns it causes the disease because of bacteria in the blood that helps the giant bugs kill their prey.

    -What are the symptoms: If a demon gets horn rot then their usually shell colored horns will turn a pale yellow. Though the color change is so small that no one will notice unless they are looking out for it. Once it has been there a day or two a very sudden and very sharp pain will appear in the horns and the outer layer of bone will start to develop small holes on it. Over time the holes will grow and get deeper and the horns will be in constant and horrible pain. Soon after the holes become big enough to put two quarters in side by side at the opening the horns will fall off. Though if all traces off the blood are washed off after the horns are gone then after a few months they will grow back though they will be several inches shorter than before.

    -How does it spread: If a demon with horn rot's horns were to brush up against the healthy horns of another demon they could pass on the disease.

    -How long has it been around: It has been around since the apocalypse when the giant centipedes were born to help them survive the radiation.

    -Is there a story behind it: Back after all the demons that had come from hell died due to the coldness of winter and the rain burning their skin all the other races shunned and attacked the earth born demons that had sided with their demon kin so they did not become slaves like everyone else. They were all drove from the cities and out into the wilderness where they would have to survive on their own. They discovered the disease when one of their kind started hunting the giant centipedes and the blood got on his horns.

    -On a scale of 1-5, how contagious is your disease: Seeing as how demons are not nearly as common as they used to be there are no particularly large groups of them for the disease to pass through. And the only way to pass it on is for two demon's horns to rub against each other and one has to be infected. That is not common though so I need to say on the scale it is a 2.

    -On a scale of 1-5, how deadly is your disease: It is definitely not harmless. The pain is horrible. But is it deadly? No,it has never killed anyone since it was discovered.

    -Any other necessary info?: It can ONLY effect demons since they are the only humanoid with horns. Any horned animals aren't affected though.
  5. What is the scientific name of your disease?: Humming Psychodegradation
    What is the common name of your disease?: Piper's Tune Disease
    What causes this disease?: microorganisms that enter the brain via the ear canal, which then eat away at the ear and brain tissues.
    What are the symptoms?: Piper's Tune starts as a ringing in your ears, and slowly it changes tones, then changing faster to the point that it sounds like a song being played on pipes. This is shortly followed by deafness to everything but the ringing. Afterwards, vivid hallucinations follow. The 'song' seems to fade off into the distance, remaining just loud enough to entice you to follow it. At this point, the hallucinations, deafness, and constant tune wear down on the mind, making it hard to differentiate reality from figment. Infected who follow the tune usually follow it to their deaths, and the bacteria continue feasting on the brain. Those who don't follow it are either driven to insanity to escape the tune have been known to either commit suicide, or they eventually succumb to massive brain damage.
    How does it spread?: unknown, being researched
    How long has it been around?: unknown, similar cases have dated back centuries
    Is there a story behind it?: There is a myth. If you are familiar with the song Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, you understand the name reference. It is said that the tune is the 'Piper calling you to join him', the piper being a metaphor for a celestial being, such as a god. The melody is calling you to your death, to meet your god. This idea has caused several religious groups to cultivate and purposely infect themselves, believing that through this disease they can find the place they were destined to die at and thus meet their almighty. It has caused other religious groups to burn the bodies of the infected, living or dead, as taking 'the piper' as a metaphor for a demon to uses the entrancing music to lure them to it and steal their souls.
    On a scale of 1-5, how contagious is your disease?: 2-4
    On a scale of 1-5, how deadly is your disease?: 5 (all who get it die, there is no cure as of yet and no known case of survival)
    Any other necessary info?: Nope.