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  1. A real Black Widow spider Kills her mate after she mates. (then she eats part of him, but that's not the point.) A Black Widow Woman means that she marries men and then kills them. Usually it's for money. Or on TV, they're just Twisted. In almost every real case of real Black widows, it's for money.

    How ever in Anya's case she just enjoyed the kill. Why? Well Some speculated that she was mentally ill and something snapped, others said she had no heart to begin with this was how she was born. The real truth was much darker and more vividly grusome then ever imagined. She was not born this way it happened many years ago, when she was very young and impressional child.

    At the age of 3 Anya was a happy and bright child. She would play and do normal things a 3 year old was supposed to do. She had a mother and a father, but things seemed to be going down hill. Her father started to drink and her parents would get into big arguments. As they arguments continued over the years they became violent. At the age 5 her mother had been killed by her father. He saw so much of her mother in the child that he started in on her. If she didn't come home on time or clean up it would be a lashing for sure.

    Her father finally remarried a cruel woman, who treated Anya lik dirt and beat her regularly. Around the age of 18 when she still was not allowed to leave. She killed her step mother by slowly poisoning her. She watched her die in her bed a year later, a small smile tugged at her lips as she ran to tell her father. Her father was distraught and went after her with a knife. She screamed and pleaded for her father to leave her be, she hadn't done anything. As he came at her. she went for a kitchen knife. Anya stabbed her father in the chest and ran. She hadn't killed him, but stunned him enough to run and make it to her neighbor's house. She yelled and screamed for help. A family that lived next door came out and ran to her. She sobbed to them explaing her step mother had just died andhow her father blamed her and came after her with a knife. She told them she stabbed him just to get away. The neighbors nodded and called 911. As the police and ambulance arrived. Her step mother was bagged up in a body bag and her father was cuffed to a gurney as they wheel them off. Anya smiled darkly under her hair as she watches them leave. Anya clung to her neighbor pretending to cry into her. The police came up to tak her, she screamed and clung to her neighbor. Anya looked up, her tear streaked face begged her neighbor to keep her.

    The police finally dragged Anya off to the police car. She kicked and screamed"No please i want to stay here." she says. Her pleads ment nothing to the officers as the got her in the car and drove off with her. Over the next few years, Anya Really came into her own. She blossomed and had turned into a beautiful woman.She had long black hair, pale skin, red stained lips, Her eyes were the most riviting shade of green and she stood at 5'9 weighing 120 lbs.

    At the age of 25 Anya was engaged to a young Man Named Dartanian Smith. His family was very wealthy, and she did love him. They had started dating a few years back. Her sadastic and dark killings were documented in a note book. Now I will stop to Let her Tell you Her tale in depth and how she became to be known as the most infamous Black Widow in the history of killers.

    Dear Diary,

    It was a hot summer day Dartaian and I sat on the porch for lunch. His mother had come over for some tea. She always looked at me with such distane, She looked at me as if I were a commoner and could never amount to anything in this silly woman's eye's. I how ever knew that she was just jealous of what her son and I had. If only this woman knew my past, she would be on her feet groveling and keeping her life.The days would soon come to pas she would have no control over her son.

    Dartainan looked at me with his exquisit brown eyes. He had dark hair, pale skin and finely set lips. He was never frowing always smiling and laughing. He was a well natured man and I could see he loved me, as I loved him. We had met while I was studying at oxford. Dartainan was charming and sweet, we instantly fell for each other. As our two years at oxford came to a close, he asked me to marry him. I said yes one of the happiest I had been in a while.

    As Dartainan brought me home to meet his Parent's, they walked out to meet their son. upon seeing me the smiles they had faltered and they put on a facade, that could fool the stupidest of people. I how ever was not fooled for I had been using that look for years. I knew they did not approve of me, but I would show them. I was more then the commoner as they portrayed me. I kept a wicked yet soft smile placed on my lips the whole time we stayed with them. We finally moved into our own home. She would visit weekly and make a face at everything that I had bought. She would also make snarky replys. I took them all with a fake smile and a grudging additude. After she would leave I would beg Dartainan to ask her to stop coming over, she didn't like me. He would kiss my lips softly and brush my hair back. "Do not fret my darling, she just high standard's with time she will learn to love you as I love you." he would say. It would warm my heart, till the next time her prissy head would step through those doors.

    Well speaking of which I am being told it is rude to write infront of other's. For now Diary we shall see how much I can deal with today. Till later my dear friend.

    Forever uncertain and yours truly,
    Anya Deflur soon to be Smith
  2. Dear Diary,

    I am sorry I have taken so long to respond in your pages. My new husband and I have just been married a few days ago and now we are on our honey moon. I have so many rushing emotions I know I will be happy with him.

    The wedding was perfect. I shall describe to you now the perfection and most well put together wedding. Everything went with out a hiccup. Well almost every thing.His mother seems to becoming more and more of a nuesance with each passing day. Last time I wrote in your pages I told you she was over for tea. Well the Tea lunch's seem to have slowed down, since his mother became violently ill one Saturday. I had put a little bit of poison her tea, and has seemed to work. though I think she is suspicous of what happened that day. I had become more then over bubbly as she was drinking it. The thought of her dieing excited me.

    Well any way back to the wedding. The lawn was perfectly mowed the fouantain had been cleaned and whitened. There was roses and red ribbons every where. The day was beautiful and clear. I was up in my room getting ready my brides maids and friends helping me. they gushed at my beauty and how wonderful the dress looked. It was a simple thing. Strapless and felt like butter to the touch. it had a red ribbon tied around the waste. My hair was partially pushed back and done up with a white and red rose twined in the braids. WIP