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    The sun was shining golden rays over the beautiful green scenery that passed by while Cerise Melanson stared off from her car's window. Her father had told her that she was to live in a new home. He didn't explain anything to her in all honesty. All he told her was that she would be living with a few other people. She sat in her seat twirling her curly brown hair between her fingers as a sort of nervous tick that she had. They were out in the middle of no where. There hadn't been a single building for miles. Cerise wasn't keen on just how far out in the middle of nowhere they were but it had to be pretty far. Soon they were passing a gated in land. The enclosure had old Gothic spikes at the top of the gray stone wall. A ways down there was a gate that was made of black metal bars with the same spikes styled into an arch at the top of the gate. The road circled in front of the building which was a large mansion. Cerise had never seen anything like it before. The grounds seemed to be endless convincing her that they had enclosed an entire chunk of the forest that surrounded the area. Most of the land was well manicured open grass with flowers, mostly rose and lilies with stone pathways that cut through it all.

    After she got out of the car gawking at the beautifully intimidating building she went to the trunk of the car pulled out her guitar, and her suit case that had her clothes in it. She pulled up the handle and rolled it by the wheels up to the front door. The car drove off in some haste making her look back as it exited the gate that closed on it's own. There must have been a triggering mechanism that made it do that. She turned back to the large door three times her size and used a large round knocker to see who was home. A moment passed and she was about to open the door but instead it opened seemingly on it's own. "Hello? Is anybody home?" She closed the door behind her to find it wasn't as heavy as it looked. The room had a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling, well decorated maroon colored walls, and a beautiful red and gold carpet. She wondered a little further into the house still in the guest receiving room. Hello?" She asked again raising her voice a little to see if maybe she just couldn't be heard int this huge castle-like house.
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  2. August's ears perked at the sound of a car pulling up on the gravel drive. Moving a black velvet curtain slightly aside, just enough to see out of yet prevent the light from piercing in, he caught sight of a girl slipping quietly towards the front door. Quickly shutting the cutain he dropped from the perch he had been sitting, the crowned ridge of his bed, and hit the floor in silence. Despite being a large male he was almost completely silent on his feet, instinct probably.

    Cracking the door of his room he slipped out of it and began down a long hallway, the dusty carpet leaving small clouds of old filth behind his footsteps as he walked. Taking a sharp left to avoid the main staircase he popped open a door to reveal a set of smaller more rickety stairs leading down into the Great Room where the girl had now ventured. Hearing her small voice in such a large house intrigued August for some reason, it was as if her voice resonated perfectly through the walls, like it was lock and key.

    Shaking the thought away he breathed deeply in her scent as he pushed open the door at the base of the staircase and decided she was human, a much more desirable guest in this house than any other so it would seem. Finally once the girl raised her voice a little questioning her aloneness in the house did August appear before her, slightly to her right and behind her, careful to cough lightly as to alert her of his presence.

    "You must be Cerise..." bowing slightly to her his eyes never left hers, "I am Mr. Baylen, the mansion's highest and most skilled butler. I care for the needs of all who stay here on a professional plain and as long as you can remeber that I'm sure you'll be happy here. I only ask you to remain wary of one rule, the curtains stay closed unless you are permitted otherwise. Is that understood?" Crossing his arms behind his back he nodded to her without waiting for a reply and made a sharp left turn, meaning for her to follow him as he walked quietly out of the Great Room and down towards the kitchen.
  3. Cerise had nearly jumped out of her skin at the voice that suddenly appeared right behind her. Quickly she had turned to face a very muscular man with dark hair. "Oh, yes. It's very nice to meet you Mr.Baylen" Already he was quickly making his way from the greeting room. She fallow ed having to keep her pace up so that she wasn't too far behind him. Her attention moved to all of the details of the old house. The ceilings had engravings that were deliciously elegant.

    They passed many doors and frankly she wasn't sure if she'd ever be able to find her way around here very well. It was just so big. Even bigger than her father's place. This must have been a legit mansion. The vibrant red carpet was decorated with gold lining at the edges. He led her into a different room which was an eleberate kitchen. There were so many burners and even an island in the middle. Cerise admired all of the fine details and how clean everything was.
    "Might I ask why I can't open the curtains?" She asked curiously unable to come to a reasonable conclusion for herself.
  4. Kane walked up to the house and wondered if they would let him stay for a while. He walked to the front door and looked around. "This look like a nice house. Wondering who or what lives here." He said as he knock on the door. He shrugs after a few minutes of waiting and then walked inside. He looked around the room. "Anybody live here?" He asked out loud as he shut the door. He walked to the wall and lend on it.
  5. Stopping just beyond the counters edge August reached out a gloved hand to his side, seeing a flicker of sunlight peeking into the kitchen through the small curtains above the sink. Without saying a word to Cerise he slowly removed the glove from his wrist and the moment the sunlight hit his porcelain skin it began to burn and smoke violently. Snatching his hand away he looked over his shoulder as he replaced the glove.

    "Let's just call it a severe allergy to sunlight." His voice was deep and brooding, almost daring her to inquire more yet it was laced with a sticky seduction he seemed to give off. Pushing through the kitchen they came to yet another hallway where he stopped in front of a dark blue door with a golden knob. "This is where you will be staying. The bed has already been made and I tooc the liberty of placing a few essentials on your nightstand, it gets rather dark in this house at ni-" just then he stammered to a halt. The male voice now trailing through the house caused his concern and he bowed low to Cerise. Unlocking the door with a large key ring in his inner pocket he slipped away down the stairs back towards the Great Room. "I trust you will make yourself comfortable, I shall return shortly." And with that he emerged into the Great room to see a young man leaning against the wall.
  6. Adara kept herself locked in her room most of the time, and though like most of the house, the room was dark, she had a small crack open, since she could go out in plain daylight. Sure, most demons didn't like sun, and she didn't either, but one of the plus sides of needing to hunt humans for a living. Sighing, she rolled over in her bed again, covering her face with the covers as she tried to get in a few more minutes of sleep. But the sound of footsteps against the floor was driving her nuts, the smells and sounds of new people entering the house. Groaning, she sat up and slowly peeled off her covers, venturing towards the outdoors to find out what was making such annoyingly high pitched noises.

    Running a hand though her hair, she sighed, stomping angrily to her door before flinging it open, her eyes bagged and tired and her petite frame swamped by a large t shirt that covered her, and though she wasn't wearing shorts she at the least had undergarments on, along with a pair of knee socks. looking around, Adara tried to find the closes source of noise, finding it to be a man with black and white hair. Storming towards him, she growled, looking at him. "Why do you HAVE To make so much noise."
  7. Slowly down the stairs, descended a woman who was wearing a uniform consisting of a white blouse, plaid tie, black tights and a navy blue, ruffled skirt.

    A good scan around the room, and she was able to tell what the situation was at the moment. A brief pause befell her, and she let out an exhale. Her dark red glasses were firmly in place, however she really didn't need them too often, it was just while the girl was reading. She had a nice figure, nice enough to be a model. In fact, she was a model in some magazines despite her petite structure. Her lips parted as she looked down at the new arrival, and she didn't look half bad to say the least. "... Welcome." She greeted, an it didn't seem to be far too welcoming at all. It was more monotoned, even though her voice was soft and child-like. Most of the room was dark, almost creepy, but she had grown to live in terms with it. As the girl was walking down the staircase, and passed the Butler and the new Accomplice. "... I'm going to the city for a while." She said, motioning for the Butler to move out of the way. It wasn't for the sake of being rude, it was for the sake of him not getting burnt inside out.
  8. Kane looked at the man and then looked at a girl that walked to him. "I was just seeing if anyone was home that is it." He said as he wonder which one was the owner of the house. "So, which one of you own this house?" He asked as he looked at the girl.

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  9. Groaning, Adara shook her head, her long dip dyed brown hair falling all over the place as she mumbled something about useless people. "AGUST!" She yelled, stomping furiously in the direction where she had last seen him as she tried to figure out why a useless human was walking though the house. Thankfully, she didn't have to walk far as he came strait towards her and she crossed her arms. "Why is there a man standing in our front hall, and there being so much noise at this hour!" She yelled, her expression furious.
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  10. Cerise stared in amazement seeing the man's hand burn in the sunlight. Her wide green eyes complimented with a gawking mouth expressed her surprise quite plainly. She composed herself resisting the urge to ask further questions on the matter. With light footsteps she fallowed the butler to a dark blue door that was said to be her new room. There was a noise he apparently heard making him take his leave, but not before opening the door for her with a nifty looking key. "Um, thank you...very much" He was already on his way to being gone before she could finish her sentence causing her to trail off. With a heavy sigh she made her way into what was a magnificent room. It was even bigger than her old one. On the top of the dresser were things like brushes, some perfumes, and even a little make up. The color scheme was pink and white which was pretty cute. The bed had a canopy over it that veiled down to the floor all around the bed. Everything here was just so elegant.

    She pulled her luggage behind her, set it up onto the bed then began unpacking. First she put her clothes away then set up a few of her own personal items. The bag she decided to just stick into what was a walk in closet. To her surprise it was already filled with clothes that she couldn't help but want to conclude were her's. She checked the sizes on most of the tags to find they were all in her size. Turning off the closet light she then closed the door behind her. As much as she did want to lay out on the comfortable looking bed she decided the mansion held her interest even more so. Cerise left her room and began to walk down the halls taking left and rights trying to map it all in her head especially when she would go in a circle.
  11. August shrugged at the anger of the house guest and looked back to the young man leaning against the wall.

    "The owner of this house is no longer in the coountry, he has allowed the opening of his house to guests however, which is why you are here I'm assuming?" His voice was cool and calm, ignoring the shouting at him about the humans in the house. Hopefully his response to the young man would answer Adara's annoyed questioning. Nodding his head towards the dining room he added, "if you kindly take a seat in the dining hall I will round up the other guests and we will be serving lunch shortly. Thank you."

    With that August quietly trotted up the stairs and ran almost straight into Cerise who was consumed in thought. He looked down at Cerise and smiled a little, she was quite beautiful for a human. "Pardon my intrusion on your thoughts my dear but lunch will be served soon and your presence is requested downstairs." With a slight smile he carefully brushed a piece of hair from her cheek, his white glove soft and warm against her skin. Shaking his head and clearing his throat he quickly pulled his hand away and left the stairs, making his way down a side staircase without looking back. Stupid stupid stupid. She's a human and a very important one to the master, don't fuck up now!
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  12. It was odd. This was such a big house yet so far it seemed that she and the butler were the only two in it. Unless maybe it was just big enough to hide the other residences. Earlier she was pretty sure she heard voices, but those easily could have been other workers like maids or something. What seemed to be straight out of nowhere she almost literally ran into the head butler that she had encountered earlier. He was telling her that she was needed at lunch. Her only guess was that maybe the owner or other residence were supposed to meet her. It was strange, he reached out and moved a piece of her long curly hair from her face putting it back where it normally was. Her cheeks went a little pink not quite sure how to respond so she focused on his words. "No worries Mr. Baylen. But do you think you might be able to lead me. I'm afraid I'm still trying to map this large mansion out in my head." They made their way to the dining hall which was down stairs. Once she was in there she was surprised to actually see other people. She took her seat where Mr. Baylen told her to then just sat quietly unsure of what to say and to whom.
  13. Kane looked at the man and nodded. He got off the wall and then wonder were the dining room was. "One thing, were is the dining room?" He asked as he saw that the man was gone. He looked over to the girl. "Would you know were the dining room is?" He asked her.

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