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  2. Joker sat in the club, hidden wearing a long coat, and a purple hat. Didnt want this meta-human to find otu he was here or that he even owned it. Also didnt ant bats to find out he owned this club. Plus it was a good hideout for when the pigs got on his tail. He lai back watching the goth girl. Something about her was familiar. A old memory long forgotten. He couldnt put his finger on it. Harley was locked up in Arkham, and he needed a new girl. Someone to fill the void. And this girl fit the bill. Harley might get jealous, but at the moment he could careless. He looked at the henchmen.

    "Put it in her drink. Bring her to hair is out of place, and Im cutting your throat out." He let out a laugh, as he stood fixing his coat, as the Clown Prince of crime walked through his club. His eyes wached as the girlwas brought to the couch. The Joker took a seat, a smile on his face. "Dont give me that look. Put a smileo yur face and ets talk." He put his hand, toothy smile tattoo, over his face. "Havent seen a pretty thing like you in Gotham." it was a lie, the Joker was watching her for weeks now. "Like the club? Had to whack out a few competition to get it popular." The Joker asked "I think you know who I am. Who ar-" A bodyguard came running over. He was out of breath. The guy was terrified. A idea as to why already came to mind.
    " of our guys saw....him.."

    Joker cursed under his breath. Bats. Bats always came to ruin the fun. To ruin the joke. "Distract the flying rat." The Clown Prince hissed under his breath. His green eyes met the red ones. "Why dont you join me for a ride? I dont like....uninvited guests, ruining some of my fun." Joker stood tossing his hat aside. "Well shall we go?" He took her hand. The drug should be kicking in. "We can talk while were in the car. He picked her up carrying her to his car. Once inside the Joker took off with his prize, his eyes glancing to the mirrors. No sign of him yet.
  3. She glared up at The Joker as he spoke, she could hear the sound of the batmobile not far off and she narrowed her eyes. She would have been out of there in a flush if The Joker had not had her drugged. Before she could reply she heard the bouncer come and warn them before The Joker snatched her up and she was taken to a limo and stuck in the back with him one of the goons driving in the front. "Wan't a good idea to drug me you know? I could have taken care of the Bat for you. But why should I work for you? What are you going to give me in return?" she asked as a shiver ran down her spine and she squirmed trying to push herself so she was sitting up in the seat, her eyes shut as the world whizzed past the windows outside.

    "Only thin about you is chaos and anarchy but I guess I am one to speak give my nick name." she muttered as she shoved herself fully up in her seat and stuck on her seat belt. Her hands moved and she grasped onto the edges of her seat and smiled softly. "You you know I am and you lied to me." she grumbled as she spotted the bat coming after them. She let out a heavy sigh not wanting to deal with the Batman at the moment she opened the window and leaned out her fist became a huge black ball of fire and she sent it flying at an old building. The old building toppled over blocking the Batman's path before the limbo speded up and and vanished into the warehouse district. When they came to a stop outside of an old warehouse she unbuckled her belt and opened the door but landed on the pavement her world dizzy and fuzzy as she was fully hit with the drugs.

    Chaos groaned as a big goon stood over her and slowly leaned down and picked her up before he followed after The Joker and headed up some stairs and into a bedroom where he would place Chaos on the bed. "We will leave you and let you talk." the goon said to The Joker with a tip of his hat, he shut the door behind him. Chaos glared at The Joker her hands grasping the bedding as her eyes shut and she sighed. "You didn't have to fucking drug me you know? We could have talked like regular people." she muttered as she opened her left eye slightly. "Why me....why the interest in me? I am just some random girl...." she growled as she tried to relax. She let out a deep breath she had taken in and set her head upon the purple satin pillows of his bed.
  4. Bruce chased after the Limo. He knew who were in it. Joker, and someone he was tracking for awhile. A meta human. He already had some members of the team he was putting together. This one he had to find. But he knew that Joker has been watching her too. The batmobile was keeping up, almost on their tail. He looked seeing a woman out the window. Somethign formed in her hand. He rose a eyebrow and his eyes widen seeing the building come down. Bruce cursed stopping the car, before it hit the rubble. He got out and looked at car. "Damn....." The Batman gt out and went to resque any people.

    The joker let out a loud laugh, seeing the destruction. This one was gonna be fun. She had afew more tricks then Harley did. Much more. Not to mention she wasnt to bad to look at either. She was perfect replacement for Harley. He parked the car and told the men if they see the bat, to take him down. But not kill him. Killing the Batman was for him, AND him alone. No one will kill the Batman but him. He sat down in the chair facing the bed, a smile on his face. He let out another laught and said "Nice trick, The bat probably didnt know what to expect."

    He leaned back and said "I want you to work with me. Like I said a special lady of mine is gone And I need a void. PLus my sources tells me you hate the batman. Were the same you and I. We used to be ordinary people...but all it took is one bad day..." The joker removed his long jacket, showing his tattoos to her. "I choose you because you arent a ordinary girl. Hell your far from it and you know that." The clown prince of crime jumped on the bed laying next to her. "Well what do you say?"
  5. She knew the Batman had been following her to try and turn her to his side. She knew he didn't want her to suffer any longer at her abusers. However she would never bring this up as her eyes landed on The Joker as he started to speak to her once more. "If I were to help you what would I get in return? Yes I hate the Batman in more ways than one, but he annoys me most at the moment." she said watching him with her crazy red and black eyes. "Ordinary? I was never that Joker and you know it. I was born as a monster, always had these powers since I was a baby." she giggled slightly then she narrowed her eyes. "I get you were normal however but tings can screw people up rather badly." she said and looked into his eyes.

    "I am not like Harley, Joker. She was cute and all and I am sorry that she is gone." she said softly as a shiver ran down her spine. She stared at his bare chest, over his muscles and tattoos a slight flush creeping over her cheeks. She let out a soft sigh as he got closer to her jumping on the bed and she crossed her arms over her chest. "I guess I will join as long as you don't fuck around with me and you don't go about trying to get away from paying me." she said gently before she sat up on the bed and ran her hand over the back of her neck and groaning as she rubbed the bridge of her nose. "I have a feeling the Batman won't be coming close to us right away. I fought him before a few times and broke a couple of his rips." she said.

    She bit her lip wondering what she wanted to be payed with and she sat up thinking about it. "I don't really want money or power, I just want the man who killed my parents to suffer for what he did." she said as she ran her hand down her knee. She could feel an old scar from when she had lost her parents. It was in an odd shape, she always wondered what it was from. Shaking her head she cleared her mind and looked back into his green eyes. Licking her hips she turned around and narrowed her pupiless eyes her hands trembled slightly as a shiver ran down her spine. He was getting to close but she did not have it in her to push him away for some reason.
  6. Joekr rose a eyebrow. This one was smart, would be harder to manipulate then Harley. He smirked and asked "ALright what do you want?" Anothr laugh escaped his laughs. "MY dear, all of us are born ordinary people. ALL of us. Some are born with powers like a certain popular alien freak, but wre all ordinary. Like I said....all it takes is one bad day." He sat up and said "Its just a bad day that can make a normal person, into a monster." He stood up and went to a window. His face looked like he was thinking of old memories. memories he couldnt figure if they were real or fake

    "Harley isnt gone. lets say she is running with a new crowd. I plan to see her soon. Not sure her new friends would like that." The Joker looked over at her. A small smirk formed. SHe was checking him out. "Dont worry I'll pay you....however you want...or with whatever you want." He winked at her. Joker looked at her when she mentioned.....him. "He will.....dont worry, the bat finds a way. I know the bat better then anyone. Even that little posse he used to have. If we do meet him. I dont want you killing him. At all." Joker said imagining the joy, and the fun, of being the one to kill the bat.

    What she said, made him remeber a murder. A murder he done years ago. Thats why she looked familiar. "DO you know who killed them?" He turned back to the bed, laying own again, getting close to her. His green eyes looking into the red ones. His legs touchign hers. "I love your eyes Chaos....." He leaned in kissing her. The Joker pulled back and said "We can do this now....r I can leave the room and let you sleep." His pale hand ran down her side, resting on her hip, and rear. He gave it a small squeeze and leaned in and gently bit her ear, his hand gently rubbing her rear. "Well...whats your choice?"The Clown Prince of Crime whispered
  7. Her eyes never left him as he got up from the bed and made his way towards the window, she looked him over trying to read him, trying to see what he was up to. "I didn't plan on killing the Bat right away. I have a couple things to ask him. Besides, I might show him what its like being locked up in Arkham." she said. She raised her brow when he asked her if she knew who killed her parents and she shook her head. "They said the Batman could have killed them, he was the one I saw when I pulled myself from the rubble of my house." she muttered and her eyes narrowed. "It could be someone else but I won't make assumptions unless I have proof." she whispered as he got closer to her once more. "Last I saw of Harley she was hanging out with Dead Shot and Captain Boomerang." she muttered when he lay down on the bed beside her again

    "For payment I want to see the Bat suffer a bit, show him what abuse I went through in Arkham." she whispered before felt him leaning in closer. She blinked and stared at him when he said he liked her eyes, she was taken aback by that comment, her eyes freaked most people out. She however flushed when she felt his warm lips against her own and a shiver ran down her spine, she stared at him in utter shock. She bit her lip when he pulled away flushing madly when she felt his hand creep over her ribs and to her ass. She gulped slightly when he said he wanted to take her. She gulped, she was still a virgin, though she knew how sex worked mostly. It was when he bit her ear ever so gently she cried out softly a moan escaping her lips. "I'm warning you....the only thing I have my virginity, I am pure." she said embarrassed staring up into his green eyes.

    "I am not tired, but if your going to do this then one other payment I ask is that your gentle my first time." she muttered against his cheek. Her hand reached out and she grasped onto his shoulder and pulled him back into a gentle kiss. She had kissed men before and other things but she was not used to being taken fully. She groaned and allowed his hand to stay on her body where it wished, she may be a bit deranged but she still was a girl who was yet to be made a women. She still had her shy and timid side when it came to sex. Chaos nipped his bottom lip still trying to get used to the taste of his lips, the smell and warmth that his body gave off when he was this close, she was starting to likie it.
  8. Joker laughed and said "The Bat knows how bad Arkham is. He is crazy just like all of us.....only he wont admit it" The Joker was clearly angry by this. Angry the batman wont admit he is crazy like him, when its clear he was. "The Bat has suffered befpre. I know he has. I tried things, and done things to him. One thing I done, I thought would make him go over the edge. I wanted him to go over the edge. I thought he did....but no....He didnt" The Joker showed signs of anger at the plan he did not working. He wanted the bat to suffer more then anyone

    A smrk was on his face again, as he kisses her again, holding her close to him. His lips met hers, His hands on her plump ass, gripping it tightly. She was a vigin. he could tell. Her reactions to his touches and his kiss. The reactions just screamed she was a virgin. His hands puled her closer to him. her breasts pressing against him. A smirk came to his face when she said she was virgin. He was right. She was a virgin. "And to think I wanted to be rough with you. I'll be gentle this time....but I still bite." He kissed her again and leaned up biting her ear gently.

    The Joker took in the warmth and scent of her body. His hands continued feeling her ass, and body. Hoshands went to her shirt earing it open. Her naked chest free. His mouth went to her nipples teasing them. He was sucking and nibbbling. Not to hard though. He wanted her to enjoy this. His hands pulled down part o her pants, His palms gripping her ass. Joker said "Soft skkin....I like the taste." His cock was hard now, and it was pressed against her leg. "My friend is in a tightspace down below...why dont you let him out, before he bursts?"
  9. She flushed more at what he said, yelped when he kissed her only to nip her ear, she was in shock from this. However she cried out when he ripped her shirt off and removed her pants before she had time to stop him. She went red in the face and shut her legs tightly, she was still in her panties at least. "Your....a strange man sometimes.....though you better pay me back for those clothes, they were my favorite." Chaos would say to him as her legs trembled under her. All his sucking and nipple at her nipples as caused them to ache and go rock hard from his attentions, she could hardly believe where this was going. She gulped when he asked her to take his cock from her pants, she was nervous about that.

    Slowly she used her powers her shadows slowly opening his pants while she kept her legs closed. "Don't just put it in me, that is no fun at all. I hope you know what foreplay is." she said and stared deep into his green eyes. She had a good feeling he knew what it was but she was just trying to make sure he knew. She was not about to let him take her with out giving her foreplay first and actually showing her he really wanted her. "If you want me so bad then show me you will make me comfortable and work for my virginity? I know you like to call the shots but this is something very important to me." she whispered as her hands moved and she touched his chest watching his body in front of her. She could see his massive cock throbbing between his legs and it was all for her.

    She was shivering now as he could see her naked body and she was trying to get used to someone looking at her like this. Her pussy was semi wet between her legs, he would really have to work her to get her ready for him. "Your not going to be one of those men who only care about their needs are you? I won't give you my virginity if you are, but if you won't be like that then I am happy to let you take it and return the favor." she whispered softly as her hands moved down over his bare chest and she stared deep into his eyes and shivered. She wanted more of him, she wanted him to touch her and he smelt so good.
  10. Joker tossed the torn pieces aside. "Dont worry, I'll replace them. I like tearing the clothes I can get them replaces. Or exact copies of them. Dont worry.." He chuckled and kissed her again. Hiis hands went to Chaos' legs, geeling them tremble before resting at her ass again, and giving it a squeeze. His mouth went to her breasts again. Her nipples became hard under his tongue. Once bother were hard, his mouth pulled away before kissing her again.His tongue going against her own. Joker knew he was going to like this one. A good replacement for Harley. Not to say he was going to get Harley back, and of course plan something is Chaos turns on him. But he wanted to enjoy this till then.

    Joker watched as shadow's let out his hard member. "Nice trick....and dont worry...I know what to do.." The Joker thought it was hilarious by what she said. But he wanted her trust, and having sex wasnt to bad either. He laughed as he rolled over, so he was on top now. A smirk went to his face, as he removed the last bit of clothing. One hand stroked a inner thigh, and the other gently groping her breasts. He leaned over kissing her again, sucking on her tongue and gently biting her lip. He whispered "Do ou like this?" His hand teasing her nipple, as his other continued running her inner thigh, slowly easing them oopen, and moving to the treasure between her legs.

    He kissed down her body, before removing her panties. Once they were off, he kissed up her legs, thighs and waist. He looked down to her wet pussy. His finger gently stroked the sensitive flesh. He continued stroking, collecting her juices. He licked his finger and said "Why dont you have a taste.." He ran his finger along her lips before slipping it inside. The Joker pulled his hand back and teased the clit. Gently pinching it, and stroking it between his fingers, as he did this, one finger slowly went inside, not to dee though, He felt around, gently teasing. "Are you enjoying this?" The Joker stopped his hand movements, before moving between her legs, gently licking the slit.
  11. Chaos glared at him when he said he could replace them, it just meant she would have nothing to wear when they were done. All her things were back at her apartment. However she could always use her powers to help her out but it took a lot out of her when she did that. She grunted and groaned ever time he kissed her but she returned them back even though she was still rather weak and wouldn't be able to push him away very well. She ignored his comment about it being a nice trick, only to tremble when he rolled on top of her and she stared up into his eyes. Some bit her lip as she felt his hands moving about her scarred and mostly naked body wondering what he was up to next. She was every protective of her virginity and she would not let him just shove his cock into her.

    She moaned softly as he kissed her again while his hand teased her inner thighs, his other hand causing her nipples to ache rather badly from the pleasure. She grunted and returned his kiss the best way she could even though he was sitting right on top of her. His warm body pushing down on her own. She squirmed the more he touched her inner thighs as she grew wetter and wetter. She was shocked with how aroused he was making her. However when he asked her if she liked it all she could do is semi nod her head. He was almost overwhelming her body from the intense pleasure that was going through her breasts and down her spine. He was almost making her toes curl as well but she held firm, she was not going to give in and moan too loudly.

    As The Joker hissed his way down her body and removed her panties she went wide eyed as he saw her most private area. Her pussy was mainly bald except for some blue hair cut short above her clit. She moaned out rather loudly however when his warm fingers ran over her wet slit, causing shivers to shoot up her spine. She flushed when he tasted her only to glare at him when he pushed his fingers into her mouth. She pulled her head away and wiped her lips on the back of her hand. "You can enjoy it all you want, I don't like the taste." she whispered softly. She cried out when his fingers pushed inside of her and she arched her back up, he could feel her hymen was still there. "I ah...its a bit overwhelming but not bad." she answered him before he went down between her legs.
  12. Joker rose a eyebrow surprised she didnt like trying her own juices. As he was between her legs, he kissed her thighs and inner thighs gently. He ran his tongue against them slowly, savoring the taste of her skin. The taset was salty but somewhat sweet He would grow to like it. His tongue ran up her body to her neck, gently biting it, then kissing her. His tongue moved inside her mouth.His tongue feeling hers, tasting every crevice it could reach. The Clown prince of crime pulled back smirk, his hard cock pressed against her stomach.

    The flesh was hot to the touch, and hard as a rock, as it was pressed against her stomach. Warm precum leaked from the tip and onto her stomach. The Joker didnt say a weird he kisses down her body before resting between the treasure between her legs. Her pussy was wet, and had a nice scent. He licked it gently. His tongue collecting the juices. He teased the clit. His tongue ran against it, he sucked on the sensitive piece of flesh, then began to gently bite it, running it between his teeth. Once he was done tasting and teasing her clit, he said "Time to taste whats inside."

    His tongue teased around the hole. Tasting the lips, and slowly he moved his tongue inside her. His hands were at her hips, holding her down as he moved his tongue inside her His tongue could feel the hymen, but not break it. He continued moving inside her. His hands went to her breasts now, they groped the mounds, teasing the nipples. His tongue moved in and out of her trying to make her cum, his fingers teasing the nipples. The taste of her juices filled his mouth
  13. She was moaning and squirming each and every time he touched her sweet spots of her body, she trembled as he left a hickey on her neck and many more. When he had moved between her legs now she went redder yet in the face, she could still feel the heat of here his cock had been before. She cried out louder as he pushed his tongue into her pussy after he was teasing her clit and gently nipping it. " good." she croaked as her hips bucked up and down. However she would move her fingers down, her shadow appeared as well and suddenly she whimpered breaking her hymen. Her shadow pushed deeper inside of her spreading her pussy wide so she could take him.

    "Your so good at what you do Boss, your going to make me pop. I do not think I can hold myself back much more." Chaos whispered as her shadow moved in and out of her pussy. However it would pull back after awhile, no blood was left from when her hymen broke either. Once she was free she would cry his name out loudly and cum, her cum would soak his mouth and her lower folds. "Ah....good...soo good." she croaked. She knew that if he had put it in her right away then the pain would be too great. But now with her hymens gone she would be able to take him with ease and now pain. "I ah...hope you can fit inside me now." she said softly into his ear.

    Once he had pushed inside her pussy she would feel her walls tighten and relax around him. She would grasp onto his shoulders and slowly move her hips up and down against his won. She felt his balls slap gently against her ass and she wondered how much more of him he could take. " make my insides burn with pleasure. I can not stop thinking about what your doing to me." she whimpered. Chaos was doing her best here to get used to the new feelings taking over her, to having a man inside her. She was also trying to get over the fact she was replacing Harley and The Joker seemed like he didn't want anyone else to get their hands on her, not that she minded it that much.
  14. The clown prince of crime continuetasting her insides. His tongue moving around. He then watched shadows come around. His eyebrow rose watching them. He was surprised to the fact seeing them began to move in and out of her body. *Interesting....i wonder what else she can do with her powers* No doubt her hymen broke now. The joker was a little mad he wasnt the one who broke it. But at the moment he wouldnt let that ruin this for him. He needed a new Harley. This girl was perfect. Sure Harley might like it, and might get her little friends to come after them but Joker knew he would be ok.

    Joker felt her fluids fill his mouth. He pulled away and licked his lips. He leaned forward kissing her gently and held her close. Sllowly he inserted himself inside her. He felt her walls tighten around him tightly, squeezing him. He waited till her pussy was ready. Soon he began thrusting in and out moaning as he did so. Her moans filled his ears. Her using the shadows helped out, it loosened her up, and made it easier to go inside her. Her voice filled his ears. Joker moaned out as he continued thrusting in and out. She was warm inside, and very tight.

    She probably didnt have much pain, he wasnt sure. However he was sure that he was enjoying this and her moans gave him hints she also was enjoying this. His hands were at her hips as he continued thrusting in and out of her pussy. The smacking of his balls aginst her ass could be heard. Joker continued thrustign going deeper with each thrust. "Your so tight. Feels like its trying to milk every last drop." he said with a small laugh. Joker knew now she would be replacing Harley, and would make sure no other person touches her. "If anyone else touches you, I will rip their lungs out." The Joker said kissing her, as he continued slamming into her
  15. She graoned when he kissed her again on the lips, not liking the taste of her own pussy but she ignored it. When he slipped deep inside of her she would wince once them moan as he began to thrust into her sweet spot. " good." she whimpered only to move her hips gently against his. However she would yelp and grasp his hips to slowly him don when he got too rough. "Ah...not so fast it hurts when you hit my womb that hard." she said gently to him. She was still trying to get used to the idea that she would be his lover, that he would be making her his right hand. "Boss, ahh....your really making my body tremble." she whispered as his cock head slammed gently into her sweet spot. Her mouth fell open and she stared at him in shock when he sounded so protective of her.

    "Ah...why would anyone want to touch a freak like me anyways?" Chaos would tease him gently as her hands moved over his bare ass. She groaned and squirmed when he began to pound her sweet spot once more. Her walls began to tremble and tighten around him the more he worked her pussy. "Ah...ah...your so big, your so warm and thick inside of me." she would reply gently to him after he had broken the kiss. After awhile she would start to lose control of herself and she knew she was going to lose it. He had taken her virginity even though her hymen was gone. It was better she had broken it, if he had it would have ruined her first time for her. "I am not sure how much longer I can keep holding back." Chaos would cry out.

    Suddenly she would throw her head back, cry his name out and cum hard on him. Whimpering she would burying her head into his shoulder, her legs stayed wrapped around his waist and her body trembled. She knew it wouldn't be too long before he would be doing this to her a lot. "Damn it...I have never felt something that big inside me for a long time." Chaos croaked. She still lay on her back with his cock pushed deep inside of it, she wondered what she should do. However after a few minutes she would shrug it off and slowly start to fuck herself up and down on his shaft once more, however her body would not be able to take too much more from the way he hit her sweet spot.