Dead Virtues

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  1. Its 2314, and society, as well as technology is almost at its peek. Flying, self driving cars, cyberskeletons, and best of all, everyone is filthy rich.

    Well, mostly. It seems that society always needs to have someone to spit on. That's where we start.

    In this world, time has stepped back on the subject of out of wedlock children and their mothers. If a woman gets pregnant and no man marries her before she gives birth, she is branded a prostitute and sent to live in the slums, always to look up at those who were "pure". For the child, they had to raise it themselves as punishment. Some prostitutes practically 'sell' their child, branding them with the symbol of a rich and powerful company to line them up to be potential romantic partners for heirs/heiresses.

    So here is where we start the story. Esther Feral was born to a woman, who was raped as a teen, therefore forcibly branded. After the birth of Esther and 'selling' her daughter to Draco Corps, she's been trying to support them both, working the streets back and forth. Luckily for her, Esther was practically born with a drive to work.

    Gifted in engineering and technology, Esther is considered one of the highest ranking students in her city, and has been called upon by the most influential school money could buy for a full scholarship. However, students like her are not seen, and usually looked down upon. Can she make it in this school, especially with her mother's failing health?

    My character: Esther Feral
    Face canon: [​IMG]
    Body type: Narrow shoulders, small chest, large hips and long legs. Has a tattoo of a golden ram on the back of her left hand.
    Clothing: Baggy gray off the shoulder top, black sports bra, black skirt, black leggings, brown work boots, and huge gloves on her hands. She also wears a CD player belt, with extra slots for tools and large headphones.
    Personality: Born in a rough environment, Esther is as tough as nails with plenty of temper to follow. She seems to shut herself off from other people. Knowing that she's sold to marry someone, she tries to stray from the opposite gender. However, she has no shame whatsoever, since she was raised in the slums.

    Other characters:

    1. A pair of cyborg twins. One is a female who is super bubbly and happy, and a male who is shy and studious. The female can be bisexual or straight, but the male has to be gay, just not overly obvious. Both are friends of Esther.

    2. A sports heavy male who is emotionally distant from everyone else. He plays football, and only hangs out with his friends because they're also big heads in business. He's the male cyborgs love interest, and actually Esther's half brother from his father.

    3.A quiet bookworm male who could easily qualify for any scholarship, but his filthy rich father will do anything for his only son. His mother knew Esther's, and they were best friends. The female cyborg's love interest.

    4.Popular playboy type. He is the ringleader of the boys and is Esther's main tormenter. However, he's possessive of Esther in a twisted way, especially since the mark on her hand is his. Esther's love interest.