Dead Space

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"Titan Station, this is the USM York, do you respond? Titan Station, do you respond? Titan Station, do you read us? Titan Station, we are coming in to the rescue!"

Space, the final frontier. Man had always looked up to the stars wondering if there was otherworldly life. As they wondered, earth became barren, our numbers too many, and colonies too reliant on earth. War came, brought us down to our knees, but we survived, we always do and thanks to 'planet cracking' we were able to feed off of dead planets that could have once been home to life, but there's nothing out there. It's just dead space... oh how I wish it was simply just that.

Hello everyone! Archwar here with a new Rp idea involving Dead Space. If you haven't guessed already this will take place on Titan Sprawl, or Station, on the USM York. The Station has been silent for the last few weeks and a team is being sent in to check things out. Reports indicate that people attempted to escape from the station yet were shot down due to breaking somekind of quarantine so officially there's a pandemic going on and Earthgov has been hush, hush about it. However, such things do not go unnoticed and the public is getting restless on what is happening. An entire city just going out like that so close to Earth is bound to stir up some hothead and thus Earthgov is making a show by sending in a bunch of soldiers fresh out of Boot Camp with a couple of veterans.

So, anyone want to pitch in and grow the cemetery?​
Not open for further replies.