Dead Space: Fall of Arkier

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    Welcome to dead space. If you are not used to the Idea or Folklore of Dead space then Please Look it up and Read about it as i will only go into minor details of what you need to know. Dead Space The Fall of Arkier takes place within The USG Akibari and the Planet of Arkier, we will be the few survivors of the USG Akibari working our way through the ship to try and find a way out as the ship continues on it's collision course with the planet Arkier, a colony planet that is heavily occupied almost in the state of earth. The ship had received order's to transport a strange rock known as the Marker to the planet Arkier but on the way there things went bad and people began to commit suicide and turn into what are known as Necromorphs. Necromorphs are basically reanimated dead tissue that get's reanimated by an almost impossible to notice signal emanating from the Marker.

    The events of the story will mainly consist of the Ship crashing down on the planet's surface and the whole world basically being taken over by the Necromorphs It will take place in an almost futuristic New York city basically. Our character's will range from civilians to security medical personnel and even Military. So feel free to make a character however you like Just kep it in the same area as the Dead space series meaning no Katana wielding Future samurai. Now onto the Character Sheet

    Character Sheet








    Bio:(1 paragraph please)

    Accepted Character Sheets

    Name: Kelsie


    Age: 26

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    Weight:123 Lb

    Equipment: Flashlight, Pulse Pistol, Pulse Rifle, Large Medkit, 2 Small Medkits

    Job: Military Sergent

    Bio: At an early age her father signed her up and forced her into the military and after having unitologist parents her whole life she ended up hating unitology. She spent many years as a simple grunt doing dangerous work and worked hard to get to her command point she was at when things went to hell. She was put on a security Detail along with 4 other military soldiers under her command to protect the marker being transported to Arkier.
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    Name: Aaron "Spike" Bruudwater

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Appearance: Him and his Patrol Security Suit

    Height: 5'9 to

    Weight: 136.5 lbs

    Equipment: Pulse Rifle, plasma cutter, kenisis module, and 3 medium medkits

    Job: Military Patrol, Sergant

    Bio: Aaron was seventeen when first recruited by Earth Gov. He trained hard and performed simple tasks-- paper work, assignments, and touring peopl around. Two years later he was recognized by his superior and was brought in for a skills test. What they saw of him, pleased them greatly. Finding him of elite stature, he was put in an Earth Gov. Patrol Unit. Instead of sitting on the ground guarding desks, he's watching over Unitologists. He's there to play peacemaker if anything gets out of hand. Unitology to him, is for the birds. While not in control of his own squad, he takes his place beside Sgt. Kelsie in her unit.
  4. I forgot to mention this earlier but The only military people i will allow in the RP have to be starting members and have to be part of my squad that I'm in control of which only leaves 4 openings so if you wouldn't mind adjusting your character a little for that that would be great thanks ^__^
  5. Name: Gregory "Greg" Kovac

    Age: 28

    Appearance: Suitless:
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    In his Suit:
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    Height: 6' even

    Weight: 152 lb

    Equipment: Plasma Cutter, Flashlight, Flamer, 1 Medium Medkit, 1 Stasis pack, 1 small Medkit, 10 extra plasma energy

    Job: Chief Mechanical Engineer, when something on the ship breaks he's usually the first person to hear about it

    Bio: Interested in mechanics his entire life, he made sure he could get a career as a mechanical engineer. He's spent the last 6 years of his life fixing ships for Earth Gov. and has now been assigned as onboard Engineering specialist aboard the USG Akibari. He was raised without religion, and has no real knowledge about unitology nor the markers only that they both exist and that for some reason the markers are important to Unitologists.

    His personality has been described as wisecracking and sometimes overly sarcastic and rude. He's often cracking jokes, and at times they can be inappropriate and he has a habit of making jokes at wildly inappropriate times. He's a hard worker, if it's something he's interested in, otherwise his authority issues sometimes get the better of him. Otherwise he's amiable through the crude awkwardly timed bits of humor.
  6. Name: Ralmerez Taleon McTaverish (Usually called Medic)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

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    How he looks off duty View attachment 12013
    And his RIG, a triage medic. View attachment 12014

    Height: 6"0

    Weight: 175 lbs

    Equipment: Stasis Mod, 1 Large Med Kit, 2 Medium Med Kits, 3 Small Med Kits, Plasma Pistol (Direct Energy weapon) with flashlight mounted on.

    Job: Medic

    Bio: Ralmerez, unlike many of the human race, was born not on Earth, nor one of its colonies, but on a planet cracker ship, though not run by CEC but by one of the smaller companies that focus on cracking moons. After a time, living on that ship turned into a major bore and, on his eighteenth birthday, he joined the EDF, becoming a medic due to the fact that he had worked for a time at the ship's medical deck. After his enlistment, he was assigned to Sargent Kelsie's squad, the sargent being someone he secretly holds a torch for.
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  8. Name: Alexander Castillo

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Appearance: His hazel eyes, brown hair, and dark skin give him a rather uniform appearance. He wears his hair as long as he can without it interfering with his work, which is right above the eyes, always in a messy fashion. His stern face can be broken with charming smile and brilliant white teeth in contrast with the concave cheeks, sunken eyes and dark circles that are beneath them. His is nose is slightly crooked from being broken once but the rest of his body is smooth and soft, an indication of a life without much labor. His overall figure is tall and lanky, skin draped over a skeleton.

    Height: 6'5

    Weight: 155 lbs

    Equipment: Flashlight

    Job: Computer specialist

    Bio: His parents were both Unitologists, yet he never grew up hating Unitology even when his mother commuted suicide for her beliefs, in fact he respects it for what it has done. An avid studier, Alexander had hardly any time for anything other then books and research, a top student who easily earned his place in his field, outshining many of his peers. His recently acquired position of “computer specialist” has put him in a rather distasteful position as it requires him to interact with others frequently and he hates people.
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