Dead Paradise

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  1. A crash sounded not so far away from the hut he was in. Livius ran outside to check if any living thing at all caused it, but after all the while, it was only the pull of gravity. He immediately became disappointed.
    Livius is a teen boy with always messed up light brown hair, chocolate-brown eyes, and slightly tanned skin. He was cursed on this island for a week now, with nothing but material things. He would've loved it if he had someone to share it with, for there were so much things the world can give on this island. He practically owned all of these things, but he was bored to death.

    This is the reason why he called this "Dead Paradise": no living thing was in it but him.

    He waited long for a person or animal to come join him or take him away.
  2. "Noooooooo!!!! I don't want to go!!" Nicky screamed.

    "I don't care..we're leaving so deal with it!" Her mom said dragging her out the door.

    Nicky never liked going anywhere...especially with her family. But today she had no choice, her mom had won a trip on a cruise with two other people. And of course she picked Steve, Nicky's dad, and her. She groaned the whole time that they were driving to the boat. She loved the sea and every living creature in it...but she would always get sea sick riding on a boat, and her family didn't really make her feel any better. Whether she wanted it or not she was out to sea on a boat as big as the Titanic or bigger heading to who knows where. She didn't care and she probably never would. As soon as she got on the boat she threw her clothes onto the big bed in her room and went out to the main deck. She leaned over the rails and looked out at the ocean. God...I wish she never won that stupid ticket...‚Äč
  3. She stood, leaning against the rails. Her blue eyes were widened in astonishment at the sight. Blue, blue, nothing but blue. Maybe is she was higher she'd see something. No, no, watch the waves!There! Dolphins! Her lips parted into a smile as she leaned even further to watch them. Ther hopped in and out of the water, each one in unison with the other porpoises in the pod. She had grown to love the sea air, the breeze, the waves-- she would have gone crazy otherwise, being the captain's daughter. She basically lived in the complex of rooms below the deck. Often she grew bored and took photos with the high-def camera strewn around her neck. An idea perked up in her head.
    She ducked in between the bars of the front of the ship, and climbed onto the other side. Holding on with her hand, and her feet firmly planted on the edge, she bent, and brought the camera to her eye. Beautiful! She grinned, snapping many shots of the waning sea life. The water was almost clear in the spot she had chosen, a sand bank nearby littered in coral under the water's surface.
  4. (OOC~ I never expected anyone to post here. :D Welcome to the story~)

    Livius walked along the beach, looking for shells to add to his collection when he saw something big and white in the distance. He immediately realized it was a ship, and it was moving, so it HAD to have living things inside!
    "Hey! You over there!" he shouted and waved his hands as high and wide as he could in the air. "Save me!"
    He took some cloth from somewhere in the Junk (I forgot to include, the Junk's a big pile of anything), and grabbed a ladder. He climbed up on it and waved it around like a lunatic, his hair whipping all around him when the wind blew in his direction. He didn't care, he just wanted to get out of that island.

    Again, he wondered if anything could hear and see him from such a great distance.
  5. Aglaya was with her brother, Grigori, on the cruise. He wanted her to see the beauty of the sea, but she knew that the moment this boat landed, he would be his overprotective and annoying self again. He was currently talking to some fellows of his, and she was left on deck, watching the other people and writing down her ideas of mermaids and underwater kingdoms.

    As she closed her notebook and clicked her pen, she noticed a girl who looked kind of upset as she watched the waters. After watching for a few moments, she decided. She picked up her things, chucked them in her bag, and approached the girl.
    "You don't look the least bit happy," she commented. A part of her told her it was just wrong to comment, but a part of her also told her that maybe this girl needed someone to talk to.
  6. Nicky was so zoned out looking at the ocean she didn't even notice to girl next to her until she spoke. She turned her head and looked at the girl for a while then replied.

    "Oh...yeah, i'm not i'm just..enjoying the view. Sorry if i concerned you at all."

    She didn't want to tell the girl she was upset because people always gave her pitty, ever since she was a little girl. She pulled up her pants to keep from showing her panties and pulled her shirt down. There was something about this girl that made her think more. She didn't know what it was so she just ignored it. As Nicky turned to her side she noticed something way off in the distance, she had no clue what it was but it was moving...and..yelling?? She couldn't hear that well, the waves were too loud. So she turned back to the girl and waited for her to say something.
  7. She heard faint yelling. What was it? Something moving in the distance? She brought the view of her camera to the horizon, and zoomed it in as far as she could. "A boy!" She announced astonishedly. She nearly lost her footing at the discovery, and, once regained, she leaned out even further, and took multiple photos of him. Proof. One. Two. Three. She counted the shots out to herself. "Hey! You!" She turned to the closest person near her. Nicky. She had obviously seen it too, she she held her camera out towards her, hanging on to the rail tightly with her other hand. "Look."
  8. After trying to wave frantically with the cloth, the wind caught up with the cloth and Livius fell with it. It was a good thing he landed on sand, otherwise, he could've gotten seriously hurt.
    "I hope they saw me," he said to no one. "I need to get out of here! This is driving me almost insane!"
    He looked around him-- the perfect blue sea, the white sand, the hut he discovered-- and wished again he didn't attract the ship here. These can be deceiving, especially to materialistic people. Livius was once always asking for more things, but when he landed here, all of those were gone.
    "Oh, crap," he muttered as the ship grew larger, signifying it was coming closer.
  9. Nicky heard someone yelling, but this person was closer. She looked over and saw a girl pointing out to where she had seen the thing moving. The girl was shouting to look so she turned her head twords the island and saw nothing for a moment. She turned to the girl shrugging her shoulders about what she wanted her to look at. Then she turned her head once again and looked out. Is that...a boy??? There was someone on that island!! All Nicky could think about was swimming over to the boy, but the boat was moving to the island so she held onto the rails and hard as she could and leaned over squinting to try and get a better view of him. She lost her balance once and almost fell over, but she caught herself. When the boat was close enough every instinct in her body said to jump off and swim to the shore. He could be ill or dying! I have to get over to him to make sure hes alright! She said to herself. The boat was not that far away from the island so she took off her shoes and socks leaving them on the dock then dived into the water like a mermaid.
  10. Someone jumped over the rails? No way, Livius thought. For the first time, he felt so relieved to see even a stranger coming to him.
    But wait a mo, they were coming! He'd finally have some company! Or set them in a trap against their prized possessions, or more.
    Maybe he'd spend a week or more to see if things will get better or worse for them here. He wished there was an animal, though, and there were no animal dispensers here.
  11. She swam until she reached the shore then stood up. All the water on her clothes made her feel heavier. She walked a few steps onto the island and called out.

    "Hellooo!! Where are you??"

    She hoped she wasn't crazy or seeing things. She walked further on the island and looked around. Her clothes were so wet it felt like she was about to fall to the ground she felt so heavy. Then she saw a boy, he had messy light brown hair and dark made her hungry because it kind of reminded her of chocolate. She stared for a little while then ran over to him, she lost her balance a couple of times and almost fell over. But she soon got to him and she looked at him a little closer then asked him with a lot of concern.

    "Are you alright??"
  12. Crap, they made it! I'm not dreaming anymore.
    He looked up at her, trying to take in what he was seeing with his eyes. A girl, a HUMAN!
    "I'm fine," he said to her. "It's good that you saw that cloth."
    He pointed to the purple cloth he got out of the Junk, lying there on the sand, and sat up. His light brown hair was messed up now.
    "Have you come to get me out of here?" he asked.
  13. "Yeah, and first i didn't know if that was a person moving i just thought it was some kind of animal or my imagination."

    She looked at seems as though hes lived here for so long. Its nice to know he hasn't gone insane, the last thing she needed was another crazy person in her life. She already had her mom and dad.

    "How long have you been here? Are you sick or injured?"

    By the look of him he seemed okay, but its good to ask and to make sure he wasn't in pain or anything. The boat finally hit shore and she grabbed the boys hand then wrapped it around her shoulder to help him walk. Maybe he needs some support to walk. She thought to herself. She looked at him and asked.

    "So..whats your name?"
  14. (OOC~ Hey there, I just want you to know that I won't be online 'til later (sometime near 12:00 +8 GMT), and that you can twist the plot to your wills. This is for everyone to enjoy~ Thanks!)
  15. "I'm Livius," he told her. "And I'm really fine, thanks. Just the fall gave me some shock."
    He heard the boat hit shore, and asked the girl, "What's your name? And are there people in the ship?"

  16. "Alright, good to know. My name is Nicky and yes there are a lot of other people on the ship. Lets go, your probably hungry. I'm pretty sure there's a buffet or something on the ship."

    She helped him onto the ship and the crew took him away from her to the captains quarters or somewhere. She walked over to the girl who pointed him out to her and stood in silence wondering about how long he was on that island. Well..i guess i can go ask him more questions when he feels better. She turned to the girl and glanced at her then back the other way to where they were taking Livius.

    "Wow..i didn't think this would happen."
  17. "Yeah," She nodded, watching the boy. "I've been on this ship most of my life; It's even a first for me." As if in a habit she pulled the camera back to her face and looked through photos of the boy she had taken. "Wonder how he got there..." She mused, distracting herself before letting the camera drop to hang around her neck. She smiled a bit and held out a hand. "I'm Sissa. And you are... It's Nicky, right? Good day to be on bored, hm?"
  18. The boy from the island was led to a room below deck. He had seen comfort in the island, but not with human company. Some woman with blonde hair and blue streaks stared Livius over.
    "I'm Gaea, the doctor on this ship," she said. "Tell us about this island we're on."
    Livius immediately sat up, ready to spill whatever he needed to.
    "It was practically a paradise for people who want material things and only material things," he told them in a shaky tone. "You can't survive there by yourself, but it's got everything you need and want-- food dispensers, toys, clothes, stuff-- that it's a paradise. I even named it, but it sounds too corny."
    "How long have you been here?" Gaea asked.
    "A week or something like that," he replied. "I got here by plane, and I crashed. It's just that I need to get out of here, or I need people to live with me. I don't know, it's confusing. But after all of this, I don't suggest we stay here."
    Gaea smiled, and told her co-doctor, "I guess we can stay here for a while, check this place out."
    Livius silently shook his head, and was permitted to leave the room. He walked over to Nicky and another girl, feeling the need to thank her for giving a damn.
    "Hey, uh, Nicky, was it?" he asked, but went on anyway. "Thanks for uh, saving my life or something like that."
  19. Emily Lia was having the crappiest day ever - she had been forced to go on this stupid family holiday, and now they were going to be delayed because of plane difficulties. The plane had slowed down and was now moving at what seemed like snail's pace.

    "God! When are we going to get going?" She finally exploded, standing up. She made her way over to the front of the ship, and gritted her teeth. "Excuse me, but when are we going to get there?" She was facing the overly-smiley flight attendant who bugged her.

    The attendant just smiled, and took Emily's arm, much to Emily's repulse. "Please go back to your seat, young lady. We will be there soon enough."

    Emilym wrenched her arm away, scowling, "Let go of me!" She lost her balance though and fell against the door of the plane. Apparently it hadn't been closed right, because it opened upon impact, and Emily fell out of the plane.

    She fell, screaming, and after what seemed like hours, she landed in water. She thrashed to the surface and looked around her. "This day has just gotten worse." She groaned, and then noticed an island some way away. She bit her lip, but then decided that it should be better than staying in the freezing water for hours, so she began to swim towards the land mass.
  20. She looked down at the girls hand and then grabbed hold of it shaking up and down.

    "Yeah, nice to meet you Sissa."

    She stared at her for a moment to get a good look at her. Then in the corner of her eye she saw the boy Livius come close to her. There was something off about him, he seemed..worried. But she ignored it and replied to him.

    "Mhm, and it was nothing really. But your welcome. Are you feeling any better?"
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