Dead or Alive: More than just a tournament!

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  1. The year is 2042. Dead or Alive is back, ran by an evil mastermind named Hex Lester. After proving yourself worthy of a real fight (which must be posted before you delve into the rp) you are sent a messaged through a dream. Through out the rp you are given messages through dreams...things like who's next to fight, who should you avoid, where you should go, etc. Now here come's the twist. You can be any fictional character. It doesn't have to be original. For example. Cole McGrath vs. Alex Mercer, or Hancock vs. Superman. (Yeah I'm going that far) char sheets are needed, just find a way to state who you are in the first post. Include little fragments of your history as the rp goes along.

    Examples of fictional characters you can use: Vampires, Werewolves, Superhumans, Conduits, Kinetics, Aliens (of any kind), etc.

    1.) No Godmodding.
    2.) Get hit every once in while.
    3.) have fun
    (it's okay if you guys don't have time to post all the time, I know I don't, so don't feel like your obligated to post every day)

    Message me for any questions and what not. Thanks :3
  2. Lance's proving fight had happened randomly in a robbery. He had fought a man who was 7ft tall, 4 feet wide, 300pounds and with an uncanny ability to move lightning fast. Lucky for him, Lance had been trained in kung fu and had incorporated his ability to control "aura" to deflect hits. He was able to strengthen his hits with the aura and move a bit faster, he could even create small shields with his aura. Using the speed and weight of the opponent Lance was able to trip him up and finish the fight by breaking the man's legs.

    That night Lance had a dream of a woman saying to him, "You have proven yourself and you must now fight for survival. Tomorrow you will dream of your next target and meet with them way or another. Get your rest and all items you need to live on the road be wise you will be moving a lot." With that the dream ended and Lance woke up. It was dawn and he barely knew what had happened, he got ready for the day and left his house. He would just walk for the day and figure out what was going on.

    (Is that how the dreams would work? And is there anything else I should add? We should also try to get the message out to more people to join.)