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  1. Rowan sat behind his desk, thinking as he played with a gun. He kept taking it apart and putting it back together. Rowan was the head of a very important company, one that was secret for good reasons. He knew he had a lot of people after him because of what he'd done, but for the moment he felt safe. He was in a building, far from any city that had plenty of security measures. Even so, he could hold his own during a fight. With a sigh, he waited for his meeting. He had been waiting for a while, and was starting to get bored. He was tempted to shoot someone at the moment.
  2. Mystique sat in the tree next to the modest building, the branches hiding here cloaked form in the dark. Her gray eyes traced the building. She had gotten this far, but even the process of getting next to the building had been full of obstacles. Cameras where everywhere and don't even talk about how many guards she needed to take out. Someone would find a body soon, so she needed to move fast. She now knew why Jacob had sent her after him rather than someone of a lower status. Mystique did wonder why this man was do important. What was so special that they needed to send one of their best? With this final thought she shook her head and entered the building, via a newly opened window. How convenient.
  3. Rowan's head snapped up as he could feel someone entering the building. There was a reason he had survived this long. Rowan had a sixth sense, a stronger gut feeling one might say. But it wasn't the only thing he could do.

    Standing, Rowan began to order his guards into position. Whoever this assassin was, he wasn't going to get far. His deep blue eyes went blank for a second, as he focused on his sixth sense to figure out where the assassin was and how long it would take for him to get to the room.
  4. Mystique could hear the hurried footprints in the building. What was going on? Surely she hadn't been seen. She concluded it was simply them finally finding the bodies. Either way, she quickly hid in the shadows and watched as several guards passed by her, completely unaware of her presence. She ran down halls leading to her target with quiet footsteps. As she grew closer to her target, the more and more guards she saw, but evaded. It was almost as if she herself was a shadow. Soon enough she had found the room in which her target lie.
  5. With how quickly she had managed to get past the guards, Rowan knew she would easily be able to kill the ones currently in his room. But he did nothing, caring not for the guards. All they cared about was money, anyway.

    Rowan took a seat at the desk, waiting patiently for the assassin to arrive. He had a few more powers which had kept him alive for a long time, and was prepared to use them now. He arranged a row of daggers on the desk, his movements swift and precise. Then he put his feet up on the table and waited.
  6. Mystique had quickly disposed of the guards outside the door. As she was about to enter her body locked itself in place. Something about this was wrong. No there wasn't to few guards, if anything there was much more then she expected. What was wrong was the cold feeling she got when she approached the door. She shook her head. She almost felt afraid to enter. With a stern glare towards the door, she entered, with her knives drawn. The first guard was down in an instant, and the others were killed just as easily. Each had knives protruding from various parts of their bodies. Mystique looked at the man at the desk.
  7. Rowan didn't seem all that concerned. "I would introduce myself, but I'm sure you already know who I am." He brushed his blonde hair out of one eye, which were a deep blue. "You are... Mystique, one of the best." He chuckled. "I'm surprised it took so long to grab the attention of you."

    He took his feet off the desk, resting his elbows on it instead. "So, you are here to kill me. Now what sane man would willingly allow themselves to die?" He smirked. "I suggest you get on with it. Or you might end up like them." He gestured to his dead guards.

    Rowan waited for her to make the first move, certain it would be a thrown dagger. But he wasn't concerned. Not in the slightest. He actually seemed rather cocky. He looked at her, straight into her eyes. His own held a challenge. Give it your best shot.
  8. Mystique stared back intp hisblue eyes, her own shining from the light. She saw the challenge, but was hesitant to attack. What was he planning? She saw out of the corner of her eye knives that lined the desk. He was serious about attacking her if she waited. So what did she do? She waited.
  9. Rowan laughed when she didn't attack. She was going to play that game, eh? He didn't do anything. He was going to wait for her to make the first move. If she didn't... Well, they were going to be there for a very long time.
  10. The sound of Rowan's laugh was strange. It wasnt like he found humor in this, it was almost as if e enjoyed the suspence. Mystique saw he wasn't going to do anything until she did. Mystique narrowed her eyes and did something strange. She sheathed the knives in her hand and turned her back to Rowan. That, in her world, was a death wish. She walked calmly towards the door, and sat with her back facing Rowan. This wasn't about killing him just yet. Not when she saw how he acted.
  11. Curious. So she definitely knew that he was up to something. Rowan raised an eyebrow when she turned her back to him. Well, if she had a death wish then he would grant it. The knives on the desk slowly floated upwards, before racing towards her. Rowan hadn't even touched them though.
  12. She knew it. She was on her feet in an instant and flung the door open. She hid behind the door as several knives stuck into it. Something about him was off from the start, that she lnew but she had no idea what. Now she had a general idea. She drew her knives and threw them at Rowan.
  13. They stopped, floating about an inch away from his face. Then they dropped onto the desk. He chuckled. "Please tell me that you can do better than that pathetic attempt." He crossed his arms, waiting.
  14. At that statement she smirked. Did he really think that was her best? No of course not. He wants a rise out of her. A responce. MYstique knew that his ability worked on her knives, but what of her? Could he stop her movements? Would he if he could? There is also no idea of his physical ability. It was her only chance. She charged at Rowan with knives drawn and swiped at his face.
  15. An explosion of sorts blasted her away from Rowan. She probably hit the wall, and might have even knocked her out. Rowan however, hadn't been touched by it. It had come from him.
  16. Mystique hit thr wall, and saw black. What had happened? She knew but she didnt. She felt herself being dragged, but did not open her eyes. It was ad if her body was awake and yet she herself wasnt. She felt pain in her back but it was faint and smothered by her foggy mind attempting to wake. Where was she again?
  17. Rowan had dragged her into a waiting van, chaining her hands and feet to the middle of the floor. He also had stripped her of every weapon, including the hidden ones. When she woke, the van was already on it's way to a new safe house.
  18. Mystiques ryes opened and she saw the ceiling of a vehicle. The pain in her back had grown now that she was awake, but she'd been through worse. She was more scarred then any assasain there was. She slowly opened and closed her eyes asshe regaind complete consiousness. The vehicle hit a bump in the road and her body jumped and her back slammed into the floor vausing her a soft grunt in pain. Her eyesclenched shut as she exhaled silently. She looked around silently until her eyes met blue ones in the rearview mirror.
  19. "Sorry," Rowan chuckled, looking at her. He then swerved on purpose, going over another bump. "Whoops." He grinned. Glancing at her, he smirked. "Not so tough now, are you?"

    He looked back to the road, half thinking about what he would do to her. He also wondered how much he would be payed to release her, or how many assassins would go after him. He chuckled to himself. Now that would be fun.
  20. She sighed. What would he e like as a captor was one of the thoughts going through her mind. It would be impossible to escape with his ability. She rolled her eyes at the thought of someone comming to the rescue. No one cared for her anyways, she was an obsticle in their way of getting to the top. As she glanced to Rowan she wondered what went through his head. The pain in her back slowly subsided the further she went. She was always a quick healer. Although it was obvious that Rowan would go over any bump they came across. Sadistic... But if he found pleasure in hurting others he would be happy to know Mistique had a high tolerance for pain. Bad for her in this situation.
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