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    \\\DEAD METAL///

    MAGRO Dr. Magro swiped his clearance card through the security lock and punched in his pass-code. The clear glass door swooshed open and Dr. Magro entered Lab Alpha, where the cyborgs were being tested on. Countless numbers of the Galactic Realm's greatest minds had labored here for years, innumerable failed test subjects, endless barrages from the higher-ups that if Magro didn't get results, they'd pull the plug. But those years had come through on this day. These cyborgs were the first not to immediately die upon activation.

    A small smile remained on his face the remaining walk to the briefing room. If only they could see him now, the man who designed cyborgs, the most powerful weapons in the galaxy. The testing was soon to be done with the first batch. They'd be funneled into the briefing room, where they would meet him and learn their new purpose. The scientists had made sure to give them enough time to think before meeting Dr. Magro, to ensure that they could adjust to their new systems. Dr. Magro, impatient as he is, had no choice but to wait in his briefing room.

    The briefing room was a wide box, the walls, floor and ceiling all white. In the center was a long table, with chairs along the rows and at the end of the table. The chair at the end was the average chair, for Dr. Magro to sit in. All the rest were tailored to all the new cyborgs that would soon meet him. Each one had their code-names tagged on the back. The Dead Guards were outside, Dead Metal's personal military force aside from the cyborgs. Their suits fully encased the bodies, their helmets all bearing a skull motif of a sort. Unlike the cyborgs, all the Dead Guards were human, each created specifically to protect Dead Metal.

    Dr. Magro sent a personal message to each of the cyborgs' chambers. Each one was a hologram of Dr. Magro when played. "Welcome, my creations! Welcome to a new life! A greater life! I'm sure your adjusting well, kids, cause in a few hours it's playtime! When you're all feeling well and good, I hope I can meet you in the briefing room, down the hall of the testing chambers. Your scientist will bring you there. See you soon, kiddos."

    "It's been hours, Doc. Can I go now?" he moaned.

    "Quiet, you've been complaining for hours." Dr Ivory was turned away from him, as she wrote down the rest of her report.

    "C'mon, please?" Judgement tried doing his puppy-dog eyes, but his suit couldn't really do that. The deep, synthetic voice didn't add to the cuteness effect either.

    "Benjamyn, be quiet or I'll-" she stopped mid-sentence as a Dead Guard knocked on the door. She unlocked it and let him in. He handed her a holo-message. She threw it to Judgement and he caught it midair. "Hand-eye coordination is good," she muttered to herself.

    Judgement activated the message. A green hologram emitted from the small, round device, displaying a young man with glasses. "Hey, Doc, where's the briefing room? This guy says I gotta meet him there."

    "I'll take you to him, Ben, as soon as I finish this report."

    "Fine," he said. If he could roll his eyes that's what he'd do. "And don't call me Ben."

    He was led to the briefing room, a wide, open room purely in white. The only object in the room was a long table, also in white, and a man sitting at the end. The same man from the hologram, Judgement presumed. He motioned towards one of the seats, which had his name on it. It was a perfect fit for him. No one else was here yet, so he decided to wait. He put his legs on the table, arms crossed behind his head. He expected something from the other man by now, but he just sat there with a mild expression on his face, as if what Judgement was doing wasn't even worth his time. He decided that it might get more interesting as the other cyborgs arrived.

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  2. Sluagh stretched and wiggled his fingers, following the instructions of the scientist before him and going through the final checks. "Servos are calibrated, core output at 77 percent, discharges nominal." The scientist talked into a recording pad as Sluagh stood up and watched the hologram message. "Oh young man could you please tell me where the briefing room is?" Sluagh asked the scientist in a deadpan tone even though the man could have easily been a grandfather. "umm..right down the hall...I will take you to it." The scientist gave Sluagh an odd look as they departed and made some final notes.

    Arriving at the briefing room, Sluagh curiously examined the other cyborg while completely ignoring Dr. Magro. "hrmm...enhanced musculature...armor plating...yes yes you will be a fine specimen indeed.." Talking to himself a particularly powerful arc of lightning ran over Sluagh's body with a crackle and left the slight scent of burnt ozone in the air. The sound seemed to snap Sluagh out of his ramblings and he proceeded to inspect every unique chair before sitting in the one made for him. "This is quite exciting, being able to dispense justice much more efficiently in this new form...very efficient indeed.." His ramblings slowly abated until Sluagh was silently scanning the room and examining the only non-cyborg entity who was sitting in front of him.
  3. Dire Wolf, red Shaking out and feeling his outer armor settle into place, Wolf busied himself with running a quick diagnostics check on all of his systems. Barely paying any mind to the scientist lecturing him about his new body, he liked to learn from experience, activating and deactivating his blades to calculate lag time. Halfway through his systems check a hologram blinked into life in front of him requesting his presence in the briefing room. Silently walking to the door and calmly waiting for it to slide open, once in the hall he activated his Chameleon plating and seemed to fade into the dull gray of the hall. Noticing another Deadman walking with a scientist he silently follows them and slips into the room behind them before the door shuts. His armor quickly adjusts it's color to it's new surroundings 'Nice place you got here' He sends to the main screen of the briefing room 'Could make all the doors automatic, but still.....pretty nice'
  4. "Again?" The scientist only nodded in response while he was noting everything down. Without complaining did Lona put her hand on the machine again and told the scientist the data that she was able to extract. "There's no more information I can get out of it." He averted his eyes from the notes and looked at her. "There should be more information in there, try once more. I gave you these data to hack on purpose, you should learn from them." Lona took her hand of the machine and looked at the scientist. "I did learn from the past machines but you say that about all of them. Maybe one day you will give me something harmfull to hack." She hadn't been comfortable being here since the day she woke up and her suspiciousness only grew. "I have a resposibility, I would ne..." He was interrupted by a deadguard bringing a holo message. "Here, I think it's for you." He said as he handed the message over to Lona. She activated it and listened with full attention to it. When the hologram finished it's last words it dissapeared. "Dan... He said it's playtime soon, does that mean I can go outside?" The scientist looked up again from his notes wich he was now filing in a report. "I highly doubt that, he brobably just wants to meet everyone and let you meet them too." She put the small disk on the table and glanced a moment at her hand before she continued. "I don't know him but I don't like that guy. He says we are his creations but I'm a human not a creation. Am I not?" Dan stood up, ignoring her question and instead took her to the door. "No matter if you like him, you have to meet him to meet the others. I will bring you there, like he said in the message"

    Lona always stayed two steps behind Dan while they walked to the meeting room. Even tough he was friendly and took care of her, she never completely trusted him. He was one of the people keeping her here afterall, she didn't want to get close to him or them. "We are here, just go inside and find your seat. I'm going back now, you think you can find your way back after the meeting?" Lona looked at her hands for a moment before she anwsered him. "I think I will manage." After she said that he left her alone, now she only had to enter the room to meet the others. With a bit of hestitation left she entered the white room. Some other cyborgs where already there, also the man who wasn't so green now was there. It was quite silent and there was no talking as she expected from a meeting. This didn't really look like a meeting anyway, mainly because there was a dog and a cyborg that relaxed too much for it to be a meeting. She just stood there and it took her awhile to notice it herself. "Oh... Uhm... Hi..." Flustered she looked at the chairs to find her own. She found the one with her name and apparantly it was the one next to the relaxing cyborg. "Is this mine? Then excuse me..." She quickly sat down and immediatly felt more uncomfortable being in this room. The silence was back and all there was left that she could do was looking at the rest, she didn't have anything usefull to say to break the silence afterall.
  5. "Come now, that's enough of that. We need to test your stamina next."

    Roc tore herself away from the sheet of math problems. Though her jaw was now nothing but a few fixed, jagged metal plates, whatever they'd done to the area around her eyes still responded to emotion, and it showed reluctance and longing. "Yes ma'am," she sighed, fully intending to comply, but oh how she wanted to pore over that sheet some more, or better yet, have at a calculus textbook. Her mind whirred and purred like a kitten with its first ball of yarn. Please, I just got my mind back! My head's clear for the first time in decades! Let me test it, push it to its limits! But an order was an order. She followed orders.

    A variety of physical capability tests confirmed that Roc's body wasn't having any problems carrying its new weight around. She did feel strange, heavier and less receptive to the feeling of the air around her, and she couldn't help but notice the quiet but unnerving noises that accompanied every motion. A creak when she took weight on one leg. A hiss when she flexed her arms, which felt even bigger than they'd already been, somehow. (She hadn't even known that was possible.) A metallic groan when her refurbished jaw opened and closed, no longer able to speak the way humans were meant to speak but apparently capable of almost quadruple her previous bite force, according to the measurements taken from a sensor the doctor had wedged into the space where her molars had once been. She wasn't sure how much time had passed by the time someone in a guard uniform came in and tossed her a round object, which she caught in both hands without any problem. There seemed to be a switch on the thing, and after she pressed it, the small appliance displayed a hologram of an unnervingly cheery man calling her to a briefing. One brow ridge went up after the message completed. "Kiddo?" she grumbled as she stretched and prepared to leave. "I'm willing to bet I'm older than him."

    Regardless, she made her way to the briefing room. A few other cyborgs were there already. There was a timid-looking one who looked much more feminine than herself, as well as...a dog? That was interesting. Then there was one guy who had his feet on the table, and apparently Roc was supposed to sit across from him. Something inside her recoiled in distaste. Is that the respect you give facility property? She didn't voice that thought, but she glared at him and cleared her throat loudly as she sat down. She folded her heavy arms on the table so that she could slump forward and support her weight on her elbows.
    It was getting more lively by the minute. There was some kind of dog-bot that typed its messages on a screen. A timid girl sat next to him, and another across from him. That one crossed her arms, glared and cleared her throat. Something told Judgement he was doing something wrong. He put his legs down and moved in closer to the table, placing his palm on his cheek and cocking his head to the side. Time to put on his cute face. Well, it wasn't really a face, and it certainly wasn't what you'd call cute.

    "Am I troublin' you, miss?" he asked in a playful tone. It might be nice to make some friends, he thought to himself.
  7. Viper

    some people are born late, some people are better late then never.. and in the case of Viper, she's just late. She sprints quickly down the hall, cursing under her breath. “damn, damn, damn!” the sound of Viper's foot falls are like the sound of an incoming train or stampede of elephants. With each step her voice get's louder until she's roaring at the top of her lungs that she no longer needs. “THIS IS YOUR FAULT, GIRLY MAN! WHEN I FIND YOU, I'M GONNA KNOCK YOUR BLOCK OFF!”

    the girly man, that's what she calls him. He is the man who has haunted her dreams, the key to her past. Long hair the colour of the stars, slender and elegantly built.. he man seems more of a women, but that is not what draws attention to him. In her dreams it is his cold, dead eyes that stand out. She spends all her free time looking for this man, the man with the doll eyes.

    The scientist that was meant to lead her to the room, trails behind her at a safe distance. She seethes as she thinks of the hologram. 'call me kiddo, huh?! Well buddy, I don't like the tone of your voice! If you said that to my face and in the flesh..' she mentally seethes.

    She heads to the room in question and thinks. “maybe no one's there..” she throws the door open and shouts. “SAFE-uhhh..” she pauses when she notices that there are already people there. “..uhh..or not..” 'damn.' she thinks to herself before sighing. “I'm somewhat sorry I'm late! But I missed the boring stuff right?” she adds with an air of hope as she walks into the room and pulls herself a chair, glancing around at everyone. 'this is like the start of a bad joke!' she inwardly groans.
  8. The guy across from Roc appeared to respond to her warning. He removed his feet from the table, cocked his head, and asked in what was clearly supposed to be a cute, playful tone if he'd done something wrong. Her new synthetic voice box emitted a low chuckle. At least he can take a hint. "Not anymore, you're not," she teased back. She'd have shown him a half-grin along with that quip, but what with her restructured face, her jaw was already stuck in a perpetual snaggletoothed smile.

    The sudden sound of the door being flung open and someone shouting "SAFE" made her jump. She turned to the source and eyed the newcomer, another cyborg. This one seemed to think she was late. "Depends on whether by 'boring stuff' you mean the waiting or the lecture itself," Roc said. "We haven't started yet."
  9. Dire Wolf, red Watching another two enter the room he huffs and stands up 'So how many Other bots did you make, Boss man?' flashes onto the main screen of the briefing room. Stretching out the kinks in his back he hops into the chair specially made for him next to the newest person to walk in the room, his armor flashing black before fading to back to it's original pristine white color ' and when are we gonna be introduced?' He sends looking around at all the rooms occupants
  10. "Joe?" Asked the man who had the task of looking over this certain cyborg. He joined along with many scientists thinking that he'd just need technical and scientific knowledge to handle these "machines" but ever since he got assigned with J.O.E. he thought they might as well added a "degree in psychology necessary" in the sign ups. He didn't think a cyborg would ever be so difficult to work with but now that they had gotten used to one another, it wasn't as much of a hassle.

    "JOE?" The young scientist asked again, raising his voice. The olive colored cyborg was zoned out, focusing on the little hologram he had received. He had replayed it at least ten times and something about it just looked neat to him. With how boring a chrome this place was to him, that green illuminated hologram might of been the most interesting thing he had seen yet. Joe finally heard the scientist and broke out of his deep concentration on the hologram message, finally putting it down. "Yessss? You need me for something Craig?" Joe asks. Whenever they had first brought him into Dead Metal his voice was completely broken and hardly audible but after a few repairs it was sounding better, still with a bit of a crackly tone though. The scientist looked noticeably irritated with the use of his first name. He was supposed to be called Dr. Tucker and he didn't need to be on a first name basis with a cyborg.
    "I told you I'd give you a minute or two. It's been five. Go to the meeting room." The scientist says urgently, pointing to the hallway. "Do you need me to lead you?" Joe instantly responded to that.
    "No. I can walk myself, thank you." He says, deciding to leave the little hologram behind for now even though he did really like it. He made his way into the hall and directed himself towards the correct room.

    He wasn't used to being talked to like a patient of sorts, or how that doctor from the hologram addressed him, like a child. As he walked through the bleak hallways that reminded him of a hospital he felt Dr. Tucker watching him, making sure he didn't go somewhere else on his own. The scientists suspicions were reasonable, Joe knew he'd leave this place at the first given opportunity. He wondered if this meeting or whatever it was would be good for him. He hated being alone with what thoughts he had left and any human or... robotic interactions made him feel less frightened by this new life style.

    He went around a turn and knew he must be at the right spot when he saw another cyborg figure standing outside the door. They stood there and said something he didn't quite hear before going in. The red light inside his spherical head blinked a bit before he tapped a metal finger to the helmet. That thing made it feel like his head was a bowling ball but he thought it's better to have on then showing around whatever was underneath. Once the other cyborg went into the room he went down the hallway to follow them in. He thought something like this would be more stressful but so far he felt fine. He walked in and the first thing he noticed was the man he had been staring at on the hologram for so long. Yeah, this was definitely the right room. The single red light within the green helmet piece darted around at the others in the room and it was something like walking into a circus. So many different variants of cyborgs. He swore the one was either a dog or his eye piece was malfunctioning. One was rambling on about something and definitely looked more.. grotesque than any cyborg he'd seen. Another looked like he was designed to be a tank and he took a mental note to not get on his bad side. He saw three girls, one was the cyborg he'd seen head into the room before him, one was questioning the tank-like guy, and the other one was more quiet. He thought this was definitely an interesting crowd and he was now part of it. His name on one of the chairs stood out instantly and he took advantage of the two talking back and forth to sit down quietly at his spot next to the cyborg that seemed to spark in a way. He wasn't big on introductions. Once he was seated he suddenly felt like one of those councilmen in a meeting room and wondered just when the man from the hologram was going to speak and what about. In the mean time he looked back and forth at the others in the room, extremely curious to see what other's were involved in this program.
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    "Not anymore, you're not."

    Judgement nodded. "Good. Hate to bother any of my new partners in crime." He chuckled. He would've winked too, but once more, no face. This suit wasn't designed to flirt, it seemed.

    "SAFE!" Judgement quickly faced the newcomer. He reacted faster than his old body ever could. I guess that makes up for my inability to flirt. She was another cyborg, her lower jaw completely covered by some sort of mask. There were only two chairs left for now, so he was certain it wouldn't be longer till they started the meeting. The human sitting at the end still had that expression on his face. He couldn't pinpoint what kind of expression it was though.

    After she had come in and taken her seat, another cyborg entered the room. An olive-green one with a single, red eyepiece. This was certainly going to be interesting, he thought, looking around the room. Everyone was different from each other. Granted, they were all Deadmen and all Deadmen were different, but still. All they had to wait for was the last cyborg.

    "So, how many other bots did you make, bossman?" flashed across the scene in the room.

    Magro was taken away from his peaceful trance. The room had filled up so quickly. "I made about, hm, eight or so. There might be more later on, but we only need to wait for the last cyborg. I thank you all for your patience, kiddos.

    You can introduce yourselves, I suppose. You are allowed to talk. No one knows you as well as you. Good initiative, though. Knowing your teammates is essential, no, life-saving in this line of work."
  12. Sluagh looked at around at the other cyborgs then back at Magro. "Unlike my compatriots here I would ask you refrain from referring to me as "kiddo" in the future. I am over 1000 years old and there for the eldest here, granted I may not be the most physically capable of us, but with knowledge comes power."

    Standing up Sluagh rested his hands on the table and stared at Magro. " would also like to know when we shall be able to dispense justice on the gravediggers. I did not join this program to be paraded around like a toddler's sience experiment. Grave must pay for their actions and I intend to do so in a way that will be both memorable and extremely unpleasent for them." Several arcs of electricity coursed over Sluagh's body as he talked, briefly highlighting his grotesque visage as he talked.
  13. Leon was being tested on his stealth capabilities when the guard came in.
    "Where's the cyborg?" the soldier asked
    "He's here." Doctor Markov said "I'm testing his stealth capabilities right now. And And am I safe to assume that it's time for him to begin his mission?"
    "See for yourself." The soldier said as he handed over the hologram message and left
    Leon watched the message from start to finish ascend let out a low growl at how the human in the message had addressed him both times, but he had questions that needed too be answered and the only way to get those answers was to go to the place mentioned inn the message. So, he left and walked too the briefing room while he was still inn stealth mode, his jamming equipment wasn't online just yet and neither were his hypersonic blades. He opened the door and walked in. He wanted to know if anyone would figure out he had arrived before he sat down and became visible again.
  14. Dire Wolf, red Turning his head to look at the opening door, ears twitching and sensors active he looks around the room slowly. Seeing one of the seats sink slightly under an unknown weight, he silently activates his cannons and leaps onto the table. 'Reveal yourself and state your purposes or I will open fire' Flashes across every screen and H.U.D in the room as he trains both 30mm cannons on the seemingly empty seat
  15. "Relax, mutt. I'm on your side."Leon growled as he became visible again "I hate guns being pointed at me. Kinda how I became a deadman centuries ago. Now put the guns away or loose them all together. I tend to respond to hostility with hostility. Do you honestly think the enemy could get in here without someone noticing?" He added as he put a clawed hand on the table.
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  16. MAGRO
    Dr. Magro looked at the elderly cyborg and flashed a smile. "A thousand years old? Wow. I'll call you anything you like, grampa."

    With a push of some buttons on his chair, the long table opened to reveal a holographic data-screen, showcasing all the facilities, training schedules and maintenance days for the times to come. A similar screen popped up on all the cyborgs' chairs, showing them their personal quarters, their personal scientist and when and where to go for training. There was to be three types of training: general training, basic weapon use, maneuvering, combat and tactics training; personal training, where each cyborg had a personal team to train them in the use of their suits' abilities; and drill training, combat simulations of real situations in combat, to train teamwork and prepare them for the pressure of the real thing.

    Suddenly, Dire Wolf drew his twin cannons and aimed at one of the empty seats. A cyborg materialized before their very eyes. Both greeted each other with hostility. "No need for any of this, everyone. If an enemy really did get past the elite Dead Guards, the security cameras, and all the passwords needed to enter almost every room, I doubt they'd go for this room."

    Paying no further attention, the head scientist returned to the scheduling of the cyborgs in the briefing room. "I know you all want to get down and dirty and bring the fight to the Grave, but this is literally the first day of your new life. I want you all to take a breather before training starts. You're all assigned your own quarters and scientist. I'm sure you've met them already, before you went to this room. They'll do check-ups on you and report your progress directly to me."

    The perpetually smiling scientist suddenly jumped to his feet. "Oh! Where, oh, where are my manners. I believe I haven't properly introduced myself. As you might have guessed, I'm what you'd call your 'boss'. My name is Halberd Magro, head researcher of Dead Metal and the designer of the cyborg systems. Welcome to Dead Metal, kiddos." He looked at Sluagh. "And grampa."
  17. A low growl escaped Leon's throat when he was called kiddo again. "You don't know anything about those in this room other than yourself. I see where you are coming from calling us kids, but to us you are the child. If I had to put credits on everyone here, I would bet that we all outmatch you in age including fido here."
  18. MAGRO
    "Willing to bet, huh?" Magro whispered, sighing quietly, the smile remaining intact on his face. "Fine, fine. All I wanted to do was make you all feel young. I mean, if I all called you grandpa and grandma, this place would feel like a retirement home," he chuckled.

    "Alright, I'll stop calling all you old timers kids." He sat back on his chair in a more relaxed position. "As you all know, you are an elite corps of anti-criminal units, designed mainly to combat the Grave. For mostly safety and political reasons, you are technically property of the Military and the Galactic Council. As you all know, base-born humans' bodies are incapable of being tampered with, and us pureborn humans are too few in number and far too important to experiment on, so that's why we used Deadmen.

    If any of you have any questions," he rolled his eyes, "not counting me calling you kids or anything, please feel free to ask."
  19. "Alright, Abby, I think you're just about ready to go." Her scientist, Lillian Raybrandt, spoke with a smile upon her pale features. The cyborg found herself looking up at the other with a blank expression, before she suddenly smiled and patted the shoulder of the woman before her, who had just finished doing some checks on her systems. The hologram had come and gone; she was late to leave her room. "Do you need directions to the briefing room?"
    "No," Abby spoke in a synthetic voice, but it was female enough to almost pass for a human's. "I've already loaded it into my navigation. I shall see you once I'm back." Squeezing the scientist's shoulder one last time before she left her quarters.

    Making her way down the halls of the place, she soon arrived at the briefing room, nodding to the guards before entering quickly. She was motioned to a chair with her name on it, when she seated herself quietly, metal legs crossed comfortably. The room around the table was just about filled, and she waved her hand somewhat, a comical sweatdrop would've appeared had it been possible.
  20. Dire Wolf, red Lowering his cannons and sitting back down he sends off a quick message 'Know I just wanted a reason to try out my new weapons' settling down and taking quick note of the training schedule. He looks up at the opening door and watches them sit down, then to Margo 'So how is this going to work? Are we all one unit or are we going to work in pairs? And if we do who decides the pairs?'