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  1. IC Thread

    The galaxy is a graveyard, and the dead are rising everywhere.
    Sometime in the far, far, far, far, far future humanity has been split into two distinct 'races': the -standard- human (which by our standards aren't standard), and the Deadmen (immortal humans who suck blood.) Though they have many differences, they both coexist, though not without prejudice and racial hatred on both sides. The Deadmen are hired as superior workers to an average human; they are inexhaustible, they require no food, and are capable of pushing their bodies to their limits without much struggle. However, one problem both races face is the fact that Deadmen need blood.

    This problem has been mostly fixed by Crimsynth, a synthetic blood-like substance mass produced in factories across the galaxy. However, many Deadmen prefer actual blood, along with human flesh. The comparison between the two would be like stale bread compared to a sandwich - they can survive on bread but it tastes better eating a sandwich. Many cases of Deadmen killing and eating humans are prevalent across the Galactic Realm.

    Though these problems have caused minor riots at most, tensions are at an all time high due to the appearance of the Grave, a criminal organization of Deadmen that terrorize the Realm. How they acquired so much power in so much time without the intervention of the Galactic Police or the Military is unknown. What is known, however, is the nature of their crimes. They have been known to smuggle illegal goods, deal in firearms and drugs, laundering, jaywalking, insurance fraud and assassination. However, the most disturbing crime they've committed is the kidnapping of humans and breeding them like cattle, almost in the millions, and selling them as food to Deadmen.

    In response to the grave Grave threat, the Military has created new supersoldiers to combat the Gravediggers (as members of the Grave are known). These supersoldiers are Deadmen interred in cybernetic suits, aided by auxiliary systems that aid in aiming, calculating, problem-solving, as well as others. Not only are they immortal, superstrong zombies, now they're cyborg zombies. The Military funded a new organization to create and train these soldiers. This branch is known as Dead Metal.

    Deadmen (open)


    SPECIES: Homo Sapiens Mortis
    POPULATION: Approx. 3 trillion
    No one knows why the Deadmen are what they are. Not even the oldest of the Deadmen. All they know is that the Deadmen and the humans are related somewhat, and a human can turn into a Deadman after death, but Deadmen cannot revert to humans. In some worlds, they are social outcasts and monsters, hated by humanity. In others, Deadmen are the ruling caste, mocking the mortal humans who cower in fear from their name.

    Deadmen vary wildly; upon reawakening (the "birth" of a Deadman, for they cannot reproduce like humans of old. The cybernetic humans have both their flesh and metal warped by this, leaving the cybernetic part dysfunctional) their forms can change wildly than what they looked like before. Some turn into bestial visages, while others take on a horrific, demon-like appearance. Even still, some Deadmen merely look like walking human corpses, with rotten flesh and exposed bones. Some grow useful additions such as extra limbs, extra eyes, or bigger bodies. Some grow not-so-useful additions, such as lumps of heavy flesh, losing all their skin and revealing their vital organs, and even losing their sentience (which, by law, is sufficient enough to warrant a coup-de-grace).

    As stated before, Deadmen require blood to survive. They can last three to four weeks without blood, but gradually grow more and more violent and savage as time passes without blood. They also consume flesh, which is a popular delicacy (the most delicious being human flesh, but it is obviously outlawed). Crimsynth is the staple of the entire Deadmen populace, with different products with different tastes, such as Crimsynth lite, Crimsynth Pure, and the new Crimsynth Spicy.

    Deadmen are able to use technology, including vehicles and weaponry, though their mental capacity is outmatched by the fresh, unrotten brains of their living cousins. They have, on average, increased strength, stamina, and endurance, shrugging off wounds that would incapacitate humans. Contrary to the ancient myths of the zombie, Deadmen are fully capable of hand-eye coordination and running at full speed.

    Humans (open)


    SPECIES: Homo Sapiens Machina
    POPULATION: Approx. 4 trillion
    Most humans of the Galactic Realm are not humans as we know them; they are a conglomeration of flesh, cybernetics and cold metal. They are vat-grown, mass produced workers born from many factories strewn across the cosmos. They are the commoners, the peasants, the manual labor, and the cannon fodder. They are not truly robots, however, as they have personalities, memories, aspirations, fears, and goals. Such was the decree by the Galactic Council.

    The grade and expertise in their creation depends on what their creators' socioeconomic status was. A rich human might commission a "child" for his family, handmade with quality materials. A poorer family in comparison would have to request a child from a local factory. Higher-grade humans require less food (they eat food like the humans of old, transmuting it with special machines and lab-grown organs to power their bodies) to function and have better senses and abilities. Lower-tier humans are prone to breaking and malfunction.

    For some reason, the reawakening caused by the Deadmen in the humans cause the machinery to change with the new form, though most of the time they no longer function. Reawakening humans without consent is illegal, though not uncommon. When humans reawaken they are so malformed that most of the time they are unrecognizable even by family and friends. Those unlucky enough to earn this fate are subject to humiliation by other humans in their community.

    Pure humans, those not grown and constructed en masse, are the cream of the crop. The highest in the aristocracy. They lead the Galactic Realm, along with a few ambassadors from the Deadmen. They bear the closest resemblance to ancient humanity, thus granting them prestige over the rest of the current human race, for ancient humans are revered as god-like beings of knowledge lost in time.

    Cyborgs (open)

    The products of Dead Metal, supersoldiers with unprecedented combat ability. They are unsurpassed by both Deadmen and humans. They consist entirely of Deadmen entombed in metal suits that enhance their already superior physiques. Not only that, advanced microsystems allow them to rival and even surpass humans in mental capacity. Cyborgs require only blood, like Deadmen, and do not sleep or need rest, making them inexhaustible combat machines.

    Cyborgs aren't a new idea. Though many humans are robotic, their systems run on technology created by ancient humanity, so adding new systems or generally improving them has proven impossible. The technique in creating cyborgs was to create an entirely new system, which was tailored to Deadmen. Their mechanics and robotics are advanced compared to the ancient systems still used by factories in producing humans.

    Dead Metal use cyborgs in situations too dangerous for the regular military to handle. They were especially created to combat the Grave, who utilize anti-human weaponry. As from the start of the RP, the cyborgs are to be field tested, and have never fought before (as a cyborg at least).

    No godmodding, hijacking or derailing the current plot, creating something against the setting (unless you have a good reason and run it through me first.)
    2. You can create almost anything, like the history of the Galactic Realm, new technology, and planets. As for the Deadmen and humans, have fun putting new twists on them; they're vastly different from you and me, so feel free to create gorilla-like Deadmen or humans with glowing eyes and robotic arms and legs.
    3. However, these are some things I already have plans for or have no plans for at all. These include: the reason why the Deadmen exist, the leaders behind the Grave, aliens (or alien ruins, civilizations etc.), or magic or magic-like substitutes.
    4. If you've read these rules, add in dead in the head somewhere in you CS.
    5. You can only make characters as cyborgs (for now), however you can make any NPCs you want to help the plot.
    6. Please post at least two paragraphs once a week! I know it's hard. If you can't, please tell us in the OOC or message me!
    7. Have fun playing this! This story and setting was really fun for me to create, so I hope that you all have fun with it!
    Name: (Any name you can think of! ((As long as its serious or not obviously being stupid)) It's the far future anyway.)
    Age: (Deadmen can live practically forever. The oldest one (who's still alive) is around 2000 years old.)
    Gender: (They can't reproduce, but they still look masculine and feminine (unless they look like monsters))
    Appearance: (Picture or description or both, any is fine.)

    History: (What their life was before they volunteered or applied to be in Dead Metal. Most Deadmen have manual labor jobs because their mental abilities aren't as good as a humans, though smart Deadmen are not unheard of.)
    Personality: (Any quirks, aspirations, fears, likes, or dislikes etc. that your cyborg has.)
    Abilities: (What your cyborg can do. No need to write things like gun training or melee training or things that they would obviously train them in. Things like a special prototype weapon they have or a suit that can fly, etc. You can have as many as you want, but please don't make Mary Sues/Gary Stus)

    What do you expect from this RP?: (The setting is a slightly comedic, cyberpunk, cop-versus-badguy thing. With zombies.
    Other: (Anything else you'd want us to know, like certain times you can't post or maybe a funny joke you heard before. You don't have to write anything here if you don't want to :P)
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  2. This looks pretty bloody awesome.
    Question: What if a Human, who wasn't of either type of HSM (HSMach or HSMort) decided to join Dead Metal, yet wear more of a cybernetic suit than an iron coffin?
  3. For now we have to play cyborg right? I just wanted to know if my idea was alright before I start making a CS.
    My idea is a human that ran away from one of the farms and died because she didn't know how to care for herself. She is resurrected and instead of living as a deadmen she let herself be turned into a cyborg. I'm afraid that she would turn out to be one of those special snowflakes and most people don't like them.
  4. @Caramon Zero You mean one of the original Humans? Sure, but you'll need a good reason why he was allowed to go by the other humans since they're pretty rare. He'd be rich as hell and have some tricked out armor though.

    @loviebeast That would be alright. If she were killed by a Deadman but she was turned into a cyborg while her body was changed enough to work but her mind stayed more or less human. Is that around the lines of what you had in mind? Someone trying to come to grips with the fact that they're undead while they rhink they're still human would be interesting.
  5. Name: B146 #C594 now Lona
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    In the past she was barely alive and just lived day by day as nothing but cattle, born and raised in a farm. To be honest to herself she didn't even know what that word meant. What she did know was that she didn't exist for herself and that her life could end anytime on someone else's will. As long as she carried her serial number she would be nothing more than a product to toy with. B146 #C594 was her serial number, proof that she was one of many. In the damp room that she and a lot of other lived in was only illuminated with the lights of a distant lively world. That small amount of light and all the sounds that shared the same origin were her only consistent companion. The other humans in the room weren't beings anymore that could give comfort by being around them. They were silent empty shells, their faces constantly changing and only brought to live by a few mutters before the silence fell again. Day after day the people changed, taken away to a new master or simply to live their live as a breeding machine. She herself had been lucky to always be in that room, never to be taken away. But one day she apparently existed long enough to be seen and taken, just like the others. They passed room after room untill they were outside were other cattle was waited to be loaded and shipped. This was the chance she was waited for and with the help of a little luck she was able to escape. She heard angry shouts of the wardens behind her, grab her, they yelled, don't let her escape. She just kept running, ignorant of what the wardens said or did. Soon enough they gave up and just grabbed another product, apparently the faster way to solving a problem. After her not so ambigious escape she wandered the streets, not knowing what to do. The dimmed lights that she always knew now shined brightly as she walked the streets. The faraway sounds muffled by the many buildings now surrounded her with deafening noise. They were there for her, it calmed her. However, it did not calm her rumbling stomach from getting louder and louder. Her hunger urged her to look for food or at least something eadible. She was unused to this feeling, no matter how they were treated in that place they wouldn't let you starve. Night soon fell and her search had brought up nothing except more hunger. As the daylight dimmed so did the cold grow. A warm place became priority to her hunger and she went searching for a place, alley's seemed her best bet. She found a small alley that was heated by the houses that owned the walls, it was nice and cozy enough to sleep. But soon she wasn't alone in the alley. A deadman as hungry as herself was there, it attacked her and started eating her. By pure instict to survive and adreline pumping through her body she was able to escape, but not uninjured. Panicked she gestured for help from latenighters outside, some pointed her to what seemed a hospital and some shoved her aside, she was nothing worth noticing after all. When she arrived at the hospital she was already slowly bleeding to death and turning in the progress. The doctor soon arrived and before she lost conciousness the docter kept repeating something, he kept saying the word deadmetal and just to get him to help her she nodded in agreement. B146 #C594 woke up and noticed immediatly something strange, the body she knew was gone. She, a dying patient was tricked into consent to be turned into a deadmetal. It was a new life, still in inprisonment but a new life nonetheless, with new things to learn. With a new life should come a new name. "Lona would be a nice name..." Lona, a derivation from one of the few words she had learned in the farm. Alone was the word she choose because she felt all alone in this world.

    Her life is dear to her, she won't volunteer for anything that endangers it and hestitates when commanded to. The battlefield is like being trapped in her biggest nightmare and she will do anything to get out of it, like a rat in a corner she will lash out to anything or anyone that comes near. But outside of the battlefield she is like a small innocent and sometimes naïve kitten. When confronted with situations she doesn't know her reactionn will be waiting untill the right anwser appears and then try to say it as a witty comment. Thanks to the way she grew up she is a bit world strange and has a lots of curiousity for new and/or strange things. Sometimes she even has a bit of a childish mindset on the world. This is a bit of a weakness but she panicks if there is no light or sound that she is used to. It won't be a problem since she can see with her eyes in the dark and her armor always makes a soft sound.
    Abilities: Her hands have special wiring that are most dense at her fingertips. With these wiring she can scan everything she touches and as long as the protection allows it she can also extract information. The wiring also gives her the ability to hack anything technological. The drawback is that she most of the time hasn't enough information in general to get past the protection programs. In situations like that she can enlist another deadmetal member to do the hacking for her, in those cases she will merely be the link that connects the other member to the device.
    What do you expect from this RP?: That it's going to be awesome with action and also a bit drama and comedy. (Not relationship drama)
    Other: Made the history in story form, hope you don't mind. It's also a bit dramatic.
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  6. Accepted! Yeah, when I was trying to find pictures of cyborgs I mostly got NSFW ones too :p
  7. Yup, it's fine!

    This thread isn't getting that much activity though. I might make a character just to get one in early (I'm impatient!) but I'm hoping for more applicants.
  8. *edges in* I'm in waaaaaay to many rps.. buuuuut.. THIS LOOKS COOL! :] are there still spaces? and if so may I join?
  9. This is very intriguing. Consider me interested. I will try and have a CS up by the weekend.

    *goes off to google Deathlok pics*
  10. @Sepdemonium Yup, there are still spaces, so join right in!
  11. awesome! I'llstart to write my form out :]
  12. Name: Judgement
    Age: 73
    Gender: Male

    Judgement, or as he was known before his entombment in Dead Metal, Benjamyn Day, was once a petty thug who specialized in murder, breaking-and-entering, extortion and trafficking. On the Deadworld (a world ruled primarily by Deadmen) Anthrax, Benjamyn lived a nomadic lifestyle with his gang, moving where the jobs went. It was a good, hard life, but it came to an end when Benjamyn fell at the hands of a few Gravediggers entering his turf. He tried to scare them away, not knowing who they were, but Benjamyn was killed and left to die.

    His body was sold by his boss after an ambassador from Dead Metal came looking for corpses for a hefty sum. Benjamyn Day was reborn as the Dead Metal cyborg Judgement Day, specializing in criminal affairs, knowing how and when criminals will attack, thanks to his life of crime and violence.
    Judgement has a fierce hatred for the Grave for ending his life, and will stop at nothing for revenge. He is crass, rude, boisterous and carefree, and his loyalty lies in the money (or whatever indulgence he's addicted to for the moment). He is a sociopath with a history of violence, and being reborn in a weaponized metal suit isn't helping.
    Judgement uses twin daggers capable of shearing steel with ease. His suit has smoke generators that puff clouds of black gas to shroud the area, blinding those around him and providing cover from enemy eyes. Upon personal request, scientists at Dead Metal have implanted a psuedo-nervous chip that allows him to "feel", so that he can indulge in mortal desires.

    What do you expect from this RP?: Superhero zombie cyborg cops!
    Other: Nuthin'
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  13. Wow. I'm VERY interested and already have a character in mind but before I start writing out the character sheet let me ask something.

    So, just to verify, you said we should be cyborg characters only? I plan on making my character a cyborg anyways but just wanted to make sure that's what the plan was.
  14. Yup, cyborgs for now.
  15. Name: J.O.E.
    Age: 30.
    Gender: Male.
    sniper joe.png
    Appearance: I apologize if this art is a bit too quirky but it's the best I could get.

    J.O.E. or simply just "Joe" was an unusual addition to Dead Metal. He became part of it at a young age, he was no older than 20 when it happened. In his former life he was a mechanic of sorts, using scraps and other metals to his advantage during a very difficult time. He lived in a run down garage with his most prized possession, a motorcycle made almost completely of parts he had assembled himself. He lived alone but during his time in the slums of the city many people rarely saw him distributing the products he created to people who needed them. He became more and more of a recluse and during the last years before becoming part of Dead Metal barely anyone knew he was still alive. The most interesting thing about his death is the fact that he was not directly recruited by Dead Metal. He was killed in a robbery of sorts. Not much was known about it except he was shot and almost everything in his garage was stolen but his body was nowhere to be found. To simplify it, someone or something had made him into the robotic state he was in now, somebody who wasn't part of Dead Metal. After being discovered by another troop, he was recruited into Dead Metal not long after he was brought back to life. It still remains a mystery who did these "repairs" on him or why they did it but after being taken into Dead Metal he had long forgotten about that part of his life. They upgraded him from the lousy state he was in before being found and he has ran efficiently since. It's not certain who he was before all this, the only thing left for him to go by was the inscription "J.O.E." on his helmet piece from when he was found.
    Joe is only slightly effected by his past. He wishes he knew more about who he was or why he had to die the way he did but after everything that part of his life was almost completely wiped away by amnesia. He seems to come off as caring and loyal and thriving for some sort of code to follow but he is forced to put that all aside. If he is told to kill, he kills. If he is told to shoot, he shoots. He only knows what Dead Metal has taught him and any morals he had before that are long gone. He has decided that being attached to a past time isn't correct. The only correct thing to do in his mind is to listen. Lately though, he can't help but question some of the things he has experienced during his time in Dead Metal.
    Joe is a rifleman. The skill seemed to suit him the best out of anything and Dead Metal quickly assigned him to a firing squad. He carries a rifle with him that shoots laser rounds as well as a scope specially made for the most precise of situations. He can use many guns efficiently and has learned more and more the more he was subjected to weaponry.

    What do you expect from this RP?: I'm not even sure myself yet though the idea sounds wonderful and I hope to learn more about it the more we indulge into it. I'm very flexible when it comes to roleplays so wherever the story goes I can follow. :)
    Other: Nothing for now.
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  16. Just a word of note, when the game starts all of you are new to Dead Metal (since Dead Metal just started) and basic training and all that good stuff starts. He's an interesting character though!
  17. Oh yeah, sorry, didn't realize that. Just ignore all that stuff about him being in Dead Metal for long.
  18. No problem, accepted!
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  19. yeah, sorry I haven't being in conntact :] I still am, but working through Catarina's form is proving to be something of a challange since I haven't filled out a form for her in ages :]
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