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  1. "Waking up in a log cabin isn't normal, is it?"
    Thirteen people wake up in an unfamiliar log cabin. They don't know each other, they don't know where they are, they don't have any device to connect with the outside world except for a old flip phone that barely works, and they don't know why they're here. They all have dates and times tattooed on their wrists, and a slip of paper in their pocket that has a predetermined role scribbled on it. When they open the door, they find themselves in a carnival in the middle of a forest. They need to find out why they're here, who got them there, how to work with the strangers they're surrounded by, and how to get out before the deadline written on their wrists.
    Dead End Carnival is a Horror/Mystery/Teamwork roleplay that takes place during modern times. The characters have two weeks (RP time) to figure things out and get out of there before people start disappearing.




    Interest Check:


    Alright! So this is where you reserve roles and
    put your character sheets! The roles and character sheet are below! Also, this roleplay has thirteen people, no more, no less. If we don't have enough people by the time October ends, I'll allow you guys to have more than one character each. Please use anime pictures!

    (Yes, there's a carnival theme, and yes, a lot of them are messed up emotionally.)

    The Ringmaster - Taken - StarryNIGHT - Kenshin Yashiro

    The ringmaster is the leader of the group, for the most part. They are one of the only three people who can use the barely working flip phone and get certain information (like where to find food and the bathrooms, for example) from the "crazy mastermind", as the group has dubbed it, that got them there. He or she should be relatively good at leading and getting along with people, otherwise, things will be bad from the get-go.

    The Star of the Show - Taken - Haruka - Juliet Blake

    The star of the show is used to the royalty treatment where they come from. They don't want to get their hands dirty, and they expect everyone to bow down to them, not that it's going to happen much. They actually understand most of the group's feelings better than everyone else because of their odd personal experiences.

    The Strong One - Taken - Salsacookies - Ronald Bones

    The strong one is the one person who can break through any door or obstacle in their way. They are physically and mentally tough, and are always supporting others throughout the roleplay. Most characters see them as a bit of a role model, and at least slightly brash and headstrong. They sometimes get into fights with the others, but they usually don't last too long.

    The Tightrope Walker - Reserved - Incandescent - None

    Careful and cautious is the best way to describe this character. They always analyze everything that comes at them, and are less willing to take risks compared to the trapezist, and contortionist. Sometimes, they appear cold, aloof, and uncaring, but they actually care about everyone, and don't want them to take fatal risks.

    The Clown - Taken - Elemental*Stars - October Ó Rinn

    Affable, loud, and always joking around, the clown is one of the nicest people in the group. They're probably the only reason why everyone isn't miserable or trying to kill each other. Even though they talk with everyone, exposing their true self, they aren't friends with anyone in the group. They just know people on a surface level.

    The Fortune Teller - Taken - Elemental*Stars - Primavera Escarrá

    The fourtune teller isn't ever afraid to speak their mind, even when people will dismiss everything they say. They try to get along with everybody, but they're especially close to the magician and the assistant. They put on a fancy act for everyone, but behind it is a kind person who wants everyone to be happy. They're one of the three people who can use the phone, and are able to know how each person in the group will disappear.

    The Contortionist - Open - None - None

    The contortionist is an attention seeking risk taker. They love to try new things, and desperately want to be like the star of the show, and to be loved. They'll rush ahead in a dangerous situation, and will sacrifice themselves just to be remembered.

    The Ticketmaster - Taken - DapperDogman - Blane Frost

    The ticketmaster prefers to stay way out of the spotlight, and keep things running smoothly. They smile and pretend to be a nice person, but they're very jealous of everyone's happiness. They're one of the people who can use the phone, and can see a brief history of the people in the group.

    The Trapezist - Taken - memento mori - Iris Cavendish

    The trapezist is a risk taker like the contortionist, but they tend to do it for the fun of it all. They leave everyone else in the dust, and prefer to be either alone or with the contortionist. They're very blunt and straightforward, and have a tendency of getting everyone mad at them.

    The Animal Tamer - Taken - Raven - Skyla Welby

    The animal tamer doesn't mind being left out. They've been left out all of their life, after all, so what's one more abandonment to them? They make friends with the oddest people, and often animals and inanimate objects. They have a tendency not to trust people easily, so they aren't ever in the center of attention.

    The Sideshow - Taken - AllisonHushx - Cara-Lee Simpson

    The sideshow is a complete oddball. Most people think that either they have a few limbs missing, seem to have a few brain cells missing, or both. They're full of off the wall ideas, but they rarely talk about them because they know that the group will reject them. Also, it's probably a bad idea to call them "sideshow" to their face.

    The Magician - Taken - memento mori - Kieran Spencer

    The magician is an expert liar, good at pretending that they're not hiding anything, that they're the opposite of what they are. He/she is very affable, and is "friends" with everybody. They have the exact opposite problem of the clown: they know a lot about others, because people trust them, but nobody knows anything about them.

    The Assistant - Taken - MiraiNikki021209 - Evanangeline "Eva" Winters

    The assistant is one of the youngest members of the group, and is very reliable and trustworthy, but often ignored. They are always trying to find a way to help, but sometimes, they get in everybody's way instead. The assistant smiles often, but sometimes hides depressed, lonely, and even angry feelings behind that smile that they're so proud of.

    Character Sheet:

    Age: (16-19)


    I hope this isn't too awful...I'll post my character sheet for my character soon!


    We start on Halloween everyone! Thank you all so much for joining, and I hope everyone has fun when we're doing this roleplay!​
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Primavera Escarrá

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Role: The Fortune Teller

    Personality: Primavera is very open and cheerful. She always has her heart on her sleeve, and a shoulder that everyone can cry on. She rarely stresses out, and is very focused on whatever she's doing. She always volunteers to help out, even if it's something she hates to do. She just likes people in general. On the other hand though, she is very outspoken, bossy, and stubborn. She doesn't see other ways to solve a problem besides her way, and can be hard to get along with. She's also slightly hypocritical.

    History: Primavera grew up with just her Dad, her Grandma, and her little brother. She got used to her Dad not being there, her Grandma letting her do whatever she wanted, and bossing her brother around. When she got to school, she got in trouble a lot for disobeying the teacher, and was stereotyped as a rebel. The more intimate details aren't going to be revealed right now.



    The Color Green

    Leading the Way

    Decision Making


    People Insisting That Their Way Is Right


    Having To Follow Orders

    Being Forced To Do Something

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  3. Place holder for magicianmagician
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  4. [​IMG]


    Name: Kat Gallant
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Role: The Contortionist
    Personality: Kat is a goofy, loving type of person. Always attempting to be the center of attention with her elaborate stunts and cat-call's (no pun intended), she normally ends up getting herself in quite the odd situation here and there. Kat's quirks range from the need to be the spotlight in most situations, and her endless whining when she doesn't quite get what she wants.
    History: Growing up with 3 younger sisters, and 1 older one sure wasn't easy. Kat had considered herself singled out for along time as a child, thinking her mother didn't care for her, when in fact she did. As a child, Kat was put into gymnastics year after year, in hopes to improve her flexibility. Her mothers hopes and dreams for Kat was to become an Olympic athlete, however, those dreams never came true for Kat, and in return, her relationship with her mother crumbled.
    +Carnival Games
    +Funky Hair Colours
    +People who try to take the spotlight from her
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  5. can only reserve one character slot, not two....
  6. Ooo sorry :P I'm used to playing 2 or more characters xP I'll just take the contortionist then ^-^
  7. The Animal Tamer

    Name: Skyla Welby
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Role: Animal Tamer
    Personality: She has a kind heart and loves animals but don't make her mad for she can hold a grudge and who knows what she might do to you when she's made angry. She doesn't mind begin the one in the background she sometimes prefers it. She likes to listen to others ideas and sometimes might put in one of her own. She is intelligent when it comes to animals but not always her vocabulary or other usual skills.
    History: She grew up with only her mother but ended up basically raising herself. She would come by talking to animals around her neighbor hood and sometimes objects she was really attached to. One day she over her mother say how she hated having to leave her planned life once Skyla was born so she ran away. She found her true home within a Carnival.
    Likes: Animals, music, the colors blue, purple, black, red, and white, tea.
    Dislikes: Someone hurting animal that was wrongly accused. The color pink. Jokes that hurt others feelings she knows what it's like and can't stand it when someone does such a thing on purpose. Decisions making.
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  8. Can I reserve the tightrope walker?
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  9. @Elemental*Stars I'll have the CS up by tonight or tomorrow. I have plans today.. C:
  10. CircusClash-1.jpg

    Name: Alyssa (Ali) Dupree
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Role: Tightrope Walker

    Personality: She's quiet, and typically spends time alone. That doesn't mean she hasn't made friends with the others. She isn't very good at letting others know how she's feeling, and typically hides her emotions so people won't worry about her. She can be very protective of those she cares about.

    History: Ali was the oldest of three as a child, and was often left home alone with her brother and sister once she turned nine. This caused her to become very protective of her siblings, and she also began acting older than she actually was. After her parents divorced when she was ten, she lived with her mom most of the time, but was still left home alone frequently.

    Likes: Heights, Quiet places, Puzzles (things she can solve)

    Dislikes: Crowds, Losing people she cares about, Abandonment, Not being able to figure something out
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  11. Ah! Sorry I wasn't able to reply for so long!

    Ali, EchoRun, and Raven, your character sheets all look really good! The Contortionist, Animal Tamer, Fortune Teller, and Tightrope Walker have been listed as taken.

    N o c e u r, it's okay! You can take your time! I look forward to reading it tomorrow!
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  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Juliet Blake
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Role: The Star of the Show

    Juliet is often compared to a princess both personality and appearance-wise.She is graceful in her moves and words and often seems to know what to say in any situation.She can be a bit arrogant and at times bossy,wanting things to go the way she wants,but overall she's a nice person.She's sympathetic and would always be thereto give advice,or just be a shoulder to cry on.Although she seems strong and independent,she's actually easily scared and somewhat fragile,but she tends to just hide it to herself.

    Ever since Juliet was young,she had always been treated like a princess by her wealthy parents and all their maids and servants.She was a pampered child,getting everything she wants and needs in a snap of a finger.All eyes were always on her,probably because she was the only daughter of the couple.It was never always a royal life for her though.She had also been through a lot of problems and various forms of despair.Still,she was never seen crying.She never cried and expressed her feelings in front of everyone.Instead,she would lock herself inside her room for an hour and when she comes out,she would give a smile.

    Likes: Attention, Dresses, Giving advice, Listening and being there for people
    Dislikes: Being alone in the dark, Being forced to do something (unless really needed), Dirt, Bugs, Blood, Not being able to help people out​
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  13. That title's great. May or may not play the Clown, depends on whether I'll get time.
  14. thMRNDYKAQ.jpg

    Name: Ronald Bones

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Role: The Strong One

    Personality: He is something of a butler. He is on stand-by to help with any needs. He is also not the smartest, and if something is messing with him, you will know. Gets easily frustrated, and breaks things around him or pushes things in front of him when he is.

    History: He lived with his parents, who loved and cared for him. He has a mental condition which doesn't let him process information properly, so he was to live with his parents or who would be able to take proper care of him and help him when he was stumped. He worked around what was needed at the nearby market, and made many friends their with his friendly personality.

    Likes: The Star of The Show. Food. Showing off his strength. Being helpful

    Dislikes: Not being helpful. Being brushed off. Not getting a solid answer.
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  15. Any spots still open?
  16. Can I make a reservation for The Ringmaster? ^^
  17. Gyah! I'm gone for a few hours and this happens!

    MiraiNikki021209: Yes! There's still five slots left!

    StarryNIGHT: Alright! I'll reserve the Ringmaster for you!

    Salsacookies: Ronald looks like a great character! I'll put him on the list!

    Ruko: I'll put you down as reserved for the clown just in case, okay?

    Haruka: Juliet looks like an absolutely wonderful character! I'll put her on the list!
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  18. May I be The Assistant?
  19. MiraiNikki: Yes! I'll put you down for it!
  20. -Picture-

    Name: Evangeline "Eva" Winters

    Age: 16, though she always looks younger than she really is.

    Gender: Female.

    Sexuality: Pansexual.

    Role: The Assistant.

    Personality: Eva is always very kind hearted and open minded and willing to lend a helping hand to anyone. She often looks up to someone who is brave and tries often to help them out. She always tries her best to help everyone and pitch in ideas, but she is also very clumsy and sort of an air head, not to mention very gullible. Though she isn't physically strong and acts like a child, she does the best she can to carry her own weight. Though she's always cheerful and has a bright smile on her face, she's rather lonely and quiet.

    Evangeline was the youngest of three children. Her two older siblings were already out of the house and didn't see them much, while her two parents were very wealthy, but busy. Eva was mostly babied by her nanny, which is why she act so childish, and who was the only person she would show her true emotions around. Evangeline was homeschool most the time by private tutors so her social skills are slightly awkward but friendly nevertheless. Whenever her parents were gone she would help the maids and cooks, always wanting to be as helpful as possible. When her parents were home, she insisted on helping them with work so they could stay home longer. She hated that her parents left her so much and was always very lonely and depressed, but never showed it. She always went about her days with a bright smile on her face.

    -The color pink and purple.
    -Anything she thinks is cute, even if everyone else doesnt think it's cute.
    -she love, love, LOVES anything sweet and sugary.
    -Helping other people out and pitching ideas.
    -Being recognized as a member of the group.

    -Seeing people being bullied.
    -Being rejected by others.
    -Showing any emotions that may bring people down.
    -Being made fun of for acting like a child.
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