Dead End Carnival (OOC)

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  2. I am severely restraining myself from posting the IC, I'm so excited!
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  3. //hype for the RP to start rises eve
  4. WOOHOO!!!!!!!
  5. Haha, this is going to be fun! :) Can't wait lol
  6. I'm excited.
  7. It's up everyone! Y'all can start posting now!
  8. Okay, just to let you guys know, we're not going to wait for everyone to post their starters. Once you post, just start interacting with people! Also, @MiraiNikki021209 , good job on your starter!
  9. Okay yay I'll post as soon as I can computer is being a pain.
  10. Sorry I'm taking so long! I'll post something by tonight!
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  11. I need to get used to writing for October....
  12. Jeez, Primera either has a huge crush on Blane, or she's on her period XD
  13. I'm not quite sure why she's being rude either, to be honest. It's probably because she's used to being bossy and not having people care what she says to them.
  14. It's taken Blane a huge amount of restraint to not just unleash a storm of insults at her by this point XD
  15. I'm assuming Blane sees the same thing as Primavera?

    'Hello, Blane.

    You, and the other people in the log cabin with you, will all disappear if you don't get out of here in two weeks. And while all of you will know when you will disappear, you will be the only one who knows how, and more importantly, why.'

    That what he would be looking at right now?
  16. Something similar, but it'd be more like this:

    'Hello Blane,

    You, and the other people in the log cabin with you, do not know each other. And while the others may never know much about each other, you will be the only one who knows the truth about everyone's past.'
  17. Rightyo so he'll be told about everyone's histories, got it, will he be told in a long message, or in a series of notes?
  18. Probably a series of notes. We have thirteen people, so starting Day 2, he'd get one history per day, or at least, that's what I think would happen. It'd be the same with Kenshin and Primavera, they'd get a daily report of where things are and how and why people will dissapear.

    Also, I'm getting the feeling that Blane is kind at heart, he just isn't liking how Primavera is acting like her rebellious, bossy, rude self.
  19. Yeah, he's a nice guy deep down, and he's usually polite, but after having been insulted for no reason, he's kind of in a mood with Prima, which is likely to stay that way, since she's in charge, and will be telling him what to do, which is the one thing he hates
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