Dead End Carnival {Interest Check}

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  1. "Waking up in a log cabin isn't normal, is it?"

    Thirteen people wake up in an unfamiliar log cabin. They don't know each other, they don't know where they are, they don't have any device to connect with the outside world except for a old flip phone that barely works, and they don't know why they're here. They all have dates and times tattooed on their wrists, and a slip of paper in their pocket that has a predetermined role scribbled on it. When they open the door, they find themselves in a carnival in the middle of a forest. They need to find out why they're here, who got them there, how to work with the strangers they're surrounded by, and how to get out before the deadline written on their wrists.

    Dead End Carnival is a Horror/Mystery/Teamwork roleplay that takes place during modern times. The characters have two weeks (RP time) to figure things out and get out of there before people start disappearing.


    1. Follow Iwaku Rules - I'm pretty sure this rule applies to every roleplay on here, but still.
    2. Be (Relatively) Mature - Guys and gals, if you have a problem with someone, please discuss it politely over PM. If you're contantly arguing, people will probably leave, and I don't want that!
    3. Have Fun! - This is the most important part!
    4. Some Romance Stuff - I realize it'll probably happen, so I'll allow it. But I'm going to request that we don't have any mature scenes in here, please! I just don't feel comfortable with that sort of thing, okay? Okay!
    5. How Often To Post - At least three times a week! Try to post more so we can keep the plot going!

    ...Okay, so this was an idea I came up with when I was a kid, and I totally forgot about it until now! So, what I need to know is:

    - Is anyone interested in this?
    - If so, should this be a group PM roleplay, a chat roleplay, or a plain old forum roleplay?
    - Finally, this is going to be one of the first RPs I have ever been GM for, period (I'm doing two others, one outside of Iwaku, and one on Iwaku, which I'll post an interest check for soon.). Would you guys be willing to help me figure things out if I'm confused?

  2. Seems interesting. I have never been a horror fan but I'm willing to give this a shot.
  3. You have my attention. I'm interested as well.
  4. I love it. Consider me interested.
  5. same here, looks cool
  6. Ah, thank you guys! I'm going to get some plot details worked out, and hopefully, I'll get the Sign Ups and OOC set up by Friday!
  7. sweet
  8. Excited to have some fun with this!
  9. I like the idea. I'm interested!
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