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Dead Carousel

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Mirrandawolf = ^.^ =, Sep 23, 2014.

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  1. Dead Carousel
    Round and round it gos... when will it stops, no body know.... what happened ... why are you here in this strange school...why did you die.. what will you do now... these are question that pop into your head well you wander the hall of a raggedy worn down school and dormitory. this school is called heavenly abyss school for the dead for the kids that are not ready for heaven yet... they haven’t came to terms with it. but some kids just cant get over it and drives them mad some mope some cry and some try to kill them self but it know use there already dead but there are some kids that take plesher in killing you even though you are already dead but every night at midnight it started all over again you wake up in the same bed as you did the first time..... and you may find some secrets of this school that even the angels try to hid in this school....

    ok so this is my new idea its going to be a 1x1 unless some poeple want to do a gruop but it would have to be unanimous by edlest 5 people.... but i would really like to jump in to this roleplay and see how it pans out before doing a group with it its easier that way because then you know what you can do andnot do X3 ....if that makes senes

    and if you did not get the story/plot it is about heven sends these kids how are not ready for haven becouse they have to come with trimarans of therer deaths and untll they do they stay at the school for the dead...more or less kids who had dead before there time
  2. i really hope you like it
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.