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  1. Dead Carousel

    Round and round it gos... when will it stops, no body know.... what happened ... why are you here in this strange school...why did you die.. what will you do now... these are question that pop into your head well you wander the hall of a raggedy worn down school and dormitory. this school is called heavenly abyss school for the dead for the kids that are not ready for heaven yet... they haven’t came to terms with it. but some kids just cant get over it and drives them mad some mope some cry and some try to kill them self but it know use there already dead but there are some kids that take plusher in killing you even though you are already dead but every night at midnight it startes all over again you wake up in the same bed as you did the first time..... and you may find some secrets of this school that even the angels try to hid in this school....

    Rules/things you need to know
    1. at the strick of midnight it starts all over you wake up in the same bed
    2 when you die (in the school) you jump back alive.... you are aready dead so you cant die now
    3 if you get hurt or wounded the next day it will be a care
    4 if you die like, all the way (spit i half cut up or decapitated) you wake up the next day
    5 there are some teens and kids they are called nobody's watch out for them they will kill you and torches you untill the next day come (these are kids and teens how have not gotten over there deaths and want to make you suffer the same way)

    the school looks like this but more run down


    Character form
    Age (has to be above 5 but under 16)
    Bio/how you died (it has to be tragic or sudden)
    Pic/ or discrbe your self
    (you can have only one unless i say you could or talk with you about you being a nobody's)

    (in need of two nobody's )
  2. Name: Haru Doumeki
    Age: 14
    Personality: kind and helpful, but insecure about various things. He's constantly looking to please people and had been throughout his life. He's quite, as for years as a child he was mute. He only began talking at the age of nine when he became a little more open.
    Other: Haru didn't go to school often as he was usually covered in cuts and bruises and his parents didn't want people asking questions.
    How they died/ bio: Haru came from a bad family in a bad part of town. His parents were abusive but they weren't what killed him. Haru was used by his parents to carry out crimes like theft. One day, he was sent to an old run down crack house to retrieve drugs for his parents but he was stabbed by the owner shortly upon entry. He bled to death on the floor of the drug den.
    Pic: image.jpg
  3. Accredited if you have any other questions just ask