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  1. Howdy, @Jesse Knight! ^.^

    Since you've started a roleplay here in the Jump-Ins section with a character sheet, I've gone ahead and created this OOC thread for your players so they don't clutter your IC thread with their characters. If you plan on reviewing and accepting character sheets, the Jump-Ins section probably isn't the right place for your roleplay; but if you're just using them as a tool to archive characters, then it's all good! If you need anything else, just let me know. :3

    Happy roleplaying! :D
  2. Name: Jon
    Age: 19
    Sex: male
    Strengths: shoot and slash combo
    Weaknesses: overconfidence
    Weapons: pistol, katana
    Armor: weighted vest, leather jacket
    Personality: cocky,
    History: Jon is one of the few members of the military who kill first, ask later. Because of this, her is one of the most unreliable assets amongst the risen. Jon tends to use whatever means nessesary in order to survive.
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  3. Name: Jason Argent
    Age: 19
    strengths: Ingenious engineer
    Weapons: Kurkuri combat knife, tactical combat tomahawk
    Armor: steel dirt bike armor, gas mask retrofitted in helmet
    Personality:cold, straight to the point, brutal honest
    Brief history:ex soldier watched his entire platoon die when world went to hell. Never stays in one place to long, a drifter.
  4. Name: Ari Lavalle
    Age: 18
    Sex: Female
    Strengths: Agile and fast, book smart
    Weakness: Lack of upper body strength, can not swim
    Weapons:(limit to 2 in the beginning) one medium sized cutting knife, and a swiss army knife.
    Armor: Thick magazines taped around her forearms beneath her sweater, knee guards.
    Personality: She would rather take care of someone and herself over being taken care of, she tries to remain on the bright side of things, she observes before she acts, she can be stubborn and hates when people tell her what to do.
    Brief history: She just started college when things went bad. On the way of evacuating the city her parents and younger siblings were killed leaving her alone. She's survived due to previous knowledge shes had and building her own survivable place on the roof top of one of many abandoned buildings.
  5. Name: Bjorn
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male
    Strengths: Quick Draw
    Weaknesses: Likes to often go in guns blazing,
    Weapons: Winchester Rifle,Colt Single Action Army Pistol,
    Armor: Ballistics Vest, leather jacket, Hunting Trousers,Bandana
    Personality: Brash and Proud but Friendly
    History: Many of Bjorns friends said he had been watching to many cowboy films, well they were wrong Bjorn survived longer than they did when the brown stuff hit the fan, Bjorn was once the quick draw champion and could hit a bottle faster than you could say Mayonnaise but now there's Zombies he puts his skills to the test killing zombies.
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  6. Name: Danni
    Age: 18
    Sex: female
    strengths: music, swords, guns, and agility.
    Weakness: dosent show emotion, dosent like anything but her own clothes.
    Weapons: Katana, 40 calibur sniper rifle with silencer.
    Armor: no armor
    Personality: Cool, calm, emotionless, arrogant, witty, intellegent, and perfection in a bundlebof awesome.
    Brief history: (not available the smuppets wont allow it.)
    Pic: download (8).jpg (female version of dave strider for homestuckians.) }:)
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