Dead Animosity

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[FONT=&quot]General Plot[/FONT]: Plain and simple, the plot is that Chase, a young superintendent of an old apartment building in Chicago has been haunted for years by nightmares of his dead twin sister who died at birth. Over the years his nightmares began to manifest into something much more real and much more horrific. Eventually these paranormal manifestations turn into a hatred, a grudge, an animosity so intense, that it begins to affect not just Chase, but the other residents as well, pulling them into his nightmare and resurfacing some of their own.

[FONT=&quot]Setting[/FONT]: Old Apartment building for present time. Anywhere else for dreams/nightmares/hallucinations/flashbacks. The Apartment Building is actually three 50 floor buildings connected by corridor bridges on the 25th floor of each building. Each building has its own gym, swimming pool, boiler room, 2 shared laundry rooms, and in the center of all three buildings is an outdoor courtyard that's surrounded by brick walls. It's a pretty big setting.

[FONT=&quot]Style[/FONT]: Survival horror/thriller. It is in modern time. We'll say it's 2010 in celebration for the new year coming up. My approach to this was thinking of a combination of Silent Hill, The Unborn, and Paranormal Activity so if you've seen all three, you'll know exactly where I'm going with this. (If you haven't seen all three I HIGHLY recommend that you do, not for this thread though, just because they're amazing!)

So this is a completely open thread, I have no limit as to how many residents live in this apartment building so I don't care how many people want to join this.

[FONT=&quot]Character Sheets[/FONT]:

[FONT=&quot]Appearance:[/FONT] (picture, description, or both)
[FONT=&quot]Accessories:[/FONT] (just items on your character that might be worth mentioning. Could be work related, or personal items)
[FONT=&quot]Profession:[/FONT] (Pretty obvious)
[FONT=&quot]Weapon of Choice:[/FONT] (Absolutely NO GUNS!! What this thread boils down to is survival. Kitchen knives and such are allowed. Mostly I expect 2x4's, crowbars, baseball bats, or surprise me with something else, as long as it doesn't go Boom, Blam, Bang or Pew-Pew-Pew, I say go for it)
[FONT=&quot]Back story:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] A brief description on your character and how they came to live at the apartment. Stuff like that. Include any personal nightmares or things that occasionally haunt them from time to time in their life. The nightmares and such are completely optional, reason being: Chases' dead sisters' spirit is the main cause for the paranormal activities that occur in the buildings. Her reality begins to merge with ours and she's bringing all of hell with her. So if your character doesn't have any haunting or nightmare issues, they're about to get some in the worst way possible. Those who decide to give their characters a back story with nightmares and/or haunting, then she will bring those out for your character to face, along with her posse of evil demonic spirit creature things (hence why we all will be using weapons later)[/FONT]
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[FONT=&quot]Feel free to post a character sheet or any questions/suggestions. **NOTE** If you decide you want to play a small family that lives in the apartment, that's perfectly fine, you don't need a character sheet for all members of the family, just the main character of the family you plan on playing as. Just be sure to describe the Family in the "Back Story" section. <o:p></o:p>[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]My Character:<o:p></o:p>[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Name:[/FONT] Chase Briggs
[FONT=&quot]Age:[/FONT] 25
[FONT=&quot]Gender:[/FONT] Male
[FONT=&quot]Appearance:[/FONT] Chase is an average looking young man. He stands at 5'7" with a slightly lean physique. His head is covered in short black hair and he has dark hazel eyes. He wears his work uniform most of the time which consists of steel-toed black work boots and a dark gray jumpsuit with a patch sewn on the left side of the chest that says "Chase". He wears the top half partially unzipped, showing a plain white t-shirt underneath.

[FONT=&quot]Accessories:[/FONT] Black leather belt that holds a key ring, the very large Maglite flashlight, a small tool pouch that carries a couple screwdrivers, small pliers and wrench, and a small flashlight.

[FONT=&quot]Profession:[/FONT] The new Superintendent of the Apartment Complex. Chase went through an apprenticeship with the old "Super" soon after he moved into the apartments when he was 20 and has since become the new Super. After 5 years of working this job, Chase practically knows and gets along with just about everyone in all three buildings and knows each building like the back of his wrench.

[FONT=&quot]Weapon of Choice:[/FONT] Lead Pipe

[FONT=&quot]Back story:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Chase was born in Ireland as a twin but due to complications with the birth, the doctors were only able to save one child and that happened to be Chase. His twin sister died a half hour later and an hour after that the mother died. Chase was then adopted two months later and brought back to the U.S where he was raised in Chicago, Illinois and lived a normal life, for the most part. The orphanage never mentioned to Chases' adoptive parents about his dead twin at birth, but at the age of 3 he started having nightmares and visions of her and as the years progressed, he just felt an eerie connection with her spirit that haunted his dreams. Eventually he began seeing her while he was awake, her face always slightly covered by her dirty long black hair, her head slightly tilted to her left, and her skin was an unhealthy pigment, but deep in Chases' heart, he felt he knew exactly who she was, and more so he could feel her hatred towards him and felt that it was growing into hatred for anyone still alive. At the age of twenty, when Chase got a maintenance apprenticeship at the apartment complex he moved into on his own, the visions and nightmares stopped. He went about his life happily working in the buildings, getting to know all the residence over the course of 5 years, never realizing that this was just the calm before the storm. [/FONT]
Name: Evelyn Swader
Age: 29
Gender: Lovely

Accessories: Cigarettes, zippo lighter, silver neck charm.
Profession: Painter
Weapon of Choice: A trio of palette knifes, for cutting paper and demon-flesh canvas.

Backstory: Evelyn is perhaps the closest to Chase - she even made a pass at him once, but that's ancient history. She's always understood Chase better than the other residents, because she grew up with a brother she was very close to. Too close to in fact, and that was the story of Evelyn's childhood. Her sexual awakening came early and her parents believed she was overly-sexual with her brother. They did their best to keep them apart, and it tore the family into pieces. She moved here to get away and pursue a life as far from her parents' expectations as possible. Usually a recluse, she likes Chase because he doesn't judge her and because he had the balls to turn her down.
Nice character Asmo, 'preciate you signing up for this one, love the palette knives lol no vietnam veteran missing his left leg and scarred by his experience? or a world war two flamthrower operator forever tormented by nightmares of the men he killed? know WMD i actually never thought about it like that. In my head i pictured people coming up with a recent vet and i didn't want it turning into a warzone, know what i mean? but now that you put it that way, as long as you don't bust out a large machete or a gun, i say you can make your veteran :)
You got me too. c___c I'm trying to decide what role I should play and seeing what others are going to do.

*Stares at everyone.*
right on, well once everyone has a character sheet up, i'll start the thread :)

Cute young teenager that screams at scary things


Slightly older college student chick who will kick some ghost ass?
hmmmm....well no horror story is complete without at least one girl who screams at everything, but an older college girl would be know i can see why you're having a hard deciding that, cuz so am I.

Well you are welcome to play a family that live in the apartment, so you could actually play both of them as sisters, it's your call Di
Family it is. >:D Could use some NPCs to meanly murder....

Name: Robin Fuller
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearance: (pic)
Accessories: Keys that have a small flashlight, a laser pointer, a tiny pocket knife, one of those mini low-quality cameras, and a little spray thinger of Pepper Spray all hooked on to the chain.
Profession: College Student Studying Accounting
Weapon of Choice: CAN OF PEPPER SPRAY. SPRAY SPRAY OW. Or, whatever happens to be there and grab-able. Robin will use her imagination.
Fears: Heights (after getting stuck on top of a Ferris wheel for three hours.), Clowns (because the Carnies weren't the fun and friendly Carnies you expect), and Squid (the fun "boat" ride was more like a trip through a watery hell!)
Back story: Robin is the eldest child to working class parents, Charles and Barbara! Her parents were teetering on divorce for years before they thought a second child would help bring them back together. Of course, bringing her little sister Becca in to the world was a terrible idea as they then had twice as many bills and lots more problems... But, a family does what it has to for getting by!

Robin busted her ass to get good grades in school so she could get a scholarship to college. Playing it "safe" and choosing a career like Accounting means that she'll be able to graduate, get a decent job and not have to repeat the misery her parents had. She HATES Accounting and would actually prefer to be a Chef. Cooking is more rewarding than numbers.

Recently, she finally managed to afford her own apartment thanks to working crappy hours as a Support Desk secretary for an Accounting Firm. Between work and school, she's not had a chance to spend a lot of time in her new apartment. She doesn't mind TOO much, as against her request she still ended up with a "top floor" apartment. Robin is not a big fan of heights (thanks to a really bad Carnival Experience! worst day ever!) so taking the elevator makes her nauseous and looking out those high windows or off balconies gets her weak-kneed.

As an added bonus, her parents and his sister Becca (now 16!) have come in town for a visit. They're staying in her place because they can't afford a hotel room. So it's been cramped and miserable for a week.

NPCS: Charles and Barbara! Charles is a plumber, but his business isn't doing too good. He likes to complain about everything being the government's fault, and says his wife is a nagging bitch. Barbara is a housewife who doesn't think women should work if they have a man to do it for them. She takes very good care of the house and finances, but never thinks anything is good enough! She says her husband hasn't satisfied her in years.

MAYBE CHARACTER: Becca! 16 years old and in High School. Her grades are kind of bad, she's really shy around boys, and thinks her sister is amazing. She is going through a "goth girl" phase, so she currently thinks she is a psychic, has been giving people Tarot and Palm readings, and swears she can "sense" things. Becca loves watching scary movies, and thanks to a long movie marathon, has been really freaked out about staying alone in the apartment. She's sure it's haunted.

Are these hauntings something that have manifested outside the superintendent's control? As in...would this place have a reputation?

I was thinking of a 'paranormal investigator' exploring haunted places for his site and hoping to be picked up by a network and 'saved' from his life of mediocre jobs with equally mediocre pay.
Name: Christopher Moody

Age: 31

Gender: Male


Accessories: He's got his cleaning chemicals, a mop, keys, a flashlight, a hammer and a screwdriver, as well as a baseball bat from when he used to play.

Profession: Janitor

Weapon of Choice: A baseball bat.

Back story: Christopher used to play baseball semi-professionally, but when he was 25 he was falsely convicted of a murder and sentenced to life in prison. It didn't take long for the police to find the real criminal, and Moody was soon released. However, his short stay in prison proved traumatic. A gang raped him in prison. It's been almost 6 years since his release from prison, and, with the exception of the occasional nightmare, he has moved on as best as he possibly could. His job as a janitor isn't exactly glamorous, but the benefits are good, and Christopher gets along well with just about everyone in the building.

Are these hauntings something that have manifested outside the superintendent's control? As in...would this place have a reputation?

I was thinking of a 'paranormal investigator' exploring haunted places for his site and hoping to be picked up by a network and 'saved' from his life of mediocre jobs with equally mediocre pay.

No they haven't manifested out of his control, yet. The story will start off pretty normal and everyone will pretty much watch it all slowly descend into a crazy twisted reality blah blah blah. His nightmares and "sightings" of his dead sister have only been seen by him so far. Then there's the five year lull in nightmares and sightings of her, and once they start up again for Chase, they will start up for everyone. Hope that makes sense.

Now as for your character idea, go for it! Although it never crossed my mind that this place was haunted to begin with, I'm not sure how your character will discover it, but if you find a way, I'm totally open to it.

Love the character, I think him and my character will have a good time with this.

Ok everyone i'm thinking about starting this either today or tomorrow BUT, that doesn't mean this isn't accepting characters. THE MORE THE MERRIER, so people who have an interest still, post a character whenever you've got one and jump right into the madness later :)
Just a warning, I am feeling really bad this week and must go with Isaboo to an appointment on Monday, so it might take me a bit to get my first post in. x__x Don't wait up for me, in case I die before Tuesday. t___t