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  1. "I need to find a safe place. These things are so deadly, they can turn you into one of them just in one bite." Jeric said to himself. He is walking since this morning, finding a safe place to make camp. Luckily, none of them or the zombies bothered him.

    Now he's standing outside an old library. He grabbed his baseball bat with nails on it.[​IMG]

  2. catriona whipped her forehead to get rid of sweat, she gripped tightly to her pistol with one bullet left.
    She brushed herself down and gathered her supplies. A torch matches cereal canned beans a hockey stick and a first aid kit.
    she had too keep moving. no looking back.
  3. Unlike most people, Selista had been preparing herself for this her entire life. The zombie virus was just a fevered fantasy. That was until one scientist went corrupt and created the damn thing. Selista knew that at some point something bad would happen to the humans and so she has been stocking up. Her house was armored, top to bottom. Windows had metal shutters, there was an emergency bunker in the basement stocked with up with food and water. She was preparing to go outside, see if she could find any survivors. Selista had a warhammer strapped to her back, twin pistols on both her hips and a couple of katana swords that her father had before he was turned. She had on a kevlar vest and jeans, her normally combed hair was thrown up into a ponytail, keeping the long red curls out of her face. Under the vest, she had on a black longsleeve shirt, and on her feet were red converse. "I wonder who could've survived this mess.." she asked herself, stepping into her front yard. A couple of stragglers turned to her and screeched. It was a horrible noise, so Selista pulled a pistol putting a single bullet through both of their skulls.
  4. Catriona could hear gun shots, and was desperate to find more human life. she Brushed her black hair behind her ears and followed the gunshot sound. The undead were everywhere. Can't kill 'em all. She snook through back gardens and hopped walls. To find where the gun shots were coming from.

    She stopped. She could hear something. She hunkered down and stayed still. Sweat dripped off her forehead. She decided it was clear. Just then a zombie with no legs grabbed her ankle. She screamed and kicked its head. Didn't let go. She shot it. Gone. "Phew" she gasped. That was her last bullet though. She was close to where the gunshot was but her scream had attracted attention and she was cornered. She killed two of them with her hammer but it wasn't enough. Oh god. She didn't want to go today.
  5. A gun store is a great place to be when a bunch of mindlessly rabid people set out to attack you. That's precisely where Kelvin was, having been in good terms with the owner. Unfortunately, the guy had been insensibly drunk when the zombies broke through the glass door in search of flesh. He never stood a chance, no matter how long Kelvin tried to hold them off him.

    Now with a sniper rifle, an AK47, pistols, various ammo, and a bunch of knives weighing down his body, he realized he couldn't stay here forever. Even now he could see the giant flaw in that idea: no food, bad hygiene.

    Now if only zombies were edible... he thought jokingly to himself, staring at the pile of maggoty corpses in the living room. Not very appetizing. He shook his head.

    The grocery, the mall, the city, and the diner were all probably full of people when the sickness hit. He realized that the emptiest place he could find food was the school, since it was out for the weekend. Besides, he thought. Old teacher and janitor zombies hopefully don't move as fast.
  6. Catriona looked at her options. She could dart through the zombies, rather not though, she could jusm through the window of the house she was in the back garden of. She thought that was her best bet. She ran for the windows swinging her hammer around like a mad person. She crashed through the glass of the window not stopping to validate injuries. She used the hammer to smash the front window down, she was out, but, the zombies were following quickly. She darted down the road. No idea where to go next. She needs food. More weapons. "Well shit" she mumbled to herself.
  7. Selista heard a girl scream, and that drew her attention to a back alley. Then out to the streets. A girl jumped out of a window, a horde of zombies following her at an alarming rate. Selista drew her pistol, disabling a few and taking the rest out with a shot to the head. She made her way over towards the girl, using her steel soled boots to smash the heads of any surviving meat eaters. "Hey! You girl!" she called out. The poor girl didn't have anything but a hammer. Selista jogged over, the kevlar she wore, was not fun to run in. "I'm Selista. Are you bitten, and or infected?" She inquired, her red eyebrows raising. She holstered her pistol, pulling the warhammer off her back. Its handle was an elongated 2 and a half feet, and the head had four pointed spikes on each corner, the back of the head was sharp and long like a raptor claw, but made of pure steel.
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  8. The perfect place to be... the UK embassy was stocked with guns, knives, and even gasoline. The gas was used to burn the zombies. My wife and I were the only ones there with millitary expirience, and we took the gasoline and created a trap for any zombie that entered. They would be soaked in gasoline upon the opening of the door, and lit with a torch soaked in gasoline. However, we were rapidly running out of food, so my wife and I decided to abandon ship, as there were too many mouths to feed. We took a little more than our fair share of food, but we took the millitary supplies like reinforced rope and we began jumping buildings to scrounge the world for survivors or a bunker. I had heard that there were some crazy people with bunkers for this specific reason, and I hoped to gain access to some.
  9. "I hope not" she said looking at her arms and legs. "I think I'm okay, are you wandering around, or do you have a base?" She asked looking around to make sure no zombies were to close. "Wow, you're armed to the teeth, I'm out of ammo." She said checking out her warhammer and guns." I'm catriona by the way, you are?"
  10. Kelvin made his way to the school, taking the roads he knew to be less populated and thus less likely to be swarming with zombies. He encountered one or two, but being loaded as he was with weapons, his best bet was stealth and attack rather than speed.

    Zombies were pretty dumb, he found. Dumb and decomposing. Their eyes were riddled by cataracts, so most of them can't see more than 4 meters ahead.

    He neared the school when he was attacked by a zombie in police uniform. All that resulted was him gaining a magazine full of ammo and a standard issue Glock. And handcuffs. Not that he'll need it. The baton, he slipped in his belt along with some of the knives.

    It worried him a lot that he was yet to meet another person, but then he realized the smart ones wouldn't make themselves so easy to spot in the first place.
  11. "Come on," I yelled from across the 1 meter gap. "I don't think I can make it" she yelled back. "Well, you might want to hurry up," I replied. She started running and jumped. We made it across the roof and turned around. "One clip each," I said. She nodded, pulled out her pistol and fired, shooting one zombie in the head once they were close enough. I did the same. As soon as we had to reload, we turned, and ran across this roof and onto the next.
  12. "Yeah, I live a few blocks down. C'mon, kid." She handed the girl a pistol off her hip, "Its got a full clip, I trust you know how to use a gun. I'm Selista." Selista turned around, walking down the deserted streets, her warhammer resting on her shoulder. "So where you from Catriona? Been living around here long?" she asked, a twinge of country accent laced her words.
  13. Catriona looked at the gun in he hands for a moment and then ran after selista." I moved here about five months ago, with my family, just around the block." She said as she put her hammer in her belt. "Are you on your own? Either way we need to look for more people. Safety in numbers, right?" She said straightening her cap.
  14. We quickly raced down the steps like death itself was after us. Luckily we encountered no zombies on the way down. We got down to the bottom of the street just in time to see 2 girls race past the building in the direction of the embassy. "HEY!!" we yelled.
  15. "Of course I'm on my own. No one believed me that this would happen. My house is as safe as we can get. And that, is why I was out today. I came to find survivors." Selista explained. She heard someone yell out to them and she spun around. A boy and a girl. They looked a little distressed, "Why hello." Selista turned to the Catriona and smiled, "Look, we found more survivors." She grinned, "Are either of you bit?" she asked in all seriousness, holding her warhammer tightly.
  16. "Your house? But what about windows and stuff? Wouldn't they get in easily? "Catriona stood behind selista and held on rightly to her gun."Wow, three humans in one day" she muttered. Staring at the two people in front of them.
  17. "Nope, both of us are okay," I said as I introduced my self and my girlfriend. "My name is Thomas Carter, and this is Rebecca. We would be happy to accompany you to the safehouse, but you are heading in the direction of the UK embassy, where there is currently a group being attacked by zombies. They are not trained in weapons, so they are just mouthes to feed. What we need are scientists to help us cure/kill the zombies. There is a lab on 144th and 12th where there might be survivors."
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  18. "Yeah, my house. Full armored. I'm pretty proud of it." Selista grins over at the girl. "Well its nice to meet both of you but, scientists aren't going to do jack shit for us. But if there are survivors, I guess we better go." She nodded. "The only person that could cure this, is Leon. And his creation got him killed." She mumbles turning to walk in the direction of the lab. "You two got weapons?" She asked, stopping. If they didn't have anything it would be smart to stop back by her house, where armed to the teeth is an understatement.
  19. Catriona sighed at the sound that they were staying out with zombies. "I'm catriona by the way." She waved at the couple,and trudged on behind selista. She fished some cereal out of her pack and nibbled on it.
  20. "Trust me these guys are worth jack. They're just whiners and mouthed to feed, don't worry about them." I said as my girlfriend and I held up a pistol, knife and smg each."we don't have any grenades though."
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