DDOSing Wall Street

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  1. [video=youtube;dkwSpW5klMQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkwSpW5klMQ&feature=player_embedded[/video]

    I have something to say about this. It is a mixture of laughter and rage. Because Anon only cares about what goes on on the internet.

  2. Agreed....I want to rage at it because it seems more than likely a trap...But at the same time I want to lulz at it because it is so stupid on the same token.
  3. Would be funny if they pulled it off despite it being a trap.

    Would be sad too.

    Anon is meant to be about net neutrality not social anarchy.
  4. That's why I think it is a red herring and not something legit.
  5. Honestly, I'm so jaded and feel such a degree of loathing for our government that sometimes I wonder if this isn't the kick in the rear this society needs.

    Think of it, if you will, hard rebooting your computer.
  6. Even if this one is a trap, it's only a matter of time before it happens for real. c____c Our society is on the cusp of a huge break down thanks to corrupt governments and corporations. And if we've learned anything from past history, the people eventually DO finally get pissed off at the ruling and rich class, then go all ape shit on them. D: People are naive if they think a civil war couldn't be started in this modern age...
  7. Civil wars are happening all the time >=(

    But I have several points why I think its fake.

    Anon don't target non-internet related sites.

    Anon wouldn't be stupid enough to put the message in such a public place giving the nyse time to disconnect their servers.

    Downing the nyse would do more harm than good.
  8. @Diana, a lot of the worries going on are the same old issues that have happened throughout histories. Nothing new...Humans just never learn from their errors. If you think the issues of now a days are super bad, I suggest looking at the Panic of the 1890s and the amounts of strikes and "labor uprisings." Things are being precieved as being ZOMG END OF THE WORLD because of the media selling half-truths and people supporting fear-tactics.

    However, that being said I do not want this thread to turn into one about the discussion of the problems of the world. The bigger concern here is, that if people are stupid enough to listen to this, then that's going to potentially screw over our rights of privacy online.
  9. That's just what I mean. This stuff has repeatedly happened over history, and the ones saying "it'll never happen" are just as bad as the one over-hyping and saying "end of the world"! XD

    Course I definitely don't believe in scare tactics and media mongering with stuff like this. D: It really is causing more damage than awareness.
  10. DDOSing a Wall Street website would do nothing. It wouldn't even slow them down for a millisecond.
  11. Looking more into it, I think that it might be more connected more to groups like SEP than a potential government group. When the protests were occurring where I live there were a group the "occupied" and "invaded" local government buildings but over all did very little to influence the local student populace. The same sort of notions were spread around, as suggested in this video. If they are connected to the SEP, then it'd make some sense since as Vay mentioned, the message of the video sounds 'idealistic' but overall would do more harm than good.
  13. I hate, hate what these power brokers are doing to our country, but protesting - or - DDOSing, seems more like a Sea Shepherd approach than anything. And they are ignorant fucks themselves. Sinking Japanese vessels whilst saying they've got NATO permision? They need to be sunk. Anyways back on tangent. It's scumbags like this faking that they're Anon that give Anon a (Worse) name.

    Personal emotions aside (uprising, all that lot) elect some officials that aren't worth shit for once, so that they can oust the greedmongers.
  14. People thought that liberal art degrees would equal 70k+ in salary. Most of them are college students ironically. People are breaking rule 1 and 2 with fawkes mask. *sigh*
  15. Irony: Guy Fawkes was trying to instate a huge body's influence over England and not cause anarchy. He tried to do what he did for the Catholics. Not hes a symbol for anarchy.