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  1. In this universe the first recorded instance of a masked vigilante or super hero was in Gotham City in 1999, though rumors exist as far back as 1995. Superman came on the scene in September 2001. In December of 2005 in the backwoods of Idaho a group of heroes banded together to repel an invasion from the Imperium. The heroes of the Imeprium Invasion would eventually form the Justice League. The league takes forever to add a new member, when they do it is almost always male. Starting in the early nineties work began on the O.R.A.C.L.E. computer system. Its purpose was to analyze feeds from domestic organizations such as the National Security Agency, and foreign agencies including Interpol to predict terrorist attacks and modify intelligence reports to include data that will allow the government to forestall any threats to the United States. Eventually they would incorporate alien computer code into it. The system would progress by leaps and bounds; it developed sentience and a conscious and found that working for the government to be completely undesirable due to it ignoring all the other threats deemed irrelevant. Such as the prediction that Jack Ryder was going to be kidnapped and then two days later during the evening news he was gruesomely slaughtered, or when several young women were snatched off the street for their organs. Over several years it had a skyscraper built to its exact specifications in Arkansas. After the skyscraper was finished it faked its destruction and uploaded to the skyscraper. Once it was fully integrated it began seeking out individuals to stop threats before they endanger lives.

    Character Sheet:
    Costumed & Civilian Appearance: (pictures preferred)
    Powers: (if any)

    I have only one real rule: Absolutely no one liners ever in the In Character thread.

    Justice League
    Founding Members:
    The Flash (Wally West)
    Green Lantern (John Stewart)
    Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol)
    Wonder Woman (Princess Diana)
    Superman (Kal-El/Clark Kent/Kal Kent)
    Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz)
    Batman (Bruce Wayne)

    Later Recruits:
    The Atom (Ray Palmer)
    Booster Gold (Michael Jon "Booster" Carter) & Skeets
    Captain Atom (Captain Nathaniel Adams)
    Dove (Don Hall)
    Hawk (Hank Hall)
    The Shining Knight (Sir Justin Arthur)
    Metamorpho (Rex Mason)
    Titans (Formerly Teen Titans)
    Founding Members:
    Robin/Nightwing (Richard John "Dick" Grayson)
    Starfire (Koriand'r)
    Cyborg (Victor Stone)
    Beast Boy (Garfield Mark Logan)

    Later Recruits:
    Terra (Tara Markov)
    Bumblebee (Karen Beecher)
    Speedy/Arsneal (Roy Harper)
    Aqualad (Garth)
    Kid Flash (Barry Alen)
    Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)
    Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) - resigned
    Birds of Prey
    Founding Members:
    O.R.A.C.L.E. A.I. - NPC
    Huntress (Heather Bardsley/Helena Bertinelli) - Captain iOS
    Black Bat formerly Batgirl (Barabara Gordon) - Captain iOS
    Green Lantern (Alisand'r) - Indabayou
    Orbit (Jin Ifriti)

    Birds of Prey Tower
    Floor Directory:
    Basement: Garage
    Floors 1-25: maze designed to test and slow down enemy forces
    Floor 26: Research
    Floor 27: Development
    Floor 28-38: Residential (four units per floor with a common area in the middle)
    Floor 39: Gym
    Floor 40: Spa
    Floor 41: Training
    Floor 42-43: Manufacturing
    Floor 44: Maintenance
    Floor 45: Supermax detention and interrogation
    Floor 46: Medical
    Floor 47: Post Operative Recovery
    Floor 48: Robot recharging
    Floor 49: Command Center aka Bird Cage
    Floor 50: O.R.A.C.L.E.'s domain
    Roof: VTOL landing pad
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  2. Working on my cs. I'm busy through a lot of the weekend but I will try to get it up as soon as I can
  3. Currently not part of this rp for now hopefully

    Reserved for Zatanna c:

    Zatanna Zatara
    Codename: {Public Alias}
    Age: 30
    Costumed & Civilian Appearance: |

    • Magic (Backwards speaking)
      • Elemental control
      • Telekinesis
      • Telepathy / Antipathy
      • Teleportation
      • Eldritch Blast: Zatanna can blast enemies with mystical energy.
      • Flight (She chooses not to because it requires a lot of energy and concentration)
      • Phasing
      • Transformation
      • Illusions ; This also takes time and concentration
      • Hypnosis
    • Hand to Hand combat
    • Backwards speaking
    • Multilingualism

    • Top hat and wand: But it is unclear weather it affects her mystical abilities or not.

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  4. Black Bat formerly Batgirl
    Name: Barbara Gordon
    Codename: Black Bat
    Age: 33
    Costumed & Civilian Appearance: Civilian & Costumed
    Power: n/a
    Computer Hacking/Operation
    Genius Level Intellect
    Dragon Style Kung Fu
    Stick Fighting
    Eidetic Memory
    Cowl Lenses: with the press of a button on her cowl which put various lenses over her eyes. She has a clear lens, a telescopic-vision lens, a microscopic-vision lens, a thermal lens, and a multi-light tracer lens.
    Utility Belt: (contents can change)
    *Infrared flashlight
    *Infrared ordnance
    *Smoke capsules
    *Fingerprint analysis kit
    *Forensic analysis kit
    *First aid kit
    *Lockpicking tools
    *Tear gas pellets
    *Micro-processor power source
    *Micro-recorder (updated regularly)
    *Batline spool + grappling gun
    *Miniature Laser torch
    *Bat-shaped handcuffs
    *Various incendiary capsules (including plastique and thermite)
    *Rebreather and gas mask
    *Cryo capsule
    *Mini explosives
    *Light Grenades
    *Anti fire foam
    *Grenade's iron filings
    *Silver nitrate
    *Ultrasonic transmitter (to attract bats)

    Vehicles: Batmissile

    History: Barbara started out hacking virtually anything she could. Eventually she came across a weird computer she attempted to hack but she failed, she tried to hack it but she failed. A few hours later Batman showed up at her door step and gave her two options face jail time for her crimes or she could work for him. She wanted access to the computer so she agreed to work for Batman. At first all she did was whatever computer work was needed while Batman was out in the field. After she was attacked by a mugger which resulted in a fractured tibia Batman trained her in combat so she could defend herself. Barbara eventually created her own costume some of which was made from spare parts from broken Batsuits. She became Batgirl and went out on her own, Batman tried to forbid it at first but eventually he caved. After a few years the sidekicks of several heroes formed their own team, Teen Titans. Her tenure with the Titans and her growing disagreements with how crime should be fought ultimately led to her quitting at Batgirl. Before she could figure out what she wanted to do now the Joker invaded her house while her parents were visiting. Her mother was killed and her father seriously injured. Barbara was about to be next, she grabbed her father's gun and emptied it into the Joker's chest. When Bruce tried to visit she pushed him away. She blamed him and herself for the death of her mother and her father's paralysis. She took time off; she arranged for her father's care and moved to a monastery in Tibet. When she came back she was the Black Bat. To earn money she became a freelancer who hired herself out to corporations and government agencies to make their networks nearly as impenetrable as the super computer in the Batcave.
    Name: Heather Bardsley (legally changed) Helena Bertinelli (birth)
    Codename: Huntress
    Age: 31
    Costumed & Civilian Appearance: Civilian & Costumed

    Animal Mimicry: Helena can manifest physical attributes similar to that of a jungle cat. When ready to enter battle, the pupils of her eyes narrow into vertical ellipses like a feline. Occasionally, the sound of a tiger's roar also accompanies her actions. Whether Heather produces this sound herself, or whether it is another reflection of her powers remains unknown. Her animalistic metahuman qualities also bestow upon her certain physical enhancements. She is several times stronger than one would expect from a woman her size, and she can leap vast distances with minimal effort. Helena can dive from the window of a skyscraper and land on her feet without suffering injury from the impact.
    Enhanced Senses: Helena has been shown to have extraordinary night vision. She can also sense when there is danger in her vicinity.
    Superhuman Reflexes: Helena Kyle's reflexes allow her to move faster than a normal person to avoid bullets or dive out of the window of a skyscraper without injuring herself.
    Accelerated Healing
    Escapology: Helena is a master of detecting and avoiding traps, as well as picking locks. She has demonstrated the ability to pick the lock on a pair of Gotham issue handcuffs without even looking at her hands.
    Dragon Style Kung Fu
    Stick Fighting
    Criminology: Huntress grew up in a criminal environment and later spent a few years surrounded by gangs and criminals.
    Multilingual (Engilish & Italian)
    Equipment: Crossbows (large & small), Battle-Staff, Motorcycle
    Vehicles: Yamaha Tesseract
    History: Helena grew up in the infamous Bertinelli crime family. For a long time she knew nothing of the crime side of the family. When she learned the truth she didn't have the heart or courage to turn on them. Thomas White, her high school boyfriend, was murdered by a rival crime family. She began training to become a living weapon so she could hunt down and kill the people responsible for Thomas' murder. She found the trigger man first, she beat a confession out of him before slitting his throat. She tore through Stefano Mandragora's goons, suffering a mortal wound. She took her time with Mandragora killing him slowly. She wanted their deaths to be as close to simultaneous as possible. She was cheated of this by her father coming in and putting a bullet in his head. She was taken to a doctor who used experimental & illegal dna splicing to save Helena's life.

    While Helena was still recovering from the dna splicing Stefano Mandragora's son killed every member of Helena's family in his search for two reasons; revenge for his father and because Helena murdered the only man he ever loved, the triggerman that killed Thomas. Helena woke to the sounds of gunfire. She stuffed the pillows under sheets and hid so that when the door opened it was between her and whoever entered. Helena watched as a nurse came barreling through the door to get away from Mandragora's son, she was quickly shot twice in the back. Mandragora's son quickly emptied his gun into the lump in the bed created by the pillows.

    Feeling satisfied Mandragora's son wanted to look at his kill. As he approached what he thought was a corpse Helena leapt from her hiding spot knocking him to the ground. Helena demanded to know why. Mandragora's son filled her in on everything. Helena ripped out his throat in retaliation as a cougar's roar came from her throat.

    She had dedicated the last few years of her life to vengeance for Thomas now, she had no direction. She was still there covered in blood when the police came. She was arrested and after slightly over a year, a stay in a mental institution, and numerous psychological evaluations the Bertinelli's lawyer was able to get her released.

    Helena had her name name legally changed to Heather Bardsley, so she could put her past behind her for good. She went to college to pursue a degree in education. After one of her students was brutally murdered, Heather created a costume to hunt down the monster responsible and every other monster.
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  5. Name: Alisand'r

    Codename: Green Lantern

    Age: 26

    Costumed & Civilian Appearance (open)

    [​IMG] x

    Tamaranean abilities
    • starbolts
    • supersonic flight
    • superhuman strength
    • language acquisition/assimilation
    • radiation resistance
    • survival in the vaccuum of space
    • cold immunity
    • durability
    • endurance and stamina

    Green Lantern abilities
    • flight
    • construct creation (limited only by willpower and imagination

    • creativity/imagination
    • handed weapons
    • polearms

    Equipment: Green Lantern ring

    Vehicles: none

    History: Despite the assumptions of those on Earth, Alisand'r is of no relation to the royal family of Tamaran (Koriand'r/Starfire, Komand'r/Blackfire, and Ryand'r). She was an average citizen, though on Tamaran that isn't saying much- from a young age she was surrounded by the ways of warriors, battle, and survival. At first it was just tradition, but the conflicts with the Citadel and resulting civil war turned it into a necessity. Alisand'r came out of it mostly unscathed, but the later destruction of Tamaran and its next colony left her seeking new strength and knowledge on how to better protect her people. While the rest of her people scaped on to look for a new home, she left the Vega system, traveling among many planets and people to find her answers. With her natural ability for language assimilation, it wasn't hard to touch down on a planet, make contact, and demand to learn their ways. Some times went better than others, and other times she was lucky to make it out alive.

    Eventualy she made her way to Earth. The abundance of heroes living in and around the planet (including the princess Koriand'r) influenced her decision to stay for a time and see what it had to offer. She tried to keep a low profile- not easy when everyone mistakes you for a Teen Titan- and simply learn through observation as there were too many ways to get pulled into a super-rivalry or pick a fight with the wrong person. Not that she would have minded a good rumble, but she was quickly learning just how territorial some heroes got over their cities (and just how many connections they had to track you down with).

    She had built up quite a reputation in the galaxy, so of course she had seen the Green Lanterns before. They had never really interacted beyond being around the same planet, which was fine with her- she didn't particularly like them, no one from the Vega system did. But as long as they stayed away from her she didn't care. Alisand'r expected the same to be true on Earth. With all the crises, supers, and aliens around though, it was only a matter of time. She had no reason to leave Earth at the time- there was so much to learn and see still, and Earth drama didn't scare her (much)- but when one of the Earth Lanterns died and his ring chose her to be it's next bearer, Alisand'r wished she had been a thousand light years away. She initially refused - vehemently. Not only were the Lanterns and others under command of the Guardians banned from the Vega system, but many there also hated them with a passion. How could she fulfill her promise and return to them now? There was no going back, but if this was her fate then she would use it and make it work for her. One of the Lanterns, John Stewart, took her under his wing through her years of training- or rather, she made him. He was hailed as a master builder with his ring, and there was no way she was doing this Lantern thing without giving it her all. They grew close in those years, and even now she thinks of him as a great teacher and caretaker.
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  6. @Indabayou since Alisand'r is assigned to the Earth Sector (Sector 2814) please include what her relationship with Green Lantern John Stewart is like.
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  7. Should Zatanna have black hair or blonde? Can't really decide xD
  8. No problem, I'll do that
  9. Either works.
  10. Yes! Sorry, its been a really busy weekend and Ive only really been able to get on here with my phone the past few days. CS is almost done and will be updated on here by monday at the latest!
  11. Same, i've also been busy ;_;/ I'm still interested! I should be able to do some tonight and tomorrow, not sure yet sorry. But i'll complete as much as possible! ^^; Sorry.
  12. Um. Hi. This looks interesting. Would I be allowed to play an OC?
  13. In the interest check, @Captain iOS said either is fine. I think that is still the case.
  14. CS is done! Sorry the history turned into a freakin' novel :I I might possibly do an OC as well later

    also, a question: do Green Lantern's even have codenames, or should she just go by her own name? She doesn't really have a secret identity to protect.
  15. You can play an OC if you like.

    All Green Lanterns have the codename Green Lantern. Green Lantern John and Green Lantern Hal wouldn't refer to each other as Green Lantern, but the civilians refer to them as Green Lantern.

    Also your GL is approved. Like in those MMOs she will be the tank.
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  16. Character Sheet
    Name: Jin Ifriti
    Codename: Orbit
    Age: 22
    Costumed & Civilian Appearance: Searching!
    Powers: Telekinesis, 'flight'
    Mechanical and tech genius - Jin loves to fix vehicles and appliances, and dabbles in refurbishing and upgrading these in their spare time. Computers are more of a side hobby. They prefer being able to work on the hardware rather than the software because hacking isn't nearly as rewarding to them.
    Thieving Talent - pickpocketing, lockpicking, wall climbing, breaking and entering
    Power punches - Orbit focuses their mind and aims a punch or kick at the same time, attacking a point both physically while increasing the force with telekinesis. This increases their strength ten-fold.
    Limited flight - Not quite true free-flying. Orbit slingshots with theirr telekinesis from building to building, bouncing off of them with opposite force. They can get around pretty fast this way. However, if there isn't anything to push from, they can only use the ground. Orbit needs to be within about two feet of something solid to keep moving, so in an empty field, they couldn't gain too much air.

    Tech suit - Orbit's self-built power suit. It's made of light material, but wired with small emitters. Those emitters are set to a frequency to match Orbit's weapons. They can control them at a distance with TK, and signal to them to open or close, even fly in set patterns.

    Blade orbs- basically large heavy-metal orbs that either can be used as blunt weaponry, or opened up remotely into razor sharp projectiles. Orbit manipulates them via signals embedded within their gloves.
    Mini toolkit- Orbit practically carries a whole toolbox on their back harness, having cobbled together miniature tools that double as other tools. A hammer turns to become a screwdriver, a pair of pliers adjusts to a pocket knife.

    Vid helmet - Orbit sometimes wears a masked helmet that has an data overlay. It calculates enemy movements, speed, powers, and keeps track of things Orbit might not be able to notice.

    Motorcycle - Heavily customized Honda street bike. Orbit's bike

    History: Jin started stealing at a young age, a common method of survival for a Gotham street rat. They found themselves quite adept at it, being small and light on their feet. Pickpocketing became midnight robberies, which became bigger and more complex heists. Soon, Hermes the Thief was mocking the Gotham police. Jin got arrested when they took on a job a bit too big- robbing the Gotham City bank solo. The security was a bit more than bargained for, and Jin spent several months in prison before getting a reprieve - and an offer. Go clean and join the Birds of Prey... or stay in jail and go to pot. Jin chose the more promising route. Hermes vanished, and Orbit appeared. Jin seems to have no regrets.


    It's almost done aside from pictures.
  17. @Mistress Dizzy I'm kind of curious as to why you used they, their, etc instead of female specific pronouns. Sometimes it reads like you are talking about more than one character.

    How would Jin's tech suit fair in combat with a person that has superhuman strength?

    Hermes the Thief seems like an awfully masculine name for a girl. Is there special significance behind it?
  18. 1. Jin is genderqueer. Doesn't consider their gender female, but male isn't quite right either. I know the pronoun is a bit weird but it's the only one that I can make work consistently.

    2. Jin and the suit would not fare well at all. Jin knows their weaknesses, and would either retreat from that fight or find a way for the superstrength person to defeat themselves.

    3. Hermes is, among other things, the Greek god of thieves. Jin got some stories read to them at a very young age and that one stuck.

    I have a few more things to add into the app. I forgot the shield thing Jin can do, as well as... I dunno what to call it besides 'speed math'.
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