DCEU superhero Rp? [Criticisms and Scrutiny not included]

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I have the villain(s) ready I think. Requests for more/foreshadowed antagonists?

  1. HIVE

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  2. ARGUS

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  3. Penguin

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  4. Scarecrow

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  5. Lex Luthor Jr.

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  6. Vandal Savage

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  7. Ra's al Ghul

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  8. Deathstroke

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  1. So I was thinking of how to make an interest check about an RP set In the DC Cinematic Universe, in a way that such appeals to all Rpers and parties...then I realized as much as Hollywood has bashed, criticized, and gave the new BatmanVSuperman film a hell of a review, that people have either already seen and disliked the "dark/philispophical" tone of the DC universe and movie already, or that people have heard the criticisms and already dislike it without forming their own opinion. I even heard a review that said the movie "wasn't Marvel enough"....they really said that.

    So this isn't for them. This is for all rpers who appreciate the distinctive tone of DC in contrast to Marvel, for the general who just prefer more grounded, realistic, and grit based stories; and also for people who're looking to get into a superhero/epic RP that maybe wants to try it out in a darker pace. I wanted to do a DC Rp that exists in the same universe as Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, in a way that we can deviate from those pieces and create something original and expansive on our own, while still adhering to those things. If you haven't seen either movie that's actually okay: this RP takes place before both of those movies leading into them.

    This world will obviously be relatively realism stretched and thrilling, but the entire DC Comics roster is available for adaptation EXCEPT The Justice League Roster (main roster): Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Green Lantern. Major characters not named are available as well such as Green Arrow, Black Canary, Constantine, Zatanna, Hawkman/Girl, etc. We'll leave the Suicide Squad characters unavailable for now. My character will be Raven, a grounded version that takes her from the unknown astral dimension of Azarath to Earth in search of her mother, Angela.

    However you may take future installments of characters, or basically protégé of other heroes (Wally West, Tim Drake, Wonder Girl, etc.) All that I ask is that you present a compelling and real based backstory for them that would make sense in this universe. This RP would be held in a group, that way many threads can be made for crossovers, individual arcs, and future team ups. The rp would probably be intermediate level and above, and would feature gore, suggestive themes and such.

    I think I pretty much cleared everything, but anymore questions/concerns please feel free to contact me and let me know! :]
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  2. Heyo everyone! ^^

    I'll be taking my spot as "Robin/Nightwing" (Dick Grayson), who has a bit of an alternate origin compared to his comic-incarnation.
  3. I would love to take up either Artemis and or Starfire for me. I have a few interesting twists up my sleeve for either one I do.^^
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  4. Oooh Tigress nice choice! I have a 1x1 DCEU rp where the other was Starfire (or a variant of her). Not saying that to say anything we can always rationalize another alien on Earth even before Superman is known about. What did you have in mind for them?
  5. Did you already put that in the group? The alternate change?
  6. I'm feeling a little froggy and DC Cinematic Universe requires some deadpan humor. THUS! I would want to play:

    John Constantine



    Mogo...this one probably never gonna be a selectable option if you're going for "realism." But I want to be a fucking Green Lantern Planet. It would be amazing.
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  7. btw, to anyone who says "no, you can't be Mogo" --- you're just jealous you didn't think of it first.

    admit it. deep down in your heart, you'd play a planet. =D

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  8. I just read a Green Lantern comic a few months ago with Mogo being controlled lol, but hmm....Kilowag of course can be accepted it's just that the beginning (and good part) of the RP will be very street/dark level to initiate. So.....maybe John? that could give us a few arcs for JLDark AND he could take interest in Raven when she comes to Earth and he's never seen anything like her.
  9. I also might take up Bat-fleck if you want somebody to fill his role :3
  10. so I get to play a conniving douchebag? ;)

    you're funeral.

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  11. Can I call him "squire?"

    and I'm still calling dibs on Mogo
  12. Please do, give us the asshole humor we all seek to be turned on by in our souls :}

    Matt Ryan as FC orrrrr another guy?
  13. Not yet, but I mentioned it in our discussions. That after a point, Dick was going to 'reverse' into Robin as opposed to Nightwing.
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  14. Perhaps. So long as you don't tell him to 'lay back and think of England'.

    Nice touch, Howard.
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  15. psssh

    lets go with who he was designed to be from the get-go

  16. Post up top says no control over JLA DCEU roster (not as mains) I still think Dick Grayson would be at least mid 20s but a young new Robin can work lol

    And you got a while Raz until you use Mogo haha, but I have you locked in for him xD
  17. Would I be able to make an adaptation of Shazam or Static Shock?
  18. Who!? Lol

    Awwww, Matt Ryan never got his chance to shine....not even on Arrow.
  19. Shazam is getting a movie in 2019 so we don't know the direction DCEU will take it. I would advise against it.

    Static is definitely open though, just have to find a way to rationalize the mutagenic gas that gives him his powers. Which is easy
  20. Gratitude: You're welcome, Team Leader Spider-Man. Announcement: Oh, look, hostiles. Humble request: May I kill them now?

    The musical artist. Sting. You don't know who this is? Fields of Gold? Shape of My Heart? Every Breath You Take? Roxanne?

    Wore a metal mankini in the David Lynch version of Dune?

    He was the original design inspiration for Constantine, from way back in his early appearances in Swamp Thing.

    [baffled] How the heck do you not know who Sting is? [/baffled]
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