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  1. There exists other realms, other dimensions, and other entities that transcends our understanding as humans. These paralogical occurrences holds host to many things that everyday life describes as "unexplainable" or "phenomena".....and these are the very things that co-exist in the commonplace of space and time, right under civilization's nose and within grasp. They hide away in the shadows, lurk outside the physical and abstract sight of many, but these anomalies reside with society every single day...

    So what happens when the gateway and interconnection between the two are explored? Explored through the perspective of one of the most powerful, darkest beings known to civilization? The Cambion. The chosen one. A young girl raised in the pacifist ways for truth and light, but holds a dark, sinister secret inside her that will shatter all realms into an eternal abyss at the very wave of her hand...Or is there truly always light in darkness? For one will become the symbol of both, and ascend as something much greater.
    For that symbol will be depicted as...Raven.

    For another boy, a bright and stunning reality with the impact of the world's greatest secrets, yet the complex and soul of a battered truth of old, he's about to be indulged into a brand new world of the unknown, as the reality he knows isn't as formidable as realized. A boy imbued with advanced capabilities in an organized incident, now will discover a new electrifying secret. When they realize that being in the world of the legendary Batman and various vigilantes wasn't the only destiny that was foreseen, they'll be at face with the world's demons, as Earth will reveal to them a darkness even those like The Batman couldn't have saw coming.

    Current Time: Fall 2014

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  2. Name: Rachel Roth aka Metrion aka Raven
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 137 lbs
    Blood Type: O+
    Race: HumanxDemon
    Ethnicity: Caucasian & Demonoid (Cambion)

    Traits(5): Strong-Willed/Adaptable/Intelligent/Gritty/Witty
    Flaws(5): Cold/Detached/Radical/Dark/Stubborn

    Rachel Roth



    Dc Comics Character or Original? DC Comics

    POWERS---> *powers as human *powers as demon form

    {td}Demonic Transformation
    Astral & Mental projection
    Dimension Traveling

    Psionic abilities (Possession, Pain Inducement, Illusions, Limited Pyrokinesis, Limited Electrokinesis)


    Energy Manipulation
    Time Manipulation
    Emotion Manipulation
    Darkness Manipulation (Umbrakinesis)

    Memory Alteration
    Inducing and amplifying the Seven Deadly Sins (Only Pride and Lust)


    Metrion was born to a mother who was very wayward in direction, Angela Roth. Angela was an orphan at a very young age, and herself was abandoned by her mother. Angela was adopted before long into a spiritual home, but developed a sense of apathy and rebellion against her creed enforcing adoptive parents. She then turned to the streets and got in with the wrong crowd, delving into the occult and practicing dark and unholy worship. It was here that she joined a cult feeling a sense of belonging, as they inadvertently summoned and unleashed an ancient, malevolent evil. This evil deceived Angela and the others, and posed as a pure being for the sole purpose of devising a plan to gain access to mortal planes. The being forced itself onto Angela, and thus unwillfully she was impregnated with Metrion, half human, and half evil. A traumatized Angela tried to cope with the horrific reality and sought out counseling, drugs, and other things, but when all failed, she attampted to take her own life. It was then that she was approached by beings of the other-dimensional world known as Azarath; a pacifistic society who had left Earth centuries ago. The Azarathians recognized that Angela was pregnant with the child of Trigon and invited her to return with them to Azarath where they could safeguard the child from the recognized evil's influence. Angela agreed.
    Angela gave birth to a daughter who she named Rachel. It was quickly found that Rachel had inherited great power from her father and the spiritual leader of Azarath decided that Raven should be raised separately from her mother to minimize the chance of emotional conflicts which were found to be the key to Raven's sinister power. Now Metrion as her given Azarath name, is under constant care of the Azar, leader of Azarath, and it's denizens as she must constantly live in a shell of herself, lest she destroy entire realms on a whim. She lives with the eternal burden of not knowing what she is fully, or the limits of her potential. She craves the one thing she can never have: to be normal. To never have emotions constantly burdens her of not knowing what it feels like to feel at all...now everything will be put to the test in wake of a dire truth...she begins her journey to become more...
  3. NPC's (open)

    Azar of Azarath
    Age: 310
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 120 lbs

    Bio: The spiritual leader of Azarath. She has taken the mantle and role of Azar as her mother before her. Described as a veritable Goddess, she oversaw the education and training of the young half-demon Metrion, whom was born of a dark celestial entity and that of a mortal. She oversees and runs the affairs of the astral world of Azarath and maintains peace throughout the dimension, garnering spiritual enlightenment and precedence over the ways of the mortal planes, and the dimensions of otherworldly beings.


    Angela Roth
    Age: 36
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 127 lbs.

    Bio: Angela Roth is the mother of Metrion of Azarath, and was taken to Azarath to birth the seed of a dark divine entity that was summoned in a result of a ritual in which Angela was manipulated and used into bringing the entity to Earth via occult and supernatural means. She was born and raised in Gotham City, where she was orphaned from birth and taken in by the Roth family. She was raised in rather harsh and cold environment, making her aloof and neglected to the point where she sought to belong. It was then she found a group with a very peculiar practice and belief. This group made Angela feel like family, but after the incident Angela was raped. After giving birth to her child, she was never seen again. The people of Azarath presumed her dead.

    (picture as of late 1990s)

    Commissioner Jim Gordon
    Age: 58
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 190 lbs.

    Bio: James Gordon is the police chief and commissioner of the Gotham City police department for over two decades and then some. He has seen Gotham is its most hideous, dark, and repressive times. He's seen crimes of brutality and ruthlessness, to organized crime mobs assassinating key, political, and civilian peoples of all walks of life. He got his break towards the path of commissioner on the case of the Wayne family murder, in which founder and CEO billionaire Thomas Wayne was murdered along with his wife, Martha near Crime Alley after they'd just taken their son to a movie. Decades later, a worn and weary Gordon has witnessed freak shows of crimes of all proportions: crime lords, psychotic sociopaths, fear mongerers, killer clowns....literally; even the law's best and brightest go rogue and become the enemy of the law. Among Gordon's many experiences, one of them stands out for certain: his every occurrence and case files on the one called The Batman. No one knows if this "ghost" exists, but Gordon's shifty and solitude on that matter suggests that maybe he's aware of more than he lets on in the city of Gotham.


  4. [​IMG]
    Virgil Hawkins




    Blood Type



    Traits (5)

    Flaws (5)

    Bio: Virgil Hawkins was in every sense of the world, a nerd. He always had his head in the books, looking for a way to get ahead in life and thinking about his future. It wasn't as easy as it seemed though, because in Dakota City, you also had to have your head on the swivel, lest you find yourself waking up in the hospital wondering what happened to you. Gangs were nothing new and gang rivalries were always there and always avoided when possible. However, for Virgil, avoidance wasn't possible, since the leader of one of those gangs, Francis Stone, made it one of his priorities to bully Virgil to no end. When one of Virgil's close friends, who was a member of Francis's rival gang, found out about this, he decided to take matters into his own hands. As most gang wars start, once one person gets involved, the rest followed. Tensions had already been stressed between the two gangs, and when a sucker-punch to Francis's face rang out, it became an all-out war. The evening of the war started out typical, Virgil had been studying a bit later than usual at the library, and when he left he met outside by Francis. Francis accused him of being a weak coward, shoving him to the ground and kicking him. Soon after, he found himself surrounded by Stone's whole gang, and expected to be beaten within an inch of his life if not killed. Luckily for him, his friend and the rest of his posse arrived, shout a few obscenities, pushed and shoved, and soon all hell broke loose. The street became a warzone. Now mix that with an enthusiastic police force who had just got their hands on a new riot suppression tear gas (Thanks to the people at S.T.A.R. Labs), and you've got yourself the beginnings of Static Shock. Before that, however, he was hospitalized after that incident, while bedridden one of his new abilities (increased electro-stimuli in his brain) sped up his recovery and had him up and about much faster than doctors had predicted. Thus, following his release, his parents decided that they needed a fresh start. The fright having their only son caught in the midst of a gang war, they agreed that they needed to relocate, Gotham City would become their new home. It was shortly after their move there that Virgil began to notice changes in himself, and being the science-minded individual that he was, he began to experiment and progress. Although the city of Gotham was bigger and an all-around better place than Dakota City, no city is without its reprobates and ruffians. Now, with his newly formed and still developing powers, he has to try to balance working on his future while trying to help those in need, without drawing too much attention to himself.


    Sometimes called "Magnetism" or confused with "Magnetic Manipulation", Electromagnetism is the ability to manipulate electrically charged particles. Characters with this ability can attract or repel objects, create or manipulate magnetic poles and create or manipulate electrical currents. Certain characters with this power use their own bodies as magnetic poles whereas others will charge an object with a polarity to all it to attract to their bodies.

    Static's powers allow him to control electromagnetic phenomena, in particular allowing him to manifest both electrical and magnetic energy—Static's powers are best described as superconductor electromagnetism.
    Static's powers center around electromagnetism, making him part of the Earth's electromagnetic field as well as capable of generating and storing his own electromagnetic energy. He can choose to keep the electromagnetic energy that he currently holds in his body by controlling the current and voltage for whenever he wants to use it. Static's body can generate raw electromagnetic energy, which he can control at will for various purposes.

    Such uses commonly include magnetizing objects, electrocuting opponents, levitating objects (such as manhole-covers or his self-built metal saucer for use in flight) and people, restraining or adhering people/objects to various surfaces in the form of "static cling", generating "Taser punches" with effects similar to a stun gun and at times enough power to send opponents flying during close combat, various electromagnetic displays as well as electromagnetic nets or cages, blinding flashes, generating thrown balls of lightning, producing electromagnetic pulses, and generating electromagnetic force fields to shield himself from attacks, even stopping bullets in mid-air.
    As well as releasing surges of electromagnetic energy, Static can also drain sources of electricity, such as power lines, batteries and fuse boxes to recharge/replenish his own energy supply. Whenever Static has used his powers to a high degree, or experience any other such large energy-drain, he will also experience a sudden, acute sense of fatigue, as his electromagnetic powers are tied-in to his own bioelectric energy levels
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  5. Line One: Sins Of The Fathers


    Location: Unknown
    Time: 11:58 PM
    Year: 1996

    An eerie silence ensues throughout the dark and ominous area. Darkness surrounds the vicinity in a chilling mood of coldness and isolation, as if Death itself dwelled there. In this undisclosed abyss, an aura of despair and promise fills and fuels the air, in a way that only compliments the sinister tone of the moment at hand. a column of softly lit candles exist in this space, its golden dim light revealing frigid cole stone surfaces and splatters of red along the walls and floor. In the middle of this room lies an altar. Upon the altar, a young girl lays unconscious in a dark red robe, opened up to reveal her bust and half naked body. On the young girl's belly is a symbol of some sort coated in the same dark red. A pillar stands behind the altar with the same symbol, as the eerie silence transgressing into small and faint sounds of whispers. About a dozen beings linger in the mysterious dark with the young girl, as their garments brush against the floor. These dark figures increase their whispers as they kneel down in the direction of the young girl. The whispers go fourth just as dark as the abyss they all were enshrouded in.

    Mysterious Beings: "Unum abyssi.... In ac desperationis supplicio, sed occulta divinae lucis et custos... Quod si tibi hodie, ut dominus.... Et ostende nobis...."

    The still of the air along with the grisly breeze shooting through the void grips all individuals who dwell there. The figures chant on once more, as if chanting in harmony. They strive to fulfil their purpose, and they continue to kneel in the direction of the female.

    Mysterious Beings: "Unum abyssi.. In ac desperationis supplicio... sed occulta divinae lucis et custos. Quod si tibi hodie, ut dominus. Et ostende nobis."

    The beings rise their torsos from the kneel position and face towards the young lady they begin to reach out their hands to the girl, but never move a step forward. They begin to raise the volume of their voices as their hoods conceal who they are. The candle flames wave with a slight fury as if some unseen force was pushing it. The golden lights from the flames begin to flicker across the room. The figures chant once more with thunderous, heavy, deep tones of absolution.

    Mysterious Beings: "Unum abyssi. In ac desperationis supplicio, sed occulta divinae lucis et custos. Quod si tibi hodie, ut dominus. Et ostende nobis."

    The current gets stronger as the flames begin to flicker back and forth the small chill air suddenly finds an unknown source of heat. The altar with the girl seems to develop a resonance as the chanting brings forth an unexplainable energy. The hair on the unconscious girl begins to wave in the unseen wind as her eyes begin to dart back and forth while her eyes are still closed. The chanting gets louder now, moving into strong shouts of words from the group. The entire space begins to tremble slightly.

    Mysterious Beings: "Unum abyssi! In ac desperationis supplicio, sed occulta divinae lucis et custos!! Quod si tibi hodie, ut dominus! Et ostende nobis!!"

    The presence of another energy then disperses through the place. the trembling turns into full vibration as the altar shakes with fury and prejudice. The candle flames wave back and forth with rapid haste, but never extinguish. The young woman then begins to slowly levitate while still unconscious, eyes in a subconscious frenzy. Her dark red robe hangs down scraping the stone altar as splatters of red are revealed all over the stone surfaces. The figures stand up straight and begin to walk towards her with their arms stretched fully to her, as she lifts higher and higher into the air. Their words now resounding through the entire void with echoes. The entire venue shakes with force as the apex moment comes and the figures continue to scream the incantations at the top of their lungs.


    The candles shoot up in a streak of flames and the tremors cease their activity as the yound woman opens her eyes, and they reveal to be a deep dark violet color. She drops back down onto the altar as the candles return to normal and the air and energy returns to silence. The young woman opens her eyes once more as they return to her normal crystal blue eyes. She awakens to the robed figures surrounding her, not moving an inch. Silent. She rises from the stone surface, tying her robe up.

    Young Woman: "Is...is it done? Did....did it work?"

    The group remained silent as she looks around in hope and confusion. She stares into the light of the candles as they stand beside the tall stone pillar. There was nothing but silence. Eerie and still air and a grip of oppression through the room. The woman looks back at the group and seeks them once more.

    Young Woman: "What happened? I thought The Ascension would work?"

    Before anything else could happen a whisper arose from behind the pillar. Both the young woman and the robed figures alike jumped to attention at the behest of this unknown source of sound. They all stare at the pillar in shock and bewilderment. Something else was there.

    ???: "I am here..."

    The robed figures kneel down on their hands and knees and all chant in unison at the arrival of the mysterious entity.

    Mysterious Beings: "Lord."

    ???: "So long....have I been in captivity from the planes of mortality...you all have freed me..."

    The young woman stands surprised and taken back by the events that really just unfolded. This was stuff from movies and stories, but it just happened in real life. She couldn't believe it...she was so astounded that they had sucessfully summoned a divine being.

    Young Woman: "Is....is that really an angel..?"

    Suddenly the entity steps from behind the pillar, the darkness masking it's anatomy. It slowly walks forward into the candle light in grace and precision. Once the golden aura shines on the being, it's revealed to be a tall man with purple hair, and gold eyes that were only rivaled by the sun. He looks deeply into the group and focuses his eyes on the young woman, particularly focusing on the symbol on her stomach. He slightly smirks as he steps forth right next to the altar.

    Man: "You all have summoned me, and now here I am before you. My followers. My disciples."

    He walks down next to the young woman, and stands inches from her, looking into her eyes softly.

    Man: "What is your name, dear?"

    Young Woman: "My name is Angela..."

    Man: "Well Angela, you are one of supreme beauty and decadence. You carry the sigil on your stomach. The sigil of union, that represents the loyalty and faithfulness of your spirit unto the divine."

    Angela: "The Church said it was to summon you here, angel. So that I could be ascended to the Church as a Sister.."

    Man: "Oh, Angela...you are so much more than that..."

    While still looking at Angela, the man raises his right arm, telekinetically snapping the neck of one of the robed figures. Angela gasps at the sight of his mangled neck and lifeless body falling to the floor. The other robed figures raise up in fear and shock and begin to back away. The man then lifts group member after member up with his mind, throwing them like rag dolls across the dark space. Their screams and panic fueling him. Angela screams in horror as the men hit the walls and floors at the snap of bones. She stumbles away from the man and backs into the stone altar.

    Angela: "Please stop!!! What are you doing!? We're your followers! Angels don't kill!!!"

    Man: "Whoever said I was an angel...?"

    The man smirks at Angela and continues to tear the men apart as their screams turn into gurgles of blood. Angela darts towards the door but is unable to find in in the limited light she has. She trips over the body of one of her fellow members, blood splashing on her bare feet. She screams from the sensation of the warm fluid on her and rises to run once more.

    Immediately her body movement is stopped, as she tenses all her muscles to fight to move. The man lifts her up from afar and controls her body as he moves her over to the stone altar where she lay once before. He gently places her down and gives her control of her neck up. Angela begins to cry as she pleads the man.

    Angela: "Please....d-don't kill me...I swear I'll do whatever you want....just don't kill me [sobs]"

    Man: "Dear Angela....I won't kill you...for you are the chosen one, you will be the bridge for all human kind and divinity alike. You are more special than you realize..."

    Angela stares at the man with confused and fearful eyes as he turns towards the dead bodies before him and raises his hands once again. This time a dark mist rises from the corpses slowly and gradually. Angela looks on at this mystifying sorcery as the dark mist emits screams of the dead members' souls. The man balls his fists as the mists begin to rush toward him. The man opens his mouth, consuming the dark mist as his gold eyes turn into a bright hot orange yellow, as if the mist is powering him. Faint screams and cries of agony leaves the dark mists as they enter into the man. Once all mist has been absorbed, the man turns back to Angela with his gold eyes intact. He approaches Angela as she screams.

    Angela: "NO!!! PLEASE!!! AAAHAHHHHHH!!!"

    The man shuts her mouth psychically and she squirms and squeals. He takes the candle flames and shapes them into a full on inferno, blasting them at all the dead bodies before Angela. The two look on at the burning bodies...Angela in sheer terror, and the man in a dark satisfaction. The area can be well seen from the inferno now. Splatters of old blood everywhere throughout the pure stone complex. The inferno spreads cinders and heat through the once cold and dark area. As the man grabs Angela and they both begin to vanish in an instant.

    Angela comes to in a dark place...far worse than where she once was. Fires cover the sky as black mist rises from the ground in all directions. Wails of suffering and screams of terror surround this new unknown place for what seems like miles upon miles. Angela shakes herself into consciousness....and when she finally becomes aware she sees that she's fully naked with nothing but the blood red symbol on her belly remaining. She tries to scream, but nothing comes out. She can't move, anything. She noticed that she was on some kind of gigantic platform with a throne, and sitting on that throne was the mysterious man. Just staring at her. Once he sees that she's awake he rises from his throne and approaches her, psychically stripping himself of all clothes as he continues to walk to her. Angela looks on in pain and torment as she watched this monster control her like a puppet. Tears flow from her red face as her veins pop out to the very limit.


    Man: "You are mine to be, Angela. You will always be mine....the queen of it all."

    A smirk covers his face as his voice becomes significantly deeper and more ominous than ever...as if he was otherwordly.

    Demon: "You just don't know it yet."

    He relieves control of Angela's neck up as she screams absolute screams of terror and fear. They resonate throughout the fiery abyss that was never ending and all-consuming. The man's eyes glow orange-yellow hot once again, as his skin turns pale and the silhouette of his shadow turns into something far sinister to that of a human's......

    Azarath: Present (open)

    -------------------------------------PRESENT TIME-------------------------------
    Location: Azarath, the Astral World.
    Time: Cycle 2014. High Morning.

    I awake from my nightmare and jump up faster than expected. The bright aura of the day shining on my face as I squint my eyes to the luminous sky. Another day in this crazy spiral of a thing called life. I sit up from my slumber and I levitate down onto the floor, my feet hitting the cold golden brick surface paved on the ground. I put on my Azarathian robes and make way out into the palace halls where I can seek to find Azar. I know she'd probably want to hear about this dream I had. I could never keep anything in, especially from her...at least that's what I've been told since birth. Everything felt so...routine. I felt like a puppet at the hands of this world, just going along with the flow of life as the Azar says often. Something I can't argue I suppose, the Azar isn't even really my mother. She took me in when I couldn't even walk...said my mother wasn't fit to raise me because I was 'different'. That I was born extra special and that this was the place that those special people go, but for some reason..it feels like there's more to this life thing. Like I'm more... Time is different here. The mortal plane ages in nature, as Azarath does not, only the spirits in it. Everything's so lucid, so free flowing, yet so restricting; at least for me.

    Hello, Metrion..
    Greetings, Metrion!
    Hollow Eve, Metrion.
    Tidings, Metrion.

    I pass my fellow Azarathians as they bow with their robes concealing their faces. I feel their indifference, their false courtesy...they're fearful of me. It's a bad feeling. A feeling I've gotten used to. I return a gentle nod as I continue to walk towards the main throne. Each of the high council has these pocket dimensions where they dwell as opposed to royal mortal throne rooms. Azar's was a floating garden, some even said the original Garden of Eden. I reach the throne door and I then activate my astral self to go outside my body and travel through the door. It wasn't a physical realm, so I had to access it spiritually always. I enter a gorgeous garden, with the utmost lush plants and trees ever seen by eyes in history. They all radiate light in a star filled sky...except the sky in below the garden along with a full moon. I drift over the grass as I see the Azar kneeling and meditating.


    I kneel beside her as I begin to speak:

    Me: Hello, Azar.
    Azar: I sense the concern in your mind, Metrion. How was your slumber?
    Me: Troublesome. There was death and darkness in my visons...
    Azar: How did you feel?
    Me: I felt despair, sadness...agony. I used my training and balanced them away.
    Azar: Good my dear, lest your abilities consume you and you cause destruct to this realm.

    Azar was the closest figure I had to a mother. She told me my mother of Earth gave me up after birth, that she was a mortal that was inable to properly care and raise me because of how 'special' I was. I never really knew much about her, only that she died shortly after I was taken to Azarath. Azar says that due to my abilities, I have the power to greatly influence the spirit realm, and even cripple the mortal planes if I were to ever lose touch of my emotions. I don't know why I am this way, but I can connect to being's thoughts and feelings ...I can feel everything. Azar teaches me to become outside myself and emotions to be clear in action and thinking. No matter how far I want to push my limit or my curiosity she constantly reminds me that I can never do that. Not ever. I've learned to live with it for 16 cycles now, but the feeling of this burden...to never truly feel anything for myself, to never have an experience of emotion...it consumes me. These abilities...why me? I would do wonders to experience what it's like to just be normal...just for one minute. I close my eyes and meditate for a moment, clearing myself of envy.

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  6. Gotham City, Upper East Side

    Gotham City, it was certainly a bigger playground than Dakota City, and there was a lot more going on. He was happy about the family's decision to move to Gotham, as they could use the change of scenery and a fresh start. All that stuff with Francis back in Dakota City seemed like a lifetime ago now, he had a whole new set of issues to worry about now, except these problems were a lot more entertaining. With their move to Gotham, Virgil had been accepted into Gotham Universities prestigious Science program, and his father and older sister couldn't have been happier. It gave him the opportunity to look into his new found ability in secret, giving him access to A-grade lab equipment that had been purchased thanks to donations by a one Bruce Wayne. The guy must've been loaded, Virgil knew the man had a tower named after him and all but he didn't really know anything other than what he heard in passing or happened to read in a news paper or magazine. He seemed like your typical rich guy to him, too much money yet generous with it, he figured that the guy was just trying to get something, as those with money and power always seemed to only crave more. That aside, he had enjoyed the move and was rather fond of the city, until he found that with a bigger playground came a bigger and badder class of bully. As nice as the city seemed, Gotham was not exempt from the criminal element, and having come into some power that allowed him to do something about it, Virgil had become somewhat of a part-time vigilante. Having lost his mother to a stray bullet during a gang turf war and having to deal with "F-Stop", Virgil had a bit of a bone to pick with those who would try to assert their dominance over the innocent. It was hard at first to figure out a way to really do something about it though, not wanting to be caught by the police or exposed for being different from everyone else. His father had become a trauma therapist and his sister was now doing her internship at Gotham General, his family had a healthy background in trying to help others and better their lives. He was sure that humanity wouldn't take too kindly to a kid who could shoot lightning from his hands or possibly blackout all of Gotham on a whim, and with that in mind, he did most of his vigilant stunts at night.

    He had found through trial and practice that he was basically a walking receiver, tapping into the radio waves, which really helped him get an idea of where to start out his vigilante quests. Tonight Gotham was covered in a light rain, he had finished his studies, talked to both his father and older sister, and was out on the town. The Upper East Side had been on the waves tonight for their drug running, gambling, prostitution rings, and human trafficking. The latter of those was the one that Virgil was most interested in tonight. As he walked the sidewalk, he causually listened to the what was on "Gotham's Late Night Waves".

    "I swear I wasn't with that woman, girl. You know I love yo-"

    "Man, fuck it. It's not like you can fail a piss test from just one hit, right?"

    "Gotham isn't what it use to be like. I swear there are crazies popping up al-"

    "I told Mom I'd come by and see her next week, you should-"

    "I'm telling you there still fresh. Ripe for the picking. Grade-A material, my man. Untouched, in a sense. Virgins go for a high price these days ya know, and we've got ourselves a few. You throw me the right number, and I can make you and your associates very happy men."

    That was the sort of call he was looking for. It had taken him a while to learn how to track down signals, but now he was better than a novice at it, following the call to a nearby warehouse. A warehouse meant that there were likely multiple people if not civilians, so he would have to play this one close. He had made sure to change into what he considered to be his Justice Gear, not wanting to wear anything that would possibly identify him as the culprit in everyday life. Deciding to use the element of surprise, he did a walk around of the warehouse to get a feel for how many men or bodies were inside. Using a weak electromagnetic pulse, he was able to determine that there were 10+ bodies inside, a few were huddled together, which he assumed may be some of the girls that the guy on the phone had been talking about. The thought of these thugs selling young girls to make money was absolutely deplorable, and he planned to put a stop to it. First step, he placed his hand on the side of the warehouse, sensing the electrical wiring of the building. It was weak, but he could still sense it. He sent a surge of power through it, lighting it up like a spotlight briefly before all the lights popped and bathed the warehouse in darkness. The sudden flash of light to darkness had scared everyone inside, illiciting short screams from the girls and curses from the men. The sudden confusion had created an avenue of time for Virgil to slip in through a busted window and make his way out of sight, this way he could get a better look at what was going on before he decided the action to take.

    "The fuck is up the lights here, huh?"

    "The hell I look like, the cable man?"

    "Would you two shut the hell up. Just keep those sluts silent, alright! Last thing we need is someone coming out here or strolling by and thinking they hear something. We're trying to get paid here, right? Don't wanna end up like the others who couldn't pay Falcone now, do ya? So shut yer yaps and watch the merch."

    Falcone. A name that Virgil had come to here a great number of times in his dealings with this sort of people. It was clear that he was a crime lord and the cops even knew his name and where he was. The problem, however, was that the man was good at what he did. He cleaned his tracks well. Virgil was no detective by a long shot, but from what he gathered through eavesdropping was that he had a rather large influence and had his underlings handle his dirty work. The majority of them were quite skilled in their jobs and in the carrying out of their tasks, and those that weren't were tight lipped about their relation to Falcone. He was a major piece in the underbelly of Gotham, one that Virgil hope to never have to run into, as the man seemed about as nightmarish and absurdly cruel as Gotham's boogeyman, Batman, was. A name that he's heard a handful of times in respect to a phantom of some sort that has been taking out baddies for a bit, which had to clearly be some bad guy myth spread by some very gifted storyteller. The interior of the warehouse wasn't anything special; A lot of space and high metal beams, the place had clearly been vacant for some time or at least recently vacated. This would make things quick and easy for him, which was best since he wasn't quite ready to learn if he was able to stop bullets. While it was certainly on his list of things to do, he hadn't gotten the stomach to test that theory out yet. Lights from the street illuminated the inside of the warehouse just enough so that those inside could see one another, and with their eyes adjusting to the darkness, it wasn't too hard to make out what was what. Virgil made his way toward the men, firing a quick bolt of electricity at each before sending a charge into the beam overhead. The initial strikes were weak, as they were simply to charge the men and get them ready for the second part, which was to become best friends with the newly magnetized ceiling that was hungry for the new charge that they carried. The next few seconds looked like a scene from X-files, as the group of would be slavers were lifted off the ground and sucked into the support beam overhead with a *thump*

    "Sorry, guys! As human trafficking is illegal, I'm gonna need you to please remain...bonded to the ceiling for a bit. Don't worry as the GCPD is on their way," Virgil strode over to the girls, who had started screaming from behind a locked in part of the warehouse. It looked like a makeshift dog kennel, the way the girls were locked in this little space. "Ladies, just stay calm, the authorities are one the-," the girls continued to scream. He could understand their fear, it wasn't really normal to see what just happened and have the perpetrator talk to you like everything was going to be okay. The sound of sirens and strobe of red and blue snapped Virgil back to reality, and he hastily made his escape. All the way back to the Gotham University campus where he showered and got ready for bed, feeling a little better that he had done something to change of lives of those in need, whether they knew of his intentions or not.
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  7. Azar: 'You must never indulge on your emotions, Metrion.'
    Me: 'Yes, I know Azar...'
    Azar: '...your birthday approaches. Anything in particular you wish to retrieve?'

    How about being normal? That's what I wished to say. How about stripping me of these burdens that makes it uneasy for me to walk through life. Or....my mother, or father. Father...Azar never really mentioned him whatsoever. The last time I asked about it was a couple of cycles ago in meditation, and Azar suggested that he was as useless as anything in this universe, that he should never be spoken of. So not only may I never meet my mother, nor only may I ever feel any true emotion, I also can't speak of my father...I'm to be a drone in the realm of Azarath. It consumes me, it weighs me, but I can't feel any way about it. Such burden that no one will ever know, except Azar.

    Me: '...A cake would be nice.'
    Azar: 'But of course dear, anything else?'
    I was going to say it.
    Me: 'To see the realm where I came from....Earth?'

    In a split second Azar opens her eyes and looks over to me with deep eyes of piercing. Never in our time of meditation has she ever broken focus. Until now. She arises and walks to a precious tree in the garden and speaks as she rubs the branches.

    Azar: "How long have you been thinking about this?"
    Me: *looking down* "For some time now, Azar."
    Azar: "For what is your reason to impart upon Earth? You have no reason...no cause.."
    Me: "Because it's where I'm from...I've had years of training and honing my senses for events such as this."
    Azar: "The quiz and the test are two separate things, Metrion."
    Me: "Both which I've never failed."

    I've had some shaky moments in my past time. Azar even said when I cried as an infant Azarath shook with earthquakes and violent lightning storms. As a youngling, when I used to get sad or throw a fit things would break or move harshly around me. Azar has taught me to not bottle it, but release it in a balanced way of meditation, that I was a special breed that had enormous power, and in wake of that power I literally had the ability to destroy dimensions lest I succumb to my darker and mortal inhibitions. Ever since, it's been a daily meditation period. Another things that's helped my is my companion Zinthios. Azarath has very rarely seen any animal life since it was created, but Zinthios saved me one day when I was 8 cycles old and has been with me ever since. He's the only being I can fully unwind to and share everything with; even with him being a three eyed black bird. I often chat with him telepathically, and link emotions with him when he's happy so that I may feel joy myself.

    Azar: "Metrion, until you have an absolute understanding and grasp of yourself and abilities, you must remain here."
    Me: *clenching my jaw* "Very well, Azar."

    I get up to leave the domain of the Azar when she looks back and imparts that inevitable knowledge onto me: "Sometimes the shadows reveal themselves, only to mask that there's light."

    I turn around to see that I'm already back in the main halls of the temple. The lush golden bright aura radiating from an unknown source of light. We didn't have a sun as the mortal realm did, just light. I remove my hood as I trek through the palace temple and make my way towards the grand doors opening to the outside environment of Azarath. Again I feel the curiosity and contemplation of my fellow Azarathians as they stare at me from behind with eyes of indifference. Something I'm all too familiar with...

    I open the grand doors to the outside nature of beauty before me. The crystal waters, the souns of waterfalls rushing in the distance, the smell of fresh air and plants. This was an utopia I had to admit, no matter how twisted Azarath was towards me and my "ability". I levitate across the soft, lush blades of grass until I get to the river stream that shows only the most absolute perfect water. The current flows with ease through the rocks and stone objects at the bottom of the river. This was mesmerizing. I close my eyes as a slow breeze runs through my spirit. A sudden sound of a shriek causes my face to involuntarily smile. I knew that shriek. That caw. Zinthios. I look to the sky as I see a black-winged figure soaring at uncanny altitudes. It flies so gracefully, so peacefully until it locks eyes on me from afar. With another shriek, it darts from the sky in extreme haste like a dark missile from the sky. I look on at it with a grin as I read it's emotions: overly joyous. I copy the emotions into my own self, my heart warming and spirit brightening. I reach out my arm as Zinthios spreads its wings and glides onto my forearm, scooting up near my neck and rubbing itself against me.

    Me: *giggles* "Good to see you too, Zinthios."
    I place my feet in the river as the cool, crisp water rushes past them and slightly soothes them.
    Me: "What shall we tamper with today, Zinthios?"

    Zinthios: "CAWW!" *flies to the river and picks up a rock then drops it*
    Me: "Ahh, the rocks huh? That's easy, watch this...."

    I close my eyes and begin to feel the energy of the things around me. The roots in the ground, the flowing water, the rocks the lie at the bottom. I can feel their signature, their vibrance. I sync with that resonance and become one with it as I begin to make the rocks vibrate. Slowly and gracefully I begin to lift up the rocks with my mind as they levitate with peace above the liquid surface. Zinthios caws with anticipation upon the menial show being provided. I smirk as I'm not satisfied with just these small rocks. I dig deeper. I lift up the moderate sized rocks underneath the waters as well, as they join the unseen orbit of objects already floating. I open my eyes to the wonderous sight. I rarely got to exercise my abilities, well the mental ones anyway. This was the closest that I'd get to tapping into these gifts...or curses. I lift them high in the air as they begin a centripetal orbiting motion in the air. Zinthios jumps up and down with excitement as the velocity of the rocks increases more and more. I shape the rocks in the form of a giant hand and I roar while reaching for Zinthios, scaring it a bit as it flutters backwards. I chuckle and then I turn it into a heart. A simulated pulsating, pumping heart...I can get more creative than that. I levitate slightly as I mold the rocks into a copy Zinthios...well I tried. It looked more like the winged animal known as a bat. Zinthios caws and jumps on my shoulder as I bring the presentation of my abilities to an end. I clap my hands together as the rocks all collapse back into the water.

    Me: "How was that, Zinthios? Pretty fun huh?"

    It was sad what my definition of fun was. Not like any of the young inhabitants here would want to play with me. They're all mostly afraid, but at the same time most are still friendly. Theron is the only one to go out of his way to try to make me cheerful. I met him when we were ten cycles old. He was crying over his dying bird and I felt the bird's agony and sadness, as well as his. So, I walked up to the bird, and used my abilities to heal it. However, I took the bird's injuries and was down and out for a day. Ever since, he's been really fond of me. I remain outside playing with Zinthios for hours, staying right in front of the temple palace the entire time. Not many ventured outside, only to see the utopian scenery or to cultivate plants for food and medicine every so often. This was nice. I drifted afloat the air with Zinthios on my chest moving about trying to keep balance. I had lost touch of how far I was up, still my eyes remained shut. Until something broke my attention. The sound of a great horn. No....The Trials of Peace.

    The Trials of Peace happened rarely, but it was an extreme crucible of one's mindstate. Azar would push thoughts in our heads, make us see things that weren't there, all as practice of the spirit, and of the will. I open my eyes to the sky before me, as I begin to drop gracefully throught it. I was higher than anticipated. The temple gets larger and larger as I zoom towards the ground with Zinthios flying right beside me, cawing. I gather my feet and slowly levitate and descend on the grass.

    Me: "Well Zinthios, guess it's time for trials...wait for me in my chambers..."
    Zinthios: *caws, then flys off*

    I place my hood over my head as I begin to walk back towards the temple palace. I open the grand doors back into the temple as hundreds of black robed Azarathians all converge towards the temple courtyard, where the trials take place. I join in the masses of pedestrians as we all uniformly begin to fill the space of the great courtyard. The waters gush from the golden floors as the temple overview can be seen from afar. Such beauty. The entire population forms a large circle arounf the perimeter of the area as we all begin to kneel at once. Many thoughts rush through my mind at this moment. Why now? Was it because of what I said? Was this truly random? I look up into the center of the yard where High Magistrate Coman and Azar enter. Coman is the second-in-command to Azar, and oversees all Trials of Peace to judge who is worthy of the Temple Guild. The Temple Guild is a collection of the highest spiritual people, with tasks divided in three sections: Law, Council, and Preservers. Law members look after and address the oaths and rules of Azarath, and keep a list on all who break them. Council members judge the laws, as well as the people who break them. They also handle special requests by anyone who wishes to do so. Preservers are the protectors of peace and oppose any violence of confrontations. Coman runs the Temple Guild also.


    High Magistrate Coman: "Welcome, my people, to yet another Trial of Peace. We have came so far in our quest from evil, and now we will practice the pacifist way by stretching our spirits. I'm proud of each and every one of you, as we have had NO laws or incidents broken in the recent times. May your inner light continue to guide you thoroughly. Now! Let our leader commence the trials!"

    Azarathians: "HUO!!"

    Azar then sits then levitates into the air, in the center of us all. We close our eyes in droves as the Azar then uses her spiritual power to sync all of our minds together into the same pocket dimension. The courtyard transforms into an all black abyss. We all remain floating, as we levitate from the now vanished ground. With my eyes closed, I project my astral self from my body and I begin to look around. No one. Just me. Alone. I knew they were with me, but when we venture off into our own tether, then everything else gets excluded. I only see my body, levitating and eyes closed. It's amazing how Azar could send different telepathic communications to multiple people simultaneously. The amount of energy and concentration....impeccable. A winding road then appears before me, leading deeper into the darkness. I follow carefully as the road gradually curves more and more uphill as I walk. Echoes of a baby crying hits my ears hard. I sway my head searching for the sound...what was it? WHO was it? It was everywhere...I continue to walk up the path as my calves begin to strain as I walk. My feet feels shaky against the stone road in the middle of darkness. The road begins to vibrate harshly as I crouch to keep my center of balance. Rocks and pebbles fall from beneath me as I levitate and keep myself up, the road now breaking apart into an asteroid belt made of rocks and pebbles. I drift cautiously through the belt moving the stones with my hands.

    Azar: 'Metrion....you can never leave. You can never be anything other than what you are now: nothing.'

    I continue to drift, looking for Azar. Nothing. Her words resonate in my head, and I start to feel the cold distant sting of what I already knew. The truth. These trials were all the same. Words of how I can never experience anything, and be nothing. What really made them hard was that they were true....but I've started to get used to it. I'm stronger now, I had to show my strength to the Azar. I use my telekinesis to adjoin the many stones back together and continue to walk forward. I felt a surge of confidence. The road begins to level out as I make my way towards more darkness. Now I see dozens of robed Azarathians lined up on both sides of me. They're snickering and looking fearful. Soon it increases to them pointing and casting me out like I'm some evil entity. The road shakes again, but I use my focus to keep it joined. I use my telempathy to project my feelings of indifference and burden onto them, making the numerous robed citizens quell their words and actions, and simply remain staring at me. I begin to speed up my walk as I rush down the stone road. I've never felt this amount of momentum in the Trials. Ever. I'd gotten considerably stronger in spirit.

    Azar: 'You will forever be here, Metrion. You must never venture outside your inner self...you will destroy worlds. You are powerful, but you are weak. You do not belong, but you MUST belong.'

    The road then breaks from underneath me, as I aptly use my abilities to stay afloat in the void of pitch black.

    Azar: 'You are a mistake, your parents abandoned you. Your own flesh and blood wanted nothing to do with you...they tossed you aside as if you were nothing but a rock in the sand. You have nothing. No one. You are a foreigner in a strange land. Lost, like you are now.'

    The words ring in my head and begin to bring forth a slight bit of sadness, but I knew it was a test. I had grown too much and come to far to let those words influence me. I knew they were true, and that they would forever be my burden, but right here, right now, I had control of who I am and the power to control the situation.

    Me: 'You're wrong Azar, I have you. You took me in, and I'm grateful. You care, just like you care enough now to push my spiritual strength to better ensure I'm responsible.'

    Azar: 'Is that what you think? I had no other choice! I couldn't let you destroy the planes of reality! We took you in for the safety of the realms, NOT for sentiment. YOU. ARE. A. MONSTER. You don't realize it and can't realize it because if you do, you will kill. You will destroy. Your emotions are dark and wicked, Metrion. As are you.'

    The words resonate heavier this time, but I can still ward off the harsh words of the Azar. Suddenly I feel emotions of isolation, despair, lonliness. More cries echo through the dark plane, but this time it was a woman not a baby. Who was it? Was that me? No, .........mother!? I swing my head around as I think through the emotions eating at me. If I can find the Azar, I can counter her telempathy. But nothing. I didn't know what else to do....this was tricky. The Azar didn't let up. It was like she was bringing my greatest insecurities out before me. The woman kept screaming my name. Loudly. It kept pounding in my head, like a screeching that wouldn't stop. I close my eyes and try to resist.

    Woman: 'METRION!!! METRION!!!! METRION!!!!!'

    Post: Gotham City (open)


    The still of a gray and forebearing night emitted the presence of despair through the dark air. Sirens and chatters of voices resound through the area as Gotham PD detain and arrest a few men in black clad leather wear and push them into the back of squad cars. EMS arrives on scene to tend to the female victims who were still crying and screaming inaudible words and phrases. Crisp smoke of pollution and dry oxygen leaves the mouths of the population on the streets below. Someone, or something was watching from above. It stood in absolution, perfectly still, yet calculating and analyzing. A dark figure amongst the dark figures. It listened in on one of the men below speaking in anger and mild fear, as the female victims were being safely transported to the Gotham Police Department as well.

    Criminal: "It was the Freak!!! I'm telling you! It was him! The Batm--"

    The cop shoves his head inside the car and shuts the door. The figure remains unmoved to the calamity below. It listens in from conversation to conversation...honing its aptitude to deduce what happened here tonight. Was he really here? It really here? Was it the workings of another force? Benevolent or criminal? It...he didn't know, but he'd find out. And when he did, matters would be taken to how he deemed fit. The chase would begin.

    Female Victim: *sniffle* "I...we were in there and then it all went dark. I couldn't see anything...and then there was this...flash...and the men were lifted off the ground into the ceiling! Something helped us...he talked to me, I couldn't see him..."

    Criminal: "You guys have bigger problems than us if that freak is back! I felt a jolt like I never felt before and then....I come to on the ceiling! You cops can't stop us, what makes you think you can stop him?? You think you have this city under control!?"

    Cop to cop: "Man...shit gets crazier and crazier...Johnny Denetto said they'd be here, but how did someone beat us to the punch? Someone was already here....it had to be...him..right? Call Commish...tell him we have the situation secured."

    In one fair motion, the dark figure was no more. He was lost to the night, the non-existent now invisible to Gotham. An officer looks up to the building roof across from the warehouse, to see nothing but a brightly lit moon scaping the background.

    The Next Day.

    The rain falls with heavy prejudice as the people on the streets scatter about like rodents. The traffic is backed up around primetime as usual. Beeping horns and cursing Gothamians collide with each other as the dark and loomy day presses on. One woman runs about the sidewalk in the utmost haste as she covers her head from the barrage of precipitation above her. Her umbrella thumps the rain off as she runs into the Gotham Public Library in her blood red heels and retracts her umbrella. Her heels click against the hard pressed floor as she unbuttons her trench coat and smiles at the librarian as they instantly recognize each other. The woman briskly walks to an isolated table and sits down where the librarian brings her routine book of the day.

    Librarian: "Here you are dear, quite the weather outside ehh?"

    Woman: "Tell me about it, thanks Mrs. Connors."

    Librarian: "Anytime dear, no one ever reads from the religion section anymore these days anyways...always warms my heart to see someone with some faith. [smiles]"

    The woman simply returns a smile as she opens the book and begins to read from where she left off last time. The title of the book was stated: 'Religion, Concept or Practice?' She raises her eyes through the library to see if there was anyone out of the ordinary or suspicious. No one she could see at least. She digs back into her book and begins researching. She was that much closer to the truth. A very important truth. She skims the book with her fingers as she zooms in on a particular symbol, it appeared much like a red diamond-shaped ruby. Her breath stops cold at the realizing fact of this icon. She couldn't forget the image even if she wanted to. She had seen it many many years ago....and now she was face to face with yet another lead. She was getting closer to them. To her.


    Gotham University.

    Man: "The fact is....liberty is meaningless unless you have the constant need to be free, to be released from something threatening, depowering, gripping. Liberty and loss are best friends in this cold, gray world. And I'm sure that if you're a native of Gotham you understand that wholeheartedly. Heck...to the students here now that's been in Gotham for whatever amount of time...I'm sure you hear the news. The stories. Crime is a very surreal thing....and you never think to care about it until it's in your face, your neighborhood...your home..."

    A very clean suited man with the business like posture of a Fortune 500 CEO stands tall and stout upon a podium addressing an auditorium full of Gotham University students. He smiles with a serious undertone, and fixes his tie as he looks out among the waves of young adults. So young, so focused on school, sex, and parties. They don't know the world for what it is....for what it really is. The man eyes them with envy yet pity. This world could eat them up and spit them out at any moment if it so chose to do so. A large screen above him shows his picture and credentials as a guest speaker for a seminar in the university's main auditorium. His name was Adrian Chase, a District Attorney for Metropolis, the neighboring city across the bay from Gotham.

    Adrian Chase: "I implore you all to consider the ramifications of crime...any crime you wish. Now, think about if that crime happened to you? You have to be able to place that empathy into any and every situation. THAT'S how we start to fight against something that's unbeatable, by stepping outside of the world's conformities and adhering to a higher cause....obviously I'm not talking about becoming a Batman or anything ahaha..."

    Laughter spreads through the classroom.

    Adrian Chase: "But...if you knew for a fact that you could save a life, stop someone's special property from being taken...prevent disasters....why wouldn't you? That's why I do what I do...I fight the system from the inside, for the people, to the people. Many of you didn't have to come to this seminar, but you're here for a reason. Because you seek something more, you hunger for a knowledge no one else cares to contemplate. For that I say you're all special, but how special is up to you. Now obviously we're here to talk about the idea of operating outside the law for any reason...vigilantism. So....ask away on any question, concern, law, what have you on stopping mercenaries, vigilantes, and even boogeymen like The Bat haha."

    A flood of students raise their hands, Chase eyeing the crowd on who to pick next.

  8. Virgil attended all his classes, being sure to take the proper notes and even write down a few questions of his own that he would go searching for later. While he was certainly active in his vigilantism, he was still a student at Gotham University, and he couldn't allow his need to protect be outweighed by the responsibility he felt toward his future. After all, you couldn't be a full-time hero, that would be ridiculous. You needed to have your head on straight and actually have a career, vigilante business had to be dealt with after hours or when it came straight to you. The thought of only being able to help those in need at night made Virgil feel a bit uneasy, as he couldn't help but think of those that needed saving or help during the day that he would miss because he was busy doing a project or homework. Was schooling really more important than a human life? He wagered that it was not, but at the same time was it realistic to even think that someone could solely dedicate themselves to the needs of others without some sort of safety net in place. It seemed like quite the impractical endeavor to strive to be nothing more than a defender of the weak and peace keeper, which is how Virgil went about thinking about the situation. The police were the ones responsible for the safety of the people of Gotham, he was simply a secondary force that acted outside of their rules and jurisdiction.

    Virgil's favorite time of the day was when he had a large gap between his second to last class and last class of the day, having chosen to have his schedule as such that he was done for the day before 2pm. He would use this time to go to the labs and doing some studying, for both his classes and of himself. It was during one of these sessions that he figured out that his blood salt levels were thorugh the roof, which made a great deal of sense to him. With his power being electrically based, he'd need to have a high concentration of electrolytes in his sytem, since they are an important part of the process. Electrolytes being important because they are what the bodie's cells use to maintain voltage across the cell membrane and carry electrical impulses across themselves and to other cells. In the lab, which one needed a keycard to acess, Virgil was essentially left to his own devices for a time, as nobody used the labs this early in the day. Today, his focus was homework, and taking reviewing his notes on what it was that he found he was capable of, looking for room for improvement and breakthorughs in his abilities. With his books splayed out before him, going through his notes and doing further research on his studies, he recalled the flyer he had pulled from the wall of one of the boards ealier that morning. It was advertising a seminar that was taking place today, and the topic was quite the interesting one, vigilantism. He knew that it would be worth going to, as he was curious if this was going to be a lecture of the dangers of such actions.

    He had been quite wrong about the seminar. Adrian Chase seemed to be advocating such actions. Now, while it was true that you were likely to over look or turn a blind eye toward crimes until they hit you close to home, he wasn't exactly sure that Mr. Chase should be encouraging people to attempt to take matters into their own hands. While Virgil believed that people should certainly be more weary of their surroundings and do more, he wasn't sure that he would recommend such actions, knowing how dangerous things could possibly get. However, he couldn't really fault the man either, Mr. Chase seemed to be passionate about making Gotham a safer place. It seemed a little naïve to think that just because someone felt or thought that they could stop a crime that they should, but then again, Virgil was thinking from the standpoint of having a gift that others didn't. With a mindset like his, he was essentially saying that the police should disband since that weren't like himself, but he found it hard not to think in that mindset. The man's words weren't wrong, and judging from the crowd he had drawn and the looks on some of the student's faces, Virgil could tell that this man was having an impact on those that listened.

    As it came to Q&A time, Virgil raised his hand, and was rewarded after a few moments by being selected. "I have a few questions. When considering the ramifications of a crime, say a bank robbery, would you recommend that someone attempt to take down a would-be robber who would stealing the precious property of people who've worked and slaved away to make that money, because on the opposite end of stepping in to a dangerous situation would be making it even worse. On the subject of acting outside the line of the law, where does it go from being helpful to the police to vigilante behavior becoming an issue? Will the police simply accept that there is an unknown person or persons doing the jobs they're meant to do without any oversight and with their own set of rules and morals that aren't governed or controlled by a higher authority aside from the vigilante's conscious. While the idea of vigilantism is certainly a pleasant idea, don't you think that the practice of such a thing might slowly lead to chaos on a scale that would become more prevalent than the crime already plaguing the streets of Gotham. Operating outside the law automatically puts you on the wrong side of the cops, and at what point do they begin to see you as no different than the criminals that you are trying to stop?"

    The questions he posed were some that he, himself, wanted answered by someone else other than himself. He figured that his vigilante behavior was only acceptable because his identity was concealed and he also didn't kill any of the men that he had brought down. However, could other be trusted to make the same calls he did, especially those that don't have powers the way that he does? When will the time come where the cops get tired of the bad guys getting strung up by some force they never see and only hear about, and decide that they unknown entity is a bigger threat than the actual criminals. It seemed that vigilantism was a high-wire act that constantly and violently swayed between the extremes of being helpful and being disasterous. Virgil felt that as long as every encounter ended with no injury or grievous injury to an innocent party, interference by a party other than the police would be appreciated. But what happens when you come across a situation in which drastic measures have to be taken? What happens when it comes down to making a choice between the life of a criminal and the life of an innocent woman, man, or child? While the answer seems obvious, wouldn't the result of making that choice put you on the policec's radar? Where you just suppose to accept that you would have to work against those who want to keep the city safe as you also try to keep the city safe? Was it a superiority complex to think that you knew better than the police, was it hubrous? Or was it simply that you had to fully commit yourself to what you were trying to do, and that vigilantism wasn't something that someone could do as a past time or do like a part-time job? Virgil awaited Adrain Chase's response, curious as to what a successful man would have to say about his questions, and perhaps he could illuminate Virgil and dispel some of his fears and doubts.
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  9. Gotham: A. Chase (open)


    Mr. Adrian Chase looks around the room, pondering on which of his students in the lecture he'd choose first. He scans the room carefully with a trained eye that would be looked over to the untrained eye. His sharp stare almost like a sword peering into the youth and hopeful crowds. He scans the waves of students, as many a young adults shoot their hands up, but there's one hand his peripheral catches. There was one hand that didn't shoot up so similarly, in fact it was slow and calculating. Hesitant...or maybe it was consideration. Either way, Chase looked at the dread headed student with a underlying respect and intrigue. He calls on the young man.

    Student: "I have a few questions. When considering the ramifications of a crime, say a bank robbery, would you recommend that someone attempt to take down a would-be robber who would stealing the precious property of people who've worked and slaved away to make that money, because on the opposite end of stepping in to a dangerous situation would be making it even worse. On the subject of acting outside the line of the law, where does it go from being helpful to the police to vigilante behavior becoming an issue? Will the police simply accept that there is an unknown person or persons doing the jobs they're meant to do without any oversight and with their own set of rules and morals that aren't governed or controlled by a higher authority aside from the vigilante's conscious. While the idea of vigilantism is certainly a pleasant idea, don't you think that the practice of such a thing might slowly lead to chaos on a scale that would become more prevalent than the crime already plaguing the streets of Gotham. Operating outside the law automatically puts you on the wrong side of the cops, and at what point do they begin to see you as no different than the criminals that you are trying to stop?"

    Adrian Chase chuckles and folds his arms at the students' question. He nods his head in assurement and keeps the same respectful look as the young man talks and voices his concerns all the way through. The other students in a lecture are genuine interested in the answers asked by the dark skin, chapping young fellow. They all look at him, and then back to Chase waiting for the answers.

    Adrian Chase: "Well sir, to answer the first question, I can obviously tell you're not from around here haha. Your accent, your attire, and your stance on the question. Of course I'm not telling anyone to just jump in a robbery or even try to stop gang warfare on their own. I could see how I cam off as a bit 'radical', but I assure you I don't mean so extreme. I'm simply saying instead of watching like a bystander, maybe call the police, heck if you see them drive up to teh bank and get out, slash their tires once they're inside so that when they come out they're as good as caught. You never have to intervene directly, in fact not doing anything at all is ironically directly intervening to do nothing. We can all be our own Batman in a way...now, to your next question...the defining law between a dutiful citizen and a vigilante is that vigilantes break and operate around the law. That robbery example....a citizen can indeed call the cops, but a vigilante would slash his tires technically because that's harmful to property that isn't theirs, BUT the difference is the morality behind it and the greater good, as opposed to the common term of vigilante today which associates with trespassing, and theft to return to the poor....murder those sorts of things. It's only when those more extreme laws get tampered with is it troublesome. Unless you're a reporter..."

    The room laughs.

    Adrian: "As far as police accepting the idea of vigilantes and being worried about them operating with their own set of code and law, I mean...isn't that what we choose to do everyday? When you college kids party knowing drinking under 21 is illegal, yet it's a normal in college just as much as going to class? When a criminal decides he wants to steal...for his family, or for greed, it's still him choosing to do what he wants. The police have been accepting it for decades now, the only difference is vigilantes are making their work publicly known, and taking all the rap for it. The Bat has been in Gotham for nearly 20 years some experts have speculated...now you mean to tell me there's not ONE person in that time who may have known or found out his identity? Wanted to arrest or charge him? Yet he still remains among the shadows as a myth, a darktime story. If he is real....the the police have surely known about him for a while. And for your last question...."

    Chase thinks long before answering. The world waited on his answer, both students and press alike taking massive notes from his discussion.

    Chase: "The idea of vigilantism becoming to the point of widespread chaos and in a situation where they will dominate the power of law enforcement will never happen. That's why we have the government. The FBI, The CIA, ARGUS....they were made for those very scenarios/ Military intervention is also a viable example as well. Vigilantism will never become more prevalent than crime, because the truth people, is that vigilantism IS crime. One in the same. Police will handle it all as it comes, but...the silver lining is the difference in code. Did they steal from a billionaire shark profiting from the poor? Did they assault a crime lord for human trafficking? Or are they the scum who rape and murder or brothers and sisters? That, sir...is the difference. You're right, it does automatically put you on the wrong side of the cops, but what about the side of the public when you stop that rapist? When you give that money back to the poor?....what about the side of the person you saved? That's something law enforcement can never regulate: loyalty. The human spirit. From that, I'm not saying I'm for vigilantism, but when it comes down to doing what's right for the good of men? Can we really complain? Especially when we have people like Digger Harkness out there? Thank you."

    The room applauds as Chase nods his head in respect to the learning crowd. He keeps his eyes on the young man for a while, as he takes his seat with a newfound look in his eyes it seemed like. Adrian would go on to answer the stillness in the air, the silence of mouths but the bustling of arms in the air. But every one after wouldn't interest him like the first young man's. After the multitude of questions, Adrian Chase looks over to his side of the stage to see his assistant, Thereza pointing to her watch, as he looks back at the auditorium and concludes.

    Adrian Chase: "Thank you for your time, may you all have a wonderful step forward in life, and you will always do what's right."

    The room claps again as Mr. Chase smiles and waves as he leaves the stage. He and Thereza leave the stage and head back towards the class areas to head into the hallways to exit the building.

    Chase: "How'd I do?"
    Thereza: "Definitely interesting. You're going to hit those poor suckers right in their psychology."
    Chase: "Good."
    Thereza: "Oh! Found that information you were looking for."

    She hands him a folder or a mugshot of a GCPD inmate, named Johnny Denetto aka Stitches. He was arrested for embezzling and possession. Chase looks at his information and some reports of him working in the Gotham Underground as opposed to him just being a common criminal. Chase scans every detail, just like he did in that auditorium. He reads and stores the information within his mind.

    Chase: "When we get back I'll start to run some diagnostic patterns, I think I may know what's going on."

    Thereza and the DA Chase walk happily and in tandem from the building, as students walk by that attended the meeting, thanking him and shaking his hand for an interesting lecture.

    Gotham City


    The woman reads the fine print of the book for hours on end, and even into the night as rain still flickers outside in the hot and humid dark city. She focuses in on the symbol that she has seen so vivid in her head all too many times in her life. That was the symbol...the sign, the one that started it all. Her heart drops at the mere sight and realization of her discovery. She reads on in the text as she recites the words that have been scripted in the ancient-looking n religion and practices. She reads aloud as her fingers skim under the words.

    Woman: "Chakras are energy points or nodes in the subtle body. Chakras are part of the subtle body, or the state of one's mind-emotional spectrum, not the physical body, and as such are the meeting points of the subtle (non-physical) energy channels called nadiis. Nadiis are channels in the subtle body through which the life force (prana, chi) (non-physical) or vital energy (non-physical) moves. Various scriptural texts and teachings present a different number of chakras, but the red rooted chakra is to be considered the most important. There are many chakras in the subtle human body according to the tantric texts, but there are seven chakras that are considered to be the most important ones. Finally, colors and gems can help bring a chakra into balance. The root chakra’s color is red. Gemstones for the first chakra include garnet, red jasper, black tourmaline, and bloodstone. You can place the gemstone on the area of the chakra while lying down to help open and align it. Some cultures and religions practice this as a rite or custom, considered to be deeply spiritual and strive to consider mastery over the complete state of spirituality and mind-emotional balance."

    The woman flashes back to the past as the sorrow in her heart creeps upon her like a silent snake. She raises up and checks the book out, going up to the counter as Mrs. Connors the librarian smiles and widens her eyes in surprise at the revelation.
    Mrs. Connors: "Oh! You finally checking out? Five years here and this is your first time...must be special. I feel so honored haha"
    Woman: "Haha oh Mrs. Connors, you are too much, but yes...I finally found something that caught my eye. Thanks, you have a good one."
    Mrs. Connors: "Same to you sweetheart :]"

    The woman leaves the library as she runs out into the barrage of rainfall once more. She continuously looks around in the dense and smoky area to see anyone out of the ordinary. It was Gotham, everyone was out of the ordinary. She hails a taxi for several blocks to a series of apartment complexes in the midtown of Gotham. She exits while paying her fee, and continues up the stone steps and into the building. After arriving to her floor and room, she unlocks the door and enters with a sigh of relief, immediately opening the book again and reading its texts from where she left off. The red symbol, the chakra, the blood diamond, it was all coming back to her. It had never left to begin with. That knowledge burned and seared into her memories and soul like a brand. She read for more hours. And more. More. The rain had stopped and it was well into the middle of the night. Her eyes grow weary and body comes with yawns as her flickering eyes scan the text page by page. 18 years. A full adulthood of life wondering and hiding from the truth, slowly discovering its secrets and the ties that come along with it. Hiding in plain sight, but as a shadow. A life unfulfilled and encased in misery, sorrow, and despair. A shelled life of emptiness and nothingness. Dark nights and long days, in what seemed like a long dream of going through the motions as a puppet in life's strings. 18 years of that reality. Finally, she was beginning to get close. Her head falls upon the book as her eyes close and drifts off.


    I grunt and struggle in resistance as I can feel myself giving in. How?? I was just doing well, and ok at that! Just like that, the tables have turned....maybe that was the lesson here. Yes, it HAS to be! I had to find harmony in my loneliness, easier said than done. The screaming made it difficult, but I had to learn to focus. I think about Azar, how she took me in....then I think about her harsh words on why she did. Did she mean it or was it a test? She planned this, ugh. She knew I'd resort to these thoughts, she was one step ahead. I was losing myself spiritually, I had to get back. I got it....I found a way. Azar can only project thoughts and illusions, but I can project emotion. I dig deep and take my sense of gratitude I have for the Azar and project it through the entire void. This was my inner self, I had control.

    Me: 'No matter what you do, Azar....I am still grateful...'

    I didn't mean it as much. I had to admit, the words and feelings have altered my perspective a bit, but no enough for me to give in. That's the true meaning of strength: being able to bend and be bent, without breaking. I open my eyes to see black still, but this time I decide to do the unthinkable. Azar would never expect me to rebel; she's always seen me as this obedient and willing follower....but I have honed my skills in the darkness. At least to a small degree. She absolutely opposes me using my extranormal abilities, well let's see how resolute she can be. I clench my fists as my eyes glow an intense deep violet color. My hair begins to transmute into a dark purple, and my sclera turns dark as the void I'm in. I had tapped into these emotions of isolation, but not past the point of extreme emotion. I concentrate my energies as the entire realm begins to shake as dark mist eminates from my body.

    Azar: 'Metrion! Cease!'
    Me: 'I.....am....stronger than you know, Azar. This isn't about emotion, it's about will.'

    The dark mist forms constructs of things I see positive in my life: Zinthios, Azar, Water, a diamond...representing balance. I begin to shoot the mist throughout the void, as it travels everywhere and nowhere. Back in the reality plane of Azarath, all denizens remain meditated. I float indian-style, but I was different. My hair was purple. My eyes were black and violet, and dark mist began to resonate around my aura. High Magistrate Coman looks as his eyes widen at the gripping sight, even though I was in a meditative state, he was shocked all the same. The Azar opens her eyes and looks at me through the courtyard, seeing the use of my abilities.

    Azar: 'Metrion, cease your powers at ONCE!'
    Me: 'I....am still grateful to you...Azar....'

    The mist begins to grow larger and larger, it starts to orbit around my body. As long as I kept it under control, I would be alright.

    High Magistrate Coman: "STOP! [slams staff to the ground]"

    I open my eyes in surprise, as does the other denizens. My hair returns back dark brown, and my eyes return to their golden color. I felt a bit of concern. What would the Azar and High Magistrate do with me now? I was to never display my abilities or use them, but technically I never did since we were meditating. Both look at me with sharp eyes, as the robed citizens open their eyes and lift their heads to the center of the courtyard.

    High Magistrate Coman: "The Trials...are over."

    A great horn sounds off through all of Azarath. Trials of Peace are over. All of the people descend from their spiritual highs and begin to rise from their positions and go on about their day. I stand up, still feeling the emotional toll of the past hour. Hour? It seemed like only moments. Everyday I fought these emotions, so that I don't get consumed into intense feelings. I showed them what I was capable of, my spiritual strength. The Azar descends from levitation and looks at me with countenance. I guess it was a trial...but did she have to go that far? Did I? Sometimes I wanted to just be isolated from it all...but I knew nothing would be solved if I did so. I begin walking away to my room as I hear Theron calling to me from behind. He was dressed in his robes, that I've heard our wardrobe would be very unconventional to the mortal realm, but I rather liked our clothing here.


    Theron: "Hey Metrion!!" *runs up*
    Me: "Hello, Theron.."
    Theron: "I almost lost my way in the trial...thought Azar was going to banish me to confinement..."
    Me: "Heh..."
    Theron: "So hey I was thinking that we trek the hills, go enjoy the beauty."
    Me: "I'm kind of drained, I just wish to relax."
    Theron: "Oh...very well, shall I escort you to your chambers?"
    Me: "I'm fine Theron."
    Theron: "Alright then, well if you wish to convene then just summon me" *smiles*
    Me: "I'll do that, yes."

    Theron then splits off into the reaches of the castle as I climb the gold-ivory steps up towards the upper levels where my room resides, as Azarathians greet and praise me on my way up.

    [Very well, Metrion.....Greetings....Well done, dear child....Hello Metrion, stellar focus today...]


    One voice stands out from all the rest, a loud, reaching, annoying voice that I really did not want to hear: Juris. Juris always lived to detest and belittle me at every chance he was granted. A part of me analyzed that it was a result of fear, that maybe he was afraid of who I was and voiced his as well as the others' REAL feelings towards me. The sight of Juris climbing the stairs to meet me caused my blood to heat. I was already on edge.



    Juris: "Metrion Metrion Metrion.....you never cease to amaze.."
    Me: "Juris....you never cease to say things no one cares of..."
    Juris: "Speak for yourself, outcast....you almost destroyed us all back there...what? You thought that people would not talk of it? And you expect us to adorn you?"
    Me: "By us I'm assuming you mean you, since you're always all alone. Is this an affection thing? Projecting your feelings of interest on me through discrimination and sullied words? It's not that attractive."
    Juris: "Hah!! Funny Metrion...I'd no sooner court you than I would run myself through."
    Me: "Then you have no reason to keep badgering me with ineffective banterings of an infant. Good day." *walks off*
    Juris: "Good day freak, I'm sure your mother would be so proud." *smirks*

    I stop in my tracks. My blood involuntarily boiled at that moment. My heart intensified with feelings of temptation and slight anger. I could feel him smiling from behind me, waiting for me to make a wrong move so that I may be outcasted by Azar. I was sick. Sick of tolerating the looks. Sick of tolerating these harsh words. Sick of being viewed as if I'm a dangerous animal in a cage full of harmless fawn. I turn around and glare at Juris, as I push a thought into his head, before walking away up the stairs to my chambers.

    Juris: "HARK! EVERYONE!!!" *climbs to the top of the stairs and yells* " I HEREBY PROFESS MY LOVE TO METRION!!!! I LOVE HER!!!"
    Me: *turns around and walks up the 2nd flight of stairs with a smirk*
    Juris: *regains consciousness, stands there confused as Azarath stares at him in bewilderment*

    Once I reach my chambers, I open the door as Zinthios sits at the window pane. He caws at my entrance as I plop on my velvet silk sheets. Zinthios then flies on my chest and stares at me, I think he senses my stress. We developed an extreme bond over out time together here in Azarath. I levitate from the bed as I close my eyes and just let my mind drift. Mother, Azar, Theron, Azarath, Love, Peace, Father, Outcast..... I've never been outside of Azarath, and I wished to go so bad. I wanted to see where I truly come from. How outcasted I really was. I rub Zinthios gently as I stare into the sky, letting my mind wander and emotions clear.

    Azar: *telepathically* 'Metrion, you have prevailed, my apologies for pushing those dire words and thoughts to you, but I knew you were ready.'

    I ignore the Azar and continue to float. I look out the window at the clear, azure, blue sky and wonder of the ways of Earth. About my mother, about my father. About everything. I had endured so much, but now it was starting to take its toll on me. I pull out my necklace with the red diamond on it...The Chakra. A center for my abilities and what helps me focus when I use them. It was a gift from the Azar on my 8th birthday, kept it ever since. What she didn't know was that I harnessed the crystal with some of the Azar's magic. I enchanted it with a spell from her great book.

    Azar: 'Metrion...I know you hear my thoughts...respond.'

    I just wanted to go away. From all of this. I think I was depressed, it was the only emotion that made sense. It felt so saddening, but so consuming. Before I know it a knock on my door hits, as Zinthios caws away. I knew it was her. Azar enters as she looks at me with eyes of emotion this time...must be nice.

    Azar: "Tell me what's wrong, Metrion."
    Me: *stares out the window* "Nothing."
    Azar: "I know that's false, is this about the trials?"
    Me: .........
    Azar: "You know, Metrion...I would never test you against things if I didn't believe you were ready."
    Me: "Which is why you were afraid when I used my abilites, and I had them under control..."
    Azar: "You think your abilities are meant to control? No, they're meant to consume you...one use and more and more you will be enticed to practice them."
    Me: "What's wrong with that? Better I practice and hone them as opposed to having outbursts I can't handle."
    Azar: "Tis never that simple.."
    Me: "It is that simple. You just .....you are afraid that I'll become some destroyer of worlds when really by keeping me confined and treated like nothing by all these citizens it's making me more emotional, and I'm supposed to just 'clear it' from my heart?"

    This was the first time I rebuttled against Azar in a long time. It did nothing but stir my emotions more.

    Azar: "The people of Azarath have accepted you for who you are."
    Me: "No, you THINK they have, but you can read emotions like I can. I feel their fear, their indifference, their scrutiny. They all are waiting for me to explode, just like you are."
    Azar: "You let your thoughts blind you, I don't wait for you to explode...I wait for you to realize the day your abilities aren't for controlling, but for consuming."
    Me: "A little late for that...I've been using them since I was a childling and yet here I am still not destroying a realm. You don't wish to help me control my emotion, you wish for me not to ever have any realization that my abilities can be used for my will. You want to control ME. You and the rest of Azarath!"

    A small wind generates at my rising emotion. I immediately calm down and cease levitation.

    Me: "....I'm glad you took me in. I will always be. But if the cost is being a puppet, and never knowing who I really am and not having a full life then who's really the monster? Me? Or a society that keeps a being unwillfully prisoned being in spirit and emotion, stripping them of their sense of free will?"

    The Azar stood quiet for a moment as I look out the window once more. I had pride in myself. I felt better, but now I knew that this utopia was just a mask for the place of confinement it really was. I heard the door close behind me. She left, without any words of insight. Strange, first time that's happened. Zinthios flies on my shoulder and rubs its head against my cheek to cheer me up.
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    Virgil had been very pleased with the answer he received to his questions, it had certainly illuminated a few concerns that he had. He was no doubt on the side of the people and he had to accept that he was automatically at odds with the law, and at the same time that he should try to be a bit more vigilant. Sure, it was enough to peruse the streets at night and use the cover of darkness to hide his abilities and fight back against the injustice within the city, but he wondered how he would be able to do something if an incident went down in broad daylight. He knew that he would most certainly move to act if an incident arose around him, but he worried that his need to keep his abilities a secret would become compromised. The last thing he needed was his abilities to go public and for his identity to be revealed, figuring that living his life would become a little more complicated if that were to happen. As the seminar came to a close, Virgil made his way from the auditorium out on to the campus grounds, having already packed his change of clothes in his bag earlier. This evening would be more of an experiment than the usual vigilante business, as he was still trying to find his limits. Tonight's agenda was to see just how much energy he could absorb at one time, and what better way to do that than making a stop by Gotham Electric. If all went as planned, he'd be in and out with some new insight and a better understanding. He hadn't really been pushing his powers to any real limit, as he was first more curious as to all the aspects of his abilities. It was important to understand the applications, but he also needed to know how far he was able to take things. He knew that he stored the energy he absorbed, but tonight he'd test just how much energy he could store. It was obvious that he could go around and drain the power from various sources around the city to get the desired result, but that would take too long and was an inefficient way to go about things. He would go straight to the source and see just how much he could drain...within reason, knowing that he was likely to spark a blackout. As he was making his way through the quad, thinking back on what Mr. Chase had said, he heard an all too familiar voice calling after him.

    [​IMG]Amelia Hammond, his lab partner, and close forced bff. She had seemingly attached herself to him since they had met, and although he didn't really mind her company, she had a tendency to pry too much. She was both good-looking and sharp-minded, the type that it was best not to have around a lot when you harbored a secret as big as Virgil's. He turned to see her waving him down as she jogged to catch up to him. She came from money, although she never disclosed where or how her family made it's money, it was apparent that she had it. They had been partnered up for an assignment once, and ever since then she had seemed to constantly find a way to put herself in whatever he was doing.

    Amelia: Hey! Those were some pretty good questions, I was a bit surprised to find out that you were in there though? Vigilantism doesn't exactly permeate off you, you know?
    The irony of the statement wasn't lost on me and I simply smiled at her. That was a pretty cool seminar though, right? So, where were you off to? I tried to find you last night, but your roommate said you hadn't been back to the room since the evening.

    Virgil: Well, Mr. Chase had some interesting points and I was just curious as to what he meant exactly. With all the crime in Gotham, I was just curious to the ramification of walking outside the law, forgetting that sometimes it's necessary to do wrong to make things better. You know, the whole “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Just interested in the other side of Gotham that we seem to ignore.

    Amelia: I see what you mean, but don't try to avoid my other question. Where are you off to?

    It was a bit too late to get rid of her now, since she had already found him and he knew that she wouldn't turn down the opportunity to go do something fun. A very interesting thing about her is that on top of all her smarts and good-looks, she also had quite the wild side, not being able to stay away from the party scene or get into a little trouble. Virgil hadn't found out what her parents did or really any fine details about her, as she didn't really share that much. He figured it best not to pry, although she had no issue with intruding on his life and personal space. Virgil couldn't help but like the girl, but she was kind of a handful, energetic, inquisitive, and nosey. Virgil tried to ignore her probing question, knowing that regardless he now had a permanent partner for the evening, and with a long sigh he resigned to answering her to keep her from annoying him further.

    Virgil: Gotham Electric. I need to check something out

    He knew that that was nowhere near enough info to stop her sea of questions, but he wasn't about to play 20 Questions with her. Instead, he walked to the nearest bus stop off campus, Amelia in tow, and waited in silence as he tried to come up with a way to ditch or lose her. This was going to be a bit of a hassle, seeing as though he wasn't sure when the next time he'd get an opportunity to do this without her tagging along. It was a bit beneficial that she had showed up now as opposed to possibly shadowing him later, which meant that he could at least know where she was while he was conducting his experiment. The bus ride prove to be too much silence for her to contain her questions.

    Amelia: So...what exactly do you need to see there? They're not going to just let you in, you know?

    Virgil: I know that, but I have plan. Or at least I think I do. There's just something I need to check out.

    Amelia: You've been acting a bit strange as of late, is everything okay? I went by to see you yesterday and your roommate said that you hadn't been back since your last class that evening...

    Again...forever probing.

    Virgil: Yeah, I had gone to meet up with my sister, we had dinner together and caught up and then decided to go see my dad. Left early this morning to get back for classes.

    Not the best lie, but believable. She would have a hard time proving otherwise, if she doubted him. The bus dropped them off about 3 blocks from their destination, there was a much closer drop off, but Virgil wanted to be able to drain any power source that might capture his likeness before they got there. He had hoped that Amelia would perhaps dropout of this matter, but she was too intrigued by what he wouldn't tell her to go away, so she silently followed. Their entry was seamless, as Virgil had successfully drained the electrical power to the cameras and the electronic locking mechanism on one of the side doors. They swiftly and quietly made their way through the darkened facility, the lights having seemed to be burned out...from Amelia's perspective anyway. Virgil had been following the flow of electricity, which would inevitably lead him to the source. As he made his way through the labyrinth of hallways and corridors, following pipes and going down deeper into the facility, he began to think up a way to get away from Amelia but also ensure that she got out okay. The only option, in his mind, that seemed to be most appropriate was to set off alarms and get her caught. He was sure that the consequences on her end would be light if non-existent, and it ensured that he'd be able to do what he had come here to do. A few turns and flights of stairs later and he had found what he was looking for. There was a large walkway ahead of them and below it were huge electric generators. This was the perfect spot to conduct his test, he placed his hand on the railing, pumping a decent sized current into it. Further thought had dictated that he could simply render her unconscious, conduct his experiment, and then they could both leave. Now, he just had to wait for her to touch the metal railing. He slowly walked out on to the walkway, holding the rail, hoping to entice Amelia to do the same, and a few moments later his patience paid off. There was a *zzzzzzt!* followed by a *thud* as Amelia was shocked and dropped. Quickly, Virgil moved her body to a safer location away from the walkway before returning and standing in the center. There was a massive amount of power flowing through this place, and he was amped to see how much he could absorb. As the process began, an onlooker would think that a lightning storm had been summoned, lightning arced all about the room, but it's focal point was clear...it was Virgil. The room looked like a extravagant light party as Virgil leaned with both hands on the rail and eyes closed as the electricity was absorbed into his body. Although it may have looked painful from an outsiders point of view, to him, it was like a slowly warming feeling throughout his body. Virgil opened his eyes to see the light display before him, and seeing that his test was also causing a disruption to energy flow of the building, and most likely Gotham as well, he decided to stop. An unhindered success, is what he'd like to call this one, feeling the power surge through his body. Gotham was a little inconvenienced by this, but he felt that it was worth it.

    Worker: I'll check on things down here, maybe a generator exploded

    Virgil almost forgot that he had essentially broken into the place, and that there were workers here who would certainly be coming to investigate the happenings of a suddenly drop and flux in power. Thinking quickly he ran to Amelia's side, giving her a slight zap just to stir her, help her to her feet, and then escort them both out of there. It wasn't until they got back out into the cool gotham night air that Amelia spoke.

    Amelia: Jesus! What the hell happened?

    Virgil: I had been looking into a series of seemingly random blackouts throughout Gotham, and had narrowed down the source and wanted to check it out for myself. I figured that an insulator or other component had broken or become ill-fit. I had made a custom part, a few actually in case of either of those instances...

    Amelia: That doesn't explain what happened to me...

    Virgil: Most likely you were carrying some static electricity with you and we were so close to the rupture of power, that I think the static combined with the electricity overload in the room just got the better of you. Honestly, I'm just glad we got out when we did. I managed to replace the part though, so everything should be fine.

    A bus ride and a late night meal later, at Virgil's expense, got them both back to campus safely and back to their respective rooms. They both said goodnight to one another before parting ways. Virgil was beside himself, having been able to absorb as much as he had without incident...although the flickering lights and soft buzzing of electricity made him consider that it wasn't ompletely without incident. He still smirked to himself for a job well done under the circumstances that he had, and went to his room. Vigilantism would have to wait till tomorrow, even would-be heroes have to sleep, right?
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  11. Seems like an endless void of time as I lay adrift in the midst of the air. I gaze into the exubrance of the golden walls and ceiling of my chambers. I wondered away at the worlds outside of my own. How they were, what they looked like, the inhabitants therein. All the more reason for me feeling so confined and so controlled. Azar thinks she knows what's best, but I'm slowly starting to discover that she's blinded by a limited perspective; one that has a recipe of fear in it. Zinthios flies onto my chest once more and stares at me with all three of its eyes. I can feel it's loyalty to me, it's companionship bonded with me over the cycles. I was starting to disprove of the Azar's guidance. More and more I began to wonder of the planes and worlds outside of Azarath, especially my birth realm, Earth. Was Azar blinded in perspective about Earth also? What if it wasn't as dangerous as she says? I levitate out of the window as I ascend to the top of the temple. I sit on the golden paved surface and look out among the beautiful utopia.

    Chambers (open)


    "Hmph....some utopia..."

    The land was astounding in nature, however the Azar and her strict spiritual ways were starting to become irritating. Maybe because of the trials earlier. I have been on edge a great deal lately. I finally decided to display my higher abilities to Azar and the High Magistrate. Clearly it was more of a shock than an impression. I just wanted to understand who I am and the power I possess. Azar swears as soon as I tap into this inner darkness that I would become a dangerous threat that could destroy worlds. I clearly see the magnitude of my power, but at the same time I also know my spirit. The Azar has made me humble and controlled, which is why her current demeanor of indifference towards me is baffling. In any event, I wasn't going to stop honing my abilities. I have them for a reason, no matter however sinister the truth may be. I'm different, if I wasn't then Azarath would have been crippled long ago. I was tired of being a liability. A cocoon. An empty life used only for meditation and repression. That wasn't a life, that was condemnation. I look out among the plains of Azarath to spot Theron walking. I stare for what seems like endless moments before levitating from the top of the temple and flying to meet him down by the river stream. He turns and looks into the bright sky with his hands shielding his eyes as I land a few feet from him. He smiles.

    Theron: "Metrion! About time you trek out here, ready to explore?"

    "No...actually I would require your input. About this place."

    Theron: "Oh? What about?"

    "Do you feel at times as if the Temple is more of a place of spiritual confinement rather than spiritual fulfillment?"

    Theron: "Uhh...not in a sense, no. Why do you ask this?"

    ".......No reason. We can explore."

    I walk on into the canyons of Azarath as Theron stands confused for a moment then runs to catch up with me.

    Theron: "Anything troubling you?"

    "I am fine Theron, Stop asking."

    Theron and I walk through the lush hills and forested canyons of Azarath. This realm had many wonders. A bright sky with no sun, caves and coves that seemed to produce the greenest grasses and most complex crystals. I thought about showing Theron my abilities, but that would only do more harm than good. I could read his emotions, I knew he was fond of me. He was a nice boy in nature, but sometimes he could get a bit eccentric and overactive. Just not suited for my tastes. We climb to the top of a hill and look out in the distance at the undiscovered portion of Azarath. It stretched for miles upon miles, a remote distance away from the temple.

    Theron: "What do you think is out there?"

    "...I don't know, but it's very vast. Something has to lurk in the greater beyond.."

    I had a mind to go find out for myself. I wasn't thinking of the Azar's emotions in this moment, I was considering my own. Screw this.

    "Let's go."

    I continue to walk down the hill into the unknown void as Theron looks at me with puzzled eyes.

    Theron: "Are you insane!? Azar would have our heads!"

    "...then stay."

    I continue to press forward. Theron scratches his head in great reluctance and then runs down the hill to catch up with me. We venture on into the wonders of Azarath. Theron cautiously walks about as he sticks close to me as we venture into the beyond. There was a reason Azar told us not to go too far out, she used to tell the youth tales of wicked spirits that lived out in the beyond land when we were children. How they were so dark and evil that they would cling on to any life form they could find to consume them whole. If they were out here we'd have surely seen them by now in almost 18 cycles of my life. I look back and chuckle at Theron's lack of bravery. He was the one that wanted adventure. Usually we just explore the outer hills and plains of the Temple, but never have we thought to go to the valleys and lands beyond. Fog and deep canyons and mountains can be seen in the distance. The sight was beautiful, and full of awe, but also full of wonder and mystery. I actually needed this to get my mind away from earlier. Theron begins to get comfortable and starts his ramblings about the Trials Of Peace and then on to random things like birds and their prey, how numbers are powerful things, random nonsense if you ask me. I stop as I take in my surroundings and focus on the energies around me. The flow of water in the nearby area, the sway of trees with the vibrant grass, the fog as it encases the mountains of will above us. If felt...belonging. Like I was here the whole time. Theron copies me and meditates as well, feeling the energy.

    Theron: "It is quite nice, huh Metrion?"

    Soon his words become a distant blur as I meditate and focus my aura to the outside world. I just wanted to feel, just for once. I started to contemplate my own emotions. And then I hear a whisper...no, more like I felt a whisper...from a place I couldn't detect. I open my eyes in alarming manner.


    Location: Gotham City
    Time: June 1997

    In downtown Gotham, a woman with blood on the backside of her body and a crimson robe with mangled undergarments roams the dark alleys alone. Her cries fill the night air as rain and lightning fills the atmosphere, only complimenting her pain and torment. She stumbles barefoot, legs shaking weak from her struggle as she leans against a wall and begins to bawl. She slumps down on the brick wall and releases her weak cries. She runs her trembling hands over her her stomach as the old blood smears around it. She spots a garbage bin across the alley with a broken bottle right beneath it, taking her mind instantly to an easy escape. She could end it all, avoid this catastrpohe that just occurred to her. She weakly crawls over to the broken glass and takes a piece and grips it tightly, causing a slight rip in her hand. She looks down at her wrists right at the vein underneath and breaks down at the thought. Just as she was about to apply the glass, a intense bright light shines on her as she looks into the abundance of shine in front of her. She shields her eyes as she hears the impact of something metal hit and a figure emerges, forming a huge shadow in the light. It approaches the woman and stands over her, slowly reaching it's hand out to grab her...

    Man: "Miss!! Miss are you okay!?" *radios in* "Dispatch, I need a paramedic on site of the west alley beside Monarch Theater I have a half naked woman with I think is blood on her and she's on the verge of passing out. Hang in there miss, what's your name?"

    Woman: *cries*

    Man: "Hey hey...it'll be okay, look at me..my name is Detective Jim Gordon, are you hurt?

    The woman just looks at the detective with lost, longing eyes.

    Angela: *sobs* "The end is coming.....the end is coming.....the end is coming...."



    Flashes of a distant past. Turmoil of pain and a barrage of screams. It comes and goes as the woman moves her eyes in a sleep state. Her body is paralyzed before the drastic and dark nightmare happening. That red symbol...in blood, on her stomach. Another...on dark robes of mysterious and unknown beings. There were two different symbols...both in red. She didn't notice it before. But they were discrete. The sounds of crying, not only hers, but a young infants as well. A blinding light. Then nothing. The woman jumps up from her kitchen counter with the previously read book still open. She had dozed off. The sun is now up and midday almost approaches. The woman runs a hand through her ruffled mane as her sharp ice blue eyes readjust to the waking world. She removes the trench coat she still had on and dumps it on the couch. Stripping her garments off she runs a hot shower and turns on the tv as she does. New reports of a nuisance in midtown Gotham just minutes ago, as Gotham PD on the scene investigates. News anchor gets reports from eye witnesses that say a disturbance of the city's power may have been due to faulty generators proceeded by illegal tampering.

    The woman stops what she's doing instantly and darts to the tv set, bare naked in the comfort of her home. She turns the volume up as the witnesses describe the situation as a city wide electrical shutdown. It had to have been when she was on the way back from the library, she didn't notice anything unusual. She stops for a moment when the next headline is about a young girl that was missing in Gotham today. Her heart froze a beat. Reports describe her as a young adopted girl, around 16-18 years of age. Adopted. Young. Girl. She would be about 17/18 now... That's all the woman thought about. They then proceed to say an unmarked van was last seen around the girl's location. Witnesses give the description of the vehicle as an all white non-vinyl van with a permanent license plate. The woman grabs a pen from her nearby working room and writes down all the details. Right before she turned the tv off, one last witness attested to the sight off a huge bodyguard looking man and some other lady with pink hair. Leads. She writes them down and zips to the bathroom to brush her teeth before finishing her shower.

    Hopping out the shower and quickly drying herself, the woman starts to throw on some skin tight jeans along with solid black heels. A black tank top and once again her trench coat as she started to make her hair in a tolerable fashion and head out into the depths of the dusk city. A piece of her heart resonated when the news talked about that young girl. Any part of her wanted to believe that was the girl she's been looking for. The one thing that she was also terrified of. She hails a taxi to the scene where the girl was missing. She hops out and sneaks past the crowd to get an up close view of the scene. Obviously no evidence, and the suspects were already gone, so she scans the environment for anything to go off of. Nothing. Then it hit her...permanent license plates on the van...had to be a government enforced vehicle. She began to walk to the nearest place with available wifi. This was the first time in almost 20 years she'd even had a cause and ambition to do something. So long she's been a shadow in the world, no feelings, no purpose. For the first time in decades she felt alive.

    Now she had a lead, but not just a lead. A path. To her.

    Gotham University (open)

    A loathing woman goes around the campus in the night with eyes of pain and sadness. She staples papers to phone poles, bulletins, and on the face of every building or landmark she could possibly find. The stragglers and night dwellers of campus walked about watching her in caution, yet were startled when she approached them in a pleading manner. She would show them the paper and they would shake their heads much to her despair. She posted the final one nearby on a dorm building, as a female student uses her ID to enter the building, the woman watches the ID as it says "A. Hammond" on it. The papers were all over campus now, with a photo of a young girl and MISSING under it.

    Have You Seen This Girl?
    Lillith Clay, Age 17.
    Last Seen near Gotham University Area
    Please Call Your Local Law Enforcement If You Have Info

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  12. The following morning brought with it a vast number of new insights for Virgil, as he had gained more insight about his limitations. He felt as is if he was swimming with energy, though none of it seemed to really bother him much. His morning classes went by as usual, nothing special. It wasn't until he got to his afternoon science class with Amelia that things seemed to take an interesting route. The girl was always chipper, but today Virgil saw something new in her eyes. The girl looked determined, a weird look on her face, as he had always seen her with a carefree attitude. She sat down next to him and pulled a piece of paper from her backpack. He had seen it before, it was plastered all over the campus, it was a sign for a missing girl that was last seen around the campus.


    Amelia: So what's your take on this?
    Virgil: Ummm...I'd say that it appears that a girl went missing and someone is looking for her
    He found it peculiar that she seemed interested in something like this, but he wasn't going to lie to himself and say that he wasn't also curious. He simply wondered if he had the detective skills to find a person. He was great at relying on radio waves to help him find the baddies of Gotham, but to actually carry out an investigation on a missing person was something entirely different. Then it hit him, he'd be able to look into things if he was with Ameila without drawing too much suspicion from her, and then if things got out of control he'd be able to take care of the situation.
    Amelia: For someone who was interested in vigilantism, I expected a little more from you. Now listen, I'm thinking that we can follow up on anyone who has last seen her, who she spoke to and contacted last. I think we could find her, maybe even get a reward or something.
    Her giddiness about the situation meant that if he turned her down, she was going to go ahead and do this without him
    Virgil: I mean, I guess we could take a look into it, but if things start to get dicey, we stop there and call the police.
    Amelia doesn't respond in the fashion that makes Virgil confident that she won't due something foolish, but instead just smiles as she hands him the beaker and begins jotting down notes.
    Amelia: I'm sure if things were to get out of hand, the Batman will save us, right?
    She says it jokingly, but he knows that she isn't the type to just let something go or give up that easily. She has turned this into a personal project, which means that it'll only be over if she solves it or it gets solved by someone else instead. She's a stubborn one for sure, but he can't say that he's not attracted to that side of her. He only wishes that it wouldn't put her in harms way or threaten to expose him in case he's forced to save her. He's thought of just about every bad twist this could take and the end result of all of them requires him to blatantly use his powers and for her and possibly other to see.
    Virgil: Yeah, a guy in a bat suit will be sure to swoop down and save us from impending doom. Seriously though, I'll help as long as you don't get too carried away.

    After their class together they had a few hours apart, Amelia said that she was going to use that time to do some quick digging and that they'd reconvene in the cafeteria by their dorm. Virgil wasn't sure how he was going to be able to watch over her if things got bad, but he was damn sure that he wasn't going to let anything happen to her. He decided to spend their few hours apart riding the bus around the city. With a hoodie and headphones on, he seemed like any transient onboard, when he was in fact simply ease dropping on conversation. He wasn't exactly sure what he was looking for, but he figured anything was better than nothing. The name "Lilith Clay" was obviously a trigger word, but he was honestly jumping from conversation to conversation, listening for only a moment to see if there was anything out there worth honing in on. It was still a bit amazing to him how many people were on the phone at any time during the day, it was astounding. Which also meant it was hard to locate specific material. Location was always what he bet on, as the criminal element usually hung out in certain spots around Gotham. However, with so many delinquents about, how was he suppose to narrow his search any? When he finally managed to get back to campus, he wasn't sure he had anything viable. He had a few drug deals, a few shady money transactions, and a few seedy shipments. If Lilith was out there, then those who had her were keeping themselves quiet for the time being. As Virgil made his way back to the cafeteria, the idea of this girl being abducted really began to weigh on him. He recalled the women he had saved from being trafficked and considered what would have happened to them all had he not intervened, and now he was possibly going to let that fate befall someone else due to his lack of detective skills. He was more than a bit frustrated when he met up with Amelia, but he could see that she still held that same level of excitement if not more, when he sat down with her.
    Amelia: Okay, so here's what I have so far; Lilith Clay is an adopted girl that was apparently snatched by one of those creeper all white vans...now, that's the bad news. The good news, is that the van is more than likely government issued. There were witness statements describing a hulking bodyguard type and a lady with pink hair...pink hair, really? So I think we stand a good chance at tracking these people down
    Virgil: Are you hearing yourself? Government van abducts orphaned teen, and you think its wise to go after them? C'mon, you gotta have something better than that.
    She furrowed her brow at him, apparently not the response she wanted. He didn't even bother to ask her where she dug up this intel, as for as long as he knew her, she's always been the resourceful type.
    Amelia: Look, I have a good idea of where we should start looking. So I'm going with or without you.
    They finished eating their meals in relative silence. Virgil was trying to decide if he wanted to undertake the task of trying to argue her out of this decision or not, but never really got the chance to. The moment she was done eating, she got up, put her tray away, and headed for the door. Virgil let out a heavy sigh and quickly followed, leaving his tray so as not to lose sight of her. Some women can be so headstrong that it borders on deathly stubborn, but he wasn't going to allow her stubbornness to be her death. He had no idea where it was she was heading, but he diligently followed, hoping that they wouldn't, but knowing that they were surely going to end up in over their heads.
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  13. Gotham City
    Current Time.

    A man in business attire stands in an old abandoned church outside the slums of the dark city. He looks around at the cobwebs and worn pieces of wood that surround the building. He encases his hands in his pockets, more of a reminiscing look on his face as he reflects back on his youthful days. A slight smile crosses his face as he rotates to look at every angle of the old church. He senses another presence there with him as he smiles and begins to speak into the unknown.

    Man: "You know, my father always told me stories of where we come from. Our home. Zandia was but a small island with nothing but native pilgrims back then. A very small and select population who knew nothing of the outside world. All they knew was that of the island. Until the refuges came. Criminals that sought to run from their paths and live a life of secrecy and isolation, but to their dismay, the island inhabitants took them in not out of fear, but of hope. Hope that those criminals would embrace their path and become something more, to expand themselves and their influence. 800 years later here we are, a regime about hope and expansion, to all nations. The first criminal that ever was taken in, he was the most difficult to convince, but once he saw the truth...he saw the greater horizon...not only did he reform, he revolutionized."

    ???: "And thus the Church was born..."

    A woman in a hood steps from the shadows and approaches the wise and upright man. Blood red robes drape across the dusty and pale floor as she gets closer and closer. The man turns around to see the exuberant woman dwell within his touch and kneel before him. He smiles as he strokes her face softly and lifts her up to his eyes.

    Hooded Woman: "We have begun the seed phase, they're targeting only the best and brightest individuals around. Soon our order will be backed by a disciplined and reformed force. It's really happening."

    Man: "Yes dear, it is. Eons of waiting and practicing what we believe in the shadows, and now the light will be seen at last. The world will receive a gentle and keen guidance into the world of the unknown. Their enlightenment will be awarded with eternal freedom. In due time."

    Hood Woman: "They've managed to recruit a potential powerful figure. A girl, said to have...potential."
    Man: "The adopted girl? She's just a kid..."
    Hooded Woman: "A potent one. Genius IQ, second in her class, and apparently she can fight in ways the mind shouldn't know how to. She's gifted."
    Man: "Hm! Interesting. For now my lady remain humble, only when The Fear finishes their obligation will we begin to move."
    Hooded Woman: "As you wish...Head Brother Blood."

    Another woman sits in the rusted and broken down benches of the old church, with her legs crossed popping bubble gum as she watches a small iPad screen. Her facial features were rather cute for a lady, except the fact that her face was also covered in metal pins and barbs that she seemed to ignore just as casual as a small fly. She looks on a screen, where it shows footage from inside a van, where a large hunk of a man and a pink haired woman sit with a quiet girl. The girl wasn't scared, nor screaming. She was just quiet. Too quiet.

    Other woman: "This is the girl? A kid? And how is she going to help us?"

    Brother Blood: "Because, my dear Selinda, she's going to be the eyes for our body of faith. She's going to help us reshape the world."


    The woman enters the library once more to see a smile on Mrs. Connors face. She returns a smile this walks by her, passing up the usual conversation with a sense of urgency instead. The librarian looks a bit surprised at the woman continues to walk towards the computer lab section. She sits down and logs onto the web. She then begins to search all government sponsored buildings that are located in Gotham and records the names and addresses of the venues. Post offices, Police, Fire, Hospitals, City Hall, prisons, courthouses, everything. This was going to be a busy day for her. A huge part of her wanted to stop and just go back to being no one, she didn't even fully understand why she was doing this...but if there was a chance it could be her...then she wanted to act on it. Even if it wasn't, helping solve the case of a potential kidnapping would go to gain anyone good standing. She grabs her notepad with the list of locales and logs off. She buttons up her trench coat once more and starts to walk out.

    Woman: "Sorry Mrs. Connors, sort of in a rush today I'll see you later."

    Mrs. Connors didn't even have time to muster a word before the woman takes off into the city of Gotham. A finger still raised in anticipation, the librarian makes a slight frown and moves back to placing books on their respective shelves. The woman started at the hospital in a reporter-style demeanor that would suggest she actually was one. Pen and notepad, trench coat, a female that was being nosy, she most certainly fit the bill. She began to ask staff and transportation employees about any white unmarked vans that they owned, and if one was missing earlier today or did anyone drive it. Her story was that she was a reporter from the Gotham Gazette, it seemed to work for the most part. The hospital was a bust. Next she figured that she would hail a taxi to the Blackgate Penitentiary to further investigate there. Half an hour later she was there as well as the guards all approach her and scan her at the door.

    Guard: "I didn't hear anything about a reporter coming."
    Woman: "Which is exactly why I showed up, the element of surprise, what would you expect from us?.... I would like to speak to the warden about any vans that may have been driven and/or missing earlier in connection to that girl being taken."
    Guard: "...wait here."

    The woman waits for a moment until the guard comes back and signals the woman to follow him up to the wardens' offices. She can hear the rants and yells from the inmates as she makes her way up the central staircase and to the warden. The metal door slowly creaks open, as a large brute man sits in his desk eyeing the woman before him. His eyes are grim and engaging, hers are cold and withstanding. The two glare at each other before the guards close the door and the warden burns out his cigarette.

    Warden: "Come on in..."


    Back in the Gotham Merriot Hotel, Adrian Chase smacks down a foot long Italian sub with a large coke while he digs through papers. His assistant Thereza sits across the room on another desk looking at the file reports on the trafficking that happened a few nights ago. A photo of Johnny Denetto spills from the manilla folder, as Chase sits back tapping his pen now placing everything together.

    Chase: "Ok, so....we know that that part of Gotham is ran by someone right? Obviously if women were about to be trafficked through the docks then..."
    Thereza: "They were going to be exported."
    Chase: "Unless they'd just got imported. Half of those girls looked Korean, Vietnamese at least. And Johnny Denetto knew they'd be there, Falcone's men."
    Thereza: "Okay but why tell the cops if Denetto is a criminal himself?"

    "Because it was an inside job....well an inside-inside job really..."

    Thereza and Chase look towards a iPad screen to see their other cohort and tech whiz JJ Davis on the other end of the screen, looking at another computer screen and he begins to type and read off some information that he's gained.

    JJ Davis: "Okay so, we know Denetto is a criminal himself right? And he was arrested on embezzeling and possesion, which means he basically stole money. Before that, his priors show possession and distributions of merchandise, much like the men that were arrested at the docks."

    Chase: "So what? Competition?"
    JJ: "That's what I thought too, until I checked his phone records and all contacts to J. Denetto....all of his calls in jail came from one number, registered to Joey Toledo. And he is an affiliate of one Tobias Whale. THE Tobias Whale."
    Thereza: "So then he's an inside man for Tobias Whale while he's on the inside?"

    All in unison, they say: "An inside-inside job."

    Thereza: "But why call about Falcone? Just to bust his men and arrest them when he could've just overtaken the warehouse themselves?"
    Chase: "Too loud. Too messy. Denetto told the cops not for service, but for Whale."
    JJ: "I also traced Denetto's calls before he got arrested. Same number under Joey Toledo, and get this...he also gets contacted from a number from Kord Enterprises, and I traced the IP and researched the place where Denetto embezzled from....guess where?"

    Again, all three in unison: "Kord Enterprises."

    Chase: "Hmm, looks like I need to pay Mr. Denetto a visit. And also Joey Toledo as well...."
    Thereza: "And who's going to be the one talking to them?"
    Chase: "Well Denetto's already locked up so a formal visit will suffice, but Toledo can get a more...interesting meeting."

    Adrian Chase smiles as he looks at Thereza, and through Skype JJ simply stares at his partner and friend as he knew what that meant, they all did. And when he talked to Joey Toledo, he would know as well.

    Chase: "Anything else interesting?"
    JJ: "Uhh.....well, a district wide blackout today in Industrial Gotham, and the disappearance of a young teenage girl. Taken in a white unmarked van."
    Thereza: "Should we look into them?"

    Adrian Chase only gazes at them, a deeper, more peculiar look in his human eyes. Something dark. Something vigilant.


    Current Cycle

    The energies of it all flow through me ever so freely. I felt the chi, the life prana, it was fantastic. Other than this feeling I would be nothing but an empty shell, forced by the Azar to live a life of misery and despair. How does she not see that by keeping all of these burdens bottled in that it will result in emotional explosion? She thinks that emotions are that of water, in which they flow freely from and through the spirit. But if one is to have no emotions, then that river is nothing but a dry canyon, full of dust and desolation. That is what I am right now. Who I am, and I was becoming tiresome of the notion. Theron exhales with a satisfactory tone while taking in the beautiful scenery and wonders of outer Azarath. I open my eyes, still focusing on the feeling. I look at Theron with his back turned to me and I sense his emotions: Sheer bliss. He was tranquil, serene, not a care in the world. A bit nervous since we weren't to venture from the Temple but yet and still very happy. I imprint the feelings onto myself as if they were my own.

    "Ahh...come on Theron, further."
    Theron: "Uh..how far will we trek? We musn't delve too far lest we get in trouble..."
    "Stop thinking about the downside for one second and just flow freely as the waters of emotions do."

    I return Theron a smirk. It was weird to say the least, to use someone's feelings and copy them to yourself and then to convince them of their own will using what they only supply me. It was like living as a doppelganger I would imagine, a false identity of what one really represents. That was what I was anyways...at least that's what I feel like. Azar and the people can fabric the idea all they would like, but I see it clearly for what it really is. They were afraid of me, and they had every right to be. I didn't know what I was, but something told me they did. Azar, High Magistrate, The Council, perhaps the entire society. As we venture further out into the misty fields, I begin to inquire upon Theron.

    "...do you think of me as unorthodox? I mean...in regards to everyone else in Azarath."
    Theron: "Uh, well you are a bit...reserved. I mean we all practice the ways of peace in spirit but it's like..you're really secluded. Like you have more inside you than you present to bear..."
    Theron: "Ever since we were 8 cycles old, and you saved my avian pet...I..I've just been so fond of you Metrion, but as we aged I noticed you seemed locked away inside yourself. Like a stone that never moves."
    Theron: "What? Did I offend you?"
    I brashly walk onward as Theron steps right behind me and follows. A few birds fly overhead as they are silent amongst the sky. They seemed incredibly graceful in their flight. I look up the the brightly vibrant sky as I wonder what lies beyond it. I was thinking about a ton of things lately pertaining to what lies outside this realm. Azar said that Azarath was a spiritual dimension, a world in the web of souls and astral energy. She told me stories of how different realms and planes exist that contained many other types of spiritual energies, and that only here was peace assured. I was beginning to wonder how much of that was an illusion cast off by the Azar's words as well. Theron stops when he looks down into the lower hills where solid white mist fills the entire void of space. A low and deep wind can be heard in the fog below, masking mystery and intrigue.

    Theron: "This is the closest we've ever gotten...the mist is so...frightening..."
    I give a slight glare to Theron.
    Theron: "..and exciting?"
    I step from the woods and start to begin down the hills. Theron grabs my shoulder and stops me dead in my tracks. His face shows a look of dire concern and nervousness. By now the copied emotions have worn off, so I was back to my natural and reserved state. I look at his hand, and then back to his face as he stops me.
    Theron: "No Metrion, we have gone far enough! We've traveled further than we ever have, it's been a fair amount of time since the Temple, we can barely even see it over the mountains and hills now!....I will admit...this has been fun, and I enjoy the time with you....but...no, I refuse to take penance for this. We will come forth another day, but for now, let us return."
    I just stare into Theron's soul and his reasoning with emotionless eyes, with a face to match. As much as I wanted to get away from it all there was no reason for me to dwell off into the unknown and possibly cause something worthy of an uproar. Even though I could protect myself and him with my abilities, I had to keep them a secret still. Only in respect for the Azar and they cycles of time she's raised me.
    Theron: "...and I'm becoming a bit hungry...."
    "....[sigh]......fine. But we better come back out here or I swear...."
    Theron: "Sure! I could even bring us food and a horn for preparation..!"
    We make our way back towards the Temple of Azarath. This was refreshing. Seeing this beauty, I had to wonder if this place was really so peaceful, then why would we ever care to stay only in one area? I feel like it was more of a tactic by the Azar to try and contain ME, not anyone else. Theron walks in a tranquil silence, saying nothing to me as we head back. I read his emotions: He knew I wouldn't say much, so he didn't bother to talk, instead he was just happy I chose to spend time with him. That was enough to him. Hmph, I guess Theron was alright...a little sappy, but rather decent considering everyone else was nervous around me, or just absent minded of me altogether. He had to have heard the ramblings of our people...had he not once wondered on why people were suspicious of me? The thoughts begin to fill my mind. He was loyal I give him that.

    As we walk back to the Temple, something else was out there watching. In the woods by the mist, a figure watches us two fading figures in astounding solace. We didn't know it, but something was there.

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  14. [​IMG]
    I don't really care for Amelia's approach to this whole investigation. She's kept me in the dark for the most part as to how she's acquired any information at all, choosing instead to say things like "I called in a few favors" or "I think this would be a good place to start". She's certainly a brilliant girl, but because she refuses to fill me in I have no idea how to prepare. I kept my glasses with me and my hair up, to make myself look as unintimidating and as unassuming as possible. I didn't have the cover of darkness to hid my movements and I had Amelia with me, or more like she had me with her. She was running lead on this hunt for the missing girl and I seemed to be playing sidekick. I used the time we walked to listen to sift through the radio waves as we walked.

    "Be sure to bring back some milk"
    "And then Gary said if I didn't do it, he'd dump me"
    "I'm telling you he's real. I swear, he dresses like a freaking jester or something."
    "You got fired! What the fuck!"
    "I got broads in Atlanta
    Twisting dope, lean, and the Fanta
    Credit cards and scammers
    Hitting off licks in the bando
    Black X6, Phantom
    White X6 looks like a panda
    Going out like I'm Montana
    Hundred killers, hundred hammers
    Black X6, Phantom
    White X6, panda
    Pockets swole, Danny
    Selling bar, candy
    Man I'm the mocho like Randy
    The choppa go Oscar for Grammy"

    I had got distracted for a bit, but we were on the bus heading to somewhere, so I just sat there listening to the waves while her thumbs danced across the keyboard of her phone.

    Voice 1:"But why call about Falcone? Just to bust his men and arrest them when he could've just overtaken the warehouse themselves?"

    This sounds interesting.

    Voice 2: "Too loud. Too messy. Denetto told the cops not for service, but for Whale."

    Why do I know this voice?

    Voice 3: "I also traced Denetto's calls before he got arrested. Same number under Joey Toledo, and get this...he also gets contacted from a number from Kord Enterprises, and I traced the IP and researched the place where Denetto embezzled from....guess where?"
    Amelia: "So when you think of a kidnapping, where do you suppose you take your captive?" Amelia's voice rang through my eavesdropping.
    Voice 2: "Well Denetto's already locked up so a formal visit will suffice, but Toledo can get a more...interesting meeting."

    Amelia threw an elbow into my side, forcing me to focus on her now, I'd have to try to pick up on the conversation again, if I could remember the frequency. I look at with testy eyes, slowly recalling her question. Where do you take a kidnapped victim? Well that seemed like an obvious question, I raised a brow at her before answering.

    Virgil: I guess the best spot would be a secure or secret location, but with all the empty warehouses and vacant buildings around Gotham, I find it unlikely that we'd be able to check them all.

    Damn it! As the words left my mouth I immediately regretted it. This was about to turn into a Scooby-Doo moment, and for all her planning and preparation and determination, I had a feeling that somehow she would end up like Shaggy and Scooby...she'd be the one to run into trouble, forcing me to help her out. I probably need to start doing some investigating into her, seriously. I don't get how she's only a freshmen yet she has---

    Amelia: Good point, we're gonna need to split up. If we do that, we should be able to cover more ground a lot faster!

    As I had suspected, we were going to end up splitting up. Not the best idea, but also not the worst. We can certainly cover more area this way, giving me the opportunity to see if I can't locate the girl's whereabouts using my own method. This also allows me to see what's going on with that conversation I heard earlier. I can't recall where I heard one of those guys voices though, but they were clearly talking about some Gotham's top criminals around here. Maybe it's a few guys trying to rise up in rank by doing in some of their competition. Looks like I can catch a lot of birds with one stone on this one, but I also have to make sure that I'm able to help Amelia if she needs me. I swear, this girl is such a live wire and a handful on top of that. I guess this is good practice though, I've yet to actually do some true detective work, it's a lot more grueling than I thought, and we definitely need to find this missing girl. Ugh! I thought being a vigilante would be a lot easier than this, come across an issue and solve it, I had been naïve in that way of thinking. What about crimes that go unseen, the ones that are planned and carried out without my knowledge? Do I neglect those that are in need just because I am unaware of their plight? How would I even begin to help those, like this kidnapped girl, with the limited resources at my disposal? I was gonna have to come up with better system than simply walking the streets and hoping for a breakthrough, that much was a given.

    Virgil: Alright, how should we split this up?
    Amelia: I've sent you texts of the places I want you to check out, I've got my own places. Just check-in with me once you've cleared the spot, and text or call me after you've moved on to the next place.
    Virgil: Okay, but how about we communicate when we get there and before we leave. If we're going to split up, I need to know that you've made it there and when you're leaving. We need to be thorough here, if we're going to split up, got it?

    I know she heard me, but I hoped that she actually planned to follow through with what I had suggested. If anything were to happen to her between going form one place to the next, I needed to know where she had been and where she was heading so that I'd be able to properly search for her. She may not be thinking that anything bad can happen to her while the sun is up, but that's sometimes why things happen...because you're not expecting them to. As the bus lurches to a stop, Amelia hops up and dashes off. I take this time to look at my phone to see the instructions she's given me. She's split the locations with me evenly, but I only have the list of the places she wants me to go, and not the ones that she's going to. While I hope it's not the case, I get the feeling that she's somehow going to be the one to find trouble before I do or while I'm preoccupied. I've decided that I'm gonna also see if I can't catch a few birds with a few well placed shocks while I knock off the places that Amelia has suggested. It looks like I've got a few warehouses and seemingly derelict buildings, Gotham had a tendency to leave a few erect buildings that weren't in use, they tended to have their hands full with other business to get around to destroying all the none used buildings, especially those on the outskirts of the city.

    Virgil: I guess this is my stop

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  15. Gotham City.


    Warden: "So...you think it was an inside job?"
    Woman: "Honestly...no I don't. I think someone knew these types of vehicles were common yet private, and used one to nab a girl for ransom."
    Warden: "Do you even know who this girl is...?"
    Woman: "No one has ID'd her to my knowledge yet, which is why this is time critical."
    Warden: "I keep my men and staff on a tight knit, I assure you that there was no Blackgate van involved."
    Woman: "And your proof? Transportation manifests?"

    The warden glares at her for a moment before nodding to a guard to go and retrieve the manifests. They silently stare at each other, mentally battling one another in a standoff of wills. The woman knew she could get in trouble for this, but she didn't care. She was a ghost. She could disappear again if she needed to, as she did before.

    Warden: "..what's your name, miss?"
    Woman: "Raye Rails."

    She answered quickly, inclining the warden to believe her. He sat silent for a moment as the guard entered with the manifests and handed them to the warden. He viewed the documents before passing them to 'Raye'.

    Woman: "I trust these weren't tampered with...sorry, it's just a young girl's life on the line."
    Warden: "No, Ms. Rails they were not."

    She scans the manifests and sees that the prison buses, as well as vans were all in tact and accounted for earlier this morning, they'd had no transports.

    Woman: "No one called in sick or left early? Missed a day? Anything like that?"
    Warden: "No."

    The woman looks one last time before rising from her chair, and shaking the warden's hand, her ice blue eyes meeting his dark and warm ones. She then exits back into the halls full of criminals and heads back outside to where her taxi was waiting for her. Nothing. She gets back in and decides on where to go next. Post office...nothing. Fire Department, no white vans. She contemplated Gotham PD and City Hall, but she would need a more convincing story to dig deeper, maybe a private investigator? For now she heads to the only other government institution besides those two: Arkham Asylum.

    She approaches the gate as it slowly creaks open into a world of paranoia and disturbia. She is greeted by a few guardsmen as they walk up to her.

    Woman: "I'm Raye Rails with the Gotham Gazette. I'm here looking into a possible van that may have been used for a kidnapping earlier today. I know us reporters can be a hassle so all I need to see is transport manifests from this morning and last night and I'll be on my merry little way."
    Guard: "Look...we have enough trouble as it is kay so why don't you--"
    Woman: "What if it was your daughter? Niece? Baby cousin? A girl's life depends on this...like I said, the sooner, the better, unless you want me to call Gotham PD..."
    Guard: "Jesus alright alright! Come this way, I'll take you to Warden Sharp."

    She follows him inside, and as soon as the asylum doors open nothing but screams, and terrible sounds can be heard from all over. The banging of heads on metal, the ramblings of women and men with no sense of meaning or purpose. It was a nightmare. One man locks eyes with the woman and calls her a witch, and that she must be burned. Another woman asks her for frogs through the bars. The woman shrugs it off and continues down the central hall and into the staff offices. Before long the guard knocks on the door and enters to see Warden Sharp on the phone, raising a finger to the party and talking.

    Warden Sharp: "No..no I don't give a DAMN about the figures right now we need those materials! what? Ya want a bunch of lunatic goons running around the whole gaddam place sliting throats and drinking blood like it was fucking red wine!? GET THEM TO ME NOW! [slams the phone down]"

    The guard just looks at the woman and leaves with a stricken face. The woman was quite abashed by the warden's attitude, it certainly wouldn't make things easier, but she had to follow through. She enters from the doorway and shakes the warden's hand, introducing herself.

    Woman: "I see you're busy, so I won't be long, all I need to see is the transport manifests from this morning and the night before, a government plated van was taken and used in the kidnapping of a girl this morning."
    Sharp: "And....who are you?"
    Woman: "Raye Rails, from the Gazette. A girl's life is on the line so I'd rather not waste your time, or mine."
    Sharp: "[sigh] ...sit down, tell me the situation."


    Gotham City PD

    From behind the booth of the Gotham Jail section of the precinct, Johnny Denetto sits and stares through the glass as he takes the phone and looks at a smirking Adrian Chase on the other side. Denetto had heard wind of Chase and his 'unique' views on the justice system, but Chase was a long way from Metropolis...figuratively speaking because well, if it were literal then he'd be right down the road. Metropolis and Gotham were seperated by a bay. Adrian waits a moment to stare Denetto down, and then proceeds to talk.

    [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Chase: "Mr. Denetto, before we begin I just wanna say....don't bullshit me. I already know everything. About Whale, Kord Ent., why you told the cops what you did. All of it."[/BCOLOR]
    Denetto: *smirks*
    [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Chase: "So, what I wanna know is why on Earth would you know where Falcone's men and his schedule would be? Unless...you got the information from someone else OR...you actually work for Falcone..."[/BCOLOR]
    Denetto: "Ahah, nice try. Come harder papi."
    [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Chase: "Oh, well see I don't have to! I'm out here in the free world...you're stuck in here for someone that sees you as expendable. Heck, all it would take is an anonymous source to leak that maybe Johnny Denetto is actually a double-rat working for Falcone against Whale...shame to see what could happen if interested parties found out.."[/BCOLOR]
    Denetto: "Again, ain't gonna work."
    [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Chase: "Sure about that? Underground crime can be reallllly nasty business. Your embezzlemeny only shows you're a thief, and you can't trust those. So do you really think Whale OR Falcone would just listen to you if you told them you weren't a double-rat? Or would they see you as a liability..hmmm..."[/BCOLOR]
    Denetto: "Hey fuck you man!"
    [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Chase: "Easy tiger, this is just foreplay! Besides, there might be a way for you to keep your security in tact. Otherwise sources might start name throwing people involved in a bigger ring....like say, Joey Toledo?"[/BCOLOR]

    Denetto's face goes stale.

    [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Chase: "That's what I figured :) so now we're ready to play ball. Joey Toledo is based in Metropolis. That's my turf. But he's cohabitating with you and some other gentlemen here. I don't care about you OR him. Give me Whale. We know he's using some liaison in Kord Ent to appropriate his business. You do this for me and you might just get out early on good behavior Mr. Embezzler."[/BCOLOR]
    Denetto: "Screw you man, I'm fucked either way, so I'd rather deal with it not being a snitch."
    [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Chase: "You already are. You snitched about Falcone's operation at the docks with those girls. Word's already out kid. So now, what do you do? Remain silent and risk being a snitch with Falcone's men after you, or tell me where Whale is, and you can get out of here with some cushion to be secure from both. Your choice."[/BCOLOR]
    Denetto: ".......................................*sighs* fuck...alright look. All I know is that Whale uses a pariah at Kord as a means to solicit funds for his ring. No one knows who it is or where it comes from exactly but...it's there. Trust me. It's the reason I got arrested in the first place. I tried to find my own like he did, but I tried through stocks pushing. I got caught and now here I am, I found out about Falcone because Whale knew what Falcone was up to. They ain't stupid you know, the crime bosses. When I got arrested he saw it as the perfect tactic to handle Falcone without getting involved."
    [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Chase: "Clever. So Whale has a backing somehow at Kord...find the plug you can pull the power. Anything on Falcone?"[/BCOLOR]
    Denetto: "That wasn't the agreement, I'm not some criminal info hub you can drink dry. Besides...foreplay was never my thing. And you already know everything right? *smirks*"
    [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Chase: "You'll give info on Whale but not Falcone? The double-rat thing seems like a reality more and more..."[/BCOLOR]
    Denetto: "Watch yourself out there Mr. Chase...somebody could be chasing you. Oh! Did you ever think that maybe if Whale's tactical enough to wipe out a competitor via the inside, that maybe he knew someone would follow the trail here and ask questions? Maybe I just played my part. You have a good day now boss man."

    Denetto smugly hangs up as the officers escort him back towards the cells. He glares in arrogance over his shoulder at Chase as his last comments stuck in. Chase clenches his jaws and sternly bears into Denetto's soul for a moment, before calmly and smoothly rising and buttoning up his black blazer and heading out into the urban vast of Gotham.

    Chase: "Let them come..."



    What seemed like endless amounts of copious time, Theron and I finally catch sight of the temple once more. He stretches a satisfied yawn and places his hands on his hips as he stands bold like he's slayed a dragon. I walk up the hill to join him, a bit tired admittedly from the travels. I wanted to slouch down and rest, but I had to appear strong before Theron. Not to impress him, but to practice resilience. The temple shines a bright gold aura from here as the metal refracts from the light in the sky. Swiss grass and green blows softly as we start to move towards the Temple.

    Theron: "This was nice."
    Theron: "Now it's time to FEAST!"

    A smile hits his face as he rushes back to the Temple in eagerness to consume food. I suppose I was quite hungry as well. My stomach feels empty as I walk onward and back to the Temple, a place of mysterious wonder and now what I considered hypocrisy. How would one learn the ways of peace truly if they were tailored to become nothing but an emotionless shell their entire life? I place it in the back of my mind as I approach the Temple palace doors and I make my way inside. The illustrious gold shines through the ceiling and down into the main hall where the citizens walk about in peace and serenity. I enter as I look around at the people who looked at me as if I were a doe in a jungle of birds. For right now the emotions in this room were tranquil, but rest assured before long I would sense someone that would begin to feel indifferent towards me. I was becoming tired of feeling these ideas that the Azar and others knew something I did not, there had to be a bigger story behind why my mother and father didn't want me. More than just 'they weren't fit to'. I was 17 cycles now and my birthday approaches. I deserve to know the truth in transition into my adulthood among the Azarathians. I dwell the main hall and walk calmly through the foyer towards the garden, where all of our food was cultivated and grown for food. The most precious and decadent berries, fruits, greens, and breads were here, with the richest crystalline waters for rejuvenation


    I grab my food and I leave the garden to a secluded part of the Temple where no one could see me. I close my eyes and picture an image of my chambers. And with one swift concentration, I instantly warp as I open my eyes inside my sleeping quarters. Zinthios jumps a bit and flies to my side and rubs its head on my neck. If no one was going to know of my abilities, then I had to use them in secret as I have been doing for a long time. Azar finds out then who knows what type of penance I would have to pay for doing so. I levitate Indian style above my bed and indulge in my fresh food.

    "I'm getting better Zinthios...I didn't drop my plate this time..."

    As I consume my food I think about my life here, and how I was raised by a society that wasn't my own. I was thankful to them indeed, but also I was curious. I wanted answers, now more than ever. From a little girl I noticed that the only time there was ever storms here in this plane was when I cried, my emotions that were dark caused dark things to happen here. Maybe that was because I don't belong here. High Magistrate and Azar took it upon themselves to raise me personally as if I were they own, but the truth was that I wasn't. I was still born a mortal, from my mother and father. My mother had dies after I was born, but why wasn't she fit to raise me? And what of my father? They never said he'd died, just that he wasn't any good. But how? What did all of that mean?

    "I want to know about my parents Zinthios...I deserve to know. All this time I've felt so empty and incomplete without meditation and reading others' minds and emotions...I want to have my own. I need my own!"

    With that last outburst a small wind generates around me. Zinthios flies on my bed and looks at me with a tilted head. I apologize to Zinthios and rub his sleek black feathers as I start to contemplate life if I had known my parents. If they had taken me in and I was raised away from Azarath. I told Azar I wanted to go to Earth. Before it was just about seeing the realm I came from, but now I wanted to go for me, for my life and progression in spirit. I was ready, no one seen that but me. I could control my emotions, I could hone my abilities. I wanted to find my father and come face to face with him, for him to explain things. I was mature enough to handle any unwanted responses from him, after all he didn't want me in the first place, so why should I expect anything different. I look at Zinthios and I smile genuinely for the first time in a long time unprovoked.
    "I'm going to face my crucibles, Zinthios. It's time I'm revealed to the true path."
    Zinthios caws at me as I confidently rise from my levitation and I leave my chambers, using my mind to grab the plate and bring it to my hand. I head down from the golden staircase as I spiral down towards the main hall once more, with only the mission of entering the Azar's chambers and finally asking her about my heritage. This was it. I wasn't supposed to have emotions? I grew tiresome of that, I was exctited right now as nothing happened around me, no spontaneous storm, no shaking or flying objects, everything was in control. Seeing this only made me feel more confident and excited. I was having real emotions! It was...enlightening, refreshing, clearing. The Azarathians all looked at my unusual behavior as I walked briskly and peppy through the halls. Their faces of mild worry were greeted by my slight smile and positive demeanor.
    "Hello to you...hello...greetings..."
    I greet my fellow people and head right up towards the Azar's chambers. Her Preservers stand at her door looking after it, as they smile and bow to me as I approach. One moves to stand in my way as he stops me.
    Preserver: "I'm sorry dear Metrion, Azar is in a meeting right now with High Magistrate Coman. You are more than welcome to wait here if you'd like."
    "...hmm. I'll return. Thank you."
    Little do they know...I'm 'special'. I leave the door of the Azar and head towards a secluded area. I knew just where to go. I find myself and small and empty slot near the walls of the main hall and I teleport to the very top of the Temple in the lush golden roofs. No one ever comes up here, because nearly everyone are inable to due to lack of ability. I smile at the bright light shining from the sky as I bask in the glorious moment of my plan. I inhale then exhale a deep breath of satisfying gratification as I cross my legs and focus my meditation. I feel my spirit bonding with the energies of the outside world as my astral body begins to take over and I rise from my physical body. Azarathians required focus and concentration to achieve their astral states. It was a common skill of our people here. Only the truly powerful spirits and advanced minds could achieve levitation and/or telepathy, but for me everything was seemingly....natural. I drift around my physical self for a moment to ensure no one is around. And in an instant I warp my astral self inside Azar's chambers. Once there, I clear my conscience and focus on the two talking. Eavesdropping wasn't common for me, but I wanted to know when the meeting was over that I may talk to Azar myself.
    Coman: "She's getting bold in her ways, that trial today could have been chaotic! Favorably the trials are designed to test mental and spiritual prowess so no one would believe her abilities were real, only an illusion summoned by her inner self."
    Azar: "She wishes to go to Earth...wait...do you sense that?"
    Coman: "What?"
    Azar: "A presence..."
    Coman: "I feel energy, but that could be a number of things or people that are in deep meditation."
    The High Magistrate approaches Azar in extreme proximity and stares into her eyes.
    Coman: "You need to keep her in control, one more outburst and this time I'm not sure what will come of Azarath or the consequences. She is strong, and you have done well, but she may never know the truth of who she is or her parents."
    Azar: "She's beginning to think she's being confined...eventually she will grow more resentful towards me, she's already rebelling now, with emotions and thoughts that oppose mine. She says she's been using her abilities for some time."
    Coman: "!?... Place a sheath over this situation immediately Azar. If you need assistance from the Guild then notify me, but we can not let her succumb to her darker inhibitions...we hold the fate of realms in our grasp. We cannot fail."
    Suddenly I sense the emotions of Coman and the Azar as an overwhelming force of emotions hit me, I had never felt emotions so strongly: urgency, deception, protectiveness, anxiety. It was true...I didn't want to believe it but it was true...they were hiding something from me. The truth about my parents? The emotions almost were enough to make me feel betrayal and anger had I been in my physical body...I was even starting to feel it now. The High Magistrate leaves as I instantly snap back to my physical body, gasping and feeling the shock of my experience. I instinctively ball my fists up and become filled with emotions of animosity and mild sadness. Azar told me to never bottle emotions, to flow and release those emotions and have a clear mind, but she was the very venom that she spoke to me. A hypocrite. what else had she kept from me!? The skies darken a bit as faint rumbles can be heard in the distance. I had one emotion at this very moment.

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