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  1. There exists other realms, other dimensions, and other entities that transcends our understanding as humans. These paralogical occurrences holds host to many things that everyday life describes as "unexplainable" or "phenomena".....and these are the very things that co-exist in the commonplace of space and time, right under civilization's nose and within grasp. They hide away in the shadows, lurk outside the physical and abstract sight of many, but these anomalies reside with society every single day...

    So what happens when the gateway and interconnection between the two are explored? Explored through the perspective of one of the most powerful, darkest beings known to civilization? The cambion. The chosen one. A young girl raised in the pacifist ways for truth and light, but holds a dark, sinister secret inside her that will shatter all realms into an eternal abyss at the very wave of her hand...Or is there truly always light in darkness? For one will become the symbol of both, and ascend as something much greater.
    For that symbol will be depicted as...Raven. A man bred in the ways of justice since youth, following the path of one of the most feared and notorious symbols of justice known to man. As he goes his own path he too will face the dark of the knight, no longer does he hide among the shadows...he will take flight as Nightwing.

    Little do they know, there's a bigger, badder world out there full of other beings that hide in the shadows, some stand in pride before others, and some are plotting their on ulterior motives in a quest for justice, power, vengeance, or domination. There exists a bigger universe that will all come together when fate calls for it to. They are never truly alone. They will form a universe in which the fate of it will rest in their hands...

    [Based on the Dc Comics characters and storyline]


    You CAN have Original Characters for this DC Universe, so long as they have solid backstories. In order to claim the heavyweights like Batman, Superman, etc. make sure you know their history WELL because we will be adapting and playing in the world established DC Shared Universe by films and shows like Man of Steel, Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Constantine, Batman vs Superman, etc.

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    Name: Rachel Roth aka Metrion aka Raven
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 137 lbs
    Blood Type: O+
    Race: HumanxDemon
    Ethnicity: Caucasian & Demonoid (Cambion)

    Traits(5): Strong-Willed/Adaptable/Intelligent/Gritty/Witty
    Flaws(5): Cold/Detached/Radical/Dark/Stubborn

    Rachel Roth



    Dc Comics Character or Original? DC Comics

    POWERS---> *powers as human *powers as demon form

    {td}Demonic Transformation
    Astral & Mental projection
    Dimension Traveling

    Psionic abilities (Possession, Pain Inducement, Illusions, Limited Pyrokinesis, Limited Electrokinesis)


    Energy Manipulation
    Time Manipulation
    Emotion Manipulation
    Darkness Manipulation (Umbrakinesis)

    Memory Alteration
    Inducing and amplifying the Seven Deadly Sins (Only Pride and Lust)
    Experienced Hand-to-Hand Combatant
    Expert Martial Artist


    Metrion was born to a mother who was very wayward in direction, Angela Roth. Angela was an orphan at a very young age, and herself was abandoned by her mother. Angela was adopted before long into a spiritual home, but developed a sense of apathy and rebellion against her creed enforcing adoptive parents. She then turned to the streets and got in with the wrong crowd, delving into the occult and practicing dark and unholy worship. It was here that she joined a cult feeling a sense of belonging, as they inadvertently summoned and unleashed an ancient, malevolent evil. This evil deceived Angela and the others, and posed as a pure being for the sole purpose of devising a plan to gain access to mortal planes. The being forced itself onto Angela, and thus unwillfully she was impregnated with Metrion, half human, and half evil. A traumatized Angela tried to cope with the horrific reality and sought out counseling, drugs, and other things, but when all failed, she attampted to take her own life. It was then that she was approached by beings of the other-dimensional world known as Azarath; a pacifistic society who had left Earth centuries ago. The Azarathians recognized that Angela was pregnant with the child of Trigon and invited her to return with them to Azarath where they could safeguard the child from the recognized evil's influence. Angela agreed.
    Angela gave birth to a daughter who she named Rachel. It was quickly found that Rachel had inherited great power from her father and the spiritual leader of Azarath decided that Raven should be raised separately from her mother to minimize the chance of emotional conflicts which were found to be the key to Raven's sinister power. Now Metrion as her given Azarath name, is under constant care of the Azar, leader of Azarath, and it's denizens as she must constantly live in a shell of herself, lest she destroy entire realms on a whim. She lives with the eternal burden of not knowing what she is fully, or the limits of her potential. She craves the one thing she can never have: to be normal. To never have emotions constantly burdens her of not knowing what it feels like to feel at all...now everything will be put to the test in wake of a dire truth...she begins her journey to become more...{/td}
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  3. Name: Richard "Dick" Grayson / Nightwing.
    Age: 19.
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Race: Human
    Ethnicity: Romani.

    Traits: Charming / Intelligent / Persuasive / Determined / Optimistic.
    Flaws: Emotional / Stubborn / Attached / Obsessive.


    Richard Grayson.




    Notable Abilities:

    - Multilingual.
    - Expert Martial Artist.
    - Acrobat.

    Trained in: escapology, criminology, fencing, disguise, stealth, and numerous non-combat disciplines.


    Dick grew up as the youngest member of the Flying Graysons of Haly's Cirucs. When his attempt to extort money from the Circus failed, Mafia boss Tony Zucco sabotaged the trapeze wires with acid, causing the wires to snap during the next performance, and for Dick's parents to fall to their deaths. Dick was taken under Batman's wing when the billionaire offered the boy sympathy and recounted the deaths of his own parents. This knowledge known by Dick alone, encouraged him to seek training from his guardian and took up the title of Robin. Robin had long become the very same mythical vigilante among Gotham's younger residents.

    As time went on, working beneath a mentor that held him back was no longer appealing to the young sidekick, and so to assert his independence, Dick took on the mantle of Nightwing. He has struck out on his own ever since.
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    -1064: Azar founds the astral realm of Temple Azarath, expelling all evil souls from there.
    -1997: Rachel Roth is born. She is taken to Azarath after her birth, raised by Azar.
    -1998: Angela Roth is announced missing; months later presumed dead.
    -2002: Bruce Wayne takes Dick Grayson as a ward and trains him as Robin.
    -2012: Batman and Robin/Dick Grayson part ways.
    -2013: Dick Grayson fully embraces his destiny as Nightwing.

    Summer 2014

    (Will edit and update as time goes)
  5. ((ORIGIN POST))

    Location: Unknown
    Time: 11:58 PM
    Year: 1996

    An eerie silence ensues throughout the dark and ominous area. Darkness surrounds the vicinity in a chilling mood of coldness and isolation, as if Death itself dwelled there. In this undisclosed abyss, an aura of despair and promise fills and fuels the air, in a way that only compliments the sinister tone of the moment at hand. a column of softly lit candles exist in this space, its golden dim light revealing frigid cole stone surfaces and splatters of red along the walls and floor. In the middle of this room lies an altar. Upon the altar, a young girl lays unconscious in a dark red robe, opened up to reveal her bust and half naked body. On the young girl's belly is a symbol of some sort coated in the same dark red. A pillar stands behind the altar with the same symbol, as the eerie silence transgressing into small and faint sounds of whispers. About a dozen beings linger in the mysterious dark with the young girl, as their garments brush against the floor. These dark figures increase their whispers as they kneel down in the direction of the young girl. The whispers go fourth just as dark as the abyss they all were enshrouded in.

    Mysterious Beings: "Unum abyssi.... In ac desperationis supplicio, sed occulta divinae lucis et custos... Quod si tibi hodie, ut dominus.... Et ostende nobis...."

    The still of the air along with the grisly breeze shooting through the void grips all individuals who dwell there. The figures chant on once more, as if chanting in harmony. They strive to fulfil their purpose, and they continue to kneel in the direction of the female.

    Mysterious Beings: "Unum abyssi.. In ac desperationis supplicio... sed occulta divinae lucis et custos. Quod si tibi hodie, ut dominus. Et ostende nobis."

    The beings rise their torsos from the kneel position and face towards the young lady they begin to reach out their hands to the girl, but never move a step forward. They begin to raise the volume of their voices as their hoods conceal who they are. The candle flames wave with a slight fury as if some unseen force was pushing it. The golden lights from the flames begin to flicker across the room. The figures chant once more with thunderous, heavy, deep tones of absolution.

    Mysterious Beings: "Unum abyssi. In ac desperationis supplicio, sed occulta divinae lucis et custos. Quod si tibi hodie, ut dominus. Et ostende nobis."

    The current gets stronger as the flames begin to flicker back and forth the small chill air suddenly finds an unknown source of heat. The altar with the girl seems to develop a resonance as the chanting brings forth an unexplainable energy. The hair on the unconscious girl begins to wave in the unseen wind as her eyes begin to dart back and forth while her eyes are still closed. The chanting gets louder now, moving into strong shouts of words from the group. The entire space begins to tremble slightly.

    Mysterious Beings: "Unum abyssi! In ac desperationis supplicio, sed occulta divinae lucis et custos!! Quod si tibi hodie, ut dominus! Et ostende nobis!!"

    The presence of another energy then disperses through the place. the trembling turns into full vibration as the altar shakes with fury and prejudice. The candle flames wave back and forth with rapid haste, but never extinguish. The young woman then begins to slowly levitate while still unconscious, eyes in a subconscious frenzy. Her dark red robe hangs down scraping the stone altar as splatters of red are revealed all over the stone surfaces. The figures stand up straight and begin to walk towards her with their arms stretched fully to her, as she lifts higher and higher into the air. Their words now resounding through the entire void with echoes. The entire venue shakes with force as the apex moment comes and the figures continue to scream the incantations at the top of their lungs.


    The candles shoot up in a streak of flames and the tremors cease their activity as the yound woman opens her eyes, and they reveal to be a deep dark violet color. She drops back down onto the altar as the candles return to normal and the air and energy returns to silence. The young woman opens her eyes once more as they return to her normal crystal blue eyes. She awakens to the robed figures surrounding her, not moving an inch. Silent. She rises from the stone surface, tying her robe up.

    Young Woman: "Is...is it done? Did....did it work?"

    The group remained silent as she looks around in hope and confusion. She stares into the light of the candles as they stand beside the tall stone pillar. There was nothing but silence. Eerie and still air and a grip of oppression through the room. The woman looks back at the group and seeks them once more.

    Young Woman: "What happened? I thought The Ascension would work?"

    Before anything else could happen a whisper arose from behind the pillar. Both the young woman and the robed figures alike jumped to attention at the behest of this unknown source of sound. They all stare at the pillar in shock and bewilderment. Something else was there.

    ???: "I am here..."

    The robed figures kneel down on their hands and knees and all chant in unison at the arrival of the mysterious entity.

    Mysterious Beings: "Lord."

    ???: "So long....have I been in captivity from the planes of mortality...you all have freed me..."

    The young woman stands surprised and taken back by the events that really just unfolded. This was stuff from movies and stories, but it just happened in real life. She couldn't believe it...she was so astounded that they had sucessfully summoned a divine being.

    Young Woman: "Is....is that really an angel..?"

    Suddenly the entity steps from behind the pillar, the darkness masking it's anatomy. It slowly walks forward into the candle light in grace and precision. Once the golden aura shines on the being, it's revealed to be a tall man with purple hair, and gold eyes that were only rivaled by the sun. He looks deeply into the group and focuses his eyes on the young woman, particularly focusing on the symbol on her stomach. He slightly smirks as he steps forth right next to the altar.

    Man: "You all have summoned me, and now here I am before you. My followers. My disciples."

    He walks down next to the young woman, and stands inches from her, looking into her eyes softly.

    Man: "What is your name, dear?"

    Young Woman: "My name is Angela..."

    Man: "Well Angela, you are one of supreme beauty and decadence. You carry the sigil on your stomach. The sigil of union, that represents the loyalty and faithfulness of your spirit unto the divine."

    Angela: "The Church said it was to summon you here, angel. So that I could be ascended to the Church as a Sister.."

    Man: "Oh, Angela...you are so much more than that..."

    While still looking at Angela, the man raises his right arm, telekinetically snapping the neck of one of the robed figures. Angela gasps at the sight of his mangled neck and lifeless body falling to the floor. The other robed figures raise up in fear and shock and begin to back away. The man then lifts group member after member up with his mind, throwing them like rag dolls across the dark space. Their screams and panic fueling him. Angela screams in horror as the men hit the walls and floors at the snap of bones. She stumbles away from the man and backs into the stone altar.

    Angela: "Please stop!!! What are you doing!? We're your followers! Angels don't kill!!!"

    Man: "Whoever said I was an angel...?"

    The man smirks at Angela and continues to tear the men apart as their screams turn into gurgles of blood. Angela darts towards the door but is unable to find in in the limited light she has. She trips over the body of one of her fellow members, blood splashing on her bare feet. She screams from the sensation of the warm fluid on her and rises to run once more.

    Immediately her body movement is stopped, as she tenses all her muscles to fight to move. The man lifts her up from afar and controls her body as he moves her over to the stone altar where she lay once before. He gently places her down and gives her control of her neck up. Angela begins to cry as she pleads the man.

    Angela: "Please....d-don't kill me...I swear I'll do whatever you want....just don't kill me [sobs]"

    Man: "Dear Angela....I won't kill you...for you are the chosen one, you will be the bridge for all human kind and divinity alike. You are more special than you realize..."

    Angela stares at the man with confused and fearful eyes as he turns towards the dead bodies before him and raises his hands once again. This time a dark mist rises from the corpses slowly and gradually. Angela looks on at this mystifying sorcery as the dark mist emits screams of the dead members' souls. The man balls his fists as the mists begin to rush toward him. The man opens his mouth, consuming the dark mist as his gold eyes turn into a bright hot orange yellow, as if the mist is powering him. Faint screams and cries of agony leaves the dark mists as they enter into the man. Once all mist has been absorbed, the man turns back to Angela with his gold eyes intact. He approaches Angela as she screams.

    Angela: "NO!!! PLEASE!!! AAAHAHHHHHH!!!"

    The man shuts her mouth psychically and she squirms and squeals. He takes the candle flames and shapes them into a full on inferno, blasting them at all the dead bodies before Angela. The two look on at the burning bodies...Angela in sheer terror, and the man in a dark satisfaction. The area can be well seen from the inferno now. Splatters of old blood everywhere throughout the pure stone complex. The inferno spreads cinders and heat through the once cold and dark area. As the man grabs Angela and they both begin to vanish in an instant.

    Angela comes to in a dark place...far worse than where she once was. Fires cover the sky as black mist rises from the ground in all directions. Wails of suffering and screams of terror surround this new unknown place for what seems like miles upon miles. Angela shakes herself into consciousness....and when she finally becomes aware she sees that she's fully naked with nothing but the blood red symbol on her belly remaining. She tries to scream, but nothing comes out. She can't move, anything. She noticed that she was on some kind of gigantic platform with a throne, and sitting on that throne was the mysterious man. Just staring at her. Once he sees that she's awake he rises from his throne and approaches her, psychically stripping himself of all clothes as he continues to walk to her. Angela looks on in pain and torment as she watched this monster control her like a puppet. Tears flow from her red face as her veins pop out to the very limit.


    Man: "You are mine to be, Angela. You will always be mine....the queen of it all."

    A smirk covers his face as his voice becomes significantly deeper and more ominous than ever...as if he was otherwordly.

    Demon: "You just don't know it yet."

    He relieves control of Angela's neck up as she screams absolute screams of terror and fear. They resonate throughout the fiery abyss that was never ending and all-consuming. The man's eyes glow orange-yellow hot once again, as his skin turns pale and the silhouette of his shadow turns into something far sinister to that of a human's......

    -------------------------------------PRESENT TIME-------------------------------
    Location: Azarath, the Astral World.
    Time: Cycle 2014. High Morning.

    I awake from my nightmare and jump up faster than expected. The bright aura of the day shining on my face as I squint my eyes to the luminous sky. Another day in this crazy spiral of a thing called life. I sit up from my slumber and I levitate down onto the floor, my feet hitting the cold golden brick surface paved on the ground. I put on my Azarathian robes and make way out into the palace halls where I can seek to find Azar. I know she'd probably want to hear about this dream I had. I could never keep anything in, especially from her...at least that's what I've been told since birth. Everything felt so...routine. I felt like a puppet at the hands of this world, just going along with the flow of life as the Azar says often. Something I can't argue I suppose, the Azar isn't even really my mother. She took me in when I couldn't even walk...said my mother wasn't fit to raise me because I was 'different'. That I was born extra special and that this was the place that those special people go, but for some reason..it feels like there's more to this life thing. Like I'm more... Time is different here. The mortal plane ages in nature, as Azarath does not, only the spirits in it. Everything's so lucid, so free flowing, yet so restricting; at least for me.

    Hello, Metrion..
    Greetings, Metrion!
    Hollow Eve, Metrion.
    Tidings, Metrion.

    I pass my fellow Azarathians as they bow with their robes concealing their faces. I feel their indifference, their false courtesy...they're fearful of me. It's a bad feeling. A feeling I've gotten used to. I return a gentle nod as I continue to walk towards the main throne. Each of the high council has these pocket dimensions where they dwell as opposed to royal mortal throne rooms. Azar's was a floating garden, some even said the original Garden of Eden. I reach the throne door and I then activate my astral self to go outside my body and travel through the door. It wasn't a physical realm, so I had to access it spiritually always. I enter a gorgeous garden, with the utmost lush plants and trees ever seen by eyes in history. They all radiate light in a star filled sky...except the sky in below the garden along with a full moon. I drift over the grass as I see the Azar kneeling and meditating.


    I kneel beside her as I begin to speak:

    Me: Hello, Azar.
    Azar: I sense the concern in your mind, Metrion. How was your slumber?
    Me: Troublesome. There was death and darkness in my visons...
    Azar: How did you feel?
    Me: I felt despair, sadness...agony. I used my training and balanced them away.
    Azar: Good my dear, lest your abilities consume you and you cause destruct to this realm.

    Azar was the closest figure I had to a mother. She told me my mother of Earth gave me up after birth, that she was a mortal that was inable to properly care and raise me because of how 'special' I was. I never really knew much about her, only that she died shortly after I was taken to Azarath. Azar says that due to my abilities, I have the power to greatly influence the spirit realm, and even cripple the mortal planes if I were to ever lose touch of my emotions. I don't know why I am this way, but I can connect to being's thoughts and feelings ...I can feel everything. Azar teaches me to become outside myself and emotions to be clear in action and thinking. No matter how far I want to push my limit or my curiosity she constantly reminds me that I can never do that. Not ever. I've learned to live with it for 16 cycles now, but the feeling of this burden...to never truly feel anything for myself, to never have an experience of emotion...it consumes me. These abilities...why me? I would do wonders to experience what it's like to just be normal...just for one minute. I close my eyes and meditate for a moment, clearing myself of envy.
  6. On many nights such as this, the thick Gotham air would strike him as nostalgic in its characteristically unwelcoming manner. It was the muggy air that Dick spent the later half of his life becoming accustomed to, adapting to-- a natural filter, he'd think, to keep out the weak prospective residents that couldn't possibly handle the city's intensity. Dick was lucky enough to have been young at the time, just young enough for Gotham to accept him as one of its own, and whipping him into shape in the only way it knew how in the process. It had always been a subtle change over time that he'd never noticed until he was too old to suffer the city's corrupted maturing techniques, and now he saw exactly how different he had become over those years.

    He didn't mind, much. Being a changed person was... strange, at first. He could clearly recall memories of being another person, a happier person. Dick was still quite the charismatic and optimistic fellow, but their effects on his daily life had dulled somewhat. He only hoped that Gotham hadn't completely erased who he'd once been, and that that small and easily excited child was still deep within him, somewhere. To bring it out now would be a death sentence, but he believed it would show itself in due time-- when safety was no longer an issue, and when optimism could do more than aggravate his allies. The corners of his lips curled upward in a faint smile at the thought.

    Nightwing, as he was better known, stretched along the stone gargoyle just out of sight of the skyline and peered down into the streets, quiet and yet louder than anything to his ears. It was unusual that this night of all nights was so... dead. Gotham was a city of constant activity, both legal and illegal. Seeing it so docile rubbed him the wrong way, made his brow furrow beneath the covering of his mask.
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  7. Azar: 'You must never indulge on your emotions, Metrion.'
    Me: 'Yes, I know Azar...'
    Azar: '...your birthday approaches. Anything in particular you wish to retrieve?'

    How about being normal? That's what I wished to say. How about stripping me of these burdens that makes it uneasy for me to walk through life. Or....my mother, or father. Father...Azar never really mentioned him whatsoever. The last time I asked about it was a couple of cycles ago in meditation, and Azar suggested that he was as useless as anything in this universe, that he should never be spoken of. So not only may I never meet my mother, nor only may I ever feel any true emotion, I also can't speak of my father...I'm to be a drone in the realm of Azarath. It consumes me, it weighs me, but I can't feel any way about it. Such burden that no one will ever know, except Azar.

    Me: '...A cake would be nice.'
    Azar: 'But of course dear, anything else?'
    I was going to say it.
    Me: 'To see the realm where I came from....Earth?'

    In a split second Azar opens her eyes and looks over to me with deep eyes of piercing. Never in our time of meditation has she ever broken focus. Until now. She arises and walks to a precious tree in the garden and speaks as she rubs the branches.

    Azar: "How long have you been thinking about this?"
    Me: *looking down* "For some time now, Azar."
    Azar: "For what is your reason to impart upon Earth? You have no reason...no cause.."
    Me: "Because it's where I'm from...I've had years of training and honing my senses for events such as this."
    Azar: "The quiz and the test are two separate things, Metrion."
    Me: "Both which I've never failed."

    I've had some shaky moments in my past time. Azar even said when I cried as an infant Azarath shook with earthquakes and violent lightning storms. As a youngling, when I used to get sad or throw a fit things would break or move harshly around me. Azar has taught me to not bottle it, but release it in a balanced way of meditation, that I was a special breed that had enormous power, and in wake of that power I literally had the ability to destroy dimensions lest I succumb to my darker and mortal inhibitions. Ever since, it's been a daily meditation period. Another things that's helped my is my companion Zinthios. Azarath has very rarely seen any animal life since it was created, but Zinthios saved me one day when I was 8 cycles old and has been with me ever since. He's the only being I can fully unwind to and share everything with; even with him being a three eyed black bird. I often chat with him telepathically, and link emotions with him when he's happy so that I may feel joy myself.

    Azar: "Metrion, until you have an absolute understanding and grasp of yourself and abilities, you must remain here."
    Me: *clenching my jaw* "Very well, Azar."

    I get up to leave the domain of the Azar when she looks back and imparts that inevitable knowledge onto me: "Sometimes the shadows reveal themselves, only to mask that there's light."

    I turn around to see that I'm already back in the main halls of the temple. The lush golden bright aura radiating from an unknown source of light. We didn't have a sun as the mortal realm did, just light. I remove my hood as I trek through the palace temple and make my way towards the grand doors opening to the outside environment of Azarath. Again I feel the curiosity and contemplation of my fellow Azarathians as they stare at me from behind with eyes of indifference. Something I'm all too familiar with...

    I open the grand doors to the outside nature of beauty before me. The crystal waters, the souns of waterfalls rushing in the distance, the smell of fresh air and plants. This was an utopia I had to admit, no matter how twisted Azarath was towards me and my "ability". I levitate across the soft, lush blades of grass until I get to the river stream that shows only the most absolute perfect water. The current flows with ease through the rocks and stone objects at the bottom of the river. This was mesmerizing. I close my eyes as a slow breeze runs through my spirit. A sudden sound of a shriek causes my face to involuntarily smile. I knew that shriek. That caw. Zinthios. I look to the sky as I see a black-winged figure soaring at uncanny altitudes. It flies so gracefully, so peacefully until it locks eyes on me from afar. With another shriek, it darts from the sky in extreme haste like a dark missile from the sky. I look on at it with a grin as I read it's emotions: overly joyous. I copy the emotions into my own self, my heart warming and spirit brightening. I reach out my arm as Zinthios spreads its wings and glides onto my forearm, scooting up near my neck and rubbing itself against me.

    Zinthios (open)


    Me: *giggles* "Good to see you too, Zinthios."
    I place my feet in the river as the cool, crisp water rushes past them and slightly soothes them.
    Me: "What shall we tamper with today, Zinthios?"

    Zinthios: "CAWW!" *flies to the river and picks up a rock then drops it*
    Me: "Ahh, the rocks huh? That's easy, watch this...."

    I close my eyes and begin to feel the energy of the things around me. The roots in the ground, the flowing water, the rocks the lie at the bottom. I can feel their signature, their vibrance. I sync with that resonance and become one with it as I begin to make the rocks vibrate. Slowly and gracefully I begin to lift up the rocks with my mind as they levitate with peace above the liquid surface. Zinthios caws with anticipation upon the menial show being provided. I smirk as I'm not satisfied with just these small rocks. I dig deeper. I lift up the moderate sized rocks underneath the waters as well, as they join the unseen orbit of objects already floating. I open my eyes to the wonderous sight. I rarely got to exercise my abilities, well the mental ones anyway. This was the closest that I'd get to tapping into these gifts...or curses. I lift them high in the air as they begin a centripetal orbiting motion in the air. Zinthios jumps up and down with excitement as the velocity of the rocks increases more and more. I shape the rocks in the form of a giant hand and I roar while reaching for Zinthios, scaring it a bit as it flutters backwards. I chuckle and then I turn it into a heart. A simulated pulsating, pumping heart...I can get more creative than that. I levitate slightly as I mold the rocks into a copy Zinthios...well I tried. It looked more like the winged animal known as a bat. Zinthios caws and jumps on my shoulder as I bring the presentation of my abilities to an end. I clap my hands together as the rocks all collapse back into the water.

    Me: "How was that, Zinthios? Pretty fun huh?"

    It was sad what my definition of fun was. Not like any of the young inhabitants here would want to play with me. They're all mostly afraid, but at the same time most are still friendly. Theron is the only one to go out of his way to try to make me cheerful. I met him when we were ten cycles old. He was crying over his dying bird and I felt the bird's agony and sadness, as well as his. So, I walked up to the bird, and used my abilities to heal it. However, I took the bird's injuries and was down and out for a day. Ever since, he's been really fond of me. I remain outside playing with Zinthios for hours, staying right in front of the temple palace the entire time. Not many ventured outside, only to see the utopian scenery or to cultivate plants for food and medicine every so often. This was nice. I drifted afloat the air with Zinthios on my chest moving about trying to keep balance. I had lost touch of how far I was up, still my eyes remained shut. Until something broke my attention. The sound of a great horn. No....The Trials of Peace.

    The Trials of Peace happened rarely, but it was an extreme crucible of one's mindstate. Azar would push thoughts in our heads, make us see things that weren't there, all as practice of the spirit, and of the will. I open my eyes to the sky before me, as I begin to drop gracefully throught it. I was higher than anticipated. The temple gets larger and larger as I zoom towards the ground with Zinthios flying right beside me, cawing. I gather my feet and slowly levitate and descend on the grass.

    Me: "Well Zinthios, guess it's time for trials...wait for me in my chambers..."
    Zinthios: *caws, then flys off*

    I place my hood over my head as I begin to walk back towards the temple palace. I open the grand doors back into the temple as hundreds of black robed Azarathians all converge towards the temple courtyard, where the trials take place. I join in the masses of pedestrians as we all uniformly begin to fill the space of the great courtyard. The waters gush from the golden floors as the temple overview can be seen from afar. Such beauty. The entire population forms a large circle arounf the perimeter of the area as we all begin to kneel at once. Many thoughts rush through my mind at this moment. Why now? Was it because of what I said? Was this truly random? I look up into the center of the yard where High Magistrate Coman and Azar enter. Coman is the second-in-command to Azar, and oversees all Trials of Peace to judge who is worthy of the Temple Guild. The Temple Guild is a collection of the highest spiritual people, with tasks divided in three sections: Law, Council, and Preservers. Law members look after and address the oaths and rules of Azarath, and keep a list on all who break them. Council members judge the laws, as well as the people who break them. They also handle special requests by anyone who wishes to do so. Preservers are the protectors of peace and oppose any violence of confrontations. Coman runs the Temple Guild also.

    High Magistrate Coman (open)


    High Magistrate Coman: "Welcome, my people, to yet another Trial of Peace. We have came so far in our quest from evil, and now we will practice the pacifist way by stretching our spirits. I'm proud of each and every one of you, as we have had NO laws or incidents broken in the recent times. May your inner light continue to guide you thoroughly. Now! Let our leader commence the trials!"

    Azarathians: "HUO!!"

    Azar then sits then levitates into the air, in the center of us all. We close our eyes in droves as the Azar then uses her spiritual power to sync all of our minds together into the same pocket dimension. The courtyard transforms into an all black abyss. We all remain floating, as we levitate from the now vanished ground. With my eyes closed, I project my astral self from my body and I begin to look around. No one. Just me. Alone. I knew they were with me, but when we venture off into our own tether, then everything else gets excluded. I only see my body, levitating and eyes closed. It's amazing how Azar could send different telepathic communications to multiple people simultaneously. The amount of energy and concentration....impeccable. A winding road then appears before me, leading deeper into the darkness. I follow carefully as the road gradually curves more and more uphill as I walk. Echoes of a baby crying hits my ears hard. I sway my head searching for the sound...what was it? WHO was it? It was everywhere...I continue to walk up the path as my calves begin to strain as I walk. My feet feels shaky against the stone road in the middle of darkness. The road begins to vibrate harshly as I crouch to keep my center of balance. Rocks and pebbles fall from beneath me as I levitate and keep myself up, the road now breaking apart into an asteroid belt made of rocks and pebbles. I drift cautiously through the belt moving the stones with my hands.

    Azar: 'Metrion....you can never leave. You can never be anything other than what you are now: nothing.'

    I continue to drift, looking for Azar. Nothing. Her words resonate in my head, and I start to feel the cold distant sting of what I already knew. The truth. These trials were all the same. Words of how I can never experience anything, and be nothing. What really made them hard was that they were true....but I've started to get used to it. I'm stronger now, I had to show my strength to the Azar. I use my telekinesis to adjoin the many stones back together and continue to walk forward. I felt a surge of confidence. The road begins to level out as I make my way towards more darkness. Now I see dozens of robed Azarathians lined up on both sides of me. They're snickering and looking fearful. Soon it increases to them pointing and casting me out like I'm some evil entity. The road shakes again, but I use my focus to keep it joined. I use my telempathy to project my feelings of indifference and burden onto them, making the numerous robed citizens quell their words and actions, and simply remain staring at me. I begin to speed up my walk as I rush down the stone road. I've never felt this amount of momentum in the Trials. Ever. I'd gotten considerably stronger in spirit.

    Azar: 'You will forever be here, Metrion. You must never venture outside your inner self...you will destroy worlds. You are powerful, but you are weak. You do not belong, but you MUST belong.'

    The road then breaks from underneath me, as I aptly use my abilities to stay afloat in the void of pitch black.

    Azar: 'You are a mistake, your parents abandoned you. Your own flesh and blood wanted nothing to do with you...they tossed you aside as if you were nothing but a rock in the sand. You have nothing. No one. You are a foreigner in a strange land. Lost, like you are now.'

    The words ring in my head and begin to bring forth a slight bit of sadness, but I knew it was a test. I had grown too much and come to far to let those words influence me. I knew they were true, and that they would forever be my burden, but right here, right now, I had control of who I am and the power to control the situation.

    Me: 'You're wrong Azar, I have you. You took me in, and I'm grateful. You care, just like you care enough now to push my spiritual strength to better ensure I'm responsible.'

    Azar: 'Is that what you think? I had no other choice! I couldn't let you destroy the planes of reality! We took you in for the safety of the realms, NOT for sentiment. YOU. ARE. A. MONSTER. You don't realize it and can't realize it because if you do, you will kill. You will destroy. Your emotions are dark and wicked, Metrion. As are you.'

    The words resonate heavier this time, but I can still ward off the harsh words of the Azar. Suddenly I feel emotions of isolation, despair, lonliness. More cries echo through the dark plane, but this time it was a woman not a baby. Who was it? Was that me? No, .........mother!? I swing my head around as I think through the emotions eating at me. If I can find the Azar, I can counter her telempathy. But nothing. I didn't know what else to do....this was tricky. The Azar didn't let up. It was like she was bringing my greatest insecurities out before me. The woman kept screaming my name. Loudly. It kept pounding in my head, like a screeching that wouldn't stop. I close my eyes and try to resist.

    Woman: 'METRION!!! METRION!!!! METRION!!!!!'


    The rain falls with heavy prejudice as the people on the streets scatter about like rodents. The traffic is backed up around primetime as usual. Beeping horns and cursing Gothamians collide with each other as the dark and loomy day presses on. One woman runs about the sidewalk in the utmost haste as she covers her head from the barrage of precipitation above her. Her umbrella thumps the rain off as she runs into the Gotham Public Library in her blood red heels and retracts her umbrella. Her heels click against the hard pressed floor as she unbuttons her trench coat and smiles at the librarian as they instantly recognize each other. The woman briskly walks to an isolated table and sits down where the librarian brings her routine book of the day.

    Librarian: "Here you are dear, quite the weather outside ehh?"

    Woman: "Tell me about it, thanks Mrs. Connors."

    Librarian: "Anytime dear, no one ever reads from the religion section anymore these days anyways...always warms my heart to see someone with some faith. [smiles]"

    The woman simply returns a smile as she opens the book and begins to read from where she left off last time. The title of the book was stated: 'Religion, Concept or Practice?' She raises her eyes through the library to see if there was anyone out of the ordinary or suspicious. No one she could see at least. She digs back into her book and begins researching. She was that much closer to the truth. A very important truth. She skims the book with her fingers as she zooms in on a particular symbol, it appeared much like a red diamond-shaped ruby. Her breath stops cold at the realizing fact of this icon. She couldn't forget the image even if she wanted to. She had seen it many many years ago....and now she was face to face with yet another lead. She was getting closer to them. To her.

    woman (open)