DC Universe: World's End

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  1. Gotham City The sun broke out over the horizon spreading its light over the entire city of Gotham. The light revealed the debris filled streets, reflected brightly off the water too stubborn to withdraw back into the ocean, the skeletal remains of many of the city's once proud buildings illuminated by its rays, and the lifeless remains of those killed by the earthquake and tsunami joined the remains of those whose eternal slumber was disturbed by soil so wet it could no longer keep them locked away safely within it. It was nowhere near the city Gothamites once boasted that it was despite its shadowy history.

    The nights were victim to every madman who saw it as an opportunity to indulge their inner monsters. With so many missing or dead along with the massive amount of destruction, the GCPD and even Batman found it difficult to stem the tide of injustice that seemed to be both aftershock and subsequent waves to crash against the city. The only safety people truly had now was daylight and the shadowy underbelly of Gotham was even beginning to encroach upon that.

    Not even Wayne Manor seemed to be spared of injustice. It became a victim as looters crashed within stealing anything that wasn't bolted down or didn't look valuable at all. Luckily, all the fail safes worked and the batcave was spared from intruders of the human variety. Still, the earthquake took its toll on it. chunks of debris now littered the cave rendering the batwing useless and causing the car to sport several new dents. Worse than that, the computer had taken some damage and was in desperate need of repair. With the satellites down, LAN lines down, and no other way to call the others, it was imperative that Bruce get the computer up and running it had access to modes of local communication that he had set up. If they were relatively undamaged, he might be able to get a message throughout Gotham.

    Bruce lay on his back under the panels of the computer when faithful Alfred approached him. Flashes of blue light revealed the bruised body of his employer and friend, "Master Bruce, any closer to getting it up and running?'

    "The damage is extensive, Alfred, but, yes, I think I'm close," Bruce replied as he slid out from under the computer and looked up at Alfred. He was holding a paper plate and a bottle of water.

    "I'm sorry, sir, all the fine dishes have walked away with the looters," Alfred spoke up, "You really ought to take a break and eat. Even something as small as this sandwich. You've been working non-stop since the disaster. Do you even know how long that is? One week, sir, one week! You are out patrolling the streets at night and during the day you're working in here."

    After he took the bottle and twisted off the top, Bruce replied, "You haven't seen what I have, Alfred, and it's not just Gotham. At night I can still see the glow of the flames from across the river. Metropolis has it just as bad and with the sun being hidden by that thick cloud of ash, Clark won't be as strong as usual," not even this disaster would have stopped the Man of Steel, but with less exposure to sunlight, Metropolis' most powerful protector would eventually struggle as any human would and would need help, "I'm sure it isn't just Gotham and Metropolis, too. That earthquake was massive, Alfred, the others must have felt it as well. The only way we'll ever find out is if I can establish a mode of communication. This is the only way I can think to help everyone; not just Gotham. I have to get it working."

    "But to what extent, sir?" Alfred objected and placed the plate on an empty spot on the computer's desktop, "You're running yourself into the ground. What good will you be to Gotham -to the world- if you're too weak to be of use to anyone?"

    Picking up a wrench, Bruce turned toward the computer, "I haven't heard from anyone yet; not from Robin, Barbara, Commissioner Gordon, anyone. I'm worried about them."

    Alfred opened his mouth to argue but Bruce had made a strong point for he, too, missed the others and worried for them, "Very well, Master Bruce. I'll leave you to it then."

    "Alfred, you haven't-" Bruce started.

    "No, no one yet, sir," Alfred interrupted before bowing to dismiss himself.

    "Thanks, Alfred," Bruce spoke up. as soon as Alfred disappeared, he turned back to the computer, "Now, what's wrong with you?"

    It took Bruce several more hours before he finally figured it out. After booting it up and running a system's check, he was able to determine that, even though not all of the infrastructure was operational, just enough was that he was certain that he could finally get a message out. Situating himself in the chair, Bruce began, "This is Batman. If you're hearing this, then Gotham needs you. We need to regroup and devise a plan to retake our city. You know where to find me."

    Leaning back in his chair, he hit the send button. The frustration of knowing that this message would only reach those in Gotham ate away at him. Now for the worst part...waiting.
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  2. Metropolis

    A apartment building on the verge of collapse suffering from the recent earthquake. In the building there are still some trapped and if not saved they shall surly parish. A black hair woman, Tall and muscular clad in the colors of the American flag and silver jumps out of on of the windows lading on her feet with grace holding a portly old man in her arms. She gently set him down on his feet and he hugged her thinking her for saving his life. "Oh thank you Wonder Woman, God bless you! I thought it was all over but then...Then..." He started to tear up. "Then you came, You actually came! My prays were answered! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Wonder Woman." Wonder Woman pushed him away and turned her back to him. [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"I appreciated the gratitude but thank you isn't necessary. It was the right thing to do. Now I must not waste time, Other are still trapped inside. Don't go anywhere for now. I'll be back in no time."[/BCOLOR] And with that she jumped back through the window and was at it again rescuing the trapped citizens. By the time she had finished it was daybreak and about 11 people had been saved. Some of them injured but better off then the dead that she had seen in there.

    Wonder Woman then escorted them to the a local high school being used as a relief center. There were armed guards and trucks outside the school doors protecting those inside and there goods. These men and women were the National Guard keeping the people safe while she couldn't. The people she saved would get medical attention and food there. With that Wonder Woman was off once again as she took flight into the sky. As Diana flew she couldn't believe what had happen to Metropolis, What had happen to Gotham, Central City, Star City and more. They were all left in great turmoil and now she feared who would take advantage. [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"I pray the Gods keep my comrades safe and that none of them had fallen."[/BCOLOR] Her thoughts then focused on Clark. She was in his city and she hadn't seen him the whole time, He must be busy and would appear soon. That what she told herself over and over again as she flew the smoke filled skies.
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  3. Gotham - Southeast
    1900 Hours

    What feeble control Jason had been maintaining had withered away within a matter of hours. Crumbled as the criminals went lone wolf to take advantage of the chaos, and as every man, woman, and child collectively lost their minds and gave into latent criminal fantasies they’d only embraced in their dreams. They prowled the streets like giddy teenagers on a liquor run, their bags filled with a miscellany of stolen goods and pharmaceuticals that would surely fetch a good price, their faces uncovered because clearly even the Batman couldn’t handle all of this at once.

    As much as he loathed to admit it, he couldn't put things back into place on his own. He'd tried to keep order for the first few days, but fear and the sense of invincibility that always accompanied an indisposed police system was a strong motivator. They stopped being afraid of him and feared each other more. He wasn't yet sure how he felt about that change.

    Jason moved to higher ground and tried for a better signal, scanning the airways for news or an update, and scowled when he got nothing. Everything was dead. No phone lines, no internet, hardly even a measly radio. His inquiries went unanswered as well. They were all dead in the water now and horribly alone. Nothing he wasn't used to, then.

    Suddenly, his receiver burst with static, sputtered incoherently for a few beats, then evened out.

    "This is--------if you're hear-----Gotham needs y-----"

    Jason tapped the side of his helmet and the message stabilized.

    "We need to regroup and devise a plan to retake our city. You know where to find me."

    He swore. Was that Bruce? He looped the message and listened again as it repeated, clearer this time. He'd recognize that voice anywhere and found himself scowling at the sound of it. It was Bruce alright, and predictably, he couldn't trace the signal. You know where to find me. Of course. If the cave was untouched and still standing, then the man would be there. All Jason had to do was show up and--

    He paused.

    There was always the matter of whether he was welcome at all. Or whether he even wanted to go. No wounds came when he realized he was probably the last guy on his former mentor's mind, because it was to be expected. He had his hands full right where he was and none to lend. With a heavy sigh, Jason stopped the looping message and leaned against the frayed supports of a small housing unit, debating himself until he realized he'd been sitting for well over an hour.

    "Why the hell not," he muttered, throwing his hands up in exasperation. He adjusted the holsters at his belt, making sure they were still in place, and stood.

    Next stop: the Batcave.
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  4. [​IMG]

    The billboard had been teetering for a few days now. Every gust of wind or shaking of the ground threatened to pull it from its lofty perch atop a mostly destroyed building. Yet, like everything left in the wake of the world-ending catastrophes it tried to hold on. Unfortunately, gravity being the cruel bitch she was, decided to send it plummeting down… right on top a group of people. It was amazing that anyone was alive given that physics was even working against them.

    The people heard the metal groan of the billboard twist and the snap of metal disconnecting from metal. Then came the ever growing shadow of long, flat, surprisingly undamaged billboard. They only had time for a few screams. A few ran. A few cowered. Yet, all of them were surprised when they didn’t die. The structure was suspended above them about thirty feet, now bowed in the middle as if a strong force had smashed against it. It was being held aloft by a singular man. He flew down with the sign and rested it as neatly as he could against the building, and then turned to greet the people he saved. Who was their savior, you ask?

    “Green Lantern!” one of the children shouted.
    Booster pressed his head into his palms. Really. This again? “How could I be a Green Lantern? I’m not even green,” he said, tugging on his blue and gold costume. “I’m beginning to think everyone here in color blind.”
    “That’s not how color blindness works,” Skeets said.
    The kid pointed. “But you were flying and you have a ring.”
    “Look, there are lots of heroes that can fly and have rings, that doesn’t all make them Green Lanterns.”
    the kid said, crossing his arms. “Name some.”
    Booster looked around the crowd. They were all disheveled, possibly scared, hungry, and definitely unwashed. Very unwashed, actually. Still, there they were, held silent by the prattling of a child. Fine. He was an adult. He could handle this. “Of course,” he said, holding up his index finger. “Yes, there are the Lanterns. And then there is me, Booster Gold.” He then brought up his middle finger to join his index one.
    “Oh wait, no, you’re Booster Gold.”
    “We really need to leave before things get worse”

    Whoever said that “there is no such thing as bad publicity” needed to find a hole to go die in. “That was one… maybe two times… I messed things up. But I saved your lives. That’s more than a Green Lantern did for you. So, considering that, there is only one flying hero with a ring you need to worry about.” He brought down his index finger. “Me, Booster Gold.”
    “Sir,” Skeets said. “I think—“
    “Yes, I realized that I’m now flipping them off, Skeets.”
    “Was that intentional?”
    “Of course.”
    The crowd, disgusted and annoyed, shuffled along, ducking into another alley and disappearing altogether.

    Booster pushed his visor off his face and to the crown of his head. It messed up his already chaotic blond hair. Sure, it’d been hard for a lot of people since the world “ended,” but none felt the pain of an imperfect hygiene schedule than he did. At least he was clean. Perfect. No. Charismatically disheveled. Of course.

    He rubbed his eyes. “I know it’s not good to think of the PR right now. The world’s practically ended, but I can’t help to feel that afterward I’m going to need testimonials of people that saw me save them. So, I’m going to have to up my game.”
    Skeets bobbed next to him. After not if? I couldn’t predict this, and you had no recollection of such world devastating events.”
    “Definitely after,” Booster said, giving a thumbs up. “This is going to be fixed. I’m not a pessimist.”
    “Fine. I’m usually not a pessimist. I’m a planner and a doer.” He placed his hands on his hips. “But you’re right, this entire thing happening without any warning is… uh… problematic.”
    “At best.”
    “Whatever,” he said, sliding his visor back over his eyes. “Let’s get moving, Skeets.”
    There was a nasty groan from behind him. Booster hadn’t anchored the billboard as well as he should have. It tipped over and headed straight towards him. Instinct took over and he activated his shields. That was one of his strongest powers, and he and Skeets went through the billboard without any problem. Out of curiosity, he walked from the carnage of the destroyed billboard and grabbed the edge of it. Using his strength and flight he perched it back up, again. This time, the advertisement facing him.

    “Well, shit.” It was an advertisement for him. It was for cereal. His teeth looked nice. They may have airbrushed his hair too much, but it was a good picture. “I just saved myself from myself.”
    “Very profound. You might need to consider that more often.”
    Booster turned towards the hovering gold robot. “What?” He paused. “Are you saying—?”
    “I’m getting an incoming transmission,” Skeets rattled off about the same time that Booster’s own earpiece buzzed in.

    "This is Batman. If you're hearing this, then Gotham needs you. We need to regroup and devise a plan to retake our city. You know where to find me."

    “Did Batman just ask for me?” Booster asked, almost giddy.
    “It looks like this is a wide broadcast for anyone capable of picking it up. As it stands, we do know where the Batcave is. Even if we were never personally given directions.”
    “One of the perks of being from the future.” Booster shrugged. “I honestly see no harm in showing up now. I mean he sounds pretty desperate. He needs me.”
    “He sounds about the same, but I think it would be frivolous of him to turn down our help.”
    “Exactly! We’re the best chance he has right now of saving Gotham.”
    Skeets went to say something, but it was quickly interrupted by another transmission. “I’m receiving information that a Green Lantern is entering Earth’s atmosphere and heading in our general direction.”
    “Sweet,” Booster said. “We’ll grab them and head over to Bats’ place.” He paused. “Man, I hope it's Hal. Though… John would be fine, too. He’s just a little—“
    “Calculating trajectory.” Skeets took off and Booster followed.

    It was fair to say that whatever Booster wished for was completely and totally squashed once he intercepted the Green Lantern that was entering Earth’s atmosphere.
    “Well—shit,” he grumbled. He then perked up, hovering there in that awkward manner he did. “Hey, Guy, welcome to the apocalypse. Glad you could make it.”
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  5. Dinah


    The engine of the mechanical two wheeled machine growled as her hand pulled back on the throttle, debris sent flying in her wake as the large black wheels sped her down a main street in the ruins of Gotham. The city was barely recognizable now, merely an empty shell of what once was a vast full city filled with life. "Such destruction... " she thought to herself as she pulled her motorcycle into a slide, ducking her head beneath a large arch of debris where the side of a building had collapsed outward to block part of the road.

    She exhaled softly to herself as the glare from the city fires flickered momentarily across the visor of her helmet, closing her eyes for a second and feeling almost comforted as if the light would pierce this chaos and banish it like a comforting mother to a nightmare. Of course hopes for such miracles were pointless in times like these, more so as it fell to people like her and the others to help pick up the pieces of what was left behind after the destruction from the earthquake. Her train of thought soon became interrupted as a voice crackled over the communication array built into her helmet.

    Quickly she pulled the motorcycle to a stop, holding a hand to the side of her helmet as if to listen carefully as a distinctive voice spoke. "This is Batman. If you're hearing this, then Gotham needs you. We need to regroup and devise a plan to retake our city. You know where to find me." She was momentarily filled with relief to know that Bruce hadn't perished like so many others, though it was followed by worry as to what condition he might be in, considering how she'd heard some of the others had fallen due to grievous wounds after the initial earthquake struck.

    Dinah once again pulled back on the throttle, sticking out her leg as she pulled the motorcycle around to head in a different direction. "I'm on my way Bruce... " she said to herself beneath her breath as she sped towards the manor where the one they called The Batman took residence. She wondered whom else heard the call, if anyone else had made it or had even stuck around to see this mess cleaned up. She liked to believe there was some, even if there were just a few of them, there had to be at least some who would remain to rebuild what was lost.

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  6. Superman
    M E T R O P O L I S
    The city was almost unrecognizable after the disaster. If it hadn't been for the Daily Planet globe, now cracked in half and resting on a pile of rubble, Clark wouldn't have known that he was in Metropolis at all. It was a sad realization, not something that he wanted to dwell on as he let another handful of dust slip through his fingers and back onto the mangled pile of metal and concrete. There were no more survivors under the rubble, none that Superman could hear, not even a faint heartbeat and the silence said that it was time to move on. After a week of searching and trying to save every last possible life, it was looking like there wasn't much else to be done.

    Carefully, Clark moved away from the building, his red cape billowing in the wind behind him. On any other night, the would have been stars in the sky, but the only thing he could see now were dust clouds. They came in waves like the tsunamis had, blocking out the sun for hours at a time and plunging the world further into darkness. It was difficult for Clark to admit it, how weak he felt without the unrestricted hours of yellow star radiation, but the grey in the sky was beginning to take its toll. Instead of just acting, lifting off into the air or catching a bridge before it fell, Clark had to consider his own strength. He felt like half a man, just as destabilized and helpless as the rest of the world.

    As his booted feet left the ground for the first time in the last hour, Clark made sure to conserve his energy. He had enough strength to finish patrolling for the night, maybe to save a few more people if they were out there, but not enough to get to the Fortress, or even check on his friends. Clark knew nothing of the state of Coast City, Central City, Star City—not even Gotham that was right across the bay. Their screams had been unmistakable after the earthquake, but so much chaos had blended together and Clark feared that loved ones and parts of the League were lost forever.

    Selfishly, he worried most for Wonder Woman.

    Landing on top of another destroyed building, Clark looked across the water toward Gotham. The other city was normally glowing with night life, and teeming with enough crime to keep Bruce busy for the entire night—now it was just the latter—if his old friend was even alive. Frowning, Clark listened but could only make out the faint sound of gunfire, and behind him, the churning, creaking sound of metal and a chorus of gasps. Clark prepared to take off, but the screams of chaos never came and instead, his blue eyes caught something in the sky. It was a bit ironic, to wonder if that shape was a bird, probably not a plane, but…

    Diana,” he breathed aloud, beside himself after not seeing a familiar face in days. Without thinking, Clark took off from the building and caught up to her, one hand extended until his fingers clasped the cool metal of her gauntlet. “You're alive,” he smiled, simple and genuine, but incredibly relieved. For that moment, she was all that he could focus on; how good it was to see her beautiful face, to touch her and know that she wasn't going to disappear. “Have you found anyone else?” With one worry eased, however, another quickly took its place.
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  7. Gotham
    What was Oliver doing here in Gotham when such disaster struck? He should be in Star City, checking in on his Company and making sure everything is fine and helping rebuild the city. Instead he decided to go to Gotham for a little trip. There was no possible way Oliver would of known that a disaster like this would happen and that he would be left in the wrong city. Luckily for Oliver, he always brought his gear when traveling, it was just in the trunk of his vehicle...Which wouldn't be moving anytime soon. A large chunk from what appeared to be a barbershop had landed on the front end of the vehicle, crushing the engine and almost ripping the car off, but it held on by a thread.

    Oliver was lucky to be alive, his vehicle surrounded by rubble and debris of local buildings, and somehow one didn't fall on top of the vehicle and just crush him inside. Maybe it was a sign that nothing could kill the Green Arrow because he was invincible! Not literally, but his ego made him feel that way.

    In the middle of putting on his suit, behind the tinted windows of the vehicle, the small radio earpiece he had began to buzz before Bruce's, Batman's, voice came over the small little thing and out came his message. "Well, since I am stuck in Gotham and can't help from Star City from here...you owe me Batman." Oliver was talking to himself. Sometimes he spoke outloud but it wasn't very often and it wasn't about anything important.

    Popping the door open, Green Arrow stepped out and into the destroyed city of Gotham. "I have to walk all the way there? Sometimes I wish I could fly..." Green Arrow envied some of the other Heroes and their ability of flight, and a few other things but Olive was perfectly content with who he was as a human being. Even if others didn't like him and his previous ways. He was becoming a changed man, that he swore.

    Oliver knew the severity of the situation at hand, but he kept his own mind off darker topics and thoughts. Believing that everything was going to be fine and that this would be all over soon. Oliver began his trek to meet with Batman and whoever else may arrive.
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  8. Azrael || GothamA lone man waded through the shallow, murky stream that now flowed through one of Gotham's many dark alleyways, his face red and dripping with sweat. After a short time he came to stop, using his left hand to prop himself up against a wall while his other arm clutched a bag of stolen goods protectively to his chest. Taking a deep breath, the vagrant quickly stepped away from the cold brick wall and frantically rummaged through his pockets with desperation clearly befitting a man in fear for his life before tearing out a 9mm handgun and whipping around to face the way he came. "You come any closer and I'll blow your head off you hooded freak!" he yelled with forced bravado. Once the echo from his yells cascaded through the alleyway and subsequently died down all grew silent except for the shaky breaths of the fearful thief.

    As if from nowhere a flash of pure white descended from the rooftops and the thief let off two quick shots before being tackled to the ground, sending his weapon and his closely guarded plunder flying into the water. The hooded white figure firmly planted his foot on the man's chest, trapping the squirming thief beneath as if he were but a small animal. "It is time for you to repent for your sins", the hooded figure said matter-of-factly before slowly unsheathing his Sword of Sin and pressing the cold steel up against the thief's neck.

    "I ain't got any idea what you're talkin' about! Leave me alone you goddam-", he stopped as the vigilante pressed the blade deeper into his neck, drawing a thin trickle of blood.

    The hooded figure grimaced under his mask and he shifted his blade so that it hovered above one of the thief's wrists. "Poor choice of words. I'm going to show you how I deal with thieves." And with that his blade ignited with flames and swiftly came down on the thief's wrist, cleanly severing the hand and filling the streets with screams. The crook thrashed around in the water and screamed at the top his lungs until his voice grew weak and hoarse and his mouth was covered in spittle. When the thief finally stopped his screams, he looked up to see that the vigilante and the bag he had stolen had both disappeared.

    Azrael stood upon the edge of one of Gotham's taller rooftops and looked down at the wreckage that the cataclysm had left behind. Some would have looked on with fear or pity but the sight of Gotham thrown into chaos filled Azrael's eyes with a cold determination. Gotham is burning, just as the Order predicted and I must find a way to save it. He adjusted the frequency of the radio he used to pick up police intel until he came across a familiar voice.
    "This is Batman. If you're hearing this, then Gotham needs you. We need to regroup and devise a plan to retake our city. You know where to find me."
    Azrael furrowed his brow and clenched his fists. Though Batman could be a great asset, he and Azrael had butted heads on occasion and they had but a tentative peace between them. After taking some time to reflect on the possibilities Azrael gave a nod and made his decision. I will do what I must regardless of my own desires. With that in mind he took off towards the Batcave to meet Batman and whoever else answered the call.​

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  9. The Flash

    C E N T R A L C I T Y / M E T R O P O L I S

    Loose pages from newspapers and flyers lifted into the air as a sudden rush of air passed over them. A red streak moved around Central City attempting to keep the chaos from continuing to rise. It had been a week since all hell had broken loose and Barry Allen was having a difficult time keeping up with the disarray in his beloved city. It was becoming too much to handle, even for the fastest man alive. Propelling himself forward, he rushed up the side of building and moved a glass window out of the way before it came crashing down on the people below. It seemed this was all the Flash had been doing since the day of the earthquake; putting out all these little fires and attempting to keep the petty thieves and criminals under control. He needed help and from the rumors he had heard, the earthquake had not only devastated Central City but all the neighboring cities as well. Barry had to check on the others. If Central City needed help then he was sure the others did as well.

    When he was sure nothing else was going to come toppling down, he zoomed out of Central City. Bright yellow boots barely made contact with the asphalt below his feet, bits of electricity emanating from his form as Barry sprinted forward, the area around him blurring from view. He could feel the power of the Speed force coursing through him. He wasn't entirely sure where he should begin or whom he should seek out first. All communications had been lost and satellites were down. He looked up at the sun but it was covered by dark dust clouds and Barry's first thought was Clark. He wondered how the man of steel was handling himself, especially with a serious lack of sunlight.

    The thought cemented in Barry exactly where he needed to head first. Metropolis.

    He finally came to a halt just along the cracked globe of the Daily Planet. Barry's mouth dropped slightly as he turned a full 360 degrees and took in the massive devastation. What had happened? What had caused this earthquake? Who was responsible for all this? He couldn't answer any of those questions but he hoped that perhaps Clark could. Taking off once again he scoured the city in search of any signs of Superman. He couldn't locate him anywhere...that was, until he finally looked to the sky. He noticed two figures in the sky and recognized them both immediately. A red cape moved with the wind along with the signature colors of the American flag. Barry couldn't help a small sigh of relief at seeing two of his friends in the air.

    Looking around, he bolted up the side of one of the least damaged buildings, hoping it was structurally sound enough. Once on the roof he called towards them. "Clark! Diana!"
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  10. G O T H A M
    (An @Artorias and @Winter collab)

    Oliver trekked though the streets of Gotham after receiving the message from Batman. Oliver had decided that he was growing bored of the crime fighting in Star City, and decided to play hero in another City for a day or two. What better place than the Crime City of Gotham? He could of never predicted that something on this scale would happen. Now he could only hope that Star City and his people were safe. The ones that were alive anyways.

    He arrived in Gotham days ago when it happened, but that was when it all went to shit and his vehicle was indisposed. Being smart, Oliver lived in that vehicle since the destruction happened, only venturing out for food and drink every night. He couldn't go around parading the streets every night, not without drawing attention. He had a limited amount of trick arrows, and he rather not waste them without proper cause. He did have a sword.

    Now he just had to make it to Batman, but at the rate he was going walking it might take awhile. It didn't help that he was half hungry, back was stiff from sleeping in a car and he was just overall tired at the moment. Even tired, his ears didn't deceive him as he could hear the roar of a motorcycle, which sounded like it was coming close by. Fixating the bow in his hand, he drew an arrow from his quiver and pulled back the string, taking aim in the direction the motorcycle came from.

    Dinah pulled her fingers on the clutch, her foot lightly tapping the pedal to command the motorcycle to shift up a gear. Her hair blew wildly behind her from the back of her helmet as the black tires kicked against the debris, causing a smoke trail to disperse behind her as she weaved between the abandoned cars and larger debris. Surely one would think that such a loud machine would draw the attention of trouble, but when you honed an ability that could deafen people, it seemed a little silly to worry about it.

    Her perceptive gaze noticed a figure with a weapon drawn in her direction, causing her eyes to narrow as she once again moved up a gear. She dipped her head lower to take on a more streamlined shape as she accelerated towards the figure whom appeared just off from the road. Her mind accessing the tactical portion of her brain, she moved the two wheeled machine up onto a large slopped piece of debris, using it a ramp as she accelerated over the figure before landing on the other side into a power slide as the two wheels dragged a black skid across the pavement.

    The very moment the bike came to a stop she reached up and pulled the helmet from her head, eyeing the figure with a frown as she took in the immediate details. "A little bit old school don't you think?" she said, her voice smooth and some what refined. He didn't appear to be the usual crooks or criminals that swarmed this part of the chaos, but then given what people could get a hold of in these trying times, she wouldn't put it past some to sport something such as a bow. It was clear she'd yet to meet this man.

    Oliver watched carefully, ready to release the trick arrow at the wheel of the motor vehicle but did not take shot yet as the woman riding it decided to use debris as a ramp to go above and over him. Sliding behind him, the vehicle came to a rest but he followed her the entire way with arrow aimed still. He wasn't expecting such a gorgeous woman underneath the helmet though. "When you have a talent for something, might as well use it at its full potential right?" He slowly lowered the bow and eased up on the string before putting the arrow back into the quiver.

    "The name is Green Arrow. Do I have the pleasure to know the beautiful Lady's name?" Now was not the time to be complimenting and flirting with someone, especially someone he didn't even know and had a weapon aimed at. He couldn't help himself, he was a notorious flirt. He was trying to change his ways, but it was so hard to do with so many women around at times. Oliver had also taken a liking to the story 'Robin Hood', that is why he based some of his morals, weapon, and outfit to be similar to something along that old story.

    She couldn't help but let slip the smallest amount of amusement in her features as he replied about talent, something she could certainly appreciate. Placing the arrow back into it's quiver went a long way in easing her mind that he was some kind of higher tier criminal, something she hadn't yet ruled out entirely. She reached down and turned off the engine to the bike before swinging her leg over, just in time for him to finish introducing himself before asking for her own introduction.

    She straightened her leather jacket before taking a short walk over towards him, holding out her gloved hand. "I try to make a point of shaking the hand of a gentlemen willing to offer a compliment" she replied back with matching demeanor, "You can call me Black Canary" she replied with a small smile. He appeared to be taller than her, though from this angle she got a good look of his features even if some of them were disguised by his mask.

    Once the introduction was over she cocked her head to the side slightly, her blonde hair gently falling from her shoulder. "Given you haven't tried to shoot me and I haven't tried to hit you, mind me asking what you're doing all the way out here by yourself?" she was curious, if not trying to pick for details on whether he was truly a good guy or not.

    Oliver watched the woman gracefully walk over to him away from her bike and extend her hand to him. He took her gloved hand into his own, shaking it. At least his compliment didn't fall on deaf ears and a shrug of a shoulder. "Black Canary huh?" He couldn't call it an odd choice for a name because his was Green Arrow after all. Oliver wasn't even thinking about the possibility of her being a thug or criminal! What a waste of a pretty face if she was one, and he would have to do his job as a Hero and put her away in some sort of jail.

    She interrupted the dark thoughts of his with another question. He had to be careful what to say now because if she wasn't a good gu-woman then he couldn't just say that he was going to meet up with Batman and other people of the Justice League. "A friend just contacted me. He needs help and I'm on my way to help out." He could say he knows Batman, to try and impress her. Except, if he really wanted to impress Black Canary then he could just mention that he was Oliver Queen. Which wouldn't be a wise idea to give out his identity to someone he doesn't know yet. He wouldn't mind getting to know her.

    "What exactly are you doing here in Gotham? Riding such a loud machine?" Oliver spoke, and while doing so he was readjusting the straps of his quiver and sword because they were beginning to make him feel uncomfortable with how they slid.

    The perceptive part of her paid close attention to detail, betraying nothing as he gave his responses to her questions. Of course it could have been a coincidence, allot of people needed help in the city right now and not all whom remained were thugs and criminals. It was the knowledge that there were some normal innocent people out there that made recent times all the more difficult to stomach. As super as someone might be, no one person can be everywhere at the same time to help everyone.

    "Funny, I'm here on similar business" she replied before adding, "I've been here for a while though, doing what I can. Though I just recently received a, call" she was trying to be vague herself as to not betray too much information. When he mentioned her motorcycle she glanced over her shoulder briefly before turning back to Green Arrow, lightly shrugging with a smile. "Believe me she's the quieter of the two of us" she replied.

    She thought for a moment, thinking of a way to decipher whether they were truly here for the same reasons before she once again cocked her head to the side, her eyes looking at him as if curiously observing him for a moment. "Random question, but, what do you know about bats?". Perhaps it wasn't so vague and a bit more direct, but if that were the case than he'd likely be on the same page as her, and therefore she'd have her answer anyway.

    Oliver listened to her speak about being on business that was similar to his. Strange really, but he had to inquire in a way that wasn't so obvious to her that he was trying to get a name. After readjusting the straps centered over his chest he fiddled with his bow, but without looking at it as he kept eye contact with Black Canary. "How is that exactly?" He referred to her remark about the motorcycle being quieter than the both of them. He had almost gone off on a tangent until Canary asked him about bats. What an odd question to ask and one that made him wary to answer for a moment.

    Maybe he should just answer the question about bats literally. "I know a bit about bats. Odd question to ask out of the blue." It wasn't like Batman was a super secret in Gotham, plenty of people knew about him and since they were standing here. In Gotham, and she just brought up bats then Oliver had a safe assumption she was referring to Batman...and not real bats.

    "I don't know much about bats, but I do know I get along with them." Now he was talking about Bruce. The truth anyways. He didn't know much about Bruce, but he was part of the League with him and a bunch of other cryptic mumbo jumbo.

    She gave a soft inside chuckle as he inquired to why she claimed to be the louder one between her and her bike, "Don't think on it too much, just believe me" she replied in a slightly flirtatious manor before listening as he gave a reply to her other questions, causing her to give slight nods before giving a fair response of her own. "Well when you run with the name Canary, you take an interest in learning the disposition of others towards other similiar animals" she said, referring to Bruce.

    "If you get along with bats, I think I know where I can find one... if you need a lift?" she asked, raising her eyebrow as she noticed he didn't seem to have a vehicle and Bruce's manor was a fair distance from here. "You're free to walk though if you prefer" she gave an amused smile, knowing all too well the walk from her would be a pain.

    It seemed like they were indeed talking about the same person. Thank god because he was growing tired of having to watch what he said at the moment that involved Batman. "Well. I will just take your word for it." He spoke about her bike once more before looking back at her away from the bike. She offered him a ride, one that was sorely needed because if he had to walk to the manor then it would be a week by the time he arrived.

    "I will accept your offer. I also promise that my hands won't stray too far." He was beginning to flirt with her once more now that he could somewhat trust her. Oliver still would flirt with her even if he couldn't trust her. Her face just asked to be complimented in his eyes. She was by far the most beautiful woman he has ever met.

    She tipped her head forwards slightly without breaking eye contact as she took a few steps back, as if visually warning him with her eyes of the possibly consequences of straying hands. Never the less she spoke to reply to the statement as she mounted the bike, igniting the ignition before kicking the stand out from underneath it. "Well you could stray, but it'd be your funeral" she said half jokingly with a smile before waiting for him to climb on.

    She'd put her helmet back on, waiting for him to get on behind her before she'd rev the bike a couple times to warm the engine. She pulled back on the throttle, the back wheel spinning which caused the bike to slide a little before accelerating off in the same direction she'd been heading before. Within minutes she'd be back to weaving between obstacles at deathly speeds, the best possible route calculated and optimized in the moment her eyes took in the terrain before her.

    It would not be long before they would both make it to the manor.
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  11. Guy Gardner


    Space. Guy liked space. It was cool, comforting, and with the faster-than-light travel his Lantern ring afforded him, not at all as vast and endless as others might think. Sure, it took a good minute to find anything smarter than a blob of fish-goo stepping out of the primordial soup, but there were countless sectors that other Green Lanterns like he patrolled, protected, and otherwise interacted with. A few existed that wasn't supposed to be busied, prodded and poked with, but that era of intergalactic stupidity was coming to a close rather quickly. Except for those planets with primordial fish-goo creatures.

    The Lantern known as The First Lantern cruised among the stars. Several days before, a distress beacon had come from Earth. The other Lanterns from 2814 were otherwise indisposed, and he was dealing with some Karnavarian Shark-pirates on the edge of 3113 space. That would have been an easy assignment, if it wasn't for the fact that Karnavarian Shark-pirates regenerated instantly from almost all wounds, and required total evaporation to put down. It was a messy affair.

    But having bore witness to the distress beacon... Guy shivered, in both anger and a barely quelled desire to fight. The Guardians had given him leave from Core assignment to handle business at Earth, and Guy had every intention to handle business. His jaw clenched as his teeth set, and if it was any possible to go faster than he was, he was damn sure he'd do it.


    Guy broke Earth's atmosphere at a thousandth's of a fraction of the speed he had entered the Sol System at, which was also a thousandth's of a fraction at which he had been careening across the stars. His ring picked up on an interesting signature that was floating high between the steel and concrete towers of Metropolis, and deciding that that was as good a starting point as any (considering Big Blue made his home there as well, and he'd have more than just a handful of answers), Guy rocketed towards the city with a burst of sound impressing his entrance into Earth.

    A ribbon of green energy followed him as he sailed through the sky and came to an abrupt stop as the goldenrod punk Booster Gold intercepted his flight path. He made a face that was thinly disguised (read: not at all disguised) as he looked the tech-clad "hero" up and down.

    "Well, shit."

    He looked around a moment and made another face, clearly more distraught and frustrated as he drank in the so-called apocalypse that now littered the landscape. He used his ring to create a visual amplifier and he studied everything around him. Anger boiled up from that deep pit of his, the kind of anger that he only felt when he was faced with the helplessness of being that punk kid all over again.

    "What the hell happened here? Did you do one of those time temporal fuck-ups again?!"
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  12. Wonder Woman

    As Diana flew through the murky skies lost in thought She heard her name shouted by a very familiar voice. She turned around to see who she thought it was, Clark was right there, Alive and gripping her bracelet. "Clark my love, You're alive!" She said with glee as she moved in and gave him a hug. "I knew you would be alright even with sunlight being scarce. How have you been holding up Clark?" She asked as she released her hold on him and now holding his hand. This was Clark's home, His City and now it was in ruins. "Any news on the whereabouts of the other JLA members?" She hoped he hand seen the others, Maybe together they could salvage this mess. "Metropolis has been turned upside down, I can't believe it. The same has happen to Gotham and every other major city. This can't be a natural disaster Clark, Things on this scale don't just happen. I hope Themyscira was spared from this event. We need to find out who could have done this."

    Diana then heard Clark and her name called. She jerked her head to see who it was calling them. It was a man in a red bodysuit and a thunderbolt emblem on his chest in gold, It was The Flash! Diana's smile only grew larger as she dragged Clark down with her to meet up with Barry. She landed on the building and greeted Barry. "Barry, Glad to see you are alright. I'm sure you're happy to see us too. How is your city looking? Have you made contact with anyone besides Clark and I?" She was happy to see another one of her love one alive. She has had enough of death for the time being. The Flash is the fastest man on the planet, Faster then Superman himself even. With Barry's superior speed he could scan the entire city for there friends and people who needed help. He would be useful in letting them know who needed immediate assistance.
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  13. Damian Wayne
    Damian was always unlike the other heroes, about whom the young assassin has heard. The likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, and even his father, the once fabled Batman himself, fought for noble causes—saving lives, promoting peace and goodness, and defeating evil in all its heinous forms in order to exemplify justice. Indeed, Damian’s heart desired nothing but the good of the people, but the thoughts that sieved the young assassin’s mind were that of doubt. Is their unwillingness to end a life, even a single life, for the sake of a million more, that strong? Having been trained by the League of Assassins, Damian knew of naught but battle. Indeed, the taste for blood and the urgency to aid the world by ridding it of the cancer that is villainy, one blade at a time, boiled hot in his veins—it was his passion. Recently, however, the Son of Batman found himself conflicted. While his violent past was rife with the temptation to end any and all types of criminals, having been shown mercy and being trained by Batman has opened Damian to ask why. That was the single question that repeated within Damian’s mind as he revved his motorcycle and patrolled the ruined Gotham.

    “I don’t understand,” Damian whispered beneath his breath, the frozen mist of the cold Gotham air clouded his helmet’s face shield. “Night after night, crook after crook, killer after killer—why doesn’t he just get it?” He turned left, and right, in and out of both the shadowy alleyways and the broken highway, as if following a route that seemed erratic and unknown. “Muggers, I get. But pedophiles, rapists, the true dregs of society… HIM ...? I don’t get why he just can’t… be like me.” At this point, Damian heard the faintest cry for help, followed by the sound of anxious shambling. Stopping the Robin Cycle somewhere near Crime Alley, the Son of Batman paced hastily to the source of the sobbing. With his blade unsheathed, Damian leapt forth, only to stop himself from plunging his sword into a little girl’s abdomen. Wide-eyed and with a hand over his cold, crisp mouth, the young assassin wept by what he had seen. The girl, stripped of most clothes, covered only by a large piece of torn cloth, and having no money or bag, entered her eternal sleep. She had gripped her chest, which still bled profusely. “Stabbed…” Damian sighed. It did not take long for Damian to unravel the truth of this disgusting, ultimately inhuman crime. It is quite a shame that this natural disaster brought about the worst in humanity, and not the moral unity that ought to bind us all. At once, the Dark Heir set off to follow the sounds of frightened shuffling.
    Off in the far distance, a man, old, weighty, and afraid, lumbered to and fro. Tired from the run, the man sat down somewhere in another alleyway, catching his breath and clutching his knees. His sweat was cold, but whether it was due to the icy Gotham winds or the crippling fear of knowing he was being chased, he was unsure. Around him was more destruction and debris. A single light, flickering above the man’s very head, illuminated the alley with an eerie spirit. He huffed and puffed, looking around to be assured of his safety. As he did so, the light flickered more, until a longer moment of darkness engulfed him. But, just as the lamplight reignited, Damian was there. The man’s hair was gripped, and Damian caressed the man’s neck with his cold, silver blade.

    “Why, why did you do that!? She was just a little girl, God damn it!” his voice ruptured, gripping the man’s hair even harder and pushing his sword even further, enough to make the man’s throat bleed a little. “P-please, I… I was just, it, it was, it was just,” the man stuttered, but Damian cared not. He pushed the man with his heel, smashing his head into the nearest garbage bin. These were the type of criminals to make even the fearless Son of Batman cringe, and in spite of his own father’s orders not to end a life; the temptation was oh so strong. Damian paced slowly, menacingly, to his quarry, scraping the tip of his blade unto the pavement. The sound of the iron blade scraping against the concrete made the man’s heart beat faster and faster, and as he struggled to regain his balance, he cried and begged for mercy. “What you’re saying now… sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Tell me—did she also say no? Tell me, swine, tell me!” It was at this point that Damian lost, or perhaps, willingly released all forms of restraint. He plunged the blade into the man’s shoulder, and twisted the hilt. “P-please, why are you doing this? I thought you, you were with—”
    “Well, he isn’t here to say no.”

    With a downward tug of the blade, the man was sliced from shoulder to chest. The man struggled to breathe, but as he lay bleeding against the trash bin, it was evident—he was not going to survive the night. In fact, the man would die only five minutes later. Of course, Damian could have ended the man in mere seconds, but time to suffer was a constitutive dimension of true vengeance. A callous expression then etched itself upon Damian’s visage as he wiped the crimson off the blade with his victim’s shirt. The night sky was silent again, and as he paced back towards the Robin Cycle, the conflict within reemerged like a beansprout. “Father doesn’t have to know.” He whispered to himself, passing the little girl, whose eyes Damian had closed to honour her. He revved his vehicle, and rode off into the darkness.

    A screechy, nigh inaudible signal encroached upon Damian’s communications line, and lo and behold, it was the voice of his father. “This is Ba—” at the push of a button, the young assassin disabled any and all incoming calls. The last thing Damian needed was to hear Bruce's condescending voice. After all, Robin was already bound for Wayne Manor.
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  14. Gotham

    Bruce lost track of how long it had been since he sent that transmission. He sat behind the bat-computer watching his vocal waves on the screen wondering what had become of his city…of his friends. Reflecting back on the day that changed everything, as he often did, he wondered if there had been anything he could have done that would have saved more lives. It was hard to be the Dark Knight and not reflect on the lives lost because he couldn’t be in multiple places or he had been just a fraction too slow.

    “Sir,” Alfred’s voice pulled Bruce from his thoughts, “There’s nothing you could have done to change any of this,” he shouldn’t have been so surprised that Alfred knew what he was thinking about. Sometimes he could have sworn that his long-time friend knew him better than he knew himself, “This was too massive for even the Batman.”

    A sigh slipped from his lips and Bruce sat up. He felt the cowl shift against his neck, “I know, Alfred,” he turned to face Alfred and watched as the butler nodded, “Have we heard anything yet?’

    “Not of yet, sir, but don’t worry yourself over it. I’m certain that, if there was anyone else in Gotham other than you and Master Damien, they would have received your message,” Alfred tried to reassure his charge.

    “If they survived,” Bruce glanced over his shoulder toward the monitor again speaking low enough for Alfred to not hear, “Have you seen or heard from Damien?”

    Shaking his head, Alfred replied, “I’m afraid not. After your last ‘discussion’, he took off toward Gotham. I do worry about what he might be up to, though. You and I both know that he struggles with showing the same restraint that you do, sir.”

    “Me too, Alfred, me too,” he agreed as he crossed his arms over his broad chest. If only Thalia had told him earlier of their son. He could have spared him the indoctrination of the League and raised his son to be better than a killer. They could have made a better team than he and Dick had, but until Damien learned to let go of that training and the fiery attitude he inherited from his mother, he would always be second to Dick.

    Refocusing on Alfred, Bruce began to speak again, “Try and see if you can get a hold of Damien and-“ the proximity alarms sounded bringing Bruce’s attention to the cameras behind him. It was a wonder he kept them active since the Mansion had already been plunder, but it was still his home. Passing from screen to screen was a motorcycle hosting two riders - one in green, the other in black, “Oliver and Dinah,” he said unable to keep back the small smile of relief that spread across his lips. Pulling the cowl over his face, he started for the elevator and, after riding it up, exited in the pillaged remains of his home right next to the grandfather clock that was the only thing left of value considering that it was anchored to the building. The double doors to the manor opened and Bruce spoke up from the shadows of the unlit room.

    “What took you two so long?”
  15. Gotham - Wayne Manor

    Alfred was a master at keeping things clean. He was, and Jason coined the term, the "Alpha Butler". It was both affectionate and an acknowledgement of the man’s prowess.

    He almost took that back when he set foot in the mansion's driveway.

    The manor was an absolute mess from the outside. He’d seen worse in his safe rooms, no denying that, but this was out of place enough to make Jason stop in his tracks. Windows were shattered, stolen bits and pieces littered the lawn. Someone had clearly taken a bat to the ornate fences surrounding the property. This was not the mansion he knew. A whirlwind of scavengers and criminals had passed through here not long ago, taking and destroying for kicks– just the kind of thing Jason went out of his way to prevent.

    Though he supposed theft from the obscenely rich wasn’t totally malicious in intent. But that was an ethical matter he’d rather avoid entirely.

    Glass cracked beneath his boots as he walked toward the manor, spotting two other arrivals he couldn't immediately place. Friends, obviously, or the man he'd come to see wouldn't be standing in the doorway to greet them. Strange. Had they gotten the message, too? And they'd brought motorcycles. Lucky bastards-- no wonder they got here so quickly.

    Jason shut down a momentary desire to turn around and leave and forced himself onward. Security seemed offline. No reactions just yet from the three figures up ahead. Jason popped the seals on his helmet and tugged it loose to expose his face to get a whiff of the place. Familiar, old, and the last place he'd like to be right now.

    He approached slowly, placing his helmet back on his head. Not to hide, but to approach the situation as he'd been taught; find out where you stand before making your move. Some part of him doubted Bruce would take kindly to seeing Jason at all, much less to him strolling like nothing mattered while looking... comfortable enough to take off his helmet. It was cautionary, nothing more.

    His quiet steps took him to the front of the manor, still mostly obscured in shadow and looking decidedly out of place. Jason decided, just then, that he'd try his hand at a polite greeting this time. He cleared his throat.

    "Quite the recruitment drive you've got going here, Bruce. I thought you were done with sidekicks?"

    Nailed it.
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  16. Superman
    M E T R O P O L I S
    Just the sight of her lifted a considerable weight off of his chest, and although his power was slowly diminishing, Clark felt like he could take on the world. As they parted, his fingers fitting easily between hers, her questions forced reality back into the situation. He wished that he had a better answer for her, something to say that their friends were still alive, that no one was hurt or trapped out there all alone, but Clark could only shake his head. “I don't know,” he admitted, guilty over not being able to do more, “you're the first person I've seen in a week. I haven't even made it over to Gotham yet.” Knowing Bruce, however, he was likely alive—too stubborn to say die and let some earthquake take him out.

    In spite of their happy reunion, there were other things to consider, and Clark had to agree with Diana's suspicion. One natural disaster was nothing new, but that eruption had come from nowhere, without a single warning and that didn't feel like coincidence. “We'll look into it,” he promised, one hand set gently on her cheek. Looking into her eyes, Clark was inches from leaning in and greeting her with a proper kiss when a rush of air and a familiar voice reached his ears. Clark couldn't believe it, but Barry Allen was there, in the flesh atop one of the last few remaining buildings.

    What a lucky night.

    Grinning, once again beside himself, Clark followed Diana down to the roof and landed without a stumble. That unplanned leap into the sky had taken something from him, but it wasn't enough to slump his shoulders as he greeted his old friend. “Wow, it's good to see you,” he said, and hoped for more good news as Diana fired off a few questions. They all needed answers, and Clark just hoped that the fastest man alive wouldn't be reciting the death toll anytime soon.

    Enhanced hearing always came in handy, but Clark swore that he heard another familiar voice in the distance. Brows furrowed, he listened closer, turning toward the source of vulgarity and outrage. “Did you see anyone on your way in?” he asked, glancing over a broad shoulder to Barry, “or see some green light, maybe?” It sounded like Guy, the League's least favorite Green Lantern, but Clark couldn't be sure. There was another voice as well, unfamiliar but present enough to be interesting. “We should check it out.” Taking off into the air again was risky, but Clark didn't have another choice. Reconnecting with other survivors was more important than waiting for the sun to come back out.

    Gliding through the air, the groaning sound of the city filled his ears once more. Clark kept listening, leading the others toward a conversation that grew closer with each block they passed. Beneath all that, though, something else stirred and a falling block of concrete was hard to ignore.
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  17. [​IMG]

    Guy being upset was much like the sky being blue or the grass being green. Hell. Michael enjoyed making comparisons to Guy’s anger. Ignore the sky. Ignore the grass. He liked to say things akin to “I like pizza like Guy likes being angry.” Still, Guy was talented as much as he was a disgruntled, human-looking-nuclear-bomb. That didn’t mean Michael liked him. But, in a time like this Michael couldn’t afford to be choosey about which Green Lantern decided to help Earth.

    So, he squared his shoulders and crossed his arms in hopes of seeming plussed. Which he recently learned, via Skeets, meant that he expected these things. For the longest he’d been using nonplussed incorrectly. Shit. Why was the English language so complicated? The serious look he manufactured from such thought must have carried through to his handsome jawline, because Guy was quick to blame him for what had happened.

    Michael scoffed. “Right. Because I enjoy this time’s landscape. Do you know what happened to my condo?” His beautiful condo. It was filled with all his belongings. So many suits, electronics, music players, and this one cappuccino machine that made things perfect. Now it bent at a super-fun ninety-degree angle that he couldn’t tamper with lest he destroy an entire block. All his things had poured from the glass windows into the street. They were either destroyed or looted. All his glorious, marvelous things. He’d grown up with so little that he probably shouldn’t have felt the loss. “At least you’re alive,” he could practically hear Michelle bark at him. Yet, what was living if he was back to square one?

    “Natural disaster happened after natural disaster. Neither Skeets nor I knew anything about it. I haven’t tried to fix it, because that is like going to look for a piece of hay in a needle stack. I could go back in time and mess things up… more.” While Michael wanted to at least see a precursor to this, there were so many people that voiced “no” to the situation—including his conscious—that he waited it out. With geniuses like Bruce Wayne, they were bound to find out what’d escalated this event. After that moment, he’d try to fix it.

    “I’ve also been too busy trying to help people,” from a billboard of myself he failed to mention, “that I haven’t had time to investigate. Though, Skeets picked up on a signal from Batman to join him in Gotham. It was a bit strained given our position, but you know—future technology. I can hear it when others cannot.” Which he was nine-thousand percent sure Guy would mock and laugh at. They had never had the best working relationship. Yet, there was always the vague acknowledgement that they worked well, but they never verbally stated it.

    Despite it all, Michael liked Guy. He got things done and he didn’t have a problem voicing his opinion. Michael always tried to be very specific with his words, but found them lacking. Sure, he’d won favors with some of the largest superheroes in this world. He’d also asked them to remain quiet about it. Quite frankly, they all knew what sort of reputation Booster Gold had. It only looked better on them to dismiss him. Sadly enough, Michael knew that too. It should have been sort of a wakeup call to go the opposite direction but reputations were hard to shake.

    “I was hoping—“ Michael started to say.
    “We’ve got something moving fast towards us,” Skeet said, interrupting.
    Michael turned in enough time to see Superman. Shit. Well, he was glad he was alive, but he probably expected more than what he was witnessing. Guy Gardner and Booster Gold had to be among the lower tier superheroes he expected. Not that he let that bother him. Michael tried to own up to it. He put his fists on his hips and smiled, brightly.
    “I was just convincing Guy to help us,” he said, knowing full well that was a leap of faith. “Also—I received a transmission from Bats.” Michael knew everyone’s identity. He’d practically memorized it. Still, he liked to play as one of them. Bruce Wayne was Batman. Clark Kent, Kal-El, was Superman. Diana Prince was Wonder Woman. Barry Allen was the Flash. Oliver Queen was Green Arrow. Excreta, excreta, he knew everyone.

    “We should—“ Michael started to say.
    “I am getting odd vibrations from the earth below us,” Skeets interrupted. “We are not alone.”
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  18. The Flash

    M E T R O P O L I S

    His friends immediately turned towards him as they heard his call. Barry visibly let out a sigh of relief as Diana and Clark descended towards him, landing just beside him on the not so sturdy roof top. He pushed back the hood of his red body suit, passing a hand through his blonde hair as he smiled towards his friends. "I'm so glad to see the both of you. I was beginning to think something had happened to the league." Diana quickly began to toss questions his way but unfortunately, Barry did not have the answers she was hoping for. "Central City is the same as Metropolis. The earthquake and tsunami devastated it and as usual, crime is at an all time high. Even I'm having a hard time keeping up. It was why I came to seek you out...but I see you're both in the same predicament."

    His eyes scanned the area surrounding him and he wasn't sure how they were going to fix this mess or what could've possibly caused this type of destruction on such a massive scale. "I haven't made contact with anyone else yet. I came straight here when I noticed the clouds were covering the sun. I was concerned for you Clark." Clark didn't seem like his regular self. The lack of sunlight was definitely working against the man of steel.

    Barry cocked a brow curiously at Clark. "No. I wasn't really looking up when I came here. Do you think a lantern has arrived to help?" He hoped that was true. Perhaps it was Hal. At Clark's suggestion to check out who else might be in the area, Barry pulled his hood back over his face and took off behind Clark and Diana. Red blur and bits of yellow light was all that could be seen as Barry bolted off the roof top and down the side of the building. He followed Clark in the direction of the sound he heard.

    Looking up, Barry noticed a slab of concrete beginning to propel towards the ground. It all moved in slow motion for Barry, although for anyone else it would seem like just a few seconds. Barry sped forward towards the concrete. Using his speed, he move the innocent bystanders out of harm's way as he too moved a safe distance away. The concrete slammed against the ground, making a large dent in the pavement. Barry nodded towards the people he saved and continued in the direction Clark was heading.

    Scaling another large building, Barry found himself on the rooftop with none other than Booster Gold and a green lantern. It wasn't the green lantern he was hoping for but it would have to do. He moved towards the men just as Clark and Diana landed on the rooftop. "Booster. Guy." At least the league was coming together in some form or another. Barry couldn't be picky. They needed to find out what was really going on and getting more heroes together was what would help. Barry walked closer to Booster as he mention he had received a message from Bruce. "You heard from Bruce? What did he say?"

    Before Booster could answer, his little robot spoke up. It's words worried Barry immediately. A sinking feeling turned his stomach and he knew they hadn't seen the worst yet. "Does anyone have any idea what it is?"
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  19. Wonder Woman


    Diana could only frown, disappointed in Barry's answer but what should she expect? That Somehow Central would magically be spared from this event? It sickens her even more that people were out thieving instead of assisting one and another. She could never get over how selfish and vain man's world is. With that stated she has been fortunate enough to see the generosity and selflessness of said world and has experienced it first hand. "That's awful to hear Barry, As soon as things a situated here I'll lend you a hand in Central." She assured him with a smile. "There is much work ahead of us and only together we can rebuild our cities."

    Clark's words caught her attention. "A bright green light? It could be any of our many GL's, We could use one about now." Diana didn't care which one is was, It was just another helping hand and another one of their friends alive. She followed Clark to where there Green Lantern was. To her surprise Clark had led them to the obnoxious egotist Booster Gold and the haughty Guy Gardner. She hasn't always got along with Guy thanks to his attitude, but he has proven himself a capable Lantern. Booster Gold however, He was a different story all together. Diana felt he was always in it for himself, Some way, Somehow. He's always happy to pose for the camera or do a commercial promoting something he probably didn't even use. She kept this to herself for now, No point to start any drama. "Greetings, I wasn't expecting to see you two here." She told them. "Happy to see you two are alright." Diana wasn't their biggest fan but was happy to have them around at the very least.

    When Booster mention a transmission from Bruce she smirked. "Good to know he's alive, No Earthquake could fall the Batman after all. He's been through it all before. The Flash then inquired what was the transmission about but before Booster replied his robot Skeets spoke up. It alerted them to activity below them. Barry seemed to tense up which was unlike him. He asked if anyone had an idea what it could be but Diana had no clue herself. Her instinctive reaction was to grab her sword and pull it from her boot. "Whatever it is Barry, Prepare yourself and that should go for everyone without saying." She now waited for something to happen. She had question Guy about Hal and the other GL's but that had to wait.
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  20. Guy Gardner

    "Oooo--" He was about to give out a resounding, "Ooooh nnoooo!" at the mere notion, the simple idea, the very thought, of the blustering Booster Gold going back in time again to fix things. Besides, what would he do? Yell at a volcano to stop shitting all over things? Or accidentally have Batman's mom drop the stupid Bat on his head at age 3 by blundering into the wrong day and time?

    Actually, that didn't sound half bad.

    Guy was about to make his voice even louder and more wordy as Booster continued to talk and talk. He made it too clear he liked the sound of his own voice! At damnit if Guy couldn't just stand people who talked and talked. Let other people speak their mind for once! Give others a chance to voice their opinion! It could be crucial to share that shred of maybe or maybe-not insignificant information!

    But finally, Sparkly said something useful. And a trio of blue, red, and... more blue...? They arrived!

    "Hey! Big Blue? Good! I'd rather deal with the Boy Scout than that mopey shit-head across the bay. Let him go circle-jerk with his Boy Wonder and Girl Wonder and the other Girl Wonder and the Girl in the Wheelchair and the Girl on the Motorcycle and the... Who else is over there? Guy in the Red Helmet? Eh, fuck it, all those grey-suited mopes! They can tend to Gotham. We got the movers and shakers, right here!" He grinned ear to ear, thumb jabbing into his green jacket as he puffed his chest.

    "Is that Diana? I wanna see that raven-haired, gorgeous piece of ass. She'd be a sight after all of... this," he said, gesturing. He was blustering and vulgar, but there was a hint of sadness and truth to his tone. Everything around them was a tangible symbol to failure, their failure. Could they have done anything about this? What had caused all of this at all? His mind raced with thought after thought, fear and doubt being struck down as quickly as they sprouted. No time for that.

    "Good to see you too, Speedy. Oh wait, that's Arrow's old sidekick. You ever find that weird, that Green Arrow stole your sidekick's name? And left you with just Kid Flash?!"
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