DC Universe: World's End

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  1. The radio buzzed as the family of four huddled closely around it. Their house had been shaken violently and much had fallen to rubble. The father, covered in the grime of trying to dig out his home and even helping neighbors do the same, sighed as only interference filled their room. He had changed the batteries multiple times in hope that eventually someone would finally tell them what had happened. They had lost all electricity. The phones were down and the streets were so ravaged by the earthquakes that no one dared to try and take their cars out. They had been effectively cut off from anything outside the ruined city.

    He was about to turn it off when a calmed voice finally came over the air. The husband and wife looked at each other as a sense of relief finally fell over them. They would finally hear what happened.

    "....the massive earthquakes. Metropolis is in ruins. Fires rage throughout the city as lava continues to flow unchecked into its streets. Across the river, Gotham teeters on chaos as a third of the city is flooded by the tsunami. Ash from the volcano fills the streets of Gotham and Metropolis making driving impossible. Star City, Central City, Coast City are equally ravaged. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions are dead. It's impossible to know exactly how many."

    "What about the heroes?" Their young son looked up between his weeping mother and disturbed father, "they could save us!"

    As if to answer the young boy's question the radio continued, "we've not heard much of the heroes of these great cities. Some have died due to the disaster, others are missing. God help us if they don't show up."
    You were about your business when suddenly powerful earthquakes ravaged much of the country. Massive volcanoes long thought dormant erupted violently spewing lava all over the place and filling the sky with enough ash to partially block out the sun. Some of your friends have perished and others have gone missing. Evil, seeing this as the perfect time to strike, has flooded the devastated streets to prey on the weak and recovering. The world has truly become a dark place.

    You'll be playing a CANON hero of the DC universe. Sorry, no original characters. This is a sandbox setting with a storyline that will be delivered in episodes. This is an interest check. The rules and more will be delivered when we (myself, La Reina and Neptune) feel as though there is enough interest to launch this idea. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here, or send one of the three of us a message!
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  2. So who are the enemies of this conflict? Dear I say the New Gods of Apocalypse! Any off limits characters also?
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  3. We're aiming to throw a few baddies in per episode, but there's definitely something bigger at play c: Villains are off limits to play, but all heroes (and anti-heroes) are available.
  4. What Neptune said. The dead heroes will be based off of who isn't picked. We wanted the players to have a pick of whoever they wanted (minus the red the GMs have already picked).
  5. Well can I start picking now or wait till some more intreast is shown?
  6. You can have an idea of who you want, but we're going to wait for a bit more interest before we set things in motion. Besides, we may post the rules and you decide that this story isn't for you based on them. My suggestion is give it a day or two to let other people show interest and then we will get the ball rolling.

    Characters already taken are: Batman, Superman, and Barry Allen's Flash.
  7. There ought to be special alerts for whenever DC threads are started. Mind if I hop aboard?
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  8. Interesting...

    What anti-heroes are up (Not picking now as this is just an interest check, just want to see what Anti-Heroes are in for grabs)
  9. @Dipper this is a interest check for now, so if we get enough interst, we will post the rules and expectations. That'll be the best time to make sure you still want to stick around.

    @Artorias what I told dipper above AND any DC anti-hero is available.
  10. I was just about to tag you!

    Any! As long as they aren't a straight up villain, you're free to play whoever you like.


    NO WAIT!


    NO WAIT!

  12. Yeah...I was wanting to possibly grab Deathstroke if this ever took off.

    It was why I was asking on Anti-Heroes because a lot of things call Deathstroke a Villain and others call him an Anti-Hero and blah blah. (Its fine if you guys consider him a Villain)
  13. Which guy gardner, RL or GL?
  14. Por que no los dos?

    Prolly GL though.
  15. Deathstroke is very flexible character because he's a mercenary, so if you got the money he's what ever you need him to be.
  16. im interested
  17. I'd be interested in playing Black Canary for this ^^
  18. Cool, I'll get the rules up later today and we'll go from there.
  19. A super fun RP set in the DC universe. Count me in. I've been jonesing for one of these for a while.

    And I know exactly who I want to play!

    Of course, I'm kidding. Well. Sort of. There are tons of characters to choose from. I just got to decide what I want to do here.
    Serious. Not Serious. Painfully Obscure. Okay. Probably not that last one. I don't feel hipster enough to be cool before it was cool to be cool.

    *rubs chin*
    Well, I have some time to think. Definitely don't want to play a straight man, though. And by straight I mean... like... not a cut and dry character. Eh. Maybe they won't be straight in the other fashion either. Oh. I could play Midnighter.

    I'll just think on it.
  20. I'm thinking anti-hero, like Red Hood, so I'll lay my claim there.
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