(DC Universe) Timeline Convergence? Dark-ish JLA/YJ Ideas

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  1. We are actively working on a plot and OOC - we will post it ASAP.

    Before I spend too much time working details out, I'd like to see if anyone would be interested in a darker/gritty Young Justice roleplay. Plot TBD.

    It's not necessary to have seen/read it and for those of you unfamiliar, YJ is somewhat similar to Teen Titans - though the characters are generally a bit older and tend to take their work more seriously.

    I can see having an OC here or there, but I would like to keep the characters largely canon within the DC Universe. (GTFO, Avengers.)

    If there is interest in this, I would be glad to have co-GM or two.

    (Intermediate/Adept and up.)

    So... Anyone interested?

    Oh, oh - idea!

    What about a timeline convergence JLA/YJ/Titans sort of thing? Would that draw more people?

    It would also still be set up in a sort of "team" sense like in YJ/JLA but it would give people a little more freedom? It could/would permit slightly younger/older versions of heroes and...maybe that would generate more interest?

    Someone tell me this makes at least a little bit of sense...
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  2. Could be interesting. Need a Robin?
  3. Robin would be fine.
  4. -Swats thread back up.-

    With all the superpower hype I'm honestly sort of surprised there aren't more people into canon. And/or DC.
  5. I'd be interested-- I've had an interest in playing KF since I got into the show and its corresponding comics. Never got the chance, until now, that is.

    I'm also a huge DC fanatic, so this is right up my alley. Can't wait until people start to realize how neat the canon can be and bring up some more DC-related rps.
  6. Oh, hey. And yes - I agree. I understand that not everyone likes YJ because of it's inaccuracy with a lot of the other comics, but it's an interesting timeline that could lend itself to some great interactions. IMO, anyway.

    Same. I've always been more of a DC fan but it's just not getting the love Marvel is right now. I'm still unsure of how I feel about the new 52, though.

    Anyway, I digress...
  7. I actually preferred it over the original comics, though I can't explain why (even though I still love the origin trio). But I agree-- it could easily stand on its own in the DC canon, so there's that.

    I'm not overly fond of the New 52, but I do still prefer DC over Marvel regardless of the changes they've made. I'm just hoping they don't mix things up further.

    By the way, are you everywhere or am I just going crazy?
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  8. Same. Forever. I understand why they did it, but they just didn't do it well. My heart still belongs to DC, though.

    I also just can't really get into a lot of the "make your own superhero" roleplays because it always tends to get ridiculous -- overpowered characters and cliches abound. I'm sure there are good ones out there; my experiences have just been less-than-great.

    I'm everywhere. Always. I'm only in the one active RP atm, so I'm all over the place looking for another one or two. I should probably be making a CS for that one thing...
  9. I usually avoid the ones that are too lax in their rules pertaining to what powers are acceptable and what aren't. The GM of the one I'm in does a pretty good job at that, but it's probably the only original-superhero based roleplay I'll ever join.

    Anyway, I'm totally into this and would love to see it get off the ground. I miss this show.

    I see. Makes sense. So many of my rps are too slow, so I have to find other ways to occupy myself until I can post again.
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  10. Fair enough.

    Me too -- unfortunately, there just doesn't seem to be a lot of interest. I'll give it another few days or so, but my hopes aren't high. Being why I wanted to check before I put a lot of effort into an OOC/Plot.
  11. I can tell you about the New 52 in a few words:

    Batman is still awesome.

    Everything else sucks.

    I mean, seriously. I know I'm spouting the changes everyone's complained about, but there's just a lot of stuff I don't like about it. Examples being: Cyborg being a Member of the JLA (but I've gotten used to that now), Red Hood and the Outlaws (the entire series seems redundant to me and Starfire is essentially fan-service with a face now as opposed to being an actual character), Superman/Wonder Woman (makes sense to fans of that pairing, but I honestly got pissed off when I saw it. The best part of Bats/WW was they shared a really interesting dynamic, whereas Supes/WW just makes too much of a "Superhero Ideal couple" idea), and the whole "new costume" thing. I'm up for redesigns, but some of these characters don't look anything like they used to (which is a good thing for some people, but a horrific thing for most. Examples include Power Girl (not saying I need an empty-symbol hole, but she looks more like Supergirl now), Batgirl (I just preferred the more armour-resembling Batsuit she wore before), and Superman (really. I miss the codpiece).

    The only "excellent" thing I found was the whole Joker arch they had going on where he cut off his face just to prove a point to Batman (name escapes me but I have the comics laying somewhere around my house). That was amazing and can probably be considered as one of the best Batman stories ever created up there with The Killing Joke, Earth One, The Dark Knight Returns, and more.

    But, I digress. DC is still equal to Marvel in my opinion. Come for the superheros, stay for the Batman.
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  12. Also, maybe you should put out a banner. That tends to grab a lot of interest from people who don't normally browse through these forums.
  13. Eh... I don't want to invest a lot of time into an interest check for an idea.

    If people do show interest, I will gladly sink loads of time and effort into getting this organized and plotted out - but that's not something I'm willing to do if no one shows initial interest in the topic.

    I feel like the "Interest Check" area is browsed often enough to give a fair idea of interest levels and whatnot. I believe the majority of the issue is that people want to make their own characters.
  14. It's unfortunate that most of the denizens of Iwaku are interested only in creating their own characters, and more often than not, they aren't very well thought out. I know there are plenty of folks who do a great job at character creation and those can be incredibly fun to interact with, and I don't hate original character rps, not at all-- I love them. But I would be beyond happy if we got some more popular canon-based rps on here.

    You know, if people would start realizing how fun canons can be.

    Anyway, it's completely understandable if you don't want to put a ton of effort into an interest check. I'd hate to get some nice ideas and plotting for it, only for nobody to be interested.
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  15. If I could like this twice, I would.
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  16. Ugh. After I finish this paper I may be motivated enough to work a more cohesive idea together and repost this with a different title. I feel like if I could trick people into reading a more detailed post, they might realize how fun this could be.
  17. Maybe it would be a good idea to explain what characters people can pick up. I mean, are we going with the original YJ roster, the YJ: Invasion roster, are we including the JLA members or keeping them as NPC's, etc.

    Just something to think about while reorganizing the thread.
  18. Again, that's something I'd put in the OOC -- which I may make, but there just doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in DC. I think that's really the problem right now.

    I say that because people are good about asking if characters are available. Lack of that, or any comments really, just tells me I may be wasting my time... But I may do an OOC, anyway. I have a bit of work to finish, still.
  19. Hey hey. Is this still a thing? I won't lie to you, I'm not very good at playing already established characters. Like, give me a script and I'm golden, but, with freedom I just screw it up.

    That isn't to say I couldn't try, just that I wouldn't do well. That said, if you really don't want any OC's I understand.
  20. Well, it was never really a thing -- I'm trying to see if I should make it a thing or not. >>'
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