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  1. I guess this is where Charry sheets go? I'll post a general template and fill my own out when I get home later.

    Game Masters: Raijuta
    Accepting New Characters: Yes
    Posting Expectations: open to all levels of rp from beginner to advanced.
    Rating: battle of good versus evil. Expect there to be fighting
    Atmosphere/Mood; Should be fun but with serious conflict
    Plot Flow: open world
    Timeline: futuristic (DC universe..)

    Faction (if any): for example justice league league of assassins etc.
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  2. Name: Raijuta Colt
    Alias: Blizzard
    Appearance 5'10'' Spikey blonde hair, emerald green eyes, small-medium build
    Faction: League of Assassins
    Power: Ice
    Backstory: Subject to bullying from a young age, Raijuta was a bit of a loner. He Graduated High School and College at the top of his class, and had a job paying six figures by the age of 23. His job as an Executive Marketer was fun, and well paying but he never felt challenged. He never felt fulfilled, and worst of all, he always felt alone. the introduction of the Exobytes into the atmosphere would be the beginning of a change for Raijuta. At first, he simply felt cold all the time, but when the systematic kidnapping and rounding up of new superpowered humans commenced, His powers began to form. With an explosion of ice, he skewered his captors, and escaped, only to be discovered by Ra'as Al Ghul himself! Now taken under the League of Assassin's wing, a new chapter in his life is sure to begin!

    (sorry for the lame background but i'm on lunch break, gotta rush!)
  3. do u have the plot.
  4. I'm leaving the plot to be pretty broad for now. It'll give more freedom of creativity. The basics of the story are as follows

    The way the story goes there's an all out war between the heroes and villains and in the end the villains win. Lex Luther stabs Superman through the heart with a kryptonite spear just in time for braniac to invade. Without the heroes to combat him, braniac easily takes the earth. But not before lex travels back in time to warn the Justice League about the oncoming attack. To give the earth a fighting chance he releases stolen braniac exobytes into earth's atmosphere, mutating thousands of humans into meta humans. This gives birth to a new age of heroes and villains who must be ready when braniac comes.

    The story will stay here. A player can play an existing DC character or create of their own. Hero or villain. We can build stories from there. Please let meet know what you guys think. And if I haven't done this properly please let me know so I can make the necessary adjustments
  5. For now It's safe to assume that the heroes and villains will form seperate factions to battle braniac, and they'll still be at war with each other. But ultimately having a common enemy in braniac will bring abour temporary alliances.
  6. [​IMG]
    "The thing I don't get is, You rob the store, Wear a mask but shout your name. Honestly, You deserve to go prison just cause you're a idiot."

    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black hair
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'9
    Build: average build for his age

    Name: Mirek Lones

    Personality: He is a very lazy and inactive person. He has a smart mouth and a some what rude. He refuses to hold his tongue. Mirek only passion is really music. His good qualities is that he is always welling to forgive.

    Alias: 808

    Custom: A blue jacket and white sports jacket with jogging pants and the same color scheme.

    Hero/villain: Anti-Hero

    Faction: Free lance

    Power: Sound Manipulations
    • Sound creation and control. (Can produce powerful sound waves from his hands and mouth.)
    • Super hearing
    • Acceleration
    • Sound absorption
    • Vibrations
    • Echo
    Backstory: Mirek was born in a hard place wereing gun shots were heard but nobody 'saw' who done it. The streets cracked from being unkept, Abandon buildings used for trap houses, Corner stores and turf wars over drugs, whores and money. Perfect place to raise a child. He hated living there, To much bullshit, Him fighting some little punks or cops messing with the people(including him) and abusing the power the law have gifted them. His way out of this place was his talent. The ability to flow and spit words that hypnotize the population, Rapping.

    His crusade against crime was when his own close friend and fellow rapper '2 Hygh' was shot when he was driving with his girlfriend to his little sister softball game. Mirek was shocked that this happen. He was confused, It was in the day time and nobody could give a face. They know it was a rival gang did it but no know face, even his girl didn't make it. Mirek felt useless, helpless like god has betrayed him. The a gift hit the neighborhood. The Exos, He was lucky enough to get the bite. This was a gift of god. He was given the power to take revenge, Maybe fix the neighborhood, Become the law! Hell, he could take what he wanted! Sorry thing is he wasn't the only one with power. 100,1000,10000 and more had gain this gift.

    Mirek now fights the rival gangs and sometime his own friends as 808. He move at night and hits hard with his noise. He sometimes runs into other heroes and super powered criminals but make it through. Mirek has and still does bad things but all together he is a decent person. He has let criminals he knows go and back into the world but does this make him bad just cause those people happen to be like family?
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