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  1. Hey guysI'm new. A friendasked meto comehere andi decidedto giveit atry. I don'treally knowanyone orwhat kindof stories Are available so to stay things of i thought I'd suggesta newone.

    Ok so I was thinking about doing a story based on DC Universe Online. (PS3 mmo)

    The way the story goes there's an all out war between the heroes and villains and in the end the villains win. Lex Luther stabs Superman through the heart with a kryptonite spear just in time for braniac to invade. Without the heroes to combat him, braniac easily takes the earth. But not before lex travels back in time to earn the Justice League about the oncoming attack. To give the earth a fighting chance he releases stolen braniac ecosystem into earth's atmosphere, mutating thousands of humans into meta humans. This gives birth to a new age of heroes and villains who must be ready when braniac comes.

    The story will stay here. A player can play an existing DC character or create of their own. Hero or villain. We can build stories from there. Please let meet know what you guys think. And if I haven't done this properly please let me know so I can make the necessary adjustments
  2. Im in mate!
  3. Thanks! Sorry I don't know how to make the part am"interest check"
  4. Haha im sure its pippin lad
  5. If enough interest does rise, can anyoen tell me where I should post this rp?
  6. Its in the right area
  7. Alright I'm in this one.
  8. Hmmm DC... Villains allowed I am guessing? In!
  9. Hi guys! :D

    This thread now says "Interest Check" for ya. :)

    Also, if you want to know where to post the actual roleplay, it should go in the Fandom section. But please be aware that all Genre section roleplays require a proper signup and plot discussion thread as well. You can put that in the Fandom subforum.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

    Iwaku Staff
  10. this baby got hot quick, im n
  11. Come on lets get this baby some players. Who doesn't like superheroes or DC.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.