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Hello all, I'm writing this InCheck to see if there was anyone who'd be interested in jumping in a 1x1 DC rp with myself and another individual who's taking a brief leave from rp'ing for a bit. The Universe is collaborative with existing DC movies and shows such as Man Of Steel, Arrow, Flash, Constantine, and even using flashbacks from the likes of Gotham. Currently the timeline is right before the events of Man Of Steel and will build from there. This could easily be a 1x1x1 accepting a male or female character! OC's are welcome as my other partner made one with a VERY interesting take on her history to make her Starfire, it blew my mind...so if you guys have original thoughts for a character I'd be happy to hear it!

With that being said, there are some characters that are just too big to play right now, let alone interact with. They will be/already have been open for interaction, but not to use as a rp character. They include:
  • Superman (Not discovered yet)
  • Bruce Wayne/Baffleck (He's busy doing corporate things lol)
  • Arrow (He's got enough going on lol)
  • Barry Allen's Flash (Just started his hero path)
  • Team Arrow or Team Flash (They're supporting characters to main protagonists)
  • Jim Gordon (Supposedly Dead)
  • Aquaman (Captured by ARGUS supposedly)
  • Gadot's Wonder Woman/Diana Prince (Laying low as a human diplomat)
  • Eisenburg's Lex Luthor (Already in use/tied to my partner's character)
  • Amanda Waller/Suicide Squad (They haven't been formed yet officially some villains may be open for discussion though)
Other than that, feel free to explore the DC library and find someone who best fits your excitement! ARGUS and HIVE have already been introduced as well as some characters referenced, so if you end up wanting a character already somewhat teased in the rp even better!

NOTE: This is a really grounded universe, the tone is very contemporary yet surreal like the philosophical aspect of Man of Steel and also the surrealism of Arrow, etc. Humor and light moments expected, but not heavily fantastical. This universe has been planned out to the smallest details and connections to include all of the shows and the starting Man Of Steel shared universe point to make it smoother and cohesive, so plot will matter.

~ My [main] character is Raven aka Rachel Roth on Earth and Metrion on Azarath. My partner's is Skylar Luthor, daughter of Alexander Luthor that was secretly spliced with alien dna and a human embryo. Again if you have a character in mind already feel free to reply or PM me!

*Looking for committed rpers ONLY. You don't have to post a gazillion times a day or week, as long as you're consistent.
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