Dc shared universe based on Cinematic works, character interest check! PLEASE READ.

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  1. This is an interest check for anyone interested in building off of the established DC shared universe set and inspired by Chris Nolan & Zack Snyder in Man of Steel, Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Constantine, Batman vs Superman, etc.

    PLEASE NOTE that this universe and rp will be revolved around individual charcaters and components then the crossovers and features comes later once stories and plots are solid. My character will be Raven aka Rachel Roth, and will be brought into the dark, gritty, and grounded universe that is DC. So remember whomever you decide to choose (and the character must be approved) make sure they retrofit into the tone of the universe.


    ORIGINAL CHARACTERS ARE WELCOME, so long as their origins make sense in the canon, DCU.

    Anyone intrigued respond here or inbox meh! ^_^

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  2. Ohhhh~

    Interesting! Do you have a form that I may fill out?

    (also forgive my future ignorance of ANYTHING that is DC....I'm much more of a Marvel girl XD)
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  3. This is just an interest check for now, so what character would you be interested in?
  4. I wouldn't mind playing an oc and zatanna
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  5. Ok, well either one of those would work if it's a rational origin :]
  6. I'd be interested.

    I'd be up for Hawkman, Vigilante or an OC.
  7. @Hillan
    You said vigilante...

    I think I love you - u -
  8. Mind you, my take on Vigilante's not gonna be very cowboy with a revolver. I don't really see that working in a CW-Show setting.

    By the way, what's the plan for Batman? We haven't seen any Batman related things yet for the DCCU. No sidekicks, I assume?
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  9. Oh Chase the Vigilante! Epic! And Batman we're going with the DCCU Ben Affleck Batman and his sidekick will be Nightwing in the movie so there's him, haven't heard much of a Robin or Red Robin or Batgirl.
  10. So, how's things going with this?
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  11. Hey, yeah so I'm definitely want to have this as a definite rp, it's just a matter of getting some people on board and making sure their characters and arcs make sense with the plot.

    Name: Rachel Roth aka Metrion aka Raven
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 137 lbs
    Blood Type: O+
    Race: HumanxDemon
    Ethnicity: Caucasian & Demonoid (Cambion)

    Traits(5): Strong-Willed/Adaptable/Intelligent/Gritty/Witty
    Flaws(5): Cold/Detached/Radical/Dark/Stubborn

    Rachel Roth




    Dc Comics Character or Original? DC Comics

    POWERS---> *powers as human *powers as demon form

    {td}Demonic Transformation
    Astral & Mental projection
    Dimension Traveling

    Psionic abilities (Possession, Pain Inducement, Illusions, Limited Pyrokinesis, Limited Electrokinesis)


    Energy Manipulation
    Time Manipulation
    Emotion Manipulation
    Darkness Manipulation (Umbrakinesis)

    Memory Alteration
    Inducing and amplifying the Seven Deadly Sins (Only Pride and Lust)
    Experienced Hand-to-Hand Combatant
    Expert Martial Artist


    Metrion was born to a mother who was very wayward in direction, Angela Roth. Angela was an orphan at a very young age, and herself was abandoned by her mother. Angela was adopted before long into a spiritual home, but developed a sense of apathy and rebellion against her creed enforcing adoptive parents. She then turned to the streets and got in with the wrong crowd, delving into the occult and practicing dark and unholy worship. It was here that she joined a cult feeling a sense of belonging, as they inadvertently summoned and unleashed an ancient, malevolent evil. This evil deceived Angela and the others, and posed as a pure being for the sole purpose of devising a plan to gain access to mortal planes. The being forced itself onto Angela, and thus unwillfully she was impregnated with Metrion, half human, and half evil. A traumatized Angela tried to cope with the horrific reality and sought out counseling, drugs, and other things, but when all failed, she attampted to take her own life. It was then that she was approached by beings of the other-dimensional world known as Azarath; a pacifistic society who had left Earth centuries ago. The Azarathians recognized that Angela was pregnant with the child of Trigon and invited her to return with them to Azarath where they could safeguard the child from the recognized evil's influence. Angela agreed.
    Angela gave birth to a daughter who she named Rachel. It was quickly found that Rachel had inherited great power from her father and the spiritual leader of Azarath decided that Raven should be raised separately from her mother to minimize the chance of emotional conflicts which were found to be the key to Raven's sinister power. Now Metrion as her given Azarath name, is under constant care of the Azar, leader of Azarath, and it's denizens as she must constantly live in a shell of herself, lest she destroy entire realms on a whim. She lives with the eternal burden of not knowing what she is fully, or the limits of her potential. She craves the one thing she can never have: to be normal. To never have emotions constantly burdens her of not knowing what it feels like to feel at all...now everything will be put to the test in wake of a dire truth...she begins her journey to become more...
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  13. Not sure why you didin't use comic-book pictures, haha.
  14. Because I want as realistic as possible...didn't want to use a pink/purple being lol. Only when she gets emotional is when she gets demonic so I'm adapting that notion.
  15. Backstory's a WIP, I put in the important parts, I'll write a few paragraphs later.


    Name -

    Michael “Chase” Knight (Formerly)

    Daniel “Dan” Smith (Currently)

    Aliases -
    The 21st Century Gunslinger.
    The Hub City Sniper


    Age -


    Powers -
    Jack with a side of Squat.

    Skills -

    Peak Human Condition:
    Chase is as fit as the human body allows, spending several hours a week working out. His senses and dexterity are all also peak human.

    Expert Firearms User:
    Chase is skilled in the use of anything from a glock to a assault rifle. His personal favorite weapon is a Colt that's been passed down his family since the wild-west times. He draws his pistol incredibly quick, it takes him about half a second to pull his pistol out of the holster and to fire.

    Top Tier Sharpshooper:
    Chase is one of the greatest marksmen in the world with a sniper, being able to hit accurately at over a mile away. Able to hit accurately at 250 meters while moving.

    Close Quarters Combat:
    His least favorite range is close, as Chase is more comfortable behind the barrel of a gun. He is trained in hand to hand combat, though. He's trained in Kick Boxing and ninjutsu, adept in both, but far from a master.

    The Vigilante is an excellent gun and ammunition smith, able to build, service and repair most guns.

    He's a trained military scout, but also a well practiced free runner, being able to perform seemingly impossible shots, by shooting while moving or even while jumping.

    Equipment -

    'Old Yeller'
    The Colt that's been in the family for more than two centuries, still shoots as true as it did the day it was made. He favors the old pistol because the bullets are all but untraceable, as such old weapons are very rarely used, and even more rarely in so good shape.

    His Sniper Rifle, custom built by himself.

    Personality -

    Rogue-ish, Rugged, Honorable.

    He strongly believes in the greater good, to never pick on the weak, yet he's not above throwing sand in the face of an opponent to gain the upper hand.

    Appearance -


    181 CM, 72 Kilograms heavy. Michael isn't exactly the biggest of men, his build is very muscular, but far from being a heavy weight champion. Michael's body is kept lean to allow him to move the easiest. He is usually seen wearing Jeans and a T-shirt, the standard clothes you would find on a mid 20's male. He sometimes wears a beige bandanna as a headband.

    As a vigilante, he is wearing a very money efficient attire, consisting of a hoodie, a different bandanna for his face, a kevlar vest, one reinforced leather glove on his left hand, and a regular one on his left, extra padded jeans as well as reinforced leather army boots. He also keeps a App-Watch on his wrist that feeds him information regarding such things as wind speed and temperature.

    BRIEF Bio -

    • Abusive Household
    • Always idolized old cowboy movies.
    • Joined the military ate age 16.
    • Became a Sniper-Scout at the age of 18.
    • Gunnery Sergeant at 19.
    • “Died” at age of 22, created a new identity for himself.
    • This is his first year as a vigilante.

    Notes -

    DC-Comics Character.
    He likes Broadway tunes.
    He resides in Hub City.
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  16. Ok that's fine
  17. @N I C O L A E ♥ if you wanted to do Zatanna or an OC that's fine, just run the origin story and arc by me for the OC so I can find a way to tie it in.
  18. [​IMG]

    ~Name ~
    Alyssa Barnett

    ~Alter Ego~
    Monique Pine


    Initially born into the lower class, Alyssa was never choosy. She is grateful and clean, always giving thanks to others who have helped her. Warm and considerate, she often looks out for her friends and is always seen with her head in a book.
    ~Negative Traits~
    -Hates having to use her powers to hurt people
    -Has trouble letting go of grudges
    -Doesn't know how to stand up for herself
    -Very insecure
    ~Brief Bio~
    -Poor family situation
    -Not many friends
    -Only outlet was reading and science
    -Discovered powers at age 10
    -Accidentally killed a man who was trying t rob her mother
    -Learned how to somewhat use her powers
    Psi ionic Ability
    Not entirely finished. I kind of rushed though. I might go back change some things later....

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