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  1. So I REAAAALLLY wish to find someone who would be dedicated and awesome enough to do an rp with me that focuses on the gritty DC Universe with all the characters open to rp. This search is becoming exhausting lol. I particularly want this to be 1x1 since not a lot of people understand (or want to do) a expansive DC Comics universe in a group, and the tone for the rp would be pretty gritty and psychologically-grounded as well. My character would be Raven whom we all know as a beloved Teen Titan. I want someone who will explore the entire DC Universe with me even if their character is street level (ex. RavenXNightwing cross with the Lantern Corps or something)

    IF there were people who wouldn't mind doing a group rp with this I would be on board for that as well, but reality is most people are stuck on the Marvel train since DC isn't AS established yet, but in my opinion that gives more freedom to adapt and explore the universe to a shared vision among rpers.

    This rp would also have suggestive themes and adult situations (It's DC for crying out loud) so I wouldn't mind libertine aspects either if they were to be added.


    Reply if you'd like to be down for this.
  2. I wouldn't mind trying this out :)
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  3. Would you be committed to the rp? There are a lot of rpers that tend to just drop and never come back. I have to ask lol.
  4. I wanted this five years ago. Where has it been all my life?

    Ahem-- I'd totally be interested.
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  5. Yay! What character did you have in mind?
  6. Oh boy. That's a hard question, because I've got so many I would love to play.

    My first choice would be something relating to Batman, so in such a case I'd go Red Hood (I don't care what anyone says, he's the best Robin) because he's especially fun to write.

    Then there's Kyle Rayner, who's my personal favorite GL...

    I have too many to choose from. I'll need a few minutes to make up my mind on the matter. What about yourself?
  7. I stated my character in the initial post lol. Raven. (")>
  8. Whoops, sorry. I read "Raven" and it didn't register properly in my head (it's 11pm where I am).

    Anyway. Like I said, most likely someone Batman related, so that's either my #1, Nightwing (seriously, I've got an entire shelf dedicated to the guy. I'm ridiculous), or my second, Red Hood. Both are equally up-there choices in my head, with a slight leaning towards RH in terms of rp.

    At least I've shrunk my character pool down a tad.
  9. That actually falls into Raven's arc perfect because she'll come to Gotham from Azarath looking for her mortal mother (Arella was born in Gotham). So I like it! :] whomever you think is best for a dark and gritty exploration in the DC Shared Universe.
  10. Well then, I think Nightwing would suit that job. I could come up with plenty of ways to get him involved, considering the already present character history we'll get to play with. He can go dark when necessary, and I have a craving for a "darker" Nightwing.
  11. Should I add you to the IC I made? Or do you need more time?
  12. Oh, yeah, go ahead.
  13. Done! (Nice Resident Evil reference btw on your location)
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