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  1. Alright, so hey. Hi. Hello. How are you?

    Obviously I'm here lookin' for a roleplay. I have a few cravings I've had for a whilenow, so here I am. Most of my cravings are fandoms, but I do have a few ideas for non-fandom, if that's your thing. Oh, I guess I should say I'm female, 19 so ya know, I ask that you be 18+. So, I have some rules, as dose everyone else, but I'm going to try and keep them short.. hopefully.

    - I like length. I mean, I'm not asking you to spit out ten paragraphs, because who actually has time for that? No, the least I'd like is two paragraphs. I can write more or less, depending on the scene. I do try and match my partner most of the time, though. Oh, I also write in 3rd person, I don't like 1st, so please don't. No one liners, either.
    - For fandom, I do indeed double. OC x Canon style. I usually prefer to double, and if I'm not I feel like I'm not doing anything, haha. We can double for originals as well, if you like to do that. If not, whatever.
    - I get it, we all make mistakes. Just make sure you have a decent grasp on the English language, as well as punctuation.
    - Life happens, I totally get that. At least a response a day, that's all I'm asking. More is great. If I'm going to be gone a while, I'll let you know.
    - While I prefer email, kik or notes.
    - Honestly, if you plan on leaving right after we plan or even the first post, don't contact me. That's a big pet peeve. If you get bored of the roleplay, just let me know. I'll be bummed, but it's better than just leaving without a word.
    - I like romance in roleplays. Just lettin' you know.
    - Don't contact me just saying "Want to rp?" No, I won't respond if you do that. Tell me what you want to roleplay, your age, favorite color or something.

    With the new movies that are coming out, I've been dying to do this. I'll admit, I'm not filled with knowledge when it comes to the comics. I know some stuff, but not everything I could. So, movies mostly. Plot wise, I don't really have any ideas. We can come up with something together, I like doing that so we both enjoy the roleplay. Paring wise, I am asking that you play the Joker against an OC of mine. (bonus points if you use Jared Letto's joker as face claim) Like I said, I do double. I'll play anyone you wish! Please. I'd seriously love you forever.

    If you're interested, PM me here!
  2. We can try. If you're interested
  3. Okay! Pm me!
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