Dc or Marvel Roleplay?

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What kinda superhero roleplay would you be interested in?

  1. DC

    3 vote(s)
  2. Marvel

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  3. A Mash of both?

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  1. I'm looking to start either a DC or Marvel roleplay, using strictly the heroes already set in the universe to set up a story of our own.

    On either side DC or Marvel, I don't really want any OC characters, unless you make a great CS that fits into the universe!
    The reason for that, in the past people made way too strong of characters. Plus Im in an amazing original super hero group already. (Shout out to Otherverse xD)

    I've also thought of an idea where the two worlds meet, letting heroes from one world meet heroes from another world (and villains). That would take more time to set up how ever.

    Which super side do you choose?
  2. Shout out back.

    DC - Batman...actually, I wouldn't mind doing the Question.

    Marvel - Spider-Man
  3. I was in a DC/Marvel group, then I had to leave Iwaku unexpedectly. I was roleplaying Starfire/Koriand'r (Kori). If she could be used in anyway in this, I would like to maybe join in on this.
  4. DC- Robin, Dick Grayson

    Marvel: a better Spider-Man then Raz could ever hope for :3

    Kidding, if Spidey's officially taken I'll go with a different guy who will be announced at a later date because I haven't officially made a decision yet xD
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  5. hahaha
  6. @Razilin, u seen my Spidey skillz, u no wut I'm talkin' bout :3

    Kidding, but if you're keen on Spidey I'll find a new guy for Marvel (if we do that version)
  7. so, this happenin'?
  8. We can make this work!
    I'll start to get to work on a DC roleplay in a few minutes.

    I say DC because that seems to have the most diversity.

    Any objections, questions, or anything you wanna add?
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  9. still happenin?
  10. Ugh, I would love to join this so bad but I'm up to my neck in hero stuff (Omg, nice to see Otherverse is still going strong <3)

    BUT....in some distant future I would probably do Kara Kent for DC, and Daisy Johnson for Marvel.
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  11. o...i can see a good kara outta you.

    i would play the question. for kicks, giggles, and change of pace. also, excuse to sometimes break the fourth wall via conspiracy theory.
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  12. ID like to be general Zod so dc
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