Dc Comics Universe Rp: Shaped and molded by you!

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  1. This is just an interest check for anyone that might be interested in joining this rp, inspired by some events from the cinematic multiverse of shows and films, but giving you canon control over the characters you choose to play and represent. I've been trying to make this happen for a while, and I feel like there are some of you out there who's wanting to try.

    Anyone interested please respond :)
  2. Hm. I believe I may be interested in this, but -- I've never read anything Superhero-Comicy before. =(

    Can I possibly make my own hero?
  3. I would be interested. I like role playing Commissioner Gordon's daughter Barbara I have a several rps and would love to again.
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  4. Hmm, I'd be open to it depending on the character story and powers, and also you'd be subject to becoming a standalone character.
  5. i assume this is based off the one you, enkou, and i are in?
  6. uhh, sort of yes but more open to alter canon details. It's a multiverse now not uni, and also I might be HawkGirl or Donna Troy instead of Raven
  7. oh if its new then count me in
  8. so in this one can Batman be Robin John Blake?

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  9. Sure, if this ever gets traction lol
  10. think this idea might get absorbed into the DC idea sora is cooking up? you nkow which thread i speak of =)
  11. Exactly why I tagged you lol ;)
  12. Interested!
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  13. who would you want to play?
  14. I'd prefer to make a custom character, but if you dont want me too, I'd say Death Stroke, Dead Shot, or Doomsday :D
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  15. Insanely interested as I already have a character primed if I am permitted for an OC, but I can play a non OC with a few personality tweeks.
  16. I was thinking canon characters, as OC's might be subject to OP / inconsistent stories in my rp experiences.
  17. Oh dont worry, I understand the importance storylines and my character's story stands alone, and is consistent with some of the lore. And he's not at all overpowered.
  18. @ch0sen1

    got enough folks yet for an OOC?
  19. If this is going to happen, I'm in.

    Still gonna have to fight Razilin to the death over Batman rights.
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