DC and Marvel:Next Generation

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  1. The next genration of the marvel and DC heroes are here. SHIELD is run by new people. CADMUS is back again. Gotham and Metropolis are two of the biggest cities. Mutants are fighting for rights still. But there is still evil in the world, and the heroes of this new world will work together, to stop the new villains...or other evils
    next gen heroes are ok(Terry McGinnis & Next Avengers)
    OC heroes are fine(IE like a son of Thor & Wonder Woman or younger clone of Hulk)
    Must have at least one weakness.
    older version of heroes are ok
    be creative
    have fun

  2. I want to join but I think I would over extend myself if I did.
  3. Do what you can, If you cant join then spread the word please
  4. I'd be down to join in on this. Sounds like it could be fun.
  5. thanks man appreciate it
    Name Alexander J. Luthor jr
    Nickname none
    Age 27
    Costume wears suits, but uses a new battle Armor, but also has some designs from a old Iron Man armor
    Powers none but is skilled in combat and is a genius
    Skill: basic-combat
    Genius intelligence
    Good prep
    Good tactician
    Superboy(conner Kent) powers though a bit weaker then his
    Weapons/tools A armored suit that is a adamantium, reinforced steel, as well as one non magnetic metal. It is powered by a arc reactor and kryptonite radiation. The suit provides him with super strength, enough to push back a train. Mach3 flight. It can with stand several blows by stronger heroes and villains. His suit also has two types of repulsor blasts, nuclear and kryptonite form. He also has rockets, a flamethrower, and a energy sword and shield.
    Weakness: arrogance. Like his father, Lex has a high arrogance
    Mortal:Can be killed
    Magic: he has no protection from magic
    History: like his father, Luthor is arrogant and wants to be immortal. He owns Lexcorp, and does some buisiness with Wayne enterprises and stark industries. He secretly used both companies to make his battle armor. Luthor wants to show a human can stand against gods. Luthor also wants to show humans can be strong, and they dont need to rely on godlike beings to protect them. Luthor is also has DNA of Superman, making him almost strong as Superboy, but had to have more Human DNA to protect himself from Kryptonite.

    name David Erik Lehnsherr
    nickname Magneto II
    age 20
    look [​IMG]
    costume similar to his father's costume, his helmet has a slicker design then his father
    powers Same as his father's but he also has electrokinesis.
    skills skilled with computers, but has less combat experience but he makes it up with controlling metal and using it defend himself.
    weapons/tools His helmet has a chip that can increase his powers , but using it can cripple his body, or even make him lose control of his powers
    weakness Non metal objects, using the chip for to long, less combatt experience
  6. Name - Nikita “Nikki” Dorian

    Hero name - Redox

    Age - 24

    Look - (see picture)
    Redox (open)

    Costume - An orange and black, modified hakama (Japanese, wide-legged pants) with a matching top in the shape of an ‘x’ across her chest. She also wears arm guards and an inhibitor collar around her neck.

    Powers - Her powers are energy based. She can absorb energy from the atoms surrounding her and redirect it as she pleases with her body as a conduit. Dangerous, but effective.

    Skills - Eye beams, condensing light as well as gases ( Technically, she can make gases into solids, and vice versa if she wanted to.), Super speed, Super strength, Ryu Budo Ninjutsu, and the ability to turn her body into a form of pure energy. (In energy form, she can fly and phase through solids, even people.)

    Weapons/Tools - The inhibitor collar around her neck keeps her from overusing her abilities. She also likes to use whatever is in the area as weaponry. (She is not afraid to chuck a car.)

    Weakness - She is a man-made mutant, not a naturally occurring one, so her powers are very unstable. If she overuses them, she could die and take out a city with her. She will melt down much like a nuclear reactor and turn into an atom bomb in a human shell.

    Other - She cannot transfer her power to others through touch or any other contact, especially humans whom it could kill if she tried. Her favorite color is orange. She has no memories before her fourteenth birthday. She practices mixed martial arts and is very good at it.
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