DBZ Style Rp Anyone?

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  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Dragon Ball Z style roleplay, so I really want to do one. The plot I came up with is pretty simple, but hopefully someone is interested in it. ^^ I rarely play female characters nowadays, but for this one, I would like to play as the abnormal human female so I will need a male half-saiyan character. Please have fun with this whoever decides to claim this rp. ^^


    A young demi-saiyan is thrown into a completely different dimension from his own while fighting an immensely powerful opponent with the ability to literally dimension-travel (such as opening up warp holes and flinging innocent heroes into them) at his will. Surprisingly, although relatively different from his own dimension, he falls into a somewhat normal-looking world (basically, our modern world) that is a bit more advanced than his own home. Along the way of attempting to find a way back to his own world, he meets a human girl that decides to help him out, of which she bizarrely believed everything he had told her about falling into ‘this dimension’. Apparently she is not a normal 18 year-old human, and when he discovers that her powers and physical attributes (you know how Dragon Ball Z is XD) are quite similar to his own, he also learns that humans can be just as strong as demi-saiyans (or saiyans in general) unlike the humans from his own dimension. Judging a book by its cover is not a very good idea in her case either. Additionally, the two both come to the revelation that they are after the same enemy--the space-bending lunatic responsible for bringing the demi-saiyan there in the first place. If the two join forces, will they be able to defeat this powerful foe once and for all? But afterwards, will they even want to separate after developing ‘feelings’ for one another? And whose to say another strong enemy won’t show up soon after...?

  2. Intrested
  3. Awesome! :) I'm almost done with the IC post, so I should have one up soon. I'll post a link to it when I'm done. ^^
  4. Great i cant wait oh and this is what my character looks like :)

    [​IMG]( Short Hair)
  5. nope thats okay i like when people have alot to write because it gives me something to write back :P