DayZ: The Infection Spreads (Zombie RP)

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    "In the year of our Lord, two thousand and fourteen, the alchemy of wealth from air will bring a second Blight upon mankind."

    "As the Revelation shows, when death overcomes life, so shall man walk eternally in purgatory, and those who long for the bosom of God shall not find it, as death itself flees from them to smother the world in gray damnation."

    "This fog of death will cloak the land, and those men who are not prepared will succumb to its foul clutches."

    "Harken not the beast with a thousand eyes, whose split tongue defiles and embrace your demise, and none shall escape its gaze."

    "Therefore prepare, for a small few shall be spared, and they will be the enlightened ones, the prepared ones, the ones who seek to possess the fabled Panacea."

    "For the others, hell and fire will be their soul's reward."

    "Fathers will not know their sons; sons will damn their fathers."

    "The CN Tower and Empire State Building shall fall when the Ravens flee."

    "And when the Tower and Empire crumble, so too, will Canada and New York, and surely as night follows day."

    "If you would survive, bury yourself in the earth's bosom, that she may protect you"

    "For God shows no mercy to those who heed not His words, and the man who has grown fat upon the backs of his fellows with insatiable greed will himself starve for life and turn at last to devour his own children."

    "Thus will the end come, and the world made unworthy in His eyes, so that He may begin anew. You will know when His Heralds sound seven bells, to reveal His glory."

    "And a cleansing fire of black angels will purify the world."

    "From these ashes shall arise a new utopia in North America, like unto Heaven on earth."

    "Video Log: Day 17, Month #6... Its been that many days since this outbreak first started, and I don't know how many more survivors there are.

    I've been keeping myself safe in the Bunker... Food supply is still good and so is the water.. Power's running fine, so that's something. I've got the place barricaded, nothing in, nothing out. I found a little pothole leading to the sewers which I use to get around when I need some supplies or fuel for the generator, but I need to seal it off every day in case "they" show up.. So far, its been weeks without an attack.. And I'm freaking out. This isn't normal, even for "them".. I've heard of other safe houses being compromised, but nothing's touched this one..

    Anyways, down to what I've been wanting to tell... I've found a communications building just around the corner from here, so I'll upload all these logs in hopes that somebody is listening. If you're watching this: Send. Help. Now!! There are innocent civilians still trapped here, every day it gets worse. More and more of "them" keep piling out into the streets and its becoming difficult to avoid them all. I've managed to find a few survivors and bring them to the Bunker, but I don't know how many more are still alive.. From what I could tell, the outbreak has been isolated here, so that's something.. But please, for the love of God, people are dying here.. Send help, please.. "They"'re coming... And I don't know how much longer we can hold out.

    End of Video Log."


    So, the basic over run of this idea is that a group of people are trapped in Southern Canada/Northern America during a Zombie Apocalypse. The outbreak of the virus has been isolated to that particular country, with the military doing its best to keep the zombies from escaping. The main way the virus can be transmitted to a living organism is through either a bite from the infected (via contaminated saliva entering the bloodstream), so don't get bitten.

    Here's some basic rules for the RP ^^:

    RULES (open)
    1. No GMing. We don't want any Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues
    2. Maximum of 3 Active Characters per person. Any more needs approval by a GM
    3. Characters can and WILL die, but please ASK somebody before you attempt to kill their character rather then just say "Your guy is dead."
    4. Keep it PG-13!! Romance and Lovey-Dovey stuff is fine, as well as the occasional innuendo, but take smut scenes to PM, please. Also, violence is allowed, but please don't rip out a guys entrails and hold them above his head while he slowly dies. We're not monsters (although we're surviving against some)
    5. Some scenes will be time skipped if they drag on too long/get too boring, but most of the time we will RP things through.
    6. Each member of the RP will eventually become a member of the small group of survivors trying to escape the outbreak and possibly find a cure.
    7. Your character cannot have any GM abilities. So no immunity to the virus. Everybody can get it.
    8. Post at least a paragraph each time (more is fantastic)
    9. GM posts will be announced (these include plot movers, special events or even the death/introduction of a new character)
    10. If you got this far, here's a cookie *hands cookie*. Also include your favourite quote from a Zombie Film/Show/Comic/Novel/Video Game in your "Other" Section so I know who's read through the rules.
    11. Please make PvP combat fair. It really sucks when somebody just says "I shotgun you in the head". It isn't fair, but I'll allow it for certain occasions when its required. Until then, MAKE IT FAIR!!
    12. Enjoy the RP to the best of your ability!!

    Character Sheet (open)
    (Max. 3 Active Characters Per Person. More will need GM approval)

    Image of Character: (Drawn or Real, doesn't matter)
    (Minimum is 14)
    Preferred Weapon(s): (if any)
    Personal Item(s): (if any)
    Bio: (can include, but isn't limited to; Personality, Background, Attributes, ect. A paragraph or two should be good.)
    Relationship Status: (if they're in a relationship, include the name of their spouse/partner)
    Other: (include any additional information you want, such as their favourite method of killing zombies, or even saying if their family is still alive)


    My Character (open)




    Dylan Tiberius Robertson







    Preferred Weapon(s):

    A Cricket Bat (open)
    (with a bit of red on it)[​IMG]
    a Handgun (open)

    Personal Item(s):

    A Red Motorcycle (seen in his image), a Backpack which he carries all his survival stuff inside (although he's only got 3 Packs of Food, 2 Bottles of Water, a Round in Handgun Ammunition, and one Red Cross Health Kit). He also carries around a bloodstained image of his family, a cellphone (its been dead for weeks, but he has the charger) and a notebook which he uses to vent out his emotions and chronicle his survival so he doesn't go insane.


    Dylan was born and raised in Toronto. He had a small family consisting of his mother, Julia, father, Dan, brother, Thomas, and two sisters, the eldest being Sarah and the youngest being Emily. He went to high school like any other kid his age. He worried about typical teen things like "Who will I ask to prom?" and "Does this new haircut make me look like a Jonas Brother?". So, without a doubt, Dylan was just a regular teenager with the same problems as every teenager. It would be difficult to describe a certain type of person he is, because at school, he wasn't really a Jock, but he wasn't a Nerd either. He wasn't popular, but people still knew who he was at the very least. Dylan is also pretty athletic and used to play for the school's baseball team, but he also enjoyed a good game of Super Mario Brothers on his NES. If he were to be placed within a certain social group, he would be classified as an "Inbetweener".

    One thing that always made Dylan laugh was the thought of supernatural beings existing in the modern day world. He always liked to joke around and say that if they existed then there would be too many issues with them that people wouldn't be freaked out. Imagine being chased down a corridor at night by a vampire who sparkles. Its just not terrifying at all. The one creatures that did make him scared were actually Zombies. It was the fear of group mentality, the slow moving horde of near unstoppable hungry undead who craved nothing but to feast upon human flesh, inching its way ever closer to you. Sure, you could fight back, but you were only prolonging your inevitable doom. The fact that he was a teenager during the "Zombie Media Craze" only reinforced his love for the beings. He enjoyed supernatural shows and games, but he mostly loved the ones concerning Zombies.

    However, he never expected that the things he found such a fond fear for would actually turn into his worst nightmares. On the day of July 6th 2014, Dylan was sitting on the couch watching television with his younger sister. His parents and brother had gone off to see Sarah, who was away in England attending Oxford University. The siblings were just watching Adventure Time like normal, when all of a sudden a news bulletin aired. It warned everyone of a strange virus outbreak that was affecting the Greater Toronto Area and parts of Northern New York, spreading out across the areas surrounding Lake Ontario. The virus was said to be deadly and that all precautions to isolate it were in progress, but the newscaster advised listeners to stay indoors and barricade themselves. Just as he was about to explain why the civilians needed to barricade themselves within their homes, a horrifying creature that was covered in blood and gore attacked the newscaster viciously. The camera spun out of control so the viewers couldn't see what was happening, but judging by the way the blood was spewing across the desk and hearing the horrific screams of the reporter, it was obvious that the creature was killing him.

    Dylan thought of it as a prank and tried to calm Emily down, but after a trip to the store when he saw twelve of the gruesome beasts devour his elderly neighbour, Mrs. Winkles, he realized the horror of what was actually happening: a zombie apocalypse. Dylan managed to grab as many supplies as he could from the Wal-Mart, including food and a cricket bat from the sports section, before he made his way back to the house and prepared himself for the worst. Within a week, the house was transformed into a basic fortress. The outbreak had also grown increasingly bad, having now spread across all Ontario and New York. Through a radio broadcast, Dylan heard that evacuations were being held at International Airport's. Taking it as the last chance to escape, he took his motorcycle to Pearson International and managed to get Emily on the last flight out, heading to England, the designated Safe Zone. Unfortunately, the plane had to take off after the Zombies broke through into the airport, but Dylan knew that help would come.

    That, was 6 months ago... And now, there doesn't seem like any signs of rescue. Dylan, however, has managed to gather a decent amount of supplies and currently resides in the subway. He created a small bunker for himself and reinforced it to the best of his ability. He managed to hack into around 4 Toronto police traffic cameras around his location so he can tell when he is in danger. He has managed to rescue a few other survivors and provide them with a place to live in his bunker, but it can't last forever. With the number of infected growing every day, there's no chance in hell that they'll eventually overpower the survivors and penetrate the safe house. For now though, he just waits.. And prays for this plague to end.

    Relationship Status:

    Short Answer: Single.

    Long Answer: He used to have a girlfriend, but like his parents, she was out of the country when the outbreak happened. Just like his folks, she assumed he was dead and moved on.


    All of his family were out of the country when the outbreak began, except for his younger sister,
    Emily [img (open)[/img]
    . Dylan made sure that she managed to get on the first refugee flight to England when they were still evacuating people.

    He also rescued an uninfected Old English Sheepdog puppy who he named "Maxwell".

    He is also a bit of a nerd and has gained a fair amount of knowledge about Zombies thanks to his multiple years of video games and film/television exposure.

    "David, Kill the Queen!!"


    "The Jukebox."
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  2. Forgot to mention: we're only accepting 8 characters ^^

    So, post below and let me know if you're interested. We can also discuss some plots and ideas for this RP ^^
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  3. Count me in.

    Are the zombies the slow shuffling type or are they quicker? In this game world do we know about zombies or has the concept of a zombie never been thought of?
  4. 1. Bit of a mix. For the most part, the Zombies are slow, but some who have just recently been turned, are faster. Not much faster then a regular human, though.

    Really all depends on how decomposed they are (flesh is falling off/barely have anything left = Not fast at all. Just recently bitten and transformed into a zombie = Pretty fast and lethal on their own).

    2. We know about zombies thanks to the media. Its basically an alternate version of our reality right now. The zombie craze happened with the media (Walking Dead, Zombie Nazi levels in COD, etcetera) and now, the previously made-up "infection" is actually happening as a result of a more highly evolved (and extremely mutated/genetically modified) version of the Rabies virus.
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  5. sweet, i'm in also
  6. Cool! Just one more person and we can start the OoC.
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