Days of Unrest (II)

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Intro: Casual suburban neighborhood, all the houses look the same and everyone knows everyone. There haven't been new neighbors in years and everybody has settled into a sense of complacency. A dense fog has started to settle over the town and strange things begin to happen. Eventually people begin to be snatched up and presumed killed, it's up to the people of the town to work together to get rid of the evil that has taken over.

Character Sheet:

Name -
Age -
Appearance - (Picture or Description)
Disposition - (Nice, Friendly, Social, Rude, Hateful, Anti-Social)
Name - Dalimil Walter
Age - 29
Appearance - 6''2, bald man, very lean and reasonably well built, smooth stone-like skull.
Disposition - Somewhat quiet fellow, strange fascination with the morbid, seems very introspective.

Familial Status - Single and alone. Rest of family believed to be in Canada or various Eastern European nations.
Sounds about right! Can't wait to start this up again, definitely gonna stick to it this time. I have a feeling we won't get many people, so I may just start once we get at least 3 people.
Name - Jennifer Wills
Age - 26
Appearance - Jennifer is 5'6" and very skinny, but not to the point of looking unhealthy. She has long, straight jet black hair that never curls and green eyes. She is part Japanese and has beautiful ivory skin and a flawless complexion that has never seen a blemish.
Disposition - Nice, Friendly & Social. Loves to talk and get to know others.
Also, just thinking about it now, post what your family status is in the neighborhood (How many members, closeness to family, if you're on the verge of divorce or just married.
Name - Andrew Davis
Age - 24
Appearance -
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Disposition - Friendly, but can come off as quite rude since he speaks his mind and doesn't hold back on the truth.
Family status - Lives with his parents. Has a girlfriend that he's been with for three years, but hasn't gotten around to proposing yet.
Welcome to the party James! Definitely love the character option, will wait another week so I can attempt to get someone else. Next Wednesday the IC will be up for sure.