Days of the Dead, A Realistic Zombie Survival Roleplay

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If you're reading this message and you enjoy realistic, roleplay focused zombie games, we at Days of the Dead would love to have you aboard to help us build our story.

Days of the Dead counts with simplified, balanced rules devised so survivors can engage on self-narrated roleplay fairly and, at times, avoid unwanted roleplaying. We count with different roleplaying mechanics to allow anything that these rules don't account for. In our story, your characters can make almost anything happen during the apocalypse, if they're clever enough.

If you're a hardcore zombie survivor that seeks challenging scenarios you have nothing to fear, either, for Days of the Dead is also devised to bring a myriad of difficulties to keep the characters engaged and on their toes. Despite having several options for freeform based roleplaying in Days of the Dead, we believe a good zombie story must be always drastic and keep both readers and writers immersed in dread for as long as they're roleplaying.

We also welcome souls of destruction wanting to bring fun or despair to the other players by becoming narrators themselves; if you're one of these disciples of the dark side, this is also a good place for you to have fun, yourself.

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