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  1. Hello, I'm hoping to start a roleplay based off of the computer game Day Z, though if you haven't played it don't worry; I'll give a brief explanation of the game.

    Day Z takes place in a post apocalyptic world after a zombie plague eliminated most of the population on earth. There are very few people left on earth but enough to where running into other people isn't uncommon. The object of the game is to scavenge for food, guns, gear, and make alliances with others to survive. You must also survive against other humans as well as zombies though zombies don't pose a huge threat.

    Another idea of this would be the walking dead. Though there are differences between the walking dead and Day Z, they have a similar build up.

    In this roleplay, you will play the role of survivors and try to survive as long as you can, I may mix things up amongst the characters to add a bit of spice to the roleplay and make things more interesting.

    If I could, I'd like to have at least three people to start out and more players can jump in later. If you're interested, leave a reply below and I'll get the OOC up once we have enough people
  2. I'm very interested!
  3. Cool bro, I'll get everything set up once we get two more people
  4. Make that one more!

    Is it gonna be set where it is in the game?
  5. Not exactly like it seeing as I don't know the map 100% but it'll be set in a place with houses, stores, restaurants, police stations, etc.
  6. Definitely interested!
  7. Alright cool, now we have three. I'll get the OOC started up soon
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  8. Ooh yay!
  9. Sure, the OOC is above
  10. If you like, I'm interested, since I've been apart of a RP similar to this before, I can help develop it... I have my old ooc if you like, as well as some snippets from the character sheets I helped write... PM me if you're interested!

    <3 Lyli
  11. Are you interested in participating in the roleplay itself or only development?
  12. Mostly development... I can't really imagine going through that whole icky, scary, scenario again, hahaha... I'd rather help you develop the world you're going to be playing in, and let you have fun with it!

    Like I said, I can link you the materials WE used, last time, as well as some snippets from our long story if you like... We had a fantastic time while we had the thread active, and I know you guys would enjoy it as much as we did! =]

    <3 Lyli
  13. I'm interested in joining this RP...sounds like something right up my alley.
  14. Alright just make a character then post away
  15. Oh yay! More characters!
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