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  1. Okay so i came up with this last niht after watching some youtube videos on Day Z roleplay. It gave me an idea for a forum based version of it. I believe this roleplay will be very fun and very unpredicatable. As the events are going to be totally random, the randomness comes from dice rolling. Granted I don't have everything needed for this roleplay but i will list what i thought up so far...

    • Dice rolling for scavenging and PvP, just to insure a type of balance in the system of finding items and fighting since guns have the potential to one shot anyone.
    • Player created clans: Players that are the leaders of their clan must keep track of members in their own clan.
    • These leaders are able to initiate clan wars and raidings of settlements in order to take control and/or destroy.
    • There will only be one character per player. The reason for this is so the player will feel a type of connection to that character and in order to prevent any type of overpowering their character with the other. And so the player will feel a sense of surviving on their own.
    • Upon death of a character, the player then has 3 choices. The first is to create a totally new character with no memory of what is going on. They can then find out what is going through other people. The second choice is to simply spectate the roleplay. The third is to simply leave.
    • I want at least 8 characters to start off this roleplay, with a maximum of 30 players total.
    • I need a couple of Co-GMs to help make sure everything runs smoothly. These Co-GMs will have certain duties to perform. Now note that these Co-GMs can choice whether to be part of the roleplay or not.
    • I will find some way to communicate with each of the Co-GMs either through a messenger of some sorts or otherwise.
    So tell me what you guys think and recommend. Thanks for reading =)
  2. So I'm guessing no one cares, or??
  3. I want to try dice rolling for once~! (well complete noob in it, like zero knowledge) but... I love the idea~
  4. Well its not necessarily hard to do.
  5. well at least you know there's one people interest in this idea and I should learn dice rolling rp lol!
  6. At least...but i wish there would be more interest. I thought it would be a popular idea, because of the actual game.
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  7. I'm sure there will be, you just need patience that's all ^-^~!
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  8. I do indeed need to be more patient. That's just one of my downfalls. =D
  9. here some cookie to make you more patience and as for now pftt good luck~ I'll be sure to keep up with this thread~
  10. Thanks. =3
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  11. I really enjoy the game well actually i enjoy watching my bro play because i always die. and i am interested but i dont even have a clue on what dice rolling is . yes i am a semi noob
  12. Well all you guys have to do is roll. then ill tell ypu whether you found something.
  13. it sounds fun. you should create it
  14. I intend too. but like i said. i need more ideas for this roleplay as well as co-gms
  15. I would really like to get involved in this RP as I love DayZ and the zombie genre. You definatly have me as a participant. If you need any help setting things up PM me. I may be new to this forum, but definatly not to roleplaying
  16. I may just need you. but i wanna wait a bit before i start the main ooc.
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